Angela E. Reardon sold this home at 1025 Elmeer Ave. in Metairie to Adam Zander and Rachel Zander for $315,000.


Transfers for Jan. 29-Feb. 1


Elmwood Industrial Park subdivision, lot NF2: $3,800,000, Folger Coffee Co. to Community Assets & Properties New Orleans LLC.

Imperial Woods Drive 154: $387,500, Gloria Levy, Michael I. Levy, Paul K. Levy and Michel Boudreaux to Brian G. Lee and Robin C. Beaulieu.

Lot 20A, square V, no further data: $292,479, All Star Premier Homes LLC to John F. Hopkins Jr. and Robin L. D. Hopkins.

Riverside Park subdivision, lot 56, square G: $172,000, Howard D. Sheppard and Ruth A. M. Sheppard to Allen J. Hebert and Irene S. Hebert.

Roseland Parkway 312: $410,000, Guoyu Cheng and Jinfeng Cai to Frank C. Divincenti Jr.

Stratford Drive 437: $335,000, Zaini Investments LLC to Elizabeth L. Finch and Monique G. Sonnier.


Audubon Trace condo, unit 3422: $215,000, Helen Walker to Nola Big Picture Investments LLC.

Audubon Trace condo, unit 703: $225,900, Minka S. Sprague to Rachel N. Clark.

Camellia Gardens subdivision, lot 21, square F: $104,000, Kelly Wilbert to David P. Wilbert Sr.

Jefferson Highway 4200: Donation, Donald P. Hudson to Russell S. Lafontaine.

Jefferson Park Ave. 604: $143,000, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Nicholas P. McGinn.

Morris Place 3801: $14,000, Norbert C. White to Frederick L. Leblanc.


30 Lexington St. 2628: $425,000, La Joya LLC to Carol F. Burnell and Maxmillian H. Burnell Jr.

Alabama Ave. 4304: $120,000, Fred D. Arch to Silva Investment Properties LLC.

Avant Garde condo, building 18-19, unit 77: $109,000, Joshua K. Glines to Deborah Bartels.

Beau Chateau condo, unit 224: $48,000, Gary T. Hebert and Joanne F. Hebert to Vira Exim LLC.

Castle Drive 3249: $198,000, Meredith L. Haut to Alyssa K. Brosky.

Chardonnay Village condo, unit 25-C: $87,400, Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Dallas McGlinn.

Coleman Place 404: $72,000, Douglas V. Mumphrey and Nancy T. Mumphrey to Barbara Chambers.

Craig Ave. 5104: $470,000, John E. Lapworth to Brett J. Tortorich and Jeanne M. Tortorich.

Illinois Ave. 3233: $190,000, Muhammad Khalid to Gregg A. Nicolich.

Imperial Heights townhouse condo, unit 25: $44,000, Gladys R. Roshto to Suresh Kamireddy.

Loire Drive 4126-A: $127,000, Lawrence M. Falencki to Catherine M. Tamasi.

Massachusetts Ave. 1500: $185,000, Tracy M. Hammant and Bertrand C. Hammant Jr. to Carly N. Johnson and Easton C. Oreman.

Moisant Place subdivision, lot 20B, square 8: $29,900, John T. Lavarine III and Geralyn Y. Lavarine to Vernice Simon.

Ole Miss Drive 4108: Donation, Fred L. Page to Barry S. Page.

Ole Miss Drive 4220: $144,000, Robert Seghers to IAR Comp.

Ronson Drive 612: $189,000, J. Sercovich LLC to Joseph M. Lovisa and Frank M. Lovisa.

Tulane Drive 3384: $167,000, Brenda M. Porche to Donald L. Ewards and Angela Y. Edwards.

Vintage Drive 608: $130,000, Timothy Mock to Catalina Gumataotao and Christina L. Erapalli.

West Louisiana State Drive 3860: $105,000, Martha Bueso to Aim Louisiana Investments LLC.


26th St. 8828: Donation, Ann L. Moreau to John H. Moreau Jr.

Antonini Drive 5104: $270,000, Sandra J. Sutton, Allison L. Sutton and Barbara S. Terrell to Ryan P. Conzelmann.

Aris Ave. 309: $660,000, Richard L. Hartenstein to Kelsey Beahm and Stephen Beahm.

Athania Parkway 2708: $207,000, Christopher P. Battaglia, Michele Battaglia and Michel B. Pearse to 2708 Athania LLC.

Beverly Knoll Extended subdivision, lot 30, square 15: Donation, Kevin T. Jacobs to Lynn Jacobs and Linda Condit.

Breanon St. 707: $225,000, Sal A. Greco and Danielle M. Greco to Radine L. Bultman.

Brockenbraugh Court 559: Donation, Timothy A. Estabrook to SSLP LLC.

Clearview Parkway 1606: $335,000, Rosary Papania and Joseph A. Papania Jr. to G&M 1606 Clearview Property LLC.

Clifford Drive 3509: $320,000, Betty R. Weil and Donald M. Weil to Marie E. Evans, Jason Tamporello and Marie E. Tamporello.

Cypress Court condo, unit 123: $52,000, Jeanne B. Stephens to Vira Exim LLC.

