Transfers for Oct. 23-27

District 1

Baronne St. 1522-24: $265,000, Royal Ambassador Housing Development LLC and Royal Ambassador LLC to Swilling Design & Development LLC.

Canal St. 1012-1014: $100, 1012 Canal Street LLC to Rahul Properties LLC.

Gravier St. 515: $5,000, Joan Carol Grandy to Clinton Lewis Smith Sr., Dewey Louis Smith III and Kevin Shawn Smith Sr.

Martin Luther King Drive 2801-03; Melpomene St. 2801-03: $37,500, Saul Tyson Jr. to C. Campbell Real Estate & Property Management LLC.

Palmyra St. 3109-11: donation, no value stated, Candice Metrailer, Jackson Blalock, Joel Ruffner, John Clark, Sonia Saxon and Tiara Falk to Damien Weaver and Travis Richey.

Palmyra St. 3921-3923: donation, no value stated, Mary Ashley Woods Bozeman to Travis Bozeman III.

S. Carrollton Ave. 4230-32: $181,000, Elizabeth Pic Sepanik, Leah Pic Fanara, Rosemary Barclay Pic and Sara Virginia Pic Harrison to Ely Edwards Enterprises Inc.

Thalia St. 3901: $342,000, Gulfcoast Allied 4 LLC to Hillary Guidry Bailey, Leigh Christine Griffin Guidry and Patrick Tyler Guidry.

$18,850, City of New Orleans to C. Hamp Rental Properties LLC.

District 2

Canal Blvd. 6662: $556,000, Toni Christine Daleo Zavala and Toni Daleo Zavala to Charles Wall and Jill Wall.

Harrison Ave. 762; Harrison Ave. 814: donation, no value stated, Jana K. Napoli to Jana K. Napoli Charitable Trust No 2 and Jana Napoli Charitable Trust No 2.

Iberville St. 2220: $118,000, Burnett Property Development LLC to Cc Futures LLC.

Memphis St. 6803: $554,000, Celina Guillot Rodriguez and Luis Alfredo Rodriguez Jr. to Jessica James Garner.

Milne St. 6405: $495,000, Joan Hymanson and Philip Hymanson to Kasi Mayhall and Kim Gregory Mayhall Jr.

N. Roman St. 320; N. Roman St. 322: $375,000, C. & C. Classic Homes Inc. to Michael L. Hardie.

N. Salcedo St. 716: $325,000, Thomas Adkins to Michelle Annette Bell.

Royal St. 1217: $925,000, Eric W. Wenzel to Sandra Lou Zahradka Mann and William T. Mann.

S. Rampart St. 306; S. Rampart St. 308; S. Rampart St. 310: $550,000, Dr C. Andrew Debate LLC to Dear Rampart LLC.

S. Rampart St. 1212-1214; S. Rampart St. 1216-1218: donation, no value stated, Sharon Marshall Gabriel to Angelica Gabriel, Angelique Gabriel and Carl Gabriel.

St. Philip St. 630-34: $865,000, William Terance Keller to Jwl Number Eighteen LLC.

St. Ann 2507: $25,000, Emelda Smith and Morris I. Paul to Quatre Soeurs LLC.

Ursulines St. 1308-1310: $475,000, John Joseph Carriere to Elizabeth J. Kujawa.

District 3

Alvar St. 3750; Pasteur Blvd. 5319: donation, no value stated, Delta Basin Development Company LLC and V. Keeler & Associates Inc. to Vks Trust.

Alvar St. 715-17: $200,000, Dorothy Brooks Griffin to Jason C. Jolls.

Annette St. 4314: $70,000, Albert J. Chimento Sr. to Loan & Mai Investment LLC.

Benton St. 1707: $31,300, Victor F. Malinda to Sharel Batieste Ervin.

Brevard Ave. 8013: $181,000, Malika Tenneil Morris Martin and Samuel George Martin to Garden of Eden Investment Properties LLC.

Castiglione St. 3242-3244: $187,500, Ronnie J. Smith to Cag & Ikg Holdings LLC.

Chartres St. 2633: $350,000, 2633 Chartres Street LLC to Sharon Yow and Stephen L. Clarke.

Chef Menteur Highwa 25574: $187,500, Carl L. Kaltenbach, Diane Kaltenbach Arbo, Nancy Clark Blanchette and Robert Frank Kaltenbach Jr. to Mary Drouant Ferry and Timothy H. Ferry.

