Transfers for June 27-July 3


11th St. 70135: $129,000, LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Jennifer A. Allen.

Abita Oaks subdivision, lot 8-A-2: $23,000, Investar Bank to Bixler Builders LLC.

Apache Drive 616: $228,000, Jennifer M. Ducoing to John D. Mueller and Katherine B. Mueller.

Apache Drive 644: $319,000, Travis R. Post and Ruthel E. Miranda Post to Michael A. Cheek and Angela L. Glaze Cheek.

Camphill Drive 925: $797,964, Bayou Craft Builders LLC to Aaron S. Brasuell and Jennifer M. Love.

Hillcrest Country Club Estates, lot 17, square 21: $8,500, Magee Financial LLC to David Morgan.

Lionel Court 204: $212,500, Trinity Rentals LLC to David Berget and Cherie C. Berget.

South Abita Springs subdivision, lots 2, 4, square 119: $40,000, Jerome T. Dupont III and Melissa C. Dupont to Brittany Neidrauer Bryce.

South Abita Springs subdivision, lots 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, square 12: donation, no value stated, Karen M. Dunn, Glenn Gandolini and Elizabeth A. Dunn, Marcus Adams and others to Mary Louise Aucoin Huber.


10th St. 70069: $149,900, Julie Boynton to Anthony Yax and Carey Hogue.

Acadia Park Drive 235: $330,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Stephen J. Brink.

Begonia Drive 11: $169,900, Sandy Ann Tusson Waguespack to Darlene Landry Haase.

Carrol Drive 76096: $33,000, Edward R. Hord and Reta V. Hord to Markus L. Buckley.

City of Covington, lot 7-A, square 1205: donation, no value stated, John P. Warner to Valerie O. Warner.

Division of New Covington subdivision, lot 17, square 1117: $206,000, David W. Thompson, James A. Thompson II and Jeffrey A. Thompson to James McLachlan III.

Division of New Covington subdivision, lot 4, square 1912: $164,000, Alicia A. Fourmeaux to Blake H. Burns.

Dumaine Drive 7: $189,900, David C. Stuart Jr. to Sandra Ryals Dileo.

E. Rutland St. 729: $345,000, Lawrence A. Wargo to William H. Schlau and Karen S. Schlau.

Emerald Forest Blvd. 350: $136,000, Daniel P. Dunn and Linda G. Dunn to Jennifer C. Rifino.

Emerald Forest Blvd. 350, Unit 11204: $84,000, Kenneth W. Tanana to Lisa M. Deval Court.

Fourth St. 70131: $176,500, Jose Amador and Rilee S. White Amador to Maria A. Paez Lozano.

G St. 70344: $15,000, Melinda Dee Boudreaux to Cynthia Ann Paternostro.

Golden Meadow Drive 125: $264,500, Christopher M. Gardiner and Krisitn M. Gardiner to Dennis W. Moore and Molly A. Moore.

Grand Lake Drive 100: $237,800, DSLD Homes LLC to Terri V. Demers and Kerry L. Demers.

H St. 70396: $183,000, Melvine M. Armentor to Nicole Pier Duplantis.

Heritage Oaks Blvd. 112: $700,000, Gregory D. Maricle and Karen F. Maricle to Arnold Family Trust.

K St. 70485: $197,500, Leonard M. Ryan III and Kimberly Peak Ryan to Marlena C. Drufner.

Karen Drive 44: $285,000, Curtis Reed Jr. and Nancy B. Welch Reed to Karen C. Brannan.

Lakeview Court 363, Unit C: $663,803, SLS Development LLC to Dickerson Properties LLC.

Lazy River Estates, lot 127: $16,000, Robert J. Benenate and Sandra B. Benenate to Karen G. Prine.

Louis Prima Drive 50: $500,000, Louisina Premier Holdings LLC to Oak Property Holdings LLC.

Louisiana Highway 25 76093: $139,500, David S. Raymer and Judy B. Raymer to James H. Lanier and Isabell P. Lanier.

