Transfers for Sept. 25-27


Oak Ave. 637: $57,000, US Bank Trust NA to Stephen M. Compagno and Kaylee A. Gibson.

Westwego Ave. 600: $86,000, Tod A. Overmyer and Melissa A. Celestin to David J. Lagattuta Jr.


Grand Isle lot 15-A, no further data: $380,000, Paris J. Theriot, Rebecca L. Theriot and Martha T. Martorello to Howard Robichaux and Nancy T. Robichaux.


Belle Meade subdivision, lot 642, square 11: Donation, Jacob G. Bladscker to Elegant Houses LLC.

Brookmeade Drive 357: Donation, Bebo Realty LLC to Amber Burse.

Lynnmeade Road 417: $225,000, Daniel F. Reynolds and Arlene Reynolds to Christopher M. W. May.

North Village Court 2336: $178,990, RTV Real Estate Holding LLC to Tekisha L. Gray.

O’Connor St. 1408: $30,000, Kevin P. Gourgis Sr. to Reginald Allen Sr. and Brian C. Allen.

Oxford Place 2409: $124,900, Juan B. Teran, Johanna Teran and Julio C. Teran to Susan Guy.

Town Of McDonoghville subdivision, lot A, square 63: $65,000, Leslie Homes Inc. to Terri Seibert and Timothy P. Seibert.

Weyer St. 901: $130,000, Caren C. M. Cambre to Alden B. Netterville.


Bellaire Lane 2217: $149,900, Delcy F. C. Puerto to Jessica M. Washington.

Breckenridge Drive 2113: $81,000, Brooke Andry to Keith Betheley.

Orbit Court 2621: $206,000, Gregory J. Woods and Amanda Woods to Tae J. Han.

Woodmere Blvd. 2205: Donation, Mary G. Rachel to Gary M. Rachel.


Bay View Drive 4485: $203,500, James Odum and Kristina Odum to Natasha S. Bland.

Cross Creek Drive 5308: $117,500, Jason Pryor Jr. to David L. Warihay and Kimberly G. Warihay.

Duckhorn Drive 7405: $242,505, DSLD Homes LLC to Mary A. Gates and Barbara Gates.

Duckhorn Drive 7416: $238,900, Dsld Homes LLC to Karen A. Noble and David G. Noble.

Middlebury St. 5017: $143,500, Nola Better Homes LLC to Awilda R. Melbune.

Pearl subdivision, lot 89, square 7: $47,000, Anthony R. Collura, Cheryl Collura, Myra Rogers, William D. Rogers, David Rogers, Dale Majorie, Daniel J. Majorie, Janel Ockman and Melvin P. Ockman Jr. to CCL&C LLC.

St Ann St. 1005: Donation, Felicia Oncale and Felicie O. Talamo to Angela O. Boyd, Madaline O. G. Barrios, Denise O. Warrington and Dana O. B. Dufrene.

Starkville Drive 5212: $190,150, JBL Properties Ltd to Ashley L. Helmer.

Wyoming Drive 2524: $100,238, Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development.


Glenmeade Court 409: $178,000, Lien N. Tran and Ngoc V. Tran to Myron E. Mott Jr.

North Butterfly Circle 2129: $73,001, US Bank Trust NA to Nola Better Homes LLC.

Terrytown 7. subdivision, lot 3, square 104: $200,000, Marcia D. Stokes to Derek C. McCarthy.


Keller Ave. 815: Donation, Kristen L. Kirsch to Alyson E. Kirsch.

Richelle St. 18: Donation, Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Clayton E. Richard Jr.