Cody S. Townsend and Lauren A. Townsend sold this home at 828 Guardian Ave. in Gretna to Nicholas J. Beninate III for $168,000.


Transfers for June 22 to June 28


Elaine Drive 92: $110,000, Wanda Frith to Craig A. Caffy.

S. Tish Drive 168: $56,735, Deborah P. Melton to Managed Service Provider of Louisiana LLC.


District of Barataria, no further data: Carol F. Schieffler to Jared Mayeaux, $85,000.


Eighth St. 176: $30,000, Ashley W. Overton to Sheryl Lee and Joel A. Lunstrum.


Grand Beach 11 subdivision, lot 8, square 23: Donation, Justin M. Cifreo to Wendell C. Cifreo and Rebecca Cifreo.

Grand Beach 2. subdivision, lot 6, square J: $130,000, 712 Energy LLC to Michael C. Aucoin and Karen V. Lewis.

Grand Beach, square E, no further data: $170,000, FOG Investments LLC to Joseph M. Leblanc and Donna Leblanc.

Grand Isle, no further data: $275,000, Jacqueline Waguespack, Christine W. Cranford, Mary E. Sandlin, Michael J. Waguespack, Julie W. Barry and Eric J. Waguespack to Albert J. Waguespack Jr. and Cindy I. Waguespack.

Iberville Lane 147: $120,000, Michael J. Jambon and Loretta G. Jambon to Barry P. Filce and Cheryl A. Filce.

Pirates Cove Landing condo, units 89, 101 and 102: $21,196, M.J. Foster Jr. to Murphy J. Foster III.81.


23rd St. 529: $179,900, Danh Ngoc Tran Revocable Trust to Joel A. G. Gonzalez.

Barnes Court 108: $240,000, Trina T. Vu to Beryl Garner.

Browning Lane 2139: Donation, Jerry W. Bohling and Oleta M. Bohling to Carl W. Bohling and Jerri L. B. Parker.

Cook St. 1311: $66,667, Ditech Financial LLC and Green Tree Servicing LLC to Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae.

Creagan Ave. 103: Donation, Melissa Coulon, Paul Whipple, Tammy Margiotta, Dana Richard and Jessica Newchurch to Ruth Guidry.

Dale Ave. 269: $126,000, Robin P. Abadie and Angelia A. Abadie to Jennie B. T. Loyal.

Destrehan, part lot 6, square 2: $65,000, Cynthia D. Bartolo, Crystal D. Toups, Calvin J. Danos Jr. and Darren J. Danos Sr. to B. Marcomb Investments LLC.

Eighteenth St. 904: $120,000, GHS Properties LLC to Fabio Properties LLC.

Farmington Place 519: $107,500, US Bank National Association to Mohammed M. Abugharieb.

Franklin Ave. 1227: Donation, Rena White and Douglas B. White to Jason A. Galliano.

Guardian Ave. 828: $168,000, Cody S. Townsend and Lauren A. Townsend to Nicholas J. Beninate III.

Hanging Moss Lane 1541: $100,000, Structured Asset Securities Corp. to Jasmine Enterprises LLC.

Jefferson Place subdivision, lot 19, square 32: $140,000, Susanne M. Lambert and Sonya J. Carter to Marcos A. Lucas.

Mary Ann Place subdivision, lot 13: $23,000, Van P. Nguyen and Kim Nguyen to Brian A. Silva and Kimberly Silva.

Oakwood Drive 873: $160,000, Joseph Lebouef to Josue D. C. Mateo and Gloria Mateo.

Timberlane Estates & Country Club subdivision, lot 47, square 4: $460,000, Gerald S. Carr Living Trust and Roberta Carr Living Trust to Ying L. Neel.


18th St. 2112: $20,000, Donald Ross, Constance Jackson, Landry Forges, Darryl Forges, Mercury Forges and Landry R. Forges to WAJ Investments LLC.

Alejo Del Sur 2001: $113,000, HSBC Bank USA National Association to Bing V. Tran.

Arapahoe Drive 3517: $95,000, Hiep C. Dang to Uyen N. P. Ngo.

Birchfield Drive 3888: Donation, Paul A. Relle and Kerrilynn Relle to Carol T. Gavin.

Dogwood Drive 1676: $45,000, Brandy Gregoire to Troy A. Smith.

Estalote Ave. 900: Donation, Stacy A. Melling to Christopher Cruse.

Estalotte Ave. 1801: Donation, Debra Anders, Clifton Anders and Charles London to Julia London and Ernest Wells Jr.

Hebert Townhouse4 condo, unit 12: $35,000, Laprop Inc. to Joan Blessing.

Homedale subdivision, lot 1, square 7: $105,000, Craig D. Domangue and Mary Pitre to Preaux Realty LLC.

Hyde Park Avenue North 2812: $332,500, Ronald J. Sutto and Karen T. Sutto to Neal A. Fulco and Anna M. D. Fulco.

Kensington Gardens subdivision, lot 31A, square C: $32,000, Pennymac Loan Services LLC to Aasmaan A. Gulati.

Lapalco Commerical Park subdivision, lot 19, square B: $915,000, Berger Building LLC to Lapalco Medical Properties LLC.

Maplewood Park C. subdivision, lot 27, square 16: $70,000, Sau F. Wong to Raymond M. Gan.

Max Drive 2645: $107,768, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

Morriswood Drive 3804: $67,500, Edward S. Weiler to RBTM LLC.