Lurline Drive 63: $210,000, Steven E. Chauvin Jr. ad Faye R. Chauvin to August W. Mysing Jr. and Melissa W. Mysing.

Maison Du Lac subdivision, lot 133: $90,000, WBB Realty LLC to Pannon Construction LLC.

Maison Du Lac subdivision, lot 235: $66,000, WBB Realty Inc. to 110 Builders LLC.

Monga Drive 18202: $450,000, Uless Paul Miguez to Monique Ann Larrieu.

N. Dogwood Drive 121: $360,000, Troy S. Cooper Sr. and Lori P. Cooper to Alan J. Bender Jr. and Cathryn F. Bender.

Natchez Loop 1204: $450,000, Pebble LLC to John S. Alford and Blair B. Alford.

Orchard Drive 1641: $258,000, Kristopher D. Kirkman and Laura S. Kirkman to Michael D. Sanders and Megan H. Sanders.

Penn Court 416: donation, no value stated, Walter G. Galloway and Madeline L. Galloway to Karla G. Bynum McCrimon.

River Club subdivision, Phase 1, lot 88: $425,000, River Club Development LLC to Eric P. Seals and Lori W. Seals.

Robin Hood Drive 308: $100, JHTT Properties LLC to Tour Holdings LLC.

Rue Jardins 513: $321,000, Varuso Homes LLC to Judy M. Mock.

S. Lakeshore Drive 14071: $294,500, Louise Anderson Dunbar Kohn to Burnett J. Baronich Jr. and Maria Andrews Baronich.

S. Madison St. 1016: $164,600, Eric J. Ogea and Kathleen Toney Ogea to Christopher B. Barkerding and Amy Landry Barkerding.

Saw Grass Loop 282: $339,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Greg M. Cross and Yvette Plaia.

Section 14, township 6 south, range 11 east, portion of ground: $10, Focus Worldwide Television Network Inc. to Military Road Land Co. LLC.

Section 33, township 6 south, range 10 east, portion of ground: $62,500, Sea & Shore Services LLC to Hillbert Enterprises LLC.

Section 45, township 6 south, range 11 east, portion of ground: $295,674, James W. Holden Jr. and Laura Mooney Holden to Seventy Two Co. LLC.

Seventh St. 70451: $125,000, Joann B. Reed to Michael J. Gomez and Donna S. Gomez.

Summer St. 115: $155,000, Daniel N. Silverman III and Jaclyn Curtis Silverman and Jonathan Frank Silverman Estate to Scott A. Prazak and Amanda P. Prazak.

Tchefuncte Drive 15253: $196,000, Dax A. Misner to Steven W. Chesne and Regina D. Chesne.

Terra Bella subdivision, Phase 1-A-7, lot 338: $112,300, Guy A. Clesi and Wendy E. Clesi to Dale R. St. John Jr. and Lee I. St. John.

Terra Mariae subdivision, Phase 2-B, lot 62: $37,000, Louis F. Vonau Jr. and Patricia M. Vonau to Leroy L. McMillin and Judy C. McMillin.

Tiger Ave. 428: $289,900, Burmaster Construction Inc. to Glenn C. Nunez and Stacie A. Nunez.

Tolawa Place subdivision, portion of ground: $65,000, Grand Savannah Sahp Corp. to McCalman LLC.

Town of Mailleville, portion of ground: $54,000, Arthur C. Lemane and Gail S. Lemane irrevocable living trust to Douglas W. Brondum and Patricia Ann G. Brondum.

Triangle Park 228: no value stated, Clifton D. Gerald and Michelle G. Lapoint to Louis L. Robbin III and Gwendolyn F. Thompson.

Tuscany West Estates, lot 124: $45,000, First Horizon Inc. to DSLD Homes LLC.

W. 17th Ave. 907: $352,500, Glenn C. Nunez and Stacie A. Nunez to Daniel Smith and Margaret Davidson.

W. Ninth Ave. 906: $297,000, Richard G. Higgins Jr. and Alexandra S. Higgins to Roland Q. Leavell III and Mary M. Leavell.

Wax Myrtle Lane 19: $165,000, TCE Properties LLC to Citadel Residential LLC.

