Transfers for Dec. 11-15

District 1

Annunciation St. 1011-13; Annunciation St. 1049; Poeyfarre St. 920: $262,000, Brigitte Peyregne Mentz and Henry Mentz Jr. to Gabriel Lasala and Rechel Austin Lasala.

Bartholomew St. 1437: $31,500, Dreamality LLC to Robert Henry Armstrong.

Baudin St. 3215-17: donation, no value stated, Eugene L. Short to Kathy Lynn Meyers Acosta.

Baudin St. 4516-4518: $110,000, Carolyn Gioustover Maurice to Chester Development LLC.

Bienville St. 2128-30; Iberville St. 2025-31; Iberville St. 2120-22-24-26-28-30; Iberville St. 2132-34; Market St. 726-28: donation, no value stated, John D. Kreher to Charlotte Kreher Cook.

S. Peters St. 900: $500,000, Adam Noam Matasar and Katie Melancon Matasar to Allison Gaudin Ashy and Alton E. Ashy.

S. Peters St. 1107: $291,000, Edward Lee Family Investment Company LLC to Elizabeth Anne Clement.

S. Telemachus St. 912: $181,300, Joseph M. Steptore Jr. and Shajuandra Ketrice Mitchell Steptore to Xavier University of New Orleans.

St. Charles Ave. 1205: $170,000, Keith M. Boe to Michelle Nicole McAteer Hall and Randall Boseman.

Tchoupitoulas St. 840: $725,000, Alas LLC to Charles Bouanchaud Smith and Emily Frances Smith.

O’Keefe St. 334: $21,000,000, Okeefe Nola Hotel Propco LLC to Jmir Acquistions LLC.

$29,100: City of New Orleans to Elw and Co LLC.

District 2

Burgundy St. 1303: $300,000, Linda Tolmachoff Haines and Trent Russell Haines to Ralph A. McDonald II.

Canal Blvd. 6544: $850,000, Koi Construction and Development LLC to Benjamin Melvin Elie Castoriano and Estela Amadis Brooke Castoriano.

Canal St. 4511: $412,000, Lucien Joseph Gauff III and Nghana Lewis Gauff to Channing N. Lawrence.

Canal St. 6352: $295,000, Gilbert E. Charbonnet to Carla M. King and Matthew H. King.

Crystal St. 823: $460,000, David B. Campell, Marc L. Campell, Robert A. Campell and Steve A. Campell to Jennifer Dalton McGuinness and Patrick C. McGuinness.

Desoto St. 3245: $592,500, Elizabeth Reeves Durham to Brian F. Allee Walsh and Jennie Sumner Allee Walsh.

Esplanade Ave. 2426: $10, Louisiana Public Facilities Authority to Orleans Parish School Board.

Gov. Nicholls St. 2232: $70,000, CD Hospitality LLC to Diamond Acres Development LLC.

Gov. Nicholls St. 2238: $70,000, CD Hospitality LLC to Diamond Acres Development LLC.

Louque Place 839: $355,000, Elizabeth D. Fruge Eustis and Fenwick V. Eustis to Kristen Fernandez and Wesley D. Fernandez.

N. Lark St. 60: $813,011, Christopher S. Miller and Holley MacTavish Miller to Lisa Tedesco Fullmer and Roger C. Fullmer.

N. Prieur St. 433: $555,000, Ascani Investments LLC to Property Carrier LLC.

N. Rocheblave St. 615-17: $30,000, Kim Rieras Hitchens and Roosevelt Hitchens Jr. to CTN Holdings LLC Louisiana and King Cake Real Estate LLC.

N. Salcedo St. 315: $227,400, Winifred Phillips Sinegar to Justin Paul Rubin.

N. Tonti St. 322: $257,000, Crescent City Investments Realty LLC to Sally Vitez Schwamb and Stephen Robert Schwamb.

Royal St. 1224-26: $227,944.20, Megan M. Youngblood to Phillip H. Miller.

St. Louis St. 831: $307,500, Annette Norris Smith and Timothy R. Smith to Kathleen Marie Allen.

