Transfers for May 22-30


Colonial Lane 16: $618,000, Relo Direct Government Services LLC to Shelly H. Bangerter.

Elmwood Industrial Park subdivision, lot 21: $405,000, Randazzo Family Irrevocable Trust and Elaine Randazzo to 1308 Properties LLC.

Generes Drive 1221: $95,000, Barclay W. Reynolds to Joann Updegraff.

Imperial Woods Drive 110: $416,500, Lloyd W. Riedling and Cheryl D. K. Riedling to Mary A. Doyle.

Randolph St. 801: $179,500, Craig A. Vinet and Karen T. Vinet to Grace Pope.


Canton St. 736: Donation, Linda C. Ostarly to Rene S. Ostarly Jr. and Carly B. Ostarly.

Jefferson Heights subdivision, lot 67, square 5: Donation, Nellie Hery and Karen E. Stevens to Dtj Properties LLC.

Julius Avenue 508, unit 204: $51,316, Daniel Snell to Riopete LLC.

North Rio Vista Ave. 325: $199,000, James D. Jenkins and Cora L. Jenkins to Trina B. Davis.

Suburban Acres 2. subdivision, lot 8B, square 1: $59,532, Cheryl N. Pizzolato to Charles River LLC.

Suburban Acres, lot 20A, plot 2: $191,000, Owen L. Short Jr. to Dale A. Meins and Juanita R. Meins.


Idaho Avenue condo, unit 4: $125,000, Valerie K. D. Neal to Linda Tran.

27th St. 2306: $182,000, Safe Haven Properties LLC to Richard T. Hague Jr. and Kahla Hague.

Avant Garde condo, unit 50: $81,500, Hiep C. Dang to Trinh Vo Investments LLC.

Cameron Court 912: $179,900, Darrell E. Woullard and Carolyn J. Woullard to Nassrin Y. Villamil and Glenn C. Johnson Jr.

Chardonnay Village condo, unit 46F: $153,000, Maksim Volovikov and Anastasia Z. Volovikov to Muhammad R. Arshad and Zainab I. Arshad.

Colorado Ave. 3310: $25,000, MDS Real Estate LLC to Marcos A. Coelho.

Daniel St. 1110: $130,000, Philip H. Glore to Eve E. Bentham.

Florida Ave. 2108: $22,500, Louis C. Kairdolf Jr. to Jose F. Cuevas and Paola A. P. Cuevas.

Gabriel subdivision, lot 139: $195,000, Robert J. Asaro and Susan W. Asaro to Jean S. Landry.

Greenlawn Terrace subdivision, lot Y1, square 68A: $90,000, Daniel W. Hubert, Denise D. Berggren, Darrell Hubert, Salvador J. Ferrara and Lisa F. Lambert to Francisco A. Moresco.

Hanson Place 228: $40,000, Enes J. Parks Jr. and Luisita A. Parks to Aracely Morales and Hilario Nieto.

Hanson Place 230: Donation, Enes J. Parks and Luisita A. Parks to Loren A. Frederick.

Louisiana Trace subdivision, lot 161, square I: $119,000, Greg L. Foster & Associates Inc. to Kevin Verneuil and Christine B. Verneuil.

Maine Ave. 3437: $152,000, Hep C. Dang to Trinh Vo Investments LLC.

Moisant Drive 903: $60,000, Christopher C. Keating to Mamou Properties LLC.

Nassau Ave. 53: $256,000, Barbara B. Conway and Michael J. Conway to Mary J. Mitchell.

Nassau Ave. 65: $325,000, Caleb J. Hathorn and Katy G. Hathorn to Oluwafemi M. Taiwo and Abimbola M. M. Taiwo.

Ole Miss Drive 3527: $167,900, Martin A. Shefcyk and Alice B. Shefcyk to Maureen S. Gelston.

Osborne Ave. 56: $151,000, Gloria Berger, Wendy M. Bentel, Sandra T. Berger, Brent H. Berger and Kent R. Berger to Charles R. Shepler and Rebecca Zepeda.

Rancher Road 3278: $170,000, Marrone Investments LLC to Roberto R. Rivera and Ethel C. Ruiz.

Ranier St. 15: $310,000, Nkechinyerem E. Ewoh to Elizandra Johnson.

S. Loyola Drive 3610, No. 280: $184,900, HSBC Bank USA NA to Adrian Mora.

Sylvaner Drive 3: $265,000, Bonnie N. Burton to Ellen Lehnert and Luis Febles.

Taffy Drive 2208: $145,000, Mary Liles to Charlotte Fisher.