Wilkinson Road 74354: $270,000, Kenneth H. Browne Jr. to Stephen B. Silva and Isis U. Silva.


Near Folsom, portion of ground: $143,000, Roxanna Fay Draper and Colleen P. Juneau to Highway 40 Enterprises LLC.

Annendell subdivision, lot 5: $55,000, Annendell Inc. to David J. Spangler.

Branly Drive 79368: $27,000, Robert E. Perilloux III and Sonay A. Perilloux to Larry A. Burch and Susan M. Burch.

C. Gotti Road 14263: donation, no value stated, Yvette B. Barbazon to Bridget B. Andersen.

Keeneland Place subdivision, lot 36: $187,000, Slama Construction LLC to Glenn M. Fourmeaux and Alcia D. Fourmeaux.

Keenland Place Loop 123: $178,200, G. L. Boudreaux Investments LLC to Caymen R. Taylor and Jordan M. Schroeder.

Near Folsom, portion of ground: $225,000, Vince J. Lampo and Kerri B. Lampo to Robert J. McElreath and Hope Zamora.

Section 16, township 5 south, range 11 east, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Donald Sharp to Donald P. Sharp and Sara P. Sharp.

Section 36, township 5 south, range 10 east, portion of ground: $3,099, donation, Edward K. Mizell to Joshua L. Mizell and Lindsey Rae Mizell.

Section 7, township 5 south, range 10 east, portion of ground: $8,500, Church of God In Christ to New Beginning Ministries.


Bayou Lacombe Manor subdivision, lot 11: $100,000, William J. Hano and Brett J. Hano to James R. Bennett and Glenda D. Bennett.

Dresden Drive 60479: $149,700, Brookeshire Property Development LLC to Brian K. Diaz.

E. Beech St. 26092: $84,500, East St. Tammany Habitat for Humanity Inc. to Lorenzo L. Ross Sr. and Teigen K. Ross.

E. Spruce St. 26119: $10, ARWL 2014-1 Trust to MSE Sub I LLC.

E. Spruce St. 26130: $10, ARWL 2014-1 Trust to MSE Sub I LLC.

E. Spruce St. 26136: $10, ARWL 2014-1 Trust to MSE Sub I LLC.

E. Spruce St. 26148: $10, ARWL 2014-1 Trust to MSE Sub I LLC.

E. Spruce St. 26154: $10, ARWL 2014-1 Trust to MSE Sub I LLC.

E. Spruce St. 26166: $10, ARWL 2014-1 Trust to MSE Sub I LLC.

Fisherman's Haven subdivision, lots 13, 14: $78,500, Argentina Lynn Moline Guillot to Gary C. Bailey and Joan Adele Moran Bailey.

Forest Glen subdivision, lot 49-A, square 25: $3,800, Janet C. Duhon and Marilyn Caruso Martin to Glenn B. Morris III.

Forest Glen subdivision, lots 11, 12, 13, square 38: $11,000, Cherland LLC to Yordannis R. Lopez and Dulce Yasmin Castellanos.

Forest Glen subdivision, lots 4, 5, 6, square 38: $7,000, Louland LLC to Edgar Ivan Macias Tejeda.

Grand Ave. 29124: $380,000, Steven R. Wooden Jr. and Kristen Mitchell Wooden to Michael S. Kastner and Jessica M. Kastner.

Lacombe Harbor subdivision, lot 104-A: $40,000, Steven Ray Wooden Jr. and Kristen Lee Mitchell Wooden to Michael S. Kastner and Jessica McMichael Kastner.

Mildred Drive 26321: $230,000, Michael J. Schwartz and Laura G. Schwartz to Randall L. Foto and Monique S. Foto.

Zelda Drive 27414: $145,000, Margaret Power K. Talavera to Brian C. Frazier.


Adrienne St. 34: $217,800, United Builders LLC to Adian J. Hargrave.

Artic Fox Run 716: $269,000, Brent Lee Broussard and Kristy S. Broussard to Judy M. Gajan.

