Jabari Greer and Katrina F.A. Greer sold this home at 3904 Metairie Court in Metairie to Daniel G. Boudreau and Janet D. Boudreau for $355,000.


Transfers for Nov. 21-29


City Of Harahan subdivision, lot 38A, square R: $422,000, 6430 Jefferson LLC to 700 Hickory Inc.

Commerce Court office condo, unit 213: $160,000, Webber Properties LLC to Mark K. Royerre.

Elodie Ave. 112: $185,000, Fay L. Eschette to Tiffany C. Vincent and Ricki J. Vincent.

Generes Drive 2041: $36,667, Martha Morgan to Sidney L. Steiner.

Gordon Ave. 361: $143,000, James M. Descant to Patton R. Cannatella and Charlene L. Cannatella.

West Ave. 416: $164,900, Michael J. Francescon and Gabriella V. Francescon to Clinton E. Alexander.


Jefferson Heights Ave. 356: $220,000, Suzanne Bergquist to Dawn M. Casebonne and Rudolph E. Kincke.

Julius Ave. 548: $240,000, Alicia M. Strickland to Javier Pazmino.


Augusta St. 2721: Donation, Odell K. Oliver to Odell K. Oliver Irrevocable Grantor Trust.

Avant Garde condo, building 2, unit 36: Donation, Leslie M. Smith to Benjamin E. Gorman.

Baroni Drive 401: $205,750, John D. Mueller and Katherine B. Mueller to Barnett Louviere.

C. Loire Drive 4122: $103,000, Anne H. Wade to Kristine M. W. Hartland.

Carmenere Drive 718: $453,000, Vincent C. Rodriguez Jr. and Jeanne H. Rodriguez to Michael A. Brennan and Anneleice M. Brennan.

Champaigne Drive 805: $209,500, Regions Bank to Asha T. Shah and Surendrakumar I. Shah.

Chardonnay Village condo, unit 5G: $68,000, Brittani D. Joseph to Tahani M. Taha and Karim M. Taha.

Colorado Ave. 4007: $107,500, Mary B. Matamoros and William Matamoros Revocable Living Trust to Denise T. Schulte, Robert H. Schulte and Denise L. Toups.

East Louisiana State Drive 524: $70,000, Gadrel LLC to Homeover LLC.

East Loyola Drive 415: $165,000, Joseph T. Thomas, Thuy N. T. N. Thomas and Mong T. Nguyen to Nicholas J. Lowenberg and Catherine Watson.

East Loyola Drive 523: $202,000, Scott W. Dupre and Kalyn T. Dupre to Wilfred T. Smothers Jr. and Tonya G. Smothers.

Furman Circle 41: $86,667, Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae to Bungalow Series F. REO LLC.

Gabriel subdivision, lot 228: Donation, Kayla Gilberti to Robert S. Gilberti Jr.

Idaho Ave. 4300: Donation, Rene Mazique to Susanta Modak.

Kentucky Ave. 2614: $172,900, James P. King to Jessie Morton.

Lake Vista Of Jefferson subdivision, lot 9, square 9: $255,000, William P. Bourgeois and Janice Bourgeois to Kristen Wiss and Jeffrey J. Widd.

Minnesota Ave. 1613: $175,000, Michael R. Vanvoorhis Jr., Alicia M. Monlezun, Margie R. Shavers, Ronald J. Depolite Jr., Gwendolyn A. Depolitte and Barbara M. Mikelonis to Michelle Duplantis and Brennan M. Duplantis.

Pellerin Drive 300: $215,600, Cynthia Grubb and Jerry E. Grubb Jr. to Karen A. Potts.

Sear Drive 2729: $315,000, Daniel J. West, Susan R. Richardson, Jane E. West and Dennis L. West to Jean B. Thibodeaux III and Stacey S. Thibodeaux.

Taylor St. 1228: $190,000, TBR Properties LLC to Rochiuss M. Williams.

Town Of Kenner subdivision, lot 17, square 38: Donation, Clementine P. Thompson and Leroy J. Thompson to Jabar R. Thompson.

Town Of Kenner subdivision, lot 27A, square H: $250,000, Cristina Holdings Inc. to ATCM Realty LLC.


