Easten J. Roth III and Karen M. Roth sold this home at 109 Highway Drive in Jefferson to Shelley M. Talbot and Alan J. Rovira for $415,000.


Transfers for Dec. 15 to Dec. 20


Celeste Ave. 616: $550,000, RNB Property Investments Inc. to Joseph R. Lizer and Amy Schwager.

Hickory Ridge Estates subdivision, lot 23: $140,000, Bonnie Raines, Keith A. Raines and Bonnie R. Connor to Amy Valdes and Matthew Valdes.

Woodward Ave. 524: $165,000, D106 LLC to Carey D. Bergeron and Jason M. Rodgers.


Audubon Trace 3623: $184,000, Donna A. M. Sorensen to John M. Dempsey and Catherine Dempsey.

Burns St. 30014: $75,000, Fausto Moran to William R. Marshall and Caitlin P. Fulton.

Highway Drive 109: $415,000, Easten J. Roth III and Karen M. Roth to Shelley M. Talbot and Alan J. Rovira.


1902 Idaho Ave. 1900: $135,000, Mark L. Maheu and Michelle E. Maheu to Vladlen A. Paz.

Beau Chateau condo, unit 101: $106,000, Jianbo Lu and Xia C. Lu to William J. Fleming.

Cannes Brulees, no further data: Macy’s Retail Holdings Inc. to Esplanade Realty LP, Donation.

Champs Elysees 429: $450,000, Chavano R. Hield to Brian M. Hymel and Michele R. Hymel.

David Drive 5432: $249,000, Chunpo Cheung and Esther C. Cheung to Thomas P. Lotz and Marie B. Lotz.

Gabriel subdivision, lot 190: $133,000, RJD Management LLC to William E. Roniger.

Gabriel subdivision, lot 77: $275,000, Calub Family Properties LLC to Chamaine H. Mendieta and Carlos R. Mendieta.

Greenlawn Terrace subdivision, lot Z, square 140: Donation, Joseph D. Maunoir Jr. and Monica W. Maunoir to Joseph D. Maunoir Sr.

Incarnate Word 204: $190,000, James E. Gros Jr. to Adrien M. Brogan.

Lake Trail I. subdivision, lot 224, square 17: $180,000, Temple A. Bourgeois and Margaret A. Bourgeois to Edgardo V. M. Luna and Yuliem Luna.

Loyola Drive West 3524: $140,000, Barbara Crenshaw and James A. Pellegrin Jr. to Siddiqui East Loyola Properties LLC.

Madera Court 29: $439,000, Amanda F. L. Castro to Stephen P. Cawley and Sarah L. Cawley.

W. Grandlake Blvd. 3611: Donation, Embrace Home Loans Inc. to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development.


40 Prairie St. 4438: $275,000, Steven W. Earle and Karen Earle to Erin K. Giusti and Ernest J. Giusti III.

Airline Park North subdivision, lot 9, square 307: Donation, Raymond A. Senac Jr. and Dawn S. Senac to Raymond A. Senac Jr. & or Dawn Schmolke Senac Revocable Living Trust.

Arcadia Place subdivision, lot 4, square 3: Donation, Allan T. Joseph to Norman T. Joseph.

Balter St. 8139: Donation, Scott G. Powell to Timothy R. Powell.

Bonnabel Place, no further data: $2,000, Denise Hooter to Jacqueline B. Graff and Adam H. Graff III.

Bridgedale A. subdivision, lot 40, square 23: $314,900, Empire Construction Services LLC to Cameron M. Davis.

Brockenbraugh Court 361: $759,000, Donald H. McDaniel and Eva S. McDaniel to Cyril J. Fayard, Shirley T. Fayard, Sharley F. Tallant, Shirley Tallant, Mark J. Fayard and Kathy K. Fayard.

Grove St. 425: $170,000, Michelle D. Duplantis and Brennan M. Duplantis to Andreana D. Rivera.

Henican Place 3808: $178,000, Ashley M. H. Abadie to Mary S. Gregory.

Hesper Ave. 737: $250,000, Eva B. Barbato and Maryrose B. Schnur to Susan T. LLC.

Highway Park subdivision, lot H3, square 466: $7,500, Stone Resources LLC to Donna D. Sider.