Blue Heron Lane 552: $389,817, Highland Homes of Laplace Inc. to Russell D. Laughlin Jr. and Shellie C. Laughlin.

Bordeaux Court 416: $415,000, Shui-Fen Judy Shen Pace and Robert Kelley Pace to Steven C. Marcus and Lori S. Marcus.

Caddo Drive 325: $223,000, Percy S. Richard III to Rebecca Elise McWilliams.

DeForest Drive 29: $149,900, Kelly K. Starner to Denton B. Curry.

Gainesway Drive 419: $210,000, Ruby C. Merrick to Lawrence P. Williamson and April P. Williamson.

Highland Oaks South 309: $235,000, Kristin N. Sanchez to Jonathan C. Hodson.

Lost Lake Lane 3112: $265,050, Alvarez Construction Co. LLC to Elaina S. Roque.

Louisiana Highway 1085 907: $297,000, Jenkins Homes Inc. to Jonas M. Haas and Chelsea K. Breeden.

Madisonville Oaks subdivision, Phase 2, lot 35: donation, no value stated, Renee D. Tusa to Brian C. Tusa.

Marina Beau Chene, lot 182: $150,000, Janelle Ann Naccari Pugh, Stephanie Ann Naccari Farr, Lisa Ann Naccari Keyes and Thomas E. Wills to Paul F. Naccari III.

Old Place Lane 329: $280,000, Wesley S. Deneke and Vongsavanh S. Deneke to Gregory H. Overall and Triica N. Overall.

S. Fairway Drive 445: $739,000, Camper & Camper Ltd. to Christoper Gardiner and Kristin Gardiner.

Secretarial Drive 213: $271,000, Glynn A. Revere and Sarah B. Revere to Patrick C. Deas Jr. and Michelle B. Deas.

Silver Oak Drive 541: $262,600, DSLD Homes LLC to Vincent L. Riccobono Jr. and Hope Y. Riccobono.

Taverny Court 69113: $242,000, Michael D. Koger and Jessica M. Peterson Koger to Eric E. Broyard III and Ashley K. Broyard.

White Heron Drive 149: $165,000, Tara Marie Fischer Carollo to Jennifer C. White.


10th St. 2227-29: $340,000, EBCO Management LLC to Terence M. Fitzpatrick.

Audubon Lane 107: $651,000, GSTT Exemption Trust A, GSTT Exemption Trust B and others to Evangelos A. Liokis and January D. Liokis.

Beau Chene Office Park 2 condominium, Unit E-2: $386,670, East Gate Commercial LLC to Isolani Properties LLC.

Beau Chene subdivision, Phase 4, lot 349: $75,501, Aaron C. Burchfield and Amy L. Amerson Burchfield to Pardo Builders LLC.

Chinchuba subdivision, lots 23, 24, 25, 26, square 12: $36,000, Smooth Investments LLC to Colin J. Buchholz and Carla S. Buchholz.

Colbert St. 621, Unit 1: $145,000, Roxanne M. Montreuil Brignac Unified Credit Trust to Richard Bordelon.

Deval Estates, lot 186, square 6: $30,000, Sidney D. Rousseau, Cinda Rousseau Smith, Carol Roussea White and Catherine Rousseau to Campagna Real Estate LLC.

Deval Estates, lot 187, square 6: $30,000, Sidney D. Rousseau, Cinda Rousseau Smith, Carol Rousseau White and Catherine Rousseau to Campagna Real Estate of Mississippi LLC.

Forest Brook Blvd. 278: $257,500, Andrew D. Kopfinger and Tracy A. Kopfinger to Daniel B. Caldwell and Jenni Tabb Caldwell.

Holly St. 134: $439,000, Rene Lester Poche Sr. and Angel N. Poche to Thomas J. Knapp and Lesley V. Knapp.

John W. Moore Ave. 3336: $10, ARWL 2014-1 Trust to MSE Sub I LLC.

Kimberly Ann Circle 710: $246,100, Robert Blue and Carolyn Blue Family Trust to Glenn Allen LeBeau and Kathleen R. LeBeau.