Metairie Ave. 608: Donation, Charles A. LeCarpentier and Elizabeth H. LeCarpentier to Jeffrey S. LeCarpentier and Mindi B. LeCarpentier.

Nursery Ave. 418: $220,000, Scuddy F. Fontenelle III, Bonnie F. McCarty, Laurie F. Abate and Cathy F. McDonald to Joel Bonomolo and Stephanie Bonomolo.

Helios Ave. 945: $250,000, Gina M. G. Lowenberg, Derek D. Gambino, Frank Gambino and Darren Gambino to Michael D. Hull.

Phosphor Ave. 814: Donation, Bonnabel Properties Inc. to Elm D. Wood Jr.

Alphonse Drive 4816: $381,000, Kimmy T. Tran to Sandi Elfer and Richard Christiana.

Asher St. 6417: $155,000, Waneta Newman, Willa J. Both and Denise M. Morgan to Mary A. Musso and Roland N. Hebert.

Aurora Ave. 934: $290,000, Ryan J. Hull and Kathryn F. Hull to John T. Toombs and Holli M. Toombs.

Avron Blvd. 4405: $246,100, Khoa M. Do to Ranjan S. Shetye.

Avron Blvd. 4720: $337,000, Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Co. and Eva O. Vinsanau to Woo Y. So and Soo M. Jung.

Bixler St. 3721: $153,000, Lauren P. Butler to Gwendolyn B. Beck and Donald P. Perret.

Bonnabel Place, lot 27, square 43: $200,000, John A. Knowles and Sandra F. Knowles to Rebecca Denny, Francis O. Denny, Michael Johnsey and F. Otway Denny.

Burke Drive 5001: $258,500, Frank C. Yam and Hong L. Yam to Andrew R. Cordes and Casey C. Cordes.

Central Drive 13: $365,000, L&H Investment Properties LLC to Jennifer Holmes.

Cherokee Park 3. subdivision, lot D, square 19: $158,000, Alton M. Guillot II to Daniel P. Scheffler and Diana L. Tercero.

Cleary Ave. 1200: Donation, Racheal N. Smith to Troy T. Smith.

Colony Place 612: $278,400, Michael A. Brennan and Anneleice M. Brennan to Gregory P. Casey.

Conlin St. 4520: $217,000, Kathryn Bailey to Gabriel Kerlec.

Division St. 2016: $350,000, Tami L. B. Murphy to Robert E. Howard III and Kathryn A. Howard.

Division St. 606: $245,000, Charmaine A. Preskitt to Bridget A. Lindstrom.

E. William David Parkway 312: $280,000, JJS Properties LLC to Johnathan P. Graham and Caroline S. Graham.

Elise Ave. 2201: $115,000, Andrew L. Quinn to Freeman Homes LLC.

Elizabeth St. 2801: Donation, Luis F. Ledesma to Ninon A. Ledesma.

Elmeer St. 733: $429,000, Knesel Family Trust No 1, to Michelle Borrows and Michael J. Borrows.

Giuffrias Ave. 1916: $194,000, Zachary P. Bonura, Philip Bonura Jr. and Emmy L. A. Bonura to Erin N. Poolson.

Glenwood Drive 294: Donation, Marc A. Bonifacic to Marko Marjanovic and Kathryn R. Marjanovic.

Harlem subdivision, lot 1, square 140: $615,000, Percy Morris and Pearl J. Morris to Old Jefferson Development LLC.

Hastings St. 6308: $151,000, Benjamin M. Huffman and Ben M. Huffman to M&L Estates LLC.

Hesper Ave. 315: Donation, Bonnabel Properties Inc. to Jeannine C. Roques and Alan S. Guenther.

High Ave. 1205: $236,900, High Ave Rentals LLC to Annie Kinler and Reice J. Matherne.

Howard Ave. 1120: Donation, Warren J. Bernard to Brandy M. Veasey and Chandler A. Veasey.

James Drive 4901: $330,000, Gail A. Treigle to Greg J. Grassel and Elizabeth M. Grassel.

Lake Ave. 462: $222,628, Jennifer R.L. Brown to Marc A. Labiche.

Lakeshore subdivision, lot 15A, square 13: $392,500, Seminole Property Group LLC to Linda A. Ballex.

Lakeside Drive subdivision, lot Y, square C: $219,500, Juliette Prichard to Kristen E. Nelsen and Christian A. Bartholomew.

