St. Charles

Transfers for Jan. 22-26:


Ellington Plantation, Square 2, Lot 6: $35,600, St. Charles Parish to 139 Myrtle St. LLC.

Mimosa Park Subdivision, Block A, Lot 30-A: $169,000, Shelby J. Duhe to Alexandra Adams and Dexter B. Comardelle.


Coteau De France or Ranson Tract, Lot 10: Donation, Dorcas Dufrene and Lloyd J. Frickey to Sonya Whitney and Kenneth Lane.


Destrehan Heights Subdivision, Square 3, Lot 5 and Lot 5A, Square B, of River Oaks Subdivision: $173,000, Cary J. Poche and Maureen Rogues and Donna Poche Ruiz to Chad M. Faucheux and Nori Gomez Faucheux.

Gabriel Heights Subdivision, Square A, Lot 20: $100.00, Brad C. Landry and Ryan E. Landry to Shannon Landry Anderson and Eugene J. Anderson.

Ormond Country Club Estates, Section 1, Square 1, Lot 12: $217,000, Connie Adams Gonzales and Elmo C. Gonzales, Jr. to Etienise Fontenelle Denis and Jacqueline D. Fontenelle.

Ormond Country Club Estates, Square 2, Lot 4-B: $132,000, Janeice Nicole Benson to Robert Andrew Boutrin.

Ormond Country Club Estates, Section 1, Square 9, Lot 6B: $106,000, Edward Martin Fontaine and Cynthia Morel Fontaine to Kenneth D. Zeagler and MaryAnn Trigo Zeagler.


Home Place Plantation Estates, Square 4, Lot 13: $114,000, Gena L. Lagrange Nickleson and Kenric K. Nickleson to Karla Carter.


Ashton Oaks Subdivision, Lot 27: $176,900, DSLD Homes LLC. to Jedidiah James Maat.

Ashton Oaks Subdivision, Lot 28: $176,900, DSLD Homes LLC. to Jenna Lee Lascala. 

Ashton Plantation, Phase 1-C, Square 8, Lot 24: $390,000, Wells One Investments LLC. to Christopher F. Lay and Melissa Bouvier Lay.

Ellington Addition, Lot 24A: Donation, Ashley E. Davis AKA Ashley E. Davis Davies

Ellington Addition to the Town of Luling, Square 4 and a portion of Lot 17: $176,000, Hannah Dominick and Anthony Dominick to Kate D. Induni and Waco D. Bickham.

Lagattuta Addition No. 1, Mimosa Park Subdivision, Block 2-A, Lot 5: $226,000, Nolan E. Thompson and Rachael Bono Thompson to John d. Shepard and Megan Soulie Shepard.

Lakewood West Subdivision, Lot 181: Donation, Murriel Rabalais Falgout to Derek J. Falgout.

Luling Heights Subdivision, Section A, Lot 32: $118,900, Cody Development, LLC. to Timothy Stanton O'Donnell and Stephanie Rheams O'Donnell.

Oak Ridge Park Subdivision, Section 2, Square F, Lot 3-A: $525,000, Jerome Segura Jr. to Tinseg Inc. 

Oak Ridge Park, Block E, Lot 37: $20,000, Lorraine Cannon and Irving Jackson Jr. to Dorcas Dufrene and Lloyd J. Frickey.

South Lakewood Subdivision, Lot 152: $302,000, Robin Thigpen Bourgeois and Joey Michael Bourgeois to William Lynch III.


Victoria Acres, Lot 76: $21,000, St. Charles Parish to Aaron Adams and Joelle L. Adams.


Evangeline City Subdivision, Unit 3, Square 1, Lot 126A: $76,500, Steven J. Guillory to Justin L. Naquin and Lynn Camet Naquin.

The Meadowlands, Phase 1, Lot 97: $19,500, SA Mortgage Service Co. to Kim M. Akerman.


Good Hope Plantation Subdivision, Square 4, Lot 4 and 5: $197,900, Eileen Mary Cronin to Michael P. Wright.


Labranche Industrial Park Subdivision,Section 67, Square 137: Donation, Helen Louise Parker Tranchina to Frank August Tranchina.

St. Rose Subdivision, Block J, Lot 7, 8 and 9: Donation, Rebecca B. Soper to Ronald N. Boyd.