Transfers for Jan. 8-12

District 1

Constance St. 1417-19: donation, no value stated, Robert Owen Farris to Diana Lynn Stephens Farris.

S. Rendon St. 630-632: $196,000, George Skias to Bulard Hyacinthe.

District 2

Second St. 623-25: $235,345.33, Ollie Foxworth Quinn to Darius R. Vinnett and Megan Gonzalez Vinnett.

Decatur St. 113-115; Decatur St. 117-119: $32,096.25, Bluegreen Louisiana LLC to Vacation Trust Inc.

Dumaine St. 2226-30: $100,000, 2226 Dumaine Street LLC to Zachary S. Kopplin.

Dumaine St. 4198: $475,000, Clinton Emile Capdepon and Victoria Gogreve Capdepon to Carolyn Sue Taylor Hogard, Carolyn Sue Taylor Rumsfeld, Carolyn Sue Taylor Wells and James W. Rumsfeld.

Dumaine St. 4213-15: $187,500, Elizabeth A. Pritchard and George A. Rosevally to Eleanor M. Pritchard.

General Diaz St. 6735: $427,500, Matthew J. Mouras to Timothy F. Logan.

General Haig St. 5977-5979: $362,000, Christopher George Johnson to Melanie Ivory Boeckl and Rene Anthony Gurdian Jr.

Jewel St. 244: $205,000, Jerry E. Crail and Patricia Labruyere Crail to Cecilia M. Palli.

Kenilworth St. 417: $197,204.62, M&t Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington Dc.

N. Rocheblave St. 925: $233,000, 925 North Rocheblave LLC to Andrew Michael Sanford and Michelle Christine Landry.

Onyx St. 7423: $362,000, Earl Lloyd Ittmann Jr. Testamentary Trust and Virginia Eagan Ittmann Testamentary Trust to Blake Thomas Ittmann.

West Park Place 20: $278,000, Tyrone Robbins Powell Jr. to Champa Chatterjee Chakraborti, Gora Chakraborti and Jyotirmoy Chakraborti.

District 3

Almonaster Ave. 2318: $5,653, City of New Orleans to Equity Trust Company Custodian Fbo Tyler J. Breaux Ira.

Almonaster Ave. 3619: $110,000, Alexander Property Investment LLC to Gregory Glen Jones and Shelia Watkins Jones.

Annette St. 2321: $12,000, Phyllis Waiters Locure and Tyronne C. Locure Sr. to Midsouth Property Investments of Louisiana LLC.

Annette St. 4718: $114,747.58, Greta Labranch Walker to Jaq Lionheart LLC.

Annette St. 4718: $190,000, Jaq Lionheart LLC to Christopher R. Curley and Laura Lobosco Curley.

Arts St. 1436: $328,500, Detmias Construction & Development LLC to Christopher R. Capdeville and Rebecca C. Goldin.

Arts St. 2237: donation, no value stated, Anthony J. Jones to Anthony J. Jones Irrevocable Trust.

Baccich St. 6420-22: $125,000, Linda Gray Daniels to Celine Bastienne Pascaline Ugolini.

Burgundy St. 2513-15: $628,500, Carl R. Smith to Federico Tamayo Blurton and Joe Brown Blurton Jr.

Chartres St. 3929: $750,000, Ethan S. Brown and Kristen Perkins Brown to Angelique G. Thomas.

Crowder Boulevard 5437: $175,000, Cardinal Assets 6608 LLC to Rashonda Cunningham Dean.

Dartmoor Drive 7311: $71,000, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to Statewide Corporation.

Desire St. 1741: $57,500, Deutsche Bank National Trust Company as Trustee For Quest Trust to Brandon E. Breaux Real Estate Inc.

Dinkins St. 8630-32: $140,000, Desiree Dickerson Porter Lewis to Niki M. Dajon.

Dodt Ave. 4935: $71,429, 4935 Dodt LLC to Ki Cheng and Melanie Cheng.

Dreux Ave. 5048: $8,000, Keelian Eric Boyd and Shawmika Edward Boyd to Alex Tan.

Elysian Fields Ave. 1334-36: $113,042.25, Dwayne Meyers to 1334 Elysian Fields LLC.