Town Of Kenner subdivision, lot 274C: $45,000, Barry W. Bujol, Beverly L. Bujol and Bernadette W. B. Brown to Frankie F. Sims.

Tulane Drive 3632: $72,500, Helen J. B. Lonero to David W. Treadway.

Vanderbilt Lane 701: $76,000, James R. Weibelt and Sylvia W. Broadbridge to Yosiel Bachiller and Liena Bachiller.


1615 Demosthenes St. 1613: $15,912, Bonnabel Properties Inc. to Blue H2O Swimming Pool Service LLC.

Alexander Drive 4712: $210,000, Catherine S. Garland, David J. Garland, Stephen T. Garland, Michael J. Garland and Margaret M. D. Garland to Su T. Ho.

Arthur St. 6800: $187,000, Felix E. Gort Jr. to Candace Melerine and Matthew M. Melerine.

Athania Parkway 2712: $330,000, Warren L. Seal and Julia M. Seal to 2712 Athania LLC.

Aurora Ave. 1040: $135,000, Evelyn G. B. Savarino to Kim M. Reboul, Gary G. Reboul and Kim M. R. Bordes.

Bauvis St. 3812: $325,000, William R. Edgett and Cynthia Edgett to Debra M. Fleming.

Beaulieu St. 2906: $90,000, Betty R. M. Noah to Bryan P. Melan and Melissa A. Melan.

Beverly Garden Drive 1204: $315,000, Jeffrey M. Messina, Manuel J. Messina and Joseph M. Messina to Maksim V. Volovikov and Anastasia A. Z. Volovikov.

Cammie Ave. 1924: $236,500, Keith & Nancy Tassin Living Trust, to Patrick T. Madore.

Canal Street subdivision, lot 37, square 14: $255,000, Justin M. Farrae and Joy S. Farrae to JT Real Estate Rentals LLC.

Cardinal Ave. 1017: $132,931, Phillip M. Yatsko to JJS&K Properties LLC.

Cardinal Ave. 1017: $142,000, JJS&K Properties LLC to Blake E. Gaudet.

Carmen St. 6504: $195,000, Daniel F. Burridge and Hillary P. Burridge to Jesus A. Gonzalez and Justa M. P. Gonzalez.

Central Drive 13: $320,000, Gerald Compagno to L&H Investment Properties LLC.

Chateau Ridgelake condo, unit 209: $119,500, Jeanne H. Gagliano to Darlene P. P. Frederic.

Clearview Parkway 513: Donation, Robert P. Charbonnet Jr. to Anthony P. Dimattia and 513 Clearview Parkway LLC.

Cleary Ave. 1413: $155,000, Linda Prendergast, Raymond C. Scorggs, Pamela S. Raziano and Raymond C. Scroggs to Steven F. Arseneaux.

Cleveland Place 4100: $320,000, Brad C. Bertoniere and Tara N. W. Bertoniere to Lucas D. Schutte and Doris V. Schutte.

Cleveland Place 5012: $435,000, Margaret H. Rappold to William L. Skelly and Jessica R. Skelly.

Cleveland Place 5900: $450,000, John M. Jurasin to Michael A. Schexnayder and Christina L. P. Harrison.

Delimon Place, lot 48, plot A: $785,000, Charlene M. Haik to Julie U. Quinn.

Elvis Court 130: $365,000, Andrew N. Jones to Ashley S. Cuny and Matthew A. O’Connor.

Ferran Drive 3909: $330,000, John R. V. White and Alysha G. White to Richard J. Cole and Lisa B. Cole.

Field Ave. 1321: $321,000, Patricia A. Brandon to Roxanne S. Smith.

Focis St. 339: $100, Donald B. Bohn Sr. to Harold M. Stokes and Leslie Stokes.

Francis Ave. 1517: $124,000, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Stephanie Jasmin.

Gladys St. 6400: $258,900, Done Deal Property Resources LLC to Katie Neeb.

Green Acres Road 2212: $210,000, Brett Matherne and Mark Matherne to Jorge Franco.

Green Acres Road 4021: $259,000, Oscar J. Nickols Jr. to Andrew Collura and Stephen G. Collura.

Green St. 1616: $489,000, RJ Laborde Construction Co. Inc. to Scott M. Schoolmeyer.

Hall Ave. 1912: $228,000, Tabatha J. Theard and Michael J. Theard to Alex Richard.

Haring Road 1617: Donation, Whitney E. Guerra Jr. and Betty A. F. Guerra to Whitney E. Guerra Jr. and/or Betty Ann F. Guerra Revocable Living Trust.

Haring Road 3617: $80,000, Impastato Properties LLC to Eric Chung and Elizabeth C. D. Chung.

