Thomas J. Tasker sold this home at 3608-10 47th St. in Metairie to Peter Marcello and  Vanessa Marcello Living Trust for $306,000.


Transfers for Nov. 7-14


Donelon Drive 59: Board of trustees of the Louisiana Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church to Alena Mutonono and Wimbai Mutonono, $237,000.

Grove Ave. 631: Sandra D. Thibodeaux and Rocky J. Thibodeaux to Benjamin E. Gorman, $130,000.

Hickory Ave. 1344: Paula Rednour and Ramond Rednour to 1344 Hickory LLC, donation.

Schiro Park subdivision, lot 2: Grey Line Properties Inc. to Steve J. Tassin, $159,000.

Wilson St. 7605: Denise & Etienne J. Senac Jr. Revocable Living Trust to Christian Charvet and My Y. Ngo, $229,000.


Carol Drive 529: Julie G. Morris to Kenneth H. Morris, donation.

Elmwood Park subdivision, lot 12A, square 18: Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Piazza 5. LLC, $186,000.

Jefferson Highway 3917: Linda M. Berthelot, Sandra R. Masset, Marie A. S. Masset, Mary H. Masset, Marie A. M. Smith, Sandra Roth, Mary M. Herbert and Linda V. Masset to Michael A. Gangi, $350,000.


Avant Garde condo, building 2, unit 37: Diane B. Loyless to Karen L. Henries, $120,000.

Beau Chateau condo, unit 103: Vilma Lilley to Catherine Bennett, $96,800.

California Ave. 3416: Johnnie Brien, Ronald D. Brien, Patricia Boudreau and Greg Brien to Clark G. Brien, donation.

Chardonnay Village condo, unit 38-A: Kimberly A. Elander and Katherine B. Moran to Lisa J. M. Isenogle, $139,500.

Chateau Boulevard Townhouse condo, unit B-4125: Jane B. Kinler to Peggy P. B. Piglia, $125,000.

Clevner Drive 36: Mark J. Toepfer to Jason R. Deist and Stephanie T. Deist, $344,000.

Colorado Ave. 3309: Hoai T. Truong and Kim L. Ngo to Daimaris R. Pena, $120,000.

Crestview Office & Industrial Park subdivision, lot 3A, square 225: Jessica Clayton, Jason W. Clayton, Ruth Flores and Walter Flores to P&M Real Estate LLC, $240,000.

Delaware Ave. 3428-30: Oscar Valera to Francisco A. Moresco, $54,000.

E. Louisiana State Drive 3522: JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association to Gabriel Varona and Natalia Varona, $115,060.

Gabriel subdivision, lot 55A: Martin H. Peake and Marian Peake to Juan M. Raymundo and Karen Gaborit, $490,000.

Helena St. 2613-15: Bennett Properties LLC to Padmanabha Swami, $144,000.

Idaho Ave. 2483: Aegis Asset Backed Securities Trust Mortgage to Bhupinder Singh, $65,065.

Iowa Ave. 2006: Oscar O. Santos to Ronald Scharwath Jr. and Linda Scharwath, $75,000.

Kenner Project 4. subdivision, lot 34, square 89: Jeannette Bilich to JJB Holdings LLC, $80,000.

Lexington Ave. 3136: Emelda L. Victor to Your Construction by F&R LLC, $18,000.

Libra Lane 809: Sean C. Kaplar to Lesly L. Lopez, $180,000.

Maine Ave. 2101: Dorothy Durel to Thi B. B. Huynh, $230,000.

Million Oaks condo, unit B5: Anna Philibert to Elise Caluda Erdal Revocable Living Trust, $118,000.

Missouri Ave. 1808: 1808 Missouri LLC to Kayla A. Beshenich, $188,000.

Montego Drive 48: John H. Tucker to John R. Tucker, donation.

Phoenix Place condo, unmit 3112-D: Albert Aparcico Jr. and Susan Aparcico to APM Properties LLC, $50,000.

Platt St. 4124: Peggy Bondio to Matthew Bondio and Alexis Rizzo, $300,000.

Saxony Lane 624: Nationstar REO Sub 1B LLC to Oscar Escobar, $105,000.

Sharon St. 2824: Frank & Maggie Enterprises LLC to G&S Properties South LLC, $240,000.

Vintage Drive 1300: Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company National Association and Residential Asset Mortgage Products Inc. to William Kerry III, $229,730.