Kings Row subdivision, lot 1, square 2: $4,408, St. Tammany Parish to Jennifer D. Glorioso.

Lafitte St. 635: $230,000, Philip R. Younger and Crystal D. Younger to Sandra D. Burch.

Lamarque St. 742: $210,000, Paul A. Jones and Melissa H. Jones to Bradely M. Whitehead and Brandon Warner.

Lewisburg subdivision, lot 24: donation, no value stated, George F. Roth IV to Chad S. Brown.

Libby Lane 771: $356,000, Travis Flowers and Christina L. Flowers to Glenn M. Mediamolle and Winona T. Mediamolle.

Lotus Drive North 420: $330,500, Allison J. Blossman to Philip D. Smith and Jennifer F. Smith.

McNamara St. 2285: $170,000, Kathryn Mazetti Williams to Kevin Thomas Bourgeois and Sarah Hendry Bourgeois.

Mirabeau Place 104: $218,562, Mark W. Martin to Martin Land LLC.

Morningside Drive 175: $600,000, Stephen Dehmer and Stacey L. Dehmer to Todd A. Schliem and Natalie P. Schliem.

Oleander Court 109: $968,000, Premier Custom Homes Inc. to Leticia R. Rubio.

Olvey Drive 2101: $239,000, Louis C. Shaneyfelt III and Marcelle W. Shaneyfelt to Ross M. Goodlett.

Pocosin Drive 206: $420,000, Randall Wayne Bridges and Mary Richardson Bridges to Grady Leslie Strain Jr. and Amber Skye Phillips.

Ponderosa Place 2016: $295,000, Jeffrey J. Cuppy Harwood and Elizabeth Anne Harwood to James W. Epps Jr. and Kimberly P. Epps.

Red Maple Drive 431: $345,000, Jana L. Ritter to Joseph Simmons.

Rollins St. 23206: $147,000, Shawn E. Lacoste to Michael W. Rios and Darla M. Mccray Rios.

Rosedown Way 312: $305,000, Lisa Ann Tomecek Bourgeois to Richard J. McGinity IV.

Rue Chinon 1111: $345,000, Paul A. Legardeur and Andrea R. Legardeur to Timothy J. Haley IV and Paige G. Haley.

Sanctuary subdivision, Phase 4-C, lot 444: $370,000, Crosby Development LLC to Syed T. Rab and Irum Q. Rab.

Scarlet Oak Lane 1199: $435,000, Peter Gyenis and Christine F. Gyenis to Steven W. Accardo and Kathryn M. Monk Accardo.

Section 46, township 7 south, range 11 east, portion of ground: $373,450, Covington Clinic LLC to 21 Properties LLC.

Soult St. 2376: $215,000, John Richard Schaefer Jr. and Cathy D. Decorte Schaefer to Mikael Anderson.

Springwater Drive 1234: $429,900, Timothy P. Anger and Richelle S. Anger to Adam J. Forrette and Frances D. Forrette.

Talisheek Place 101: $275,000, Effective Property Investing LLC to Albert C. Lauzon and Cari Ann Brooks May.

Thackery St. 67029: $240,900, Shawn M. Murray and Donna Lynn Murray to Shane Waller and Christine Waller.

Thackery St. 67038: $107,500, Succession of Vincent P. Pizzalato to Eileen F. Pizzalato.

Town of Mandeville, lot 68: $65,000, Daniel S. Burrell to Arnaud J. Wauters and Pamela S. Wauters.

Town of Mandeville, lots 32, 34, 36, square 136: $149,500, Michael J. Oddo and Heather C. Oddo to Aaron J. Jensen and Victoria F. Jensen.

Waxwing Drive 770: $303,000, Lillie M. Fontaine to Nuno Miguel T. Vendeirinho and Kynara Vendeirinho.


Armadillo Run 602: $149,000, Shane M. Miller to Michael A. Tramonte.

Berkshire Drive 1066: $203,435, DSLD Homes LLC to Katee Nicole Klein.

Bull Run 103: $146,288, Michael J. Finley and Jessica L. Finley to Brandon T. James and Paisley D. Jones.