St. Peter St. 1022: $280,000, EG Properties LLC to Steven Lawrence Destri.

Swallow St. 15: $590,000, Peter J. Bodenheimer and Valerie A. Corradetti Welch to Dwight M. Marshall and Michelle Whetten Marshall.

Taft Place 847: $300,000, Leo F. Praetorius Jr. to Brian Anthony Ogden and Genie Vallejo Hogg Ogden.

West End Boulevard 6705: $195,000, James A. Holcomb and Judy Blackman Holcomb to Bianca Saddy Holcomb and James P. Holcomb.

Wilkinson St. 510: $387,500, Kenneth A. Bowen to Alexander Arend Sterling Burgers.

$458,000, Kerry Beth Tully Ribblett, Marcus Tully II Trust #1, Marcus Tully II Trust #2 and Miles Tully Sr. to Addie Mae Prewitt Laborde and Eric Laborde.

District 3

Arts St. 5135-37: $139,000, Jerome G. Winder and Marcus L. Selders to Garret L. Frank.

Aubry St. 2323; Aubry St. 2327; St. Bernard Ave. 2312: $280,000, Aubry St. Bernard LLC to Robann LLC.

Belfort Ave. 3269: $320,000, Lawrence Flooring LLC to Amanda L. Perkins Allen.

Bruxelles St. 2738: $210,000, Robin D. Simmons and William D. Thomas to Charlotte Rose Piper.

Camelot Drive 4557: $164,000, J. Perkins Properties LLC to Cheryl Alexander Bead.

Cartier Ave. 5007: donation, no value stated, Cornelius Brown Jr., Rolanda Marie Brown and Rondeara A. Brown to Cornelius Brown.

Charlton Drive 1612: $274,000, Carl James Romero and Carlo Dagro to Allyson Burke Coffren and Robert James Coffren Jr.

Chartres St. 3215: $345,000, Act Homes LLC to David L. Spurgeon and Ryan A. Bizzarro.

Chef Menteur Highway 23394: $20,000, Frances Dimarco Hannan, Jack L. Hannan and Maxine M. Quick to Cynthia Lynn Quick.

Chef Menteur Highway 23394: donation, no value stated, Frances Dimarco Hannan, Jack L. Hannan and Maxine M. Quick to Cynthia Lynn Quick.

Chef Menteur Highway Building 4 20600; Lake Breeze Drive 34: $85,500, Loren Marie Trauth to Michael Johnsey and Rebecca Denny.

Clouet St. 1406: $5,000, Willie Lee Adams to 1406 LLC.

Columbus St. 2546: $138,000, 2546 Columbus Street LLC to Rjr Nashville LLC.

Coveview Court 6590: $54,000, Newman Joseph Larce to Shanti Elizabeth Marie Franklin Curtis.

Curtis Drive 9: donation, no value stated, David W. Honeman and Jason J. Honeman to Jerilynn Perschall Honeman and Thomas D. Honeman.

Derbigny St. 3608: $23,000, Fdl Homes LLC to Andersen Design + Build LLC and Bayou Mulch LLC.

Dreux Ave. 4823: $23,000, Carol Charles Jones to T&T Real Estate Development LLC and T. & T. Real Estate Development.

Dubreuil St. 2504: $23,000, Celestine Davis Brousseau and Lenard Brousseau to Willie Ellis Beasley Jr.

Dufossat St. 1640: $201,000, Jae Hwa Shin Lewis and Richard Anthony Lewis to Brent J. Duet.

Duplessis St. 4713: $57,000, Louis Adams to B. & C. Real Estate Properties LLC.

Dwyer Boulevard 13243: $110,000, Dac V. Pham and Ngat Thi Vu Pham to Quoc D. Pham and Trang N. Tran Pham.

Eastover Drive 5960: $500,000, Jacquelyn Madison Brown and James M. Brown III to Villavaso & Company LLC.

Esplanade Ave. 835: donation, no value stated, Franco Baseotto to Lisa D. Fatland.