Clouet St. 921: $377,000, Konstantinos Kritikos and Nancy Bode Kritikos to Nicholas W. Satterfield and Stephanie Graziano Satterfield.

Curran Boulevard 8731-33: $140,000, Lasandra Dudley to Chante Antoinette Powell Pierre.

Desire St. 2207: $48,000, Joann Madison LLC to Phillip E. Douglas.

Deslonde St. 2219: $6,200, Karen Domingue, Labelle Harleaux Demby, Mark Anthony Domingue, Richard Harleaux, Sheila Domingue King and Theresa Harleaux Molina to Jon D. Johnson.

Devine Ave. 7701: $19,000, Gerald A. Soell Jr. to 504 Home Buyers LLC.

Dreux Ave. 2493: $249,000, Ace Fence Company Inc. to Derrick J. Merrick and Greer A. Hardimon.

Elder St. 2625: $60,000, Bobby Holloway and Chalimthain Caston Holloway to Isl Investments LLC.

Esplanade Ave. 405: $3,000, Jennifer Lobdell to Lee Romero and Rebecca Romero.

Esplanade Ave. 405: $2,500, William Kruczek to Brian Butler.

Esplanade Ave. 405: $2,500, John Defeo and Kathleen Defeo to Anthony D. Fazzio and Carmel H. Fazzio.

Esplanade Ave. 405: $3,000, Lorraine Crews and Walter Crews to Mark D. Richey and Sue G. Richey.

Feliciana Drive 4842: $124,000, Michele D. Robinson to Gina Terry Dangerfield and Gina Terry Edwards.

Gentilly Boulevard 1841-43-45-45-1/2: $1,530,000, Gentilly Gardens LLC to Gentilly Gardens District LLC and Hoitien Properties LLC.

Gentilly Boulevard 2301: donation, no value stated, Gloria W. Monconduit to Solis J. and Gloria W. Monconduit Trust.

Hayne Boulevard 10000; Means Ave. 7923-25: $365,000, Jmb Property LLC to Nola Investment Solutions LLC.

Henriette Delille St. 1801-1803-1805-1807-1809: $527,000, Henry B. Eckers III, Henry and Florence Eckers Decedents Trust, Henry and Florence Eckers Joint Living Trust, Henry and Florence Eckers Qtip Qualified Terminable Interest Property Trust and Henry and Florence Eckers Survivors Trust to Om S4 LLC.

Highway 90 36107: no value stated, Cindy Bertucci Copling to Kay Bordelon Keen and Maurice Leo Keen.

Independence St. 2115: $180,000, Jonathan Daniel Bastreghi, Victor Morsch Bastreghi and Victor Morsch McDaniel to Rose Juliet Sipos.

Jonquil St. 2667-2669: $203,000, 2669 Jonquil LLC to Jarell D. Age.

Longfellow Drive 4650: $84,900, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Chantelle N. Mosley Jones and Rene Antenell Jones.

Madrid St. 1383: $130,000, Atco Services LLC to Hof Investments LLC.

Magellan St. 3005-07: $120,000, Lillie Bell Young Johns to Jmb Property Investments LLC.

Mandeville St. 1525-1527: $259,000, Gary L. Bean to Zoe Pendergast Duensing.

Montegut Drive 4515: $149,500, Nicole Barnes to Vanessa P. Mansey.

Marigny St. 5328-5330: $160,000, Amelia Keitz Balencie, June Balencie Rohr and Roland S. Balencie to Brittanie Taylor Lindsly Amerland and Eric L. Amerland.

Mark Twain Drive 4516: $185,000, Fresh Start Enterprises LLC to Ronnika Allen Hendenon.

Myrtle St. 2682-84: $71,250, Rcg Properties Inc. to Leonardo Barros and Lyssa Medeiros Coelho Cintra Barros.

N. Dorgenois St. 1558/1560: $348,500, 1558 Dorgenois LLC to Amy N. Vreeland.

N. Dorgenois St. 1553: $100,000, Louise Corkern Davenport Badeaux to Natalie J. Dietz.

Nighthart St. 4810: donation, no value stated, Warren Davis to Donna Raymond Davis.

Pauline St. 2233: $57,370.77, Ann M. Wills to Louisiana Land Trust and Road Home Corporation.

Poland Ave. 1011: donation, no value stated, Nicholas Alexander Allen to Elizabeth C. Coe Allen.