E. Cherrywood Lane 106: $107,065, Bank of America NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Garden Park 302: $254,000, Sparkman R. Long and Patricia N. Long to Jared Reid and Rachel S. Reid.

Louisiana Highway 3081 64245: $171,770, Boyet Brannon Post No. 5174 Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States Incorp. to Southswells LLC.

Montecello Court 107: $238,000, Jeremy D. Shaw to John P. Gregg and Cynthia H. Gregg.

Oak St. 39229: $10, HLSS Mortgage Master Trust to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Pecan Grove subdivision, lot 3, square 4: donation, no value stated, Brittany N. Richoux to Kimberly M. Peterson.

Summerfield Loop North 315: $267,900, Coast Builders LLC to Armando J. Talavera Jr. and Margaret P. Talavera.

Third St. 327: $112,500, Todd M. Chauvin to Janet B. Dedon.


Section 24, township 6 south, range 12 east, portion of ground: $35,200, St. Tammany Parish to Alfred R. Blossman Trust III.

Section 6, township 7 south, range 14 east, portion of ground: $3,200, Dwight K. Roy and Amaryllis Ann Roy to U. S. Holdings LLC.

Section 6, township 7 south, range 14 east, portion of ground: $30,000, Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church to U. S. Holdings LLC.


Ab's Road 58229: $112,500, JFK8 Real Estate LLC to Allegra C. Williams.

Adele Lane 2517: $195,000, Bradley A. Brunaugh and Meghan A. Ryan Brunaugh to Susan N. Humphress.

Avery Drive 209: $6,500, donation, Josh B. Jones and Elizabeth M. Jones to Kimberly J. Stewart.

Berkley St. 3869: $109,000, Ernest J. Carr Jr. to Kevin A. Mitchell.

Brian Drive 215: $80,000, Succession of Bernard Virgil Oulliber to 4KYM LLC.

Broad St. 201: donation, no value stated, Adriaan D. Koster and Laurie Jo Esplen Koster to Vaudir Jose Da Silva.

Brookside Lane 3522: $204,000, Joshua Yates and Brandi Anne Mones Yates to Michael C. Collins and Jasmin D. Lawson Collins.

Cardinal Drive 243: $10, ARWL 2014-1 Trust to MSE Sub I LLC.

Carr Drive 429: $10 and other good and valuable consideration, Howard M. Moreaux Sr. to Mcubed Properties LLC.

Carr Drive 431: $150,000, Larry L. Landry and Christine T. Landry to Ronald S. Leggio and/or Mary Ellen Leggio revocable living trust.

Chinchas Creek Road 40706: $10, ARWL 2014-1 Trust to MSE Sub I LLC.

Clara Drive 238: $64,000, donation, Josh B. Jones and Elizabeth M. Jones to Tabitha B. Jones.

Clover Drive 309: $150,000, Robert P. Mccullough and Vanessa S. Mccullough to Santamaria Leduff.

College St. 3268: $10, ARWL 2014-1 Trust to MSE Sub I LLC.

Constellation Drive 232: $153,000, Richard S. Bird to C-Team Investors Inc..

Country Club Blvd. 409: $240,000, Joseph C. McMahan III and Ashley B. McMahan to William E. Finne and Doris A. Costa Finne.

Coventry St. 3837: $148,000, Rose Walters Dempsey to Daniel W. Cooper Jr..

Cross Gates subdivision, Phase 2, lot 82: $285,000, Marlon Smith and Kimberly Smith to Gerald H. Cocran Jr. and Denise H. Cocran.

Cutter Cove 1263: $22,500, Elliott D. Sarpy and Lisa S. Sarpy to Brandon M. Sauter.

Darwin Drive 206: $98,000, JKDK Enterprises LLC to Steven E. Teal and Kelly B. Teal.

Dauphine St. 4141: $140,900, Brittany S. Imhof to Brian D. Erwin.

Dillon Drive 105: $219,900, Julie Anne Holmes Picou, Ashlyn H. Picou and Rachael A. Picou to Tate Roberts and Janelle J. Roberts.