Harlem subdivision, lot 10, square 69: $790,000, Lynn P. Bertaut Sr. to Waller Holdings LLC.

Harlem subdivision, lot 12A, square 153: Donation, Jackie L. McMichael to George Gomez.

Harlem subdivision, lot 24A, square 145: Donation, Phillips Enterprises D&G LLC to Michael Breedlove and Jennifer J. Breedlove.

Harlem subdivision, lot G0, square 86: $85,000, Cusimano Family Trust to Credo LLC.

Harvard Ave. 1808: $338,000, George F. O’Neil Jr. to Michael W. Parke and Constance C. Parke.

Hastings St. 4117: $332,000, Arden N. Ballard II and Katherine E. S. Ballard to Peter J. Zauner and Rochelle B. Zauner.

Helios Ave. 349: Donation, Ricky English to R.J. English Ltd.

Hesper Ave. 312: $470,000, Joy R. Seube to Noel Mills and Joy J. Mills.

Hessmer Park, lot VC, squares 1 and 2: $2,232,000, Medvet Louisiana Management Services LLC to 3409 Division LLC, Three Thousand Four Hundred Nine Division LLC and Thirty Four O. Nine Division LLC.

Homestead Ave. 1136: Donation, Sun Lake Properties LLC to Lily Chen.

Houma Blvd 3805, units A230 A239 B225 B229 and C204: $450,000, Metro View Development LLC to Viking Investments LLC.

Houma Boulevard 2500, unit 220: $58,900, Alan M. Jones to Francisco J. Luevano Jr.

Ithaca St. 4612: $185,000, Ruizhi Wu and Jie Y. Wu to Freeman Homes LLC.

Jade Ave. 424: $112,638, Ryan J. Landry to Kay O. Casanova and Paulo A. Casanova Jr.

Jade Ave. 720: $160,000, Ryan Anderson to Austin W. Barnes and Amanda T. Barnes.

James Drive 4612: $268,000, Gus Mullins and Pauline O. Mullins to Allen L. Mylar and Kelly M. Folse.

Jefferson Ave. 236: $480,000, William L. Skelly and Jessica R. Skelly to Henry J. Tyler III and Ashley C. Tyler.

Kent Ave. 4501: $305,000, Michelangelo Gilberti and Carolyn W. Gilberti to Nicklaus P. Doyle.

Lafreniere St. 6101: $184,000, Wyatt L. Blankingship and Sue A. Blankingship to James Laborde.

Lake Castle condo, unit 1144: $62,000, Arnad Kubat to Jorge Castillo.

Lake Como Ave. 4724: $225,000, Audrey R. Vincent and Gaynell V. Herbert to Lu Poirrier, Ryan Poirrier, Lu P. Sun and Michael Poirrier.

Lake Villas subdivision, lot 11, square 9: $329,000, DTJ Properties LLC and DKJ Properties LLC to Norvel W. Orazio and Catherine Usey.

Linwood Manor subdivision, lot 32A, square 3: $180,000, 2708 Wytchwood LLC to Timmy Nguyen.

Livingston Place East 216: $1,192,000, Richard N. Dicharry and Margo H. Dicharry to Gwendolyn V. Gravolet and Robert R. Gravolet Jr.

Livingston Place West 145: $460,000, Kenneth A. Lobenstein to Kevin R. Kirchner and Sushan L. Kirchner.

Lorino St. 4620: $240,000, Rajshree V. Ramachandran and Ramachandran Gopalakrishnan to Vu Le.

Mason Smith Ave. 1205: Donation, Beryl B. Johnston, Cheryl N. Brockhaus, Catherine P. Brockhaus, Cheryl B. Norris and Catherine B. Paradoski to Robert S. Brockhaus Jr.

Metairie Court Parkway 1907: $315,000, Ricky J. Arnold and Linda B. Arnold to Bamataa LLC.

Montgomery Ave. 405: $82,000, Betty L. Jenkins, Kathy J. Marlowe and Kay G. Jenkins to Karen Richard, James E. Richard and Karen R. Jenkins.

N. Atlanta St. 617: $162,500, Guy Gautreau and Donna Gautreau to Norman A. LeBlanc Sr.

N. Howard Ave. 1021: $123,000, Lauren F. Armand to Robert R. Mcpeek and Christine F. Mcpeek.

Napoli Drive 4317: $349,000, Timothy W. Wilson Jr. and Ashley L. P. Wilson to Nicholas R. Salerno and Renee L. B. Salerno.

New Orleans Public Belt Railroad industrial site, parcel 1B2: $425,000, Moskau Investments LLC to CLM Development Group LLC.