West Louisiana State Drive 3849: Christie W. Noto, Jayne G. Williams, Eddie J. Williams Jr., Janet H. Williams and Jayne W. Goertz to Wanda E. Golding, $119,000.


25th St. 3840: Deborah L. Ciulla, Karen Durst and Avemarie McWiggins to Ronald J. Robert Jr. and Lisa Robert, $249,000.

26th St. 8716: Ryan D. Louviere to Beth C. Sondes, $230,000.

47th St. 3608-10: Thomas J. Tasker to Peter Marcello and Vanessa Marcello Living Trust, $306,000.

5th St. 3412: Mark J. Montalbano, Gina M.K. Montalbano and Jonel A.M. Hieber to John M. Lupo and Jacquelyn B. Lupo, $395,000.

Alphonse Drive 4747: Wanda A. Fandino to Julie K. Weiss, David A. Weiss and Julie W. Keller, $310,000.

Alphonse Drive 5100: Jamie M. Ber to Ryan M. Demma and Erika G. Demma, $390,000.

Bauvais Street 3608: DG Investment Properties LLC to Fay R. Hilbert, $138,000.

Belle Drive 4720: Scariano Properties LLC to Robert B. Larrieu, $245,000.

Belmont Place 2716: Michael Parr and Margaret F. Parr to Cameron E. Baggerman and Lisa A. P. Baggerman, $260,000.

Beverly Garden Drive 524: Daniel Hauck and Amy E. Hauck to Paul B. Crowder, $235,000.

Brockenbraugh Court 922: Brenda Boettner Capital Holdings LLC to Brockenbraugh 922 LLC, $268,500.

Cherokee Ave. 1322: Patrick R. Becker to Heather Clapp and Thomas P. Clapp, $280,000.

Christopher Court 1304: Elise Caluda Erdal Revocable Living Trust and Cherie Caluda to Tony G. Colletti and Kate O.A. Colletti, $275,000.

Cleary Avenue 2305, unit 209: Zachary R. Davis to Claude B. Wolcott III, $78,000.

Division St. 712: Victoria J. Picard to Benhamin C. Moise II and Michelle M. Moise, $160,000.

East End, lots 4 and 5, square A, no further data: Charles L. Arnold to Pelican View Properties LLC, $200,000.

Elmwood Parkway 5209: Jeremy D. Locke and Melissa V. Locke to Jonathan D. Parker and Krystal M. Schnyder, $357,000.

Fifth Street condo, unit 18: Leo J. Quezergue Jr. to Paula M. Buisson, $115,000.

Fulton St. 8732: Louis H. Bonneval Sr. to Kollin M. Gibson and Shelby L. Neblett, $127,000.

Glendale St. 6708: John S. Roth and Cynthia L. Roth to Mario Diaz, Belkis Y. D. Dediaz, Dolly Diaz and Sidney London, $252,000.

Green Acres Road 2513: Gayle M. Pellerin to Celeste R. Pittman, $181,000.

Harvard Estates A. subdivision, lot 20, square 4: Tracey T. Powell to VSK Properties LLC, $95,000.

Hastings St. 4936: Schilleschi Real Estate Trust to David C. Poche and Michelle H. Poche, $220,000.

Helios Ave. 1243: Eloise K. Landry, Janet L. Groce, Laurie W. Landry, Mary F.L. Arnondin and Carol Landry to Gregory Hyla and Claire Hyla, $334,000.

Henry Landry Ave. 608: Amy M. Romagosa to Colin Niselman and Sara M. B. Niselman, $225,000.

Highway Park subdivision, lot 15, square 266: Yony Matute and Adis T. Matute to Francisco A. Moresco, $50,000.

Kawanee Ave. 4113: Barbara S. Ducote to Peyton M. Murphy, $154,500.

Lake Villa Drive 3408: Michael A. Hanner and Steven M. Hanner to Brandi Clement and Scott A. Clement, donation.

Laudun St. 4405: Mustafa Ali to Habiba Bakir, donation.

Lausat St. 3201: Jose A. M. Munoz to Rosa I. V. Garay, donation.

London Avenue 222, unit 224: Ryan J. Eustis to Pjoyce Properties LLC, $109,000.

Macon St. 8025: Darlene McKnight to Otis V. Pinkney, donation.

Manson Ave. 216: Daniel E. Hayes to 216 Manson Ave LLC, $90,000.