Leslie St. 6308: $145,000, Brian J. Ducote to Lorena N. Blackmon.

Linwood Ave. 1104: $180,000, Davis A. Verrette and Mary L. D. Verrette to Bulliung Properties LLC.

Metairie Court 3904: $355,000, Jabari Greer and Katrina F. A. Greer to Daniel G. Boudreau and Janet D. Boudreau.

Metairie Terrace subdivision, lot 12, square 4: $160,000, Brian J. Krail Sr. and Albert J. Krail Jr. to Spay Mart Inc.

Metairie Terrace, lots 22 through 25, plot 4: Donation, Anita L. Krail to Benjamin A. Krail, Andrew D. Krail and Jessica K. Celentano.

Metairieville subdivision, lot 1, square 40: Donation, Joel A. Bonomolo to Stephanie Bonomolo.

N. Starrett Road 1420: $215,000, Don L. Traina Sr. and Karen P. Traina to Russell B. Studdard and Jade Studdard.

N. Upland Ave. 504: $180,000, Jessica M. B. Stamant to Lauryn N. Bond.

Nero St. 1808: $240,000, David Prados and Gisele P. Prados to Scott Branting, Diane Branting and Scott B. Branting.

North Atlanta St. 1621: $163,000, Erin N. A. Peschlow to Adam R. Colbenson.

North Causeway Bvd 1812: $150,000, Brouillette Bros LLC to Rory E. M. Martinez.

North Cumberland St. 617: $154,000, John C. Lewis Sr. and Kathleen H. Lewis to Stephanie Hymel.

North Turnbull Drive 1821: $124,490, Catherine Terrell to William P. Searcy Iii Trust and Searcy William P. Iii Trust.

Nursery Ave. 1237: $285,000, Mike Wong and Perri Ciolino to Shane M. Verrett and Katie C. Richard.

Papworth Ave. 49: $240,000, Naomi M. Gibbs to Webber Properties LLC.

Pontchartrain Gardens A. subdivision, lot 11, square 1: Donation, Richard Zimmer & Dianne Zimmer Revocable Living Trust, to Patricia Regina Lacoste Living Trust.

Pontchartrain Gardens B. subdivision, lot 30, square 9: $315,000, Kenneth D. Zeagler Sr. to Loretta E. Diblin and Clarence A. Diblin.

Pontchartrain Shores subdivision, lot B, square 50: $255,000, Sarah Wescott to Catherine L. Anderson and David W. Anderson.

Ruth St. 6109: $194,500, Clara T. Lambroemont to Steven Boone.

Schouest St. 7200: Donation, Travis J. Leroux to Craig T. Karl.

St. Rene St. 3017: $100, Robert D. Rogers to Robert D. Rogers Jr.

Stanford Ave. 1601: $231,000, Jesuit High School of New Orleans Inc. to Shane Dupaquier and Amy L. O. Dupaquier.

Tabony St. 4609: $262,000, Ernest J. Aiavolasiti and Brenda Aiavolasiti to Stephen Schulkens.

Taft Park subdivision, lot 16, square 46: $100,000, Doris P. Tabary Revocable Living Trust, Walter J. Tabary III and Janet T. Hartman to Michelle Fruge and Steven K. Fruge.

Temple St. 4412: $153,000, Gwendolyn Stier to Veronica Romero and Martin Zunia.

Utica St. 5042: $201,000, Amany G. Greas to Julio C. Armas and Aura C. Rodriguez.

Velma Ave. 1701: $270,000, Durga Ventures, Neela N. Kulkarni and Subhash V. Kulkarni to Nhi V. Ta.

Yale Street condo, units B and C: $260,000, Joseph E. Hermo to Teresa M. Frascone and Russell A. Serigny.

Zuma Ave. 1308: $180,000, David J. Billings and Patricia G. Billings to Shana Gitz.


Camille Drive 8924: $220,000, Estelle J. Mahoney to Lindsay P. Vehorn.

Midway Drive 292: $1,365,000, Connie Z. Boudreaux and Barry J. Boudreaux to Lauren R. Gibbs.

Roslyn Drive 9413: $160,000, Bank of New York Mellon and CWABS Inc. to Michelle Lapeyrouse.