Pulp & Grind opened in 2015 on Camp Street, serving coffee, juice and baked goods to a downtown clientele.

Pulp & Grind, a downtown coffee shop that had a tumultuous temporary closure over the summer, has now closed for good.

Windows at the shop are papered over and a sign in the door states March 28 was its last day.

Pulp & Grind was an offshoot of the popular Satsuma cafes. It opened in 2015, taking over what had long been a PJ’s Coffee location at 644 Camp St. A second Pulp & Grind opened Uptown at 5720 Magazine St. but subsequently closed.


A sign in the door of Pulp & Grind announced the cafe has closed as of March 28, 2019.

In July, this downtown location was abruptly forced to close by a staff walk-out. At the time, former employees said they were upset when a popular manager was fired. One sent an email to the shop’s customer list explaining the move as a show of solidarity.

Pulp & Grind reopened later that month.

The shop was known for coffee, fresh juices and baked goods. It served a cross section of downtown New Orleans around the federal courthouse complex and a growing number of residential developments.

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