Prentiss Ave. 1495: $157,900, Diane Cole Canepa to Heather Segretto Neilsen and William James Ericson Neilsen.

Press Drive 4710: $270,000, Mark Aaron Verrett to Gloria Abbey.

Pressburg St. 3900801: $13,500, Esmond Fredric Carr III to Richer Sons LLC.

Pressburg St. 3900801: $23,000, Richer Sons LLC to Alvin B. Foy III.

Primrose Drive 7532: $175,000, Thuan Q. Nguyen and Uv Solo Trust to Erin D. Hamilton Houston and Erin D. Hamilton McGuire.

Read Boulevard 7626: $95,500, Jerald Lynette Baylor Hingle to Sean C. Baker and Tangela Duplessis Baker.

Robert E. Lee Boulevard 1427: $435,000, Foster Gerard Judlin Jr. to Anita Coverdale Rippen and Matthew G. Rippen.

Royal St. 5821: donation, no value stated, Denise Reed to Dorothy R. Reed.

Sandalwood St. 4601: $13,000, Thelma Packnett McGowen and Thelma Packnett Paul to Amy Kate Scandaliato Garache and Amy Kate Scandaliato Pillow.

Seven Oaks Road 7410: $230,000, Gerroll Brown Sr. and Marlene Cherry Brown to Karl N. Joseph, Sylena D. Joseph and Sylena Davis Joseph.

Spain St. 526: $200,000, Lynne Sauer Kretzer and William Carl Kretzer to Edward Reed Goldsmith, Leslie Goldsmith.

St. Roch Ave. 1007: $185,000, Brent Hubbs, Elisa Colello Hubbs and Samantha Hubbs to Leonard Charles Caberera Jr.

St. Roch Ave. 1007: $100, Leonard Charles Caberera Jr. to Crescent Reousrces LLC and Crescent Resources LLC.

Touro St. 2650: $12,000, Michael Joseph Thomas, Theresa Marie Thomas Morris to Mlm Renovations LLC.

Tricou St. 2217: donation, no value stated, Bremell Enterprise LLC to Bernard Breaux.

Warrington Drive 5705: $242,000, T. & T. Real Estate Development LLC to Frances Vermelle Opitz and Howard James Opitz.

Warrington Drive 6068: $295,000, Sainte Croix Developments LLC to Joseph J. Imarata.

Whitmore Place 7171: $35,000, Denise Flot and Sapphire to Taryan Theophile and Wendy Cook Theophile.

Wilson Ave. 4415; Wilson Ave. 4435: $90,000, City of New Orleans to C. Hamp Rental Properties LLC.

Wright Road 4739: $83,800, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to Lavita N. Mixon Owens.

$7,210, City of New Orleans to C. Hamp Rental Properties LLC.

$30,099, City of New Orleans to Sand N. Soil LLC.

District 4

2nd Str 3100: $95,000, Sammie A. Morgan to Michael J. Alexander Jr.

7th St. 2011-13: $35,000, Flag Boy Properties LLC to Homewood Development Group LLC.

Josephine St. 1325 B: $440,000, Layne Patricia Gardella to Olivia Montine Freeman Woollam.

Sixth St. 1828: $334,000, Riccobono & Pfefferie LLC to Meghan M. Bondy and Steven C. Bondy.

St. Charles Ave. 3201: $244,000, Conrad Meyer IV and Martha Jane Gieselman Meyer to One Ring Investments LLC.

St. Philip St. 2751-53: $330,000, Mci4 LLC to Susan J. Kierr Bain.

St. Thomas St. 2360-62; St. Thomas St. 2372: $565,000, 2372 2378 St. Thomas Street LLC to Katherine Tieken Paris.

Third St. 1415: $100, Shirley B. Sinclair and Sinclair Childrens 2012 Irrevocable Trust to Dennis P. Lauscha and Jennifer Malcolm Lauscha.

District 5

Atlantic Ave. 625-627: $230,000, Barbara Odenwald Lae, Susan Lae Nielsen and Tina Ann Lae to Pamela E. Kennedy, Pamela Espinoza Kennedy and Theodore Kennedy Jr.

Berkley Drive 102: $160,000, Joanna Russo and Kathleen Mary Wagner to Sandra Drake Chaney.