Newlands St. 4733: $178,138, Ruth P. McDonough to Bradley J. St. Pierre and Chelsea C. K. St. Pierre.

Neyrey Drive 2916: Donation, Jun Chen to Jun Chen and Shuping He.

North Pierce Ave. 305: $133,000, Robert L. Laplante and Patricia Laplante to Wilfredo Hernanadez-Posas and Gabriela Posas.

North Sibley St. 900: $125,000, Joseph J. Tooley Jr Revocable Living Trust and Patricia Tooley to Dillon C. McGee and Sivan O. Stogner.

North Turnbull Drive 1606: $242,000, Kevin R. Barns and Corinne M. Barns to Brendan R. Minard and Erika B. Minard.

Northturnbull Drive 805: $130,000, Future Property Investments LLC to JBD Renovations LLC.

Oaklawn Drive 529: $180,000, Roy P. Woods to Toni Weick.

Old Metairie Place 804: $185,000, Christopher T. Lynn and Jamie Lynn to Jean Dimak.

Page Drive 3812: $140,100, Michael J. Tolbert to Christopher J. Bell Jr.

Papworth Ave. 641: $1,150,000, Briggs Papworth Property LLC to Nomag LLC.

Parish Drive North 4532: $188,000, Shirley H. Leonard to Angelina E. Todesco.

Philip St. 6801: $195,000, CR Property Development LLC to Giselle M. Boyer.

Pike Drive 5040: $300,000, Scott P. O’Brien and Kristin B. O’Brien to Ethan C. Oddo and Laura R. Oddo.

Pontchartrain Shores subdivision, lot 6, square 56: Donation, Karen P. Anderson to John A. Anderson IV.

Riverwood condo, unit 110: $82,332, Lakeview Servicing LLC to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development.

Riverwood condo, unit 809: $85,000, Vladlena M. Cozlova to Tung V. Vu.

Riviere Ave. 2021: $266,000, Diana Hall to Lisa Iglesias and Ryan E. Rousset.

Rosalie Court 6412: $137,000, Norma Mahler and Darren J. Mahler to Cristian Valentim.

Rosebud St. 213: $690,000, Azia Management LLC to G&F Management LLC.

Rue Decatur 809: $610,000, Julie U. Quinn to Edel F. Blanks III.

Sanford St. 4817: $207,000, Felix J. Polito III and Staci R. P. Cheramie to Stephen M. Dargis Jr.

Severn Place subdivision, lot 11, square 103: $192,500, Gloria G. Bell to Juan D. Z. Pulla and Dinorah Z. Pulla.

Veterans Memorial Boulevard Unit 75 6901: $35,000, Khaled Hamdi to Khelaf Marouf.

Victory, lots 68 and 69, plot A: Donation. Charles L. Sweeden to Debra Sweeden.

W. Livingston Place 216: $999,000, Shawn J. Stafford and Irene P. Stafford to Matthew J. Mutter and Lauren M. Mutter.

W. Livingston Place 227: $600,000, Travis W. Bonifacic and Noreen M. Bonifacic to Thomas J. Faucheaux III and Charlene W. Faucheaux.

Wanda Lynn Drive 3908: $180,000, Rae S. Lemon to Benjamin M. Elmer.

West William David Parkway 1204: $240,000, Lloyd J. Hunter Revocable Living Trust to Linda Dupuy.

Woods Drive 3604: Donation, Marilyn Neville, Cecily Boudreaux, William J. Neville, James E. Neville, Allison Neville, Jason S. Neville, Jarret C. Neville and Jordan P. Neville to Emily Stewart and Sean B. Stewart.


Andrea St. 138: $190,000, Walter Group LLC to Nancy E. Ranna and Chris Blanchard.

J.H. Little Farms, Hyde Park, lot 22: $350,000, Ross W. Cunningham to Jeena Massett, Bernard H. Massett and Jeena M. Kim.

Jefferson Highway 10400: $10, Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Anita Roussel.

Judy Drive 10020: $289,000, Henry M. Lafrance III and Nicole P. Lafrance to Heather G. Troxclair, Bradley A. Troxclair and Heather T. Gates.

Kuepferle Court 9505: $175,000, Marceleen Miller to Lucille Nahay.

Marmande Ave 140: $129,900, Anthony L. Maggiore, Mary A. C. Maggiore and Angelina P. Maggiore to Gina L. K. Fuenzalida, Gerard W. Kennedy, Gina L. F. Kennedy and Corey M. Kennedy.

Steamship Circle 2836, unit E.: Donation, William J. Newton and Elaine Newton to William F. Newton.