Fillmore Ave. 1700; Fillmore Ave. 1828: $369,000, Dana Fiorello Gordon, Jila Mohjerian Khoobehi, Kamran Khoobehi and Randy Gordon to Monique Tashell Mitchell and Roderick S. Belson.

Filmore Ave. 1900: $285,000, Michele Barge Tilyou to Frith Malin and Helen Malin Sellers.

Francis Drive 4710-12: $137,900, Kynisha Pugh to Shamari Reginald Bethancourt.

Franklin Ave. 5822: $75,000, Reginald E. Hausey to William Edgett and Cynthia A. Pacaccio LLC.

Franklin Ave. 720-22: $101,250, Robert H. Baron to Shelley Baron Savas.

Frenchmen St. 1327-1329: $190,000, 1327 Frenchmen LLC to Bnb LLC.

Gallier St. 1416: $50,000, 123 Pauline LLC to Silviano Properties LLC.

George Nick Connor Drive 2319: $49,000, Terry Marie Barthe to Rickey T. Chaney.

Grant St. 8648: donation, no value stated, Tremayne D. Johnson to Jacquelyn W. Johnson.

Grant St. 8648: donation, no value stated, Anisa Mustapha to Jacquelyn W. Johnson.

Independence St. 1702: $114,600, Andrew James Van Atta and James Stuart Van Atta to Wade Nelson Grubbs.

Kerlerec St. 1729-1731: $205,000, Christopher Chaput and Mark J. Gallagher to Kimberly Keen Maranto and William T. Maranto.

Lakeshore Drive 1735: $100, Diana Johnson Hollier and Larry Hollier to George J. Ackel III.

Lamanche St. 1840: $8,500, Deandra M. Brown Carr and Milton Carr Jr. to 934 St. Louis LLC.

Lavender St. 2550: $80,000, Dartagnan A. Martin to Kim Burns.

Louisa St. 1509-1511: $135,000, Alternative Property Management LLC to Lauren Donovan.

Louisa St. 2017-19: $150,000, Joe Larry Robertson and Mabell Galloway Robertson to Justin Robertson.

Michoud Boulevard 4249: $515,000, Firstbank Assets LLC to Coastal Drilling and Utility Services LLC.

Mithra St. 1442: $400,000, Cab Real Estate Fund LLC to Kaitlin Elise Bovia and Matthew Pierce Bovia.

Montegut St. 1827: $20,000, Blossom Lewis, Melvin Lewis Jr. and Missie Davis Lewis to Harris Robertson.

N. Broad St. 1633-1635: $357,000, Nola Select Restoration LLC to Daniel Jenkins.

N. Dorgenois St. 1500-02: $180,000, Armstead Kieffer to Elwood J. McCoy.

N. Lemans St. 13659-61: donation, no value stated, Dung Pham to Gorden Pham.

N. Miro St. 1580-82: $158,400, Choirlor Persphonie Branch McCoy and Michael Jude McCoy III to Nickolas L. Cannon.

N. Prieur St. 1447: $285,000, Leah Blake Schamp and Peter Julian Schamp to Merrilyn Onisko.

N. Rampart St. 3130-3132: $180,000, Gwendolyn Marie Lee Ferguson to Austin Venture Properties LLC.

N. Rampart St. 3130-3132: $235,000, Austin Venture Properties LLC to 3132 Rampart LLC.

N. Tonti St. 2616: $60,000, Banikah A. Jackson to RTS Investments LLC.

Painters St. 1532-1534: $107,500, Grear Long Riles and Shong R. Riles Sr. to Jessica Tingstrom Suarez and Jose Suarez.

Pauline St. 904-06: donation, no value stated, Diane Garitty Melerine to David Allan Melerine Jr.

Pauline Drive 5711: $67,100, Michelle Sims Tate and Wilton Tate III to Triumph Restoration LLC.

Prentiss Ave. 2660: $18,500, Issac Johnson and Reversia McClinton Johnson to David Olschner.