Feliciana St. 1227/1229: $35,000, Sms Development LLC to 1227 Feliciana LLC.

Fernley Drive 11308: donation, no value stated, Thuy T. Tran Nguyen to Lua T. Pham.

Franklin Ave. 1413; N. Villery St. 2601-2603: donation, no value stated, Jimmy Vu, Phuong Kim Prier and Tuan Vu to Lynn Kim Vu.

Gallier St. 1420: $319,900, 123 Pauline LLC to Gayle Kahn Belcher and Taryn Michelle Belcher Legvold.

Gordon St. 2223: donation, no value stated, Dasney Lorraine Johnson Diakhaby and Dasney Lorraine Johnson Kamarudeen to James M. Johnson.

Gordon St. 627: $35,000, Elite Renovations Trust to Ajc LLC.

Hayne Boulevard 11016: $112,000, Kaisha Lymon Joseph and Kenneth Joseph to Melvin Duncan.

Jasmine St. 2765: $75,000, Blaine Patrick Samanie to Gilyot Enterprises LLC.

Kinneil Road 10840: $63,000, Brandon Christopher Winchester, Dietrich Marc Winchester, Jennifer Colby Winchester and Roger Henry Winchester III to Garibaldi Investments LLC.

Lake Willow Drive 6831: $431,500, George Edward Boldon Jr. and Kathleen Dominick Boldo to Marcia B. Henry Bent and Marcia Bent Henry.

Lehigh St. 7524: $205,000, Melody Kim Casbon Arnold and Melody Kim Casbon Maillho to Gregory Stewart and Rogchelle Stewart.

Lepage St. 2614: $3,719.32, Ashley Lang to Megan Elizabeth Goldsmith Walker.

Marais St. 1512: $30,000, Donna Tiktin Landry, Sierra Morgan and Tyler Olive to King Cake House LLC.

Marigny St. 2819: $10, Aldea Inc. to Arcpe 3 LLC.

Mcshane Place 1737-43; St. Claude St. 1758-60: donation, no value stated, Jimmy Vu, Phuong Kim Prier and Tuan Vu to Lynn Kim Vu.

Mercier St. 7735: $55,000, Dawn Daigle Lutz to David Leonard and Lisa Perreand Leonard.

Music St. 1310: $65,000, Roch Music LLC to Julienne Design LLC.

N. Derbigny St. 2215-17: $55,000, Calypso Properties LLC to Ryan C. Marcomb LLC.

N. Derbigny 3134: $64,500, Aurion Gibson, Jennifer E. Wilson, Shereen Theon Smith Taylor, Theon A. Wilson and Zarassa Harris to Anita Louise Fitt and Denise Leigh Herron Curtis.

N. Galvez St. 2262: $62,500, Janice Elizabeth Brown Flores, Shirley Brown Fournett and Vincent Lee Nzinga to Avni Ozborcek and Carrie Hays Ozborcek.

N. Roman St. 1566-1568: $91,500, Ann Bowling Davis Danes to Scott E. Veazey.

N. Villere St. 1625: $270,000, Manuel Delgado to Alexander N. Posorske and Leslie Giamo Posorske.

N. Rampart St. 2001: $265,000, Linda Glenn to Judd E. Shellito and Susan Ireland Shellito.

N. Robertson St. 4100: $20,100, Razzamataz Productions LLC to Charles I. Kurz.

N. Villere St. 2367: $330,000, James A. Cristina to Robin L. Williams Living Trust.

Old Prieur St. 1807: donation, no value stated, Albert John Victorianne Jr., Anaise Victorianne Wilson, James L. Petivan III, Miriam Victorianne Ortique and Victoria Petivan St. Onge to Xavier University of Louisiana.

Painters St. 4639: donation, no value stated, Henry J. Heyman to Marilyn Dittman Foto.

Pauger St. 2621: $72,450, Us Bank National Association As Trustee For Specialty Underwriting and Residential Finance Trust Mortgage Loan to 2621 Pauger LLC.

Pauger St. 3320-20 1/2: $31,184.26, 3320 Pauger LLC to Besy Nohelia Paredes Paz Palma and Roberto Pavon Palma.