Eliza St. 315-17: $370,000, John Scott Farrin Jr. and Rachel Weathers Farrin to Jeremy D. Smith and Willa Maud McGuire Smith.

Homer St. 717: $12,000, Lillian Elouise Johnson Brule to A. & V. Realty LLC.

Jefferson Ave. 1616: $990,000, Julie Ann Rault Wegmann and Richard E. Wegmann to Donna Helm Oufnac and Lester G. Oufnac.

Harbour Town Court 8: donation, no value stated, Deep South Ventures LLC to Lorri Protti Adams.

Vallette St. 338: $170,000, Robert J. Folse to Eugene Joseph Fields Jr., Eugene Joseph Fields Sitz Jr. and Nathan Sitz Fields.

$7,120, City of New Orleans to C. Hamp Rental Properties LLC.

District 6

Garfield St. 5722; Nashville Ave. 1437: donation, no value stated, Rebecca M. Rathbone Harrod to Michele Moreau Rathbone and Richard Faures Rathbone.

Garfield St. 5722; Nashville Ave. 1437: $550,000, Michele Moreau Rathbone and Richard F. Rathbone to Thomas N. Marshall.

General Taylor St. 1907-1909: $485,000, William Anthony Fortuna to Louis J. David.

General Taylor St. 2810: $30,000, Herman A. Slater and Leonard Adams to Omni Realty LLC.

Henry Clay Ave. 801: $125,500, Belinda Collins Hebert, Erin Alexis Hebert and Robert Scot Hebert to Unit 109 Henry Clay LLC.

Joseph St. 1112: $1,000, Lee Richard Adler to Edwina Griswold Fitch and Justin Michael Fitch.

Mckenna St. 5420: $445,000, Sheryl L. Snyder to Denise Robbins Obst, Lawrence A. Obst, Linda Thornquist Robbins and Wallace A. Robbins.

Milan St. 2514-14 1/2: $109,000, Saul Tyson Jr. to Martha Elizabeth Packnett, Martha Elizabeth Tyson, Martha Tyson Packnett and Randy W. Packnett.

Milan St. 2825-25 1/2: $160,000, Haider Properties LLC to Loria Investments LLC.

Napoleon Ave. 2234; S. Liberty St. 4404: $1,000,000, Donna M. Hamsher Espenan to Roderick C. Patrick.

Nashville Ave. 816-818: $132,500, Jessica Vigil Ward and Michael Dane Ward Jr. to Gia Dileo Emerson and Noah Emerson.

St. Charles Ave. 4239: $218,000, Roger Raymond Melenberg to 4239 St. Charles LLC.

Tchoupitoulas St. 3909-11: $1,100,000, 3909 Tchoupitoulas Street LLC to Irish Channel Funding LLC.

Toledano St. 3512-14: donation, no value stated, Erroll Johnson to Joann Robinson.

Upperline St. 2528-30; Upperline St. 2530: $618,000, Melissa Orndorff, Melissa Taranto and Scott Matthew Taranto to Margaret M. Taylor, Margaret N. Taylor and Michael D. Taylor.

Valmont St. 616-18: $585,000, Melissa Elisabeth Schutz Lilly to Joseph F. Skuba Kathryn L. Skuba.

District 7

10th St. 235; Tenth St. 235: $215,000, Nicholas M. Hoffman to Melissa E. Ferniz.

Dublin St. 1322: $160,000, Earl G. Hamilton Jr., Gaile Hamilton Okoye, Hale R. Hamilton, Karen Hamilton Barnes, Pamela Hamilton Livingston, Paula Hamiltons Samuel, Sheila Hamilton Cador and Thomas R. Hamilton to Austin Venture Properties LLC.

Dublin St. 1322: $205,000, Austin Venture Properties LLC to Deep South Home Buyers LLC.

Edinburgh St. 7101-03: donation, no value stated, Trenice Robinson Cooper to Kim Robinson Tubre and Lynn Robinson Jordan.

Green St. 8333: donation, no value stated, Andrew M. Kerr to Elizabeth Varco.

Panola St. 8500: $309,999, South Coast Capital LLC to Megan Elizabeth Douglas.

St. Charles Ave. 7444: $174,000, Douglas G. Westgate, Douglas George Westgate and Jane Westgate Blair to Wirfs Investments LLC.

Zimpel St. 7718: donation, no value stated, Marcy E. McCall to Linda R. McCall and Marcy E. Mccall Special Needs Trust.