Manson subdivision, lot 31E, square 31: JMK Ventures LLC to Nhan V. Tran and Mai Q. P. Tran, $320,000.

Manson subdivision, lot 4A: Lnv Corp. to Gregory R. Abide and Virginia H. Abide, $535,000.

Melody Drive 705: Timothy M. Chaugin and Diane M. C. Waghorne to IP Melody LLC, $204,000.

Metairie Courtyard condo, unit D: Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Seon M. Ki and Michael Tahir, $74,000.

Metairie Lawn Drive 319: Joseph P. Simone II and Sumerlyne C. Simone to Jared A. Davidson and Casie Z. Davidson, $789,500.

N. Causeway Blvd. 3221: Barbara G. Spencer to Krypton Properties LLC, $1,374,750.

N. Turnbull Drive 312: TAG Homes Inc. to Victoria Parrish, $205,000.

N. Woodlawn Ave. 4317: Raymond F. Botti Jr. and Denise M. Botti to Chad R. Ghersanich and Samantha G. Ghersanich, $148,000.

North Arnoult Road 3320, unit 128: Rebecca K. Lewis to Jeannette A. Darlin, $72,500.

North Sibley St. 404: Daniel A. Gomez Jr. and Jill G. Gomez to Pamela G. Stcyr, $130,000.

North Turnbull Drive 2812: Liang Zheng to Bulliung Properties LLC, $165,000.

North Woodlawn Ave. 3613: Lancelot L. Bonnette Jr. to Patrick S. Mack Jr. and Reva A. Mack, donation.

Oaklawn Drive 19: Diane M. Graff to Eugene R. Graff, donation.

Ocean Drive 1446: Scott C. Shahan to Norman D. Shahan and Scott C. Shahan Special Needs Trust, donation.

Pasadena Ave. 1816: James A. Gennaro and Wanda Gennaro to Bailey D. Flores, $275,000.

Phlox Ave. 707: Victor C. Danielsen III to Debra B. Manning, donation.

Purdue Drive 4909: William G. Shackelford Jr. and Martha B. Shackelford to Eddie J. Richard and Nancy B. Richard, $277,000.

Reich St. 4705: Angela Bua and Peter J. Bua to Alex B. Wood, $278,000.

Rue St Ann 213: Cheryl G. Dendy to Katherine P. Coleman, $675,000.

S. I-10 Service Road 4500: K&K Holdings LLC to Valley View Investments LLC, $575,000.

Seminole Ave. 1408: Edward J. Johnston Jr. and Jeanne Johnston to Londa Connick, $225,000.

Upper Pontalba of Old Metairie condo, garage 21: Archie T. Higgins Jr Testamentary Trust to Sharon R. Hannahan, $10,000.

Veterans Memorial Blvd. 4704: Fredrichs Square Investments Inc. to 4704 Veterans LLC, $1,600,000.

W. Livingston Place 128: Margaret Larmann and Kevin Larmann to Everett G. Robert Jr., $10.

West Esplanade Ave. 4636: Henry & Florence Eckers Joint Living Trust to 4636 West Esplanade LLC, $180,000.

West William David Parkway 218: Judith Montelaro and Richard J. Montelaro to Bancroft Property Investments LLC, $375,000.

Yale Ave. 1717: Ruby J. Haddock and Denyse Boudreaux to Felicia Lindsey, $242,900.


Elm Place 9811: Patrick H. Bennett to Catherine P. Bennett, donation.

Folse St. 536-538: Paula Rednour and Raymond Rednour to 536-538 Folse LLC, donation.

Idlewood Place 17: Gary M. Mills, Kevin A. Mills, Lisa A.M. Mills, Lauri A.H. Mills, Lisa A.M. Matherne, Lauri A.M. Heckler, Nicole Mills and Jeffery Mills to John A. Schiro and Tracey T. Schiro, $635,000.

Marmande Ave. 140: Gerard W. Kennedy and Gina L. F. Kennedy to Corey M. Kennedy, donation.

Steamship Circle 2866, unit 1B: Brittany E. Andrews to Nicholas J. Galassi, $72,000.

Tenth St. 8800: Michael D. Bowman, John C. Bowman, Kirk D. Bowman, Craig J. Bowman and Lawrence M. Bowman to Mark A. Jacobs, $130,000.

Wilker Neal Ave. 204: Wells One Investments LLC to MLM Holdings LLC, $217,000.