Pressburg St. 2525: $47,500, Thomas Anthony Bilich to Liberty Property Investments LLC.

Pressburg St. 2525: $57,000, Liberty Property Investments LLC to Solu Homes LLC.

Spain St. 618: $660,000, Jule Henle Lang to Kenneth Lee Arthur and Peter James Hagan.

St. Bernard Ave. 4325: $216,000, Anne Banks Gibbs to Michael Zamzam.

St. Denis St. 1265: $21,000, Bonnie A. Martin to Saiglann LLC.

St. Joseph St. 801: $485,000, Derek Sean Craig Vitrano to James K. Ellis.

St. Roch Ave. 1434: $359,000, Amanda M. Helm Louque to Edward Huber and Stephen M. Saenz.

St. Roch Ave. 1908-1910: $195,000, G&M You Nique Properties LLC to David F. Kerksieck, Lauren G. Trimm, Matthew P. Reese and Nicholas H. Payne.

Spain St. 3016: $13,600, Community Improvement Agency and New Orleans Redevelopment Authority to James David Albert.

Touro St. 1625: $50,000, Maori Investments of The Gulf Coast LLC to Touro1625 LLC.

Trapier Ave. 8023: $160,000, John William Smith Jr. to Rodney W. Brown.

Treasure St. 1809: $35,000, 1809 Treasure Street LLC to Wall Return LLC.

Urquhart St. 2617-19: $179,000, Felix Mirabal to Kristen M. Hanson Brovelli and William E. Brovelli.

Verbena St. 2554-56: $149,900, First NBC Community Development LLC to Christopher Chaput Grantee and Mark Gallagher.

Virgilian St. 6918: $17,000, Linda Holmes Johnson and Linda Holmes Jones to Mario Meza.

Wilton Drive 5303: $330,000, J. & W. Builder S. LLC and J. & W. Builders LLC to Yuliya Yastremskaya Meyers.

$4,765: City of New Orleans to Wayne L. Manning Jr.

$5,163: City of New Orleans to Wayne L. Manning Jr.

$5,607: City of New Orleans to Wayne L. Manning Jr.

$4,936: City of New Orleans to Wayne L. Manning Jr.

$10,800: City of New Orleans to Alvin C. Abbott.

$8,010: City of New Orleans to Hd Real Estates LLC.

$6,306: City of New Orleans to David M. Brasset.

$5,316: City of New Orleans to Kurt M. Ruschiensky.

District 4

Third St. 937: $365,000, Christopher T. Dodd to Dennis Butler and Sandra Beckett Butler.

Chippewa St. 2851: $167,850, Carl J. Mastio to Katherine Stastny Grieshaber and Pearce Leeds Grieshaber.

Conery St. 1506: $665,750, administrators of the Tulane Educational Fund to Richard Hunter V. Yancey.

Jackson Ave. 522; Jackson Ave. 530; Rousseau St. 2223: $536,700, Morris Kirschman & Co. LLC to Raphael Academy Facilities Development LLC.

Magazine St. 2023: $742,000, Gerald Victor Noto and Ransford Robert Richardson to Julian Estelle Properties LLC.

Seventh St. 725-727: $545,000, Monarch Investment Holdings LLC to Cathleen Breslin Berthelot and Libeau Joseph Berthelot III.

St. Andrew St. 2120-22: $155,000, Dejanique Myers and Ingrid Myers to Roy J. Prestenback Jr.

St. Andrew St. 2710: $190,000, Whitney Henderson Sample to Leah Yeashan Banks.

St. Charles Ave. 2400; St. Charles Ave. 2416: $100, Saint Charles Avenue Condominiums LLC to 2400 Sc LLC.

Third St. 609: $427,000, Brent Daniel Norquist to Daniel Travis Kalina and Katherine Janica Kalina.

$25,100: City of New Orleans to Bertrand P. Butler.

$5,520: City of New Orleans to Highsmith Family LLC.

$6,510: City of New Orleans to Joshua Orange and Karen Vance Orange.