Drury Lane 103: $150,000, Robin Churchill-Vogt to Louis M. Karno.

E. Chamale Cove 48: $122,500, Patricia Thibodeau to Charles J. Melton Sr. and Carlene M. Melton.

E. Lake Court 148: $213,500, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Kenneth W. Desvigne Jr. and Alexandra Nicole M. Desvigne.

E. Lake Drive 225: $223,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Raymond R. Morris Jr. and Ebony L. Morris.

E. Lake Drive 268: $194,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Juan E. Munoz and Lilia B. Narvaez Salazar.

E. Lake Drive 337: $229,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Sean L. Quarterman and Shannon M. Crouchet.

Eastwood Drive 1633: $162,500, Eileen C. Southam to John A. Willman.

Edgewood Drive 527: $129,900, Roy R. Ratcliff and Suzanne Stacey Ratcliff to Lakicha Pace.

Grand Champions Lane 109: donation, no value stated, Grand Champions Construction LLC to Wesley G. Wolsefer and Michelle W. Wolsefer.

Harbor Drive 1580, Unit 323: $53,000, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Pacifica Anchorage LLC.

Hazelwood St. 211: $120,000, Ross Paul Richard to Jose David Calix and Dolis Chavez Pineda Calix.

Highlands Drive 647: $319,900, Coast Builders LLC to Stanley E. Buie Sr..

Highwood Drive 423: $195,000, Charles J. Melton Sr. and Carlene M. Melton to Gary W. Mosher and Donna W. Grimsley.

Hummingbird Lane 214: $123,500, Succession of Josephine Bernice A. Pool, Lisa Rosales Pool, Audrey J. Thompson Jr. and Brent L. Pool Jr. to Sherri A. McNulty.

Kendrick Drive 113: $289,500, James Lamz to Charles J. Konechne Jr. and Susan G. Konechne.

Lake Superior Drive 703: $168,000, Amie C. Meyers to Daryl W. Miller Jr. and Julie C. Miller.

Lakelawn Drive 103: $239,600, Keith T. Lacour and Rebecca Lynn Webb to Keith D. Lacour.

Lakeshore Estates, Phase 1-A-1, lot 19: $245,000, John J. Potter and Patricia P. Potter to Syamala H. K. Reddy and Samyuktha Reddy.

Lakeshore Estates, Phase 1-A-3, lot 222: $113,500, Matthew T. Sims to Neil A. Bertucci and Brenda B. Bertucci.

Lenwood Drive 270: $187,000, Michael Gary Dahms and Lora R. Dahms to Kevin Begley and Nancy J. Anderson.

Lenwood Drive 380: $108,500, J. P. Morgan Chase Bank NA to Brent J. Puckett.

Lighthouse Point 124: $515,000, Scott D. Martin to Terry Laurent and Yolanda Laurent.

Little Addition subdivision, lots 8-A, 11-A, square 2: $25,000, James D. Comeaux Sr. to VIP Properties LLC.

Marlin Drive 113: $617,000, Stephen C. Howard and Kathleen C. Howard to Lacoste Treasure Properties LLC.

Meadowdale Drive 3601: $10, ARWL 2014-1 Trust to MSE Sub I LLC.

Minor subdivision, portion of ground: $650,000, JFST LLC to Richard H. Stevens Sr. and Joann Bailey Stevens.

Moonraker Island subdivision, Phase 2, lot 275-A: no value stated, J. P. Morgan Chase Bank NA to Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

Myrtle St. 3751: $10, ARWL 2014-1 Trust to MSE Sub I LLC.

N. 12th St. 62144: $40,000, Charles English Jr. to Betty Ducre Cousin.

Napoleon Ave. 220: $10, ARWL 2014-1 Trust to MSE SUB I LLC.

Northwood Drive 101: $55,000, Secretary of Veterans Affairs to LA & LE Properties LLC.

Olive Drive 421: $81,300, Aaron H. Duff and Merissa R. Williams to Michael C. Bach.

Pine Shadows Drive 409: $159,900, Keith Edwards and Latonya S. Edwards to John M. Evans and Karen A. Ratcliff Evans.