North Von Braun Court 2208: $159,900, Jacen P. Keller to Jospeh Garrison and Gina W. Garrison.

Shadow Lake Court 1604: $225,000, Brett R. Wayner to Keith R. Magee and Jaliska Magee.

South New Orleans subdivision, lot 6, square 53: $130,000, Daniel E. Sullivan, Camille B. Sullivan, Colleen I. Sullivan, Camille S. Broussard, Sally K. Reeves, Susan K. Hoskins, Virginia S. Delaureal, Patricia D. Hunter, Colleen S. Ingraffia and Roy J. Ingraffia to Woodland Oaks LLC.

South Von Braun Court 2251: $115,000, Pennymac Loan Services LLC to Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

Stonebridge condo, unit 107: Donation, Wayne R. Wiggins and Toralynn B. Wiggins to Toralyn Estates LLC.

Sue Ker Drive 3724: $179,000, Elegant Houses LLC to Jason D. Every and Renata N. K. Every.

Terraza Del Sur 37: $225,000, Monique T. Spruill to Andre E. Belle and Roxann S. Belle.


Quiet Oaks subdivision, lot 8: $60,000, Brad M. Darda to Kyle J. Manor.


Getzinger Place, lot 19, part lot 20, square R: $100,000, Joyce A. Arcement to Calvin M. Aucoin.

Ames Gardens Addition, Ames Farms subdivision, lot 10, square J: $135,000, Fernando Arboleda and Carmen S. Arboleda to Darius L. Robinson and Raynita J. Robinson.

Barataria Oaks Estates subdivision, lot 22: $34,750, Lucy’s Enterprise LLC to John J. Fox Sr.

Bayou Carencro Drive 2732: $143,000, Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Kaysie Berthelot.

Bellanger St. 620: $72,711, Earl J. Scioneaux Jr. to Beverly M. Scioneaux.61.

Belle Terre Road 5116: $92,000, Wilson A. Punch and Lovina R. Punch to Michael A. Cardinale and Joycie P. Cardinale.

Belle Terre Road 5116: $120,000, Michael A. Cardinale and Joycie P. Cardinale to George L. Pfister II and Melissa C. Pfister.

Cedar Creek St. 2492: $270,100, JBL Properties Ltd to Shelsea S. Williams.

Dolores Drive 2540: $30,000, Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. to Broad Street Funding Trust I..

Doreen Lane 2913: $149,000, Lam H. Tran to Thomas A. McClinton III.

Duckhorn Drive 7420: $240,050, DSLD Homes LLC to Angus M. Johnson and Tara H. Johnson.

East Pearl Drive 2405: $185,000, William C. Crenshaw and Dru F. Crenshaw to Derek Robert and Ayana Johnson.

Isle Bonne subdivision, lot 4: $165,000, Louis J. Morvant Jr. and Rachael F. Morvant to Joseph H. Harvey Jr. and Kristina L. Harvey.

Jeanne Drive 2832: $139,500, Kimberly L. Shipley and Justin S. Shipley to Elisia E. Barthe.

Kirk Drive 2801: $185,000, Matthew P. Barcelona to Christopher Rodriguez.

Marrero Division subdivision, lot 1, square 17: $101,500, VFC Properties 25 LLC to Way Maker Church.

Oaklahoma Drive 2620: $53,334, Ditech Financial LLC to Federal National Mortgage Association.

Ridgefield Extension subdivision, lot 9A, square G: $61,860, GSAMP Trust 2004 to Gwendolyn Rogers and Larry J. Rogers.

Sievers subdivision, lot 20, square A: $133,000, Therese D. Creppel to Tracy L. Patterson.

Sinskey Drive 1221: $180,000, Van B. Dang and Thao K. H. Dang to Hiep H. Lam.

Tusa Drive 5429: $140,000, Gregory P. Fortmeyer and Nicole R. Fortmeyer to Jonathon J. Griffin.

Wild Oak Lane 1601: $195,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Jonie A. Duplessis and Joey A. Duplessis.


Country Club Gardens subdivision, lot 44A, square 2: $150,000, Jennifer Campbell and Clifford J. Davis to C&JI RE Investors LLC.


Deweese Drive 132: $122,000, Shahram Faili and Rachel M. Faili to Susan G. Selle.

Helis Drive 313: $22,000, James Philip III to David Daniels II.

James St. 241: $120,000, Margaret P. Hunter and Dewayne J. Hunter to Luke Belile.


Celotex Park 433: $135,000, LFS Properties LLC to James Curtis Jr.

Elmore Gardens subdivision, lot 1: Donation, Charlotte L. Tabarini to Bonnie R. Leblanc.

Elmore Gardens subdivision, lot 1: Donation, Melvin J. Leblanc III to Bonnie R. Leblanc.

Elmore Gardens subdivision, lot 1: Donation, Susan L. Wattigney to Bonnie R. Leblanc.

Floral Acres subdivision, lot 23, square 5: $105,000, Pearl I. R. Hill and Henry C. Hill to Nicole L. Gaubert.

Keller Ave. 627: $90,000, Benjamin P. Talamo to James G. Monson.

Kenney Drive 1238: Donation, David E. Cox and Michelle Cox to Henry Quintanilla.

Prairie View Court 131: $1,225,000, Donation, Shirley N. Reyes to Drew H. Reyes.

Westwego Apartments LLC: to FBR Investments LLC.