District 5

Albert St. 3320: donation, no value stated, Sidney Ruffin to Tomika Ruffin Jordan.

Aurora Oaks Drive 631: $200,000, Martha Nolan Leake and Martha Nolan Marasco to Aaron Tyler Lee and Alicia Lee.

Bacchus Drive 2820: $25,000, Advanta Ira Services LLC and Carl Fanaro IRA No. 8003447 to Smith and Wright Consulting LLC.

Belleville St. 904-906: $95,000, Jeremy John Braud to Dana Asa Wright and Laura Jean Boland Wright.

Evelina St. 1012: $300,000, Erika Hand to Joe W. Willis and Paula A. Barton Willis.

Le Boeuf St. 1112: $149,000, Millie Louise Mitchell Higgins to Conrad David Johnson Jr.

Lebouef St. 218-220: $95,000, Collin Magee and Jeremy John Braud to Dana Asa Wright and Laura Jean Boland Wright.

Leboeuf St. 230-232: $288,000, Margaret C. Marais to Cameron Q. Todd Robers and Logan A. Roberts.

Lennox Blvd. 3996: Donation, no value stated, Anita Edwards Jackson to Angele J. Delarge and Marcus O. Delarge.

Macarthur Blvd. 4300: $101,000, Gail Parry Relle to Albert B. Minia.

Pacific Ave. 1014: $7,000, Kimberly Ann to Taylor Brook Properties LLC.

Pacific Ave. 813: $435,000, Agatha Brassette Canales and Michael Canales to Chris Lapeyrouse, Jennifer Joyce Lapeyrouse and Jennifer Lapeyrouse.

Plymouth Place 3336: $145,000, Robin Jay Aguirre to Everett Warner Briscoe and Terrell Schexnayder Briscoe.

S. Inwood Ave. 4108: $191,500, Sergio Aranda to Brian Thomas Smith and Canh Van Nguyen.

Southlawn Blvd. 1228: $40,000, Ramon Antonio Lora to Francisco A. Moresco.

Tullis Drive 5911; Tullis Drive 5913; Tullis Drive 5915; Tullis Drive 5917: $190,000, Steven Tran to Latoya Authement.

Wagner St. 300-02: $34,500, Leverage Consulting LLC to Mark David Lamaire.

$9,759: City of New Orleans to Highsmith Family LLC.

$20,251: City of New Orleans to M7 Realty LLC.

$5,363: City of New Orleans to Charles E. Wright.

$13,950: City of New Orleans to Ajc LLC.

District 6

Aline St. 722-24: $275,000, Rose Marie Delatte Boulas to Momanems LLC.

Aline St. 821-823: $450,000, Emanuele Cimica to Alexander B. Johnson and Caroline Gray Johnson.

Audubon Blvd. 400: $520,000, Alice Dianne Walker Price and Christopher B. Price to Brenda Hamilton and E. Bentley Hamilton Jr.

Audubon Blvd. 400: donation, no value stated, E. Bentley Hamilton Jr. to Eb Hamilton Jr. Revocable Trust.

Audubon Court 3317; Audubon Court 3505; Bloomingdale Court 3272; Broadway St. 3436; Edinburgh St. 7000; Edinburgh St. 7005; Fern St. 3212; Fern St. 3312; Fern St. 3327; Fern St. 3417-19; Lowerline St. 3316-18; Lowerline St. 3320-22; Lowerline St. 3327; Lowerline St. 3329; Lowerline St. 3330; Oleander St. 7811; Olive St. 7724; Olive St. 7726; Olive St. 7728; Olive St. 7730; Olive St. 7801-03; Olive St. 7805; Olive St. 7827; Olive St. 7910; Pine St. 3300; S. Telemachus St. 1241-43: donation, no value stated, NOL Holdings LLC to Xavier University of Louisiana.

Audubon St. 1632: $556,000, Edward W. Bolger and Phyllis Wagner Bolger to Mark G. Montiel Jr. and Rachel Michelle Jones Robinson.