Pauline Dirve 4793: $24,411.75, Nancy Grossley Evans to T&t Real Estate Development LLC.

Port St. 1331: $98,250, Victori Tillery Shropshire to Angela Nancy Amundso Rindo and Thersa Mary Rindo Amundso.

Providence Place 6130: $87,000, Brittney Copelin Harris and Frederick L. Harris to Gulf South Equity Group LLC.

Reynes St. 619: $50,000, Ethel Mae Smith Pate to Charles W. Jacob.

Roger Williams St. 3412: donation, no value stated, Douglas Jude Grego to Karen Donnelly Grego.

St. Anthony Ave. 6070-72: donation, no value stated, Brian McConduit to Bruce McConduit.

Sybil St. 4342: $57,200, Wilmington Savings Fund Society Fsb As Trustee of Stanwich Mortgage Loan Trust A. to Rita Moore Doucette and Willard J. Doucette.

Touro St. 4825: $137,000, Michael Jiles Jr. to Julissa Sosa.

Verbena St. 2452: $81,000, First Nbc Community Development LLC to Bsd770 LLC.

Vermillion Boulevard 5768: $41,000, Benroe Housing Initiatives to Candace Taylor and J. Williams Construction LLC.

$25,000: Schwegmann Westside Expressway Inc. to Aloysius J. & Eugene Franz Foundation For The Congregation of The Mission.

$36,546: City of New Orleans to Walden Investment LLC.

$12,600: City of New Orleans to Ashley Henry Singleton.

District 4

First St. 2136-38: $155,000, Carl Reed and Carl Stephen Reed to Stephen Daniel Allport.

Chippewa St. 2064: $389,000, Owen Riley Investments LLC to Beau Hezwell Kalan and Ralitza Hristova Peneva Kalan.

Josephine St. 410; Tchoupitoulas St. 2123: $100, Market Street Commerce Center LLC to 2123 Tchoup LLC.

Magnolia St. 2211-2213: $272,500, 2211 Magnolia Street LLC to Dana Ott Carlin.

St. Andrew St. 1532: $249,000, Guapo Vatos LLC to Mario Leon Lovisa and Pamela Neeb Lovisa.

St. Charles Ave. 3000: $265,000, Clc Mark LLC to Jean Barton Hendrickson and Robert D. Hendrickson.

St. Mary St. 641: $268,000, City Homes LLC to Kimball J. Colly Jr.

Washington Ave. 631: $422,000, Chloe A. Wagner Jaworski to Frank Joseph Lopiccolo IV.

Washington Ave. 1930-32: $130,000, Lawrence J. Despenza to Jeffrey Lipitz and Justin Seabe.

District 5

Danbury Drive 2656: $152,000, Eleanor S. Miles Bianco to Arden Shaffer Figueiredo and Ethan G. Figueiredo.

De Armas St. 821-23: $67,000, Michael A. Grosch and Patrick J. Foley to Mohamed Morsy.

Deslonde St. 1842: $500, Nancy P. Conerly to Devona Bourgeois Matthews and Richard Alfred Bourgeois Jr.

Eton St. 2536: $125,000, Ryan E. Leighton to Corey Chambers.

Inwood Ave. 3701: $130,000, Eric L. Babcock to David Rhodes Wilson, Rachel Lee Sharp Wilson and Rachel Sharp Wilson.

Leboeuf St. 219: $10,000, 2plan Properties No 4 LLC to Carissa Kolakauskas.

Pacific Ave. 1039: $196,000, XK8 LLC to Caroline Mire.

Pin Oak Ave. 3538: donation, no value stated, Patricia Angeles Mata to Antonio A. Mata, Antonio Alberto Mata, Jose Arturo Mata and Maria Mata Bonilla.

Richland Road 1508: $90,000, Brian Presley Reynolds to Errol Arnolie Sanders and Victoria Jane Sanders.

S. Pin Oak Ave. 4042: $70,600, Trinh Ivy Tran Chung to Nhung Hong Nguyen.

Seine St. 2808; Seine St. 2814: $40,000, Cheryl Franz Smith, Val Joseph Franz and Valentine J. Franz IV to Alfredo Miguel Silva.