Pinehurst subdivision, lot 1-A, square 3: donation, no value stated, Gus Ray Hurst Trust and Gus Moran to Gus R. Hurst.

Pontchartrain Drive 4800: $41,250, Specialized Loan Servicing LLC to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp..

Pontchartrain Road 4935: $10,000, Jacob G. Oestriecher and Shirley Mae Peterson Oestriecher to Rory C. Windhorst and Jean Bauer Windhorst.

Raleigh Drive 322: $10, ARWL 2014-1 Trust to MSE Sub I LLC.

Raleigh Drive 322: $110,000, MSE Sub I LLC to Jane M. Burnette Family Trust.

River Gardens subdivision, lots 18, 19, square 2: $4,889, St. Tammany Parish to Robert M. Ricouard and Michael Ricouard.

Rooks Drive 208: $165,000, BMRC Properties LLC to Rene Madere.

Rosa St. 350: donation, no value stated, Elizabeth D. Fichter to Linda A. Fichter.

Royal Palm Drive 1435: $390,000, Karen M. Yagel to Francis P. Gauthier and Patricia F. Gauthier.

Rue Rochelle 905: $197,500, Nick F. Castjohn and Karen L. Castjohn to Robert M. Harrison and Jodie D. Harrison.

Sections 33, 34, township 9 south, range 15 east, portion of ground: $150,000, E. Mullen & Son Properties LL to Robert Canty.

Short St. 102, Unit B: $149,900, Jeffrey P. Theriot, Mark C. Theriot, Micheal P. Theriot, Gary S. Theriot and succession of Joan M. Theriot to William L. Johnson.

Silverwood Drive 131: $190,900, Cesar Rodriguez and Shelly H. Rodriguez to Jerry W. Johns Sr..

Slidell Manor subdivision, lot 17, square 14: $8,000, Patrick M. Baker and Linda M. Baker to Odessa F. Tacheen.

Spartan Trace Blvd. 103: $214,900, Bennie Beeson and Amanda S. Orr to Thomas G. Brown and Rhonda C. Brown.

Spring Drive 59447: $171,000, Senor GP LLC to William T. Seal and Cassandra G. Seal.

Stonebridge Loop 333: $288,000, Daryl Miller Jr. and Julie C. Miller to Marc G. Zoerner and Barbara D. Zoerner.

Sunset Blvd. 2261: $129,000, Parkland Inc. to Christopher M. May.

Sunset Drive 1473: $10, ARWL 2014-1 Trust to MSE Sub I LLC.

Taos St. 127: no value stated, Interstate Investments LLC to Carlos Valencia.

Timber Ridge Drive 139: donation, no value stated, Deborah M. St. Amant to Gary F. St. Amant.

Timber Ridge subdivision, Phase 1, lot 20: donation, no value stated, Richard L. Tinker to Beatrice L. Giron Tinker.

Town of Alton, lots 5, 14, square 19: donation, no value stated, Larry E. Tillison to Robert E. Pickens and Shirley V. Pickens.

Tumblebrook St. 216: $115,000, Senoria G. Gautreaux to Nicole A. Lymuel.

Turtle Creek subdivision, Phase 5-2, lot 263: $75,000, Cross Gates LLC to JMA Real Estate Investments LLC.

Victoria Park subdivision, Phase 2, lot 7: $308,000, Clifford L. Allen and Betty C. Allen to Willie R. Chanzy Jr. and Mary C. Ordone-Chanzy.

W. Queens Drive 114: $10, ARWL 2014-1 Trust to MSE Sub I LLC.

Walnut St. 4145: $148,000, Southern Builders of Louisiana Inc. to Damon Cryer and Sabrekia Holmes.

Washington St. 2704: $102,000, East St. Tammany Habitat for Humanity to Dean M. Rucker and Gina Marie Daniel.


Louisiana Highway 1083 79353: $120,900, Richard C. Breland Jr. to Maxwell J. Mcclintock.

Village of Sun, portion of ground: $22,500, Marion Helen Bynum Simpson to Michael E. White and Wanda C. White.