Audubon St. 2019: $720,000, Alex Jerome Radka and Jennifer Mobley Radka to Cheryl Santa Cruz Hauver, Erin L. Hauver O'Brien and Kenneth L. O'Brien.

Audubon St. 485: $800,000, Athanassios N. Yiannopoulas to Daniel Goddard Lester and Rebecca Schultz Lester.

Freret St. 4320-22: $450,000, Lone Wulff Properties LLC to Vcl Nola LLC.

Foucher St. 2021: $49,900, LGO Properties LLC to Marengo Investments LLC.

Freret St. 6220: $540,000, William H. Cahill Jr. to Marshall King and Matthew A. Deitz.

Jefferson Ave. 714: $689,000, Megan Webster Kantor and Robert Ross Kantor to Evan Richard Jacobs and Lisa Biderman Jacobs.

Mckenna St. 5411: $367,000, Matthew Curtiss Lafleur to Alexander Dimitry.

Milan St. 2137: $100, Alissa Villarubia Schmidtke and Jeffrey C. Schmidtke to Adam Noam Matasar and Katie Melancon Matasar.

Prytania St. 4235: $960,000, Donna Helm Oufnac and Lester Jack Oufnac to Eugene Benton Vickery III and Laura Michaelis Vickery.

Robert St. 1104: donation, no value stated, Madeline Mary Chimento Rea to Harris L. Rea IV.

Soniat St. 2209-11: $275,000, David V. Adler, Frankie McKinney Dody and Stevy Quinn Greene to Marci Axman Last and Robert Last.

S. Claiborne Ave. 3424-26; Willow St. 3417-19-21-23: $39,720.58, John Edward Matthews to Successful Endeavors LLC.

St. Charles Ave. 4007: $180,000, Jamie Raven Wirick Lewis and Robert L. Lewis to Connor James McCullar.

Tchoupitoulas St. 5605-07: donation, no value stated, Baldwin Richard Justice to Baldwin Richard Justice Rental & Leasing Co. LLC.

Tchoupitoulas St. 5902-04-06: $585,000, Ccw Properties LLC to Clay J. Garside, Neely M. Whites Koek and Neely M. Whites Waddle.

Toledano St. 3936: $275,000, Gulfcoast Allied 5 LLC to Garret Alan Boswell and Hannah Marie Cunningham.

Vincennes Place 3416: $395,000, Julia Ann McDonald to Allison Way Bunnell and Randall J. Bunnell.

Willow St. 4616-18: $90,000, Earl Kermit Spears, Isiah Hitchens Sr., Jeannette Hitchens, Kermit Spears, Revie Marie Hitchens James and Shirley Ann Hitchens Wilson to 3f Properties of Louisiana LLC.

Willow St. 4616-18: $140,000, Earl Kermit Spears, Isiah Hitchens Sr., Jeannette Hitchens, Revie Marie Hitchens James and Shirley Ann Hitchens Wilson to Jse Investments LLC.

District 7

Bellaire Drive 5850: $670,000, Gregory Gale Kempton to Kyle Payne Radish and Scott Whitson Bailleu Radish.

Hurst St. 7414: $216,000, John Andrew Creech to Gregg Demar and Hyacinth Marie Rodney Demar.

Joliet St. 1010- 1012: $60,000, Euphemia Sam Gibson and James William Gibson to Jonathan Michael Rope.

Joliet St. 2925-27: $281,000, 2925 Joliet LLC to Jill Traylor Mayo.

Leonidas St. 1527: $154,000, Laura Kloehn Spoo and Michael E. Spoo Jr. to Julie M. Burke.

Leonidas St. 1220-22: $150,000, Alena Allen Harris, Gary Allen and Lacey Allen to Tom Martinez.

Leonidas St. 3205: $100,000, Mark Bignell to Dale L. Card and Joshua K. Card.

Livingston St. 3402-04: $234,000, Donald J. Bordelon to Jerome Ricardo Maye Sr.

$6,244: City of New Orleans to Martin P. Irons and Michon Irons Wyche.

$7,565: City of New Orleans to Home By C&C LLC.