Jasper St. 5033: $220,000, Dong M. Z. Liu to Yan Guo.

Jean St. 6112: $165,000, Donna C. Goodman to Keith Hedrick and Sarah A. Hedrick.

Jeannette Drive 4712: $220,000, Vial J. Blanke Jr., Betty R. Blanke, Sandra A. B. Stevens, Elizabeth M. Blanke and Sandra B. Stevens to Allison R. Mader.

Kent Ave. 1208: $107,500, Eric J. Hartenstein and Mary V. P. Hartenstein to Ana B. Cruz and Anabell Cruz.

Lake Como Ave. 4505: $250,000, Frank Kenner to Holly L. Hyatt.

Lefkoe St. 4712: $264,500, Kevin J. Mellor and Caley A. L. Mellor to Erika T. Haydel and John J. Brugier Jr.

Loveland St. 5037: $235,000, Truman T. Nguyen and Christy C. L. Nguyen to John W. Carlisle.

Metairie Court 3120: $372,500, NJC Holdings LLC to Stephanie A. Talbot and Jennifer L. Fulkerson.

Metairie Terrace Heights subdivision, lot 5, square 2: Donation, Melvin Bridges Jr. to Michelle Paule.

Metairieville subdivision, lot 48, square 104: $240,000, Rene L. Brignac to Meagan E. Fuller and Ryan J. Barletta.

Michigan Ave. 2108: $174,500, Ronald J. Gaudet III to Peyton R. Gros and Barrett A. Pearse.

Minnesota Ave. 2412: $12,000, Gena Henriques to Lauren Callaghan.

Morton St. 5809: $155,000, Terri W. Hooper to Justin W. Hooper and Melanie T. Hooper.

N. Turnbull Drive 4313: $280,000, 4313 N. Turnbull Drive LLC to McCann Homes LLC.

North Woodlawn Ave. 4108: $210,000, 4108 North Woodlawn Drive LLC to Collin A. McKey.

Old Homestead, alleyway 22AW, no further data: $4,000, Bonnabel Properties Inc. to Wayne H. Phillpott Jr. and Tricia T. Phillpott.

One Metairie Place condo, building 11, unit 120: $87,500, David C. Miller & Lovera Wolf Miller Revocable Trust to Jane D. Spalt and Kevin Woods.

Pontchartrain Gardens B. subdivision, lot 15, square 26: $190,000, Duke Builders LLC to Jorge Sarmiento-mendoza.

Pontchartrain Place condo, unit 302: $290,000, Timothy L. Chauvin and Jennifer Chauvin to James A. Leithead Jr. and Kathryn Leithead.

Ridgelake Drive 3013, unit 107: $145,000, Liet N. Le and Tu Nguyen to Amy M. Reynolds.

Ridgeway Park subdivision, lot D: Donation, Barbara B. Koch-Jones to Duane J. Koch Jr. and Joy E. Koch.

Trenton St. 5228: $370,000, Lima One Homes Inc. to Marvin Frazier and Tina B. Frazier.

Vine St. 220: $299,900, First NBC Bank to Susan B. Beninati.

Virginia Place 5805: $396,000, Andrew Stegen & Laura Stegen Revocable Living Trust to Kevin J. Mellor and Caley L. Mellor.

W. William David Parkway 301: $290,000, Diane D. Rankin and Susan J. Hayne to Robert L. Swayze Jr. and Alycia H. Swayze.

West Oakridge Park 225: Donation, Nicole Rittiner and Chris M. Rittiner Jr. to Steven O. Medo III and Jennifer J. Medo.

Whitney Place condo, unit 129: $73,000, Kathleen O. Duplechin to Lindsey F. Vindel.

Zinnia Ave. 521: $179,000, Edward H. Hansen Inc. to Tyler H. Dunnam and Miranda B. Dunnam.


Arbor Lane 9520: $232,000, Dale A. Volz to Ryan J. Ehrhardt and Katelyn A. Gross.

Garden Road 261: $323,000, Michael D. Lonegrass to Helen C. Glancy.

Stewart Ave. 633: Donation, Robert J. Mirsberger to Jennifer L. Meyer.

Trudeau subdivision, lot 15A, square 22: $174,000, Stacey C. Sparks to Victoria W. Colletti.