Derbigny St. 3622-26: Donation, Christopher A. Rieth II and Christopher A. Reith II to 3622 Derbigny LLC.

Elmeer Ave. 1025: $315,000, Angela E. Reardon to Adam Zander and Rachel Zander.

Faun St. 506: $255,000, Riverwood Development Company LLC to Eddie C. Johnson III and Stephanie H. Johnson.

Francis Ave. 1304: $195,000, Stephanie Adams to Donna R. Fury.

Giuffrais Ave. 406: Donation, Melissa C. Overmyer to Brandie B. Hansel.

Harvard Estates subdivision, lot 1A, square 18: $135,000, Charles F. Shorter and James E. Shorter to Good Shepherd Spanish Baptist Church.

Hesiod Ave. 1607: $250,000, Sheila Diaz and Emile J. Casadaban to Tori Casadaban and Nicholas P. Daquin.

Hesper Ave. 102: $200,000, Doody Family Trust to GZ Tolmas LLC.

Highland Park subdivision, lot 42, square 6: $80,000, Beverly Abadie to Chalfant LLC.

Karen St. 8119: $99,538, Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Terrace J. Gomez and Louis H. Gomez Sr.

Loveland St. 5036: $165,000, Mario F. Boesch Jr. and Vanessa B. Gonzales to Mason Bucher and Steven T. Bucher.

Maned Downs subdivision, lot 1A, square 4: Donation, Donna Levin and Eliot S. Levin to Rosanna M. Marks, Ladd R. Marks and Rosanna Marks.

Meadowdale St. 4636: $422,000, Hugo C. C. Wedemeyer to Patricia C. O'Toole.

Metairie Heights Ave. 2732: $185,000, Anna Maunoir, Joyce Boudreaux and Patricia Yaeger to Two Roch Investments LLC.

Murphy Drive 4700: $220,000, Dorothy N. Lucy to Karen Lee and Philip M. Lucy.

N. Sibley St. 1428: $160,000, Charles L. Gianelloni Jr. and Eileen Gianelloni to Scott M. Spinnato and Colleen Spinnato.

Newman Ave. 1010: $185,000, Andrea L. Wiebold and Matthew T. Pasco to Frederick A. Pelias.

Newpark Square I office condo, unit 207: $190,000, Maitre Insurance Agency Inc. to Newpark Square Suite 207 LLC and Demand Insurance & Benefits LLC.

Neyrey Park subdivision, lot B2, square B: Donation, SC Veterans LLC to Zelia Veterans LLC.

North Howard Ave. 116: $252,000, John W. Apffell Jr. to Michele Martin.

North Howard Ave. 116: Donation, Joann H. A. McGill to John W. Apffell Jr.

North Hullen St. 2229: $257,500, Natalie Thomas and George P. Thomas Jr. to OFJ Investments LLC.

North Sibley St. 804: $202,457, Robert W. Orbaugh to Grace Bravata and Katelyn Tanzini.

Old Homestead subdivision, lot 8A, square 4: $67,500, Edward J. Rice Jr. and Patricia Rice to David M. Farnsworth Jr. and Elizabeth Farnsworth.

Orion Ave. 1217: $359,000, Maria E. Albright to Michael P. St. Martin.

Pontchartrain Gardens B. subdivision, lot 9A, square 29: $234,000, James M. Lawler to Harjinger Singh, Amarjot Singh and Satnam Kaur.

Rene St. 3000: $97,000, James C. Lenormand to Vickie Lenormand and Robert J. Lenormand.

Ridgeway Drive 3224: $178,000, Sidney M. Pfister to Nelson Clayton Homes LLC.

Rosalie Court 5709: $205,000, Jose A. Aldana and Rosario Aldana to Lili Salas.

Sibley St. 613: Donation, Norbert S. Gilly Jr., Patricia Lawson, Frederick N. Gilly, Elaine March and Charles A. Gilly to Kristopher K. Anderson and Todd A. Calamari.

South Manley Ave. 2735: $334,000, Leslie G. Walters to Bart L. Guilbault and Rachel W. Guilbault.

Tolmas 3304: Donation, Quong Lee Jr., Wanda M. Lee, Dixie Chin, Rose Lee, Betty Wan, Jenny Marcum and Lee Family Tolmas Property Trust to Lee Family Tolmas Property Trust.

Tolmas Drive 3620: $475,000, Georgia Mouton to Elizabeth A. Porretta.

Transcontinental Drive 2921: $220,000, Anna M. R. Haggerty to Ahmed M. A. Elsayed and Rania S. Elsayed.

Trenton St. 5221: $205,000, Theresa Cusachs and Maurice P. Cusachs Jr. to Teja S. Das.

Trudeau Drive 804: $188,000, Henry Morris and Steven Morris to Tobias O. Dixon.

Upper Pontalba of Old Metairie condo, unit 211: Donation, Janet M. S. Alexander to Janet M. Smith Living Trust.

Wilshire Blvd. 847: $166,000, Lucinda L. Wilson to 1405 LLC.


Florida Ave. 901: $88,000, Noel C. Kieffer and Emily A. V. Kieffer to Investment Holdings LLC.

Steamboat Ave. 8601: $228,000, Daniel E. Reynolds and Nora L. Reynolds to Peng Qin and Jiani Li.