Seine St. 2820: $20,000, Cheryl Franz Smith, Val Joseph Franz and Valentine J. Franz IV to Gerardo E. Cubas and Ofelia P. Cubas.

Seine St. 2955; Seine St. 514: $12,500, Yurong Hu to Faye Gougisha Larche and Gilbert Larche.

Somerset Drive 3620: donation, no value stated, Phi So Truong and So Phi Truong to Nga Thi Tran Nguyen.

Sutton Place 5600: $380,000, Jennifer Honea Rogers and Shelby R. Rogers Jr. to Jason A. Fibble Sr. and Rebecca Marie Paige Fibble.

Verret St. 339-41: $340,000, Jessie L. Brassette Rose, and Robyn Kilarger to Barry Pachciarz.

Wagner St. 330: $25,000, Leverage Consulting LLC to Verret St. Properties LLC.

No value stated: Federal City Retail Complex to Algiers Development District.

District 6

Annunciation St. 3402: $172,500, Megan Graves to Kathryn Lynn Kennedy.

Audubon St. 344: $655,000, Bradford Sutton Waddell and Jennifer Baker Waddell to Juanita Kain Parenton and Kelly L. Parenton.

Audubon St. 906-908: $490,000, 906 08 Audubon LLC to Jp 906 908 Audubon LLC.

Baronne St. 3421-23: $180,000, Carol J. Thomas, Lance Claverie, Louis M. Claverie Jr. and Ryan Claverie to Bracketed Double LLC.

Danneel St. 4608-4614: $367,000, Usb Capital LLC to Adams Holding Company LLC and Adams Holdings Company LLC.

Delachaise St. 3329: $132,000, Blue 1057 Top LLC to Anne Scarborough.

Eleonore St. 736-38; Magazine St. 5900-08-10: no value stated, Sandot Inc. to Lama Realty LLC.

Foucher St. 700-710; Tchoupitoulas St. 3601: $210,800, Sean R. Cullen to Bienville Street Outback LLC.

General Pershing St. 4439-41: $112,960.42, Lana Cloth Edwards to Ely Edwards Enterprises Inc.

Jena St. 3202-04: $325,000, Jesmin Zaman Qader and Khaled Jason Qader to Daniel E. Lawton and Jillian Welsh Lawton.

Laurel St. 6313: $650,000, Terry Tedesco Home Builders LLC to Alan N. Yager.

Napoleon Ave. 2429-33: $265,000, Marclan Enterprises LLC to Robyn M. Vincent.

Versailles Boulevard 89: $335,000, Joseph Marino Feeder and Michael Feeder Marino to Donald William Paxton and Nevada Barr Paxton.

Webster St. 1114: $100,000, Alan N. Yager and Elizabeth Schwenk Yager to Casey Andrew Burka and Sophia Palley Burka.

$18,200, City of New Orleans to Gaignard LLC.

District 7

14th St. 177: $347,500, Heena Patel and Mahesh K. Patel to Gordon McKenzie and Susan K. Werner McKenzie.

Adams St. 2510: $399,500, Dorothy Gibbons Church and John Mark Church III to David G. Koch and Tracey Koch.

Belfast St. 8221: donation, no value stated, Betty Skipper Hamilton and Roosevelt Hamilton to Carrie Barber Hills.

Hillary St. 1522-24: donation, no value stated, Steven Goulet to Diane McCauliff Goulet.

Marks St. 9028-30: $47,301, Grant Realty Investment LLC to R&e Real Estate Management LLC.

Millaudon St. 300: $203,333.33, Andrea Bartholomew Hoskins and Louis D. Bartholomew to Gregg A. Demar and Hyacinth Marie Rodney Demar.

Oak St. 8616: $382,775, 8616 Oak Street LLC to Michael D. Cangelosi.

Oak Tree Drive 105: $285,000, Landcraft LLC to Sandra R. Patterson Baudin and Sandra R. Patterson Famiglio.

Stafford Place 138: $425,000, Christine Haley Toth and Christopher Endre Toth to Julie Crouch Tortorich and Robert M. Tortorich Jr.

Zimple St. 8624-26: $235,000, Daniel M. Keiffer and Dielesy A. Rodriguez Keiffer to Benjamin Hall Maynard and Mary Fuchs Maynard.