Kori J. T. Digiovanni sold this home at 314 2nd St. in Gretna to Jessica Marasco for $275,000.


Transfers for Dec. 11-14


Travis Drive 357: $49,600, Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Wayne Johnson and Yvette M. Johnson.


Barataria Isles Addition subdivision, lot 10: $255,000, Joseph A. Rudolph and Mary G. Rudolph to David J. Clasen and Kim G. Clasen.


Hurricane Hole Marina boat houses condo, unit 7: $100,000, Michael S. Placek and Karyn S. Placek to Peyton P. Murphy and Jennifer P. Murphy.

Hurricane Hole Marina condo, unit 3: $525,000, Grand Isle Marina Acquisitions LLC to Peyton P. Murphy and Jennifer P. Murphy.


2nd St. 314: $275,000, Kori J. T. Digiovanni to Jessica Marasco.

Fifth St. 97: $170,000, Wendi S. Maddox to Jules M. Sancho Jr.

Glenbrook Drive 2876: $80,000, Michael G. Ortega to Tahani M. Taha, Karim A. Taha and Tahani Taha.

Lake Michel Court 3725: $750,000, Rebecca Russo and Gordon J. Russo to Lynne M. Pipes and Wanda J. Mcgary.

Lawrence St. 877: $160,000, Ranada Isidore and Kyle B. Isidore to Marie Toussaint.

Oakdale subdivision, lot 10, square 39: Donation, Cynthia Hock to Raymond J. Hock.

Oakdale subdivision, lot 6, square 39: $350,000, Karen C. Junot, Emerson P. Junot Jr., Karen J. Coleman and Raymond J. Hock Jr. to Pura Enterprise LLC.

Stafford St. 2204: Donation, Stafford D. Carter Jr. and Stephen P. Carter to Yolanda B. Carter.

Stephen Court 209: $187,000, Doris Pares, Allisen Michell, Rickie L. Pares Sr., Gwendolyn Tague and Sherri Robichaux to Jennifer S. Phillips.

Wall Blvd. 207: $110,000, Sharon G. Weileman to Wendi Weileman.

Whitney Ave. 725: $80,000, Joanne Victoria and Beatrice Morrison to 717 Whitney LLC.


Breckenridge Drive 2109: $100,000, Herlan Olmos to Abdel G. Mousa.

Breckenridge Drive 2269: $124,900, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Enrique Membreno.

Keithway Drive 3137: Donation, US Bank National Association to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development.

Maplewood Park subdivision, lot 24, square 12: $65,000, Constance V. Mancuso to MTDV Enterprises LLC.

Orchid Drive 1520: $115,000, Mary T. B. Haynes, James L. Bartolo and Mary T. Bartolo to Christine A. Gummeson and Christina A. Geiss.

Saturn St. 2669: $115,000, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Son Vu.

Snowbird Drive 2208: $90,000, Nationstar HECM Acquisition Trust 2017 2. to Thang-Hoa II LLC.

South Deerwood Drive 3836: $85,000, Edward D. Reed to D&B Homes LLP and Paul Duhon IV.

South New Orleans subdivision, lot 7A, square 10: Donation, Anthony Vo to Pauline Vo.

Sunset Drive 2464: $161,000, HHMG Properties LLC to Devin Johnson.


Berthoud Plantation subdivision, lot A: $200,000, Team Persuasion Enterprise Inc. to Jerry M. Casso.


August Ave. 5027: Donation, Welton P. Theriot Jr., Donald Theriot, Todd Theriot, Randy Theriot and Trent Theriot to Craig Louis.

Avenue A. 1203: $137,000, Edward A. Blanchard and Addie M. Blanchard to Brian Nolan Jr.

Avenue E. 1409: Donation, Sally T. Dimarco to Joseph D. Dimarco, Robert J. Dimarco, Rosemary R. Dimarco, Jeffrey C. Dimarco and Rosemary D. Rainey.

Barataria Blvd. 9486: $145,000, Kendal T. Creppel and Carla L. Creppel to Jason S. Campos and Brittanie J. M. Campos.

Colony Court 2717: $125,000, Stephen Piglia, Celia M. Piglia, Stephen M. Piglia Jr., Dillon W. Piglia and Stephen Piglia Jr. to Randi N. V. Prisco.

Conor Court 2708: $152,000, Ryan M. L. Held and Lacey L. Held to Benjamin Raines and Chantelle F. Raines.

Conor Court 2709: $150,000, Nicky J. Bundy to Phillip E. Ray and Elinor M. Ray.

Garden Plaza subdivision, lot 110: Donation, Michael J. Porter to Kenneth Porter.

Grenoble Court 5076: $129,900, Waldina Schexnaydre, Brian Schexnaydre and Waldina Martinez to Heather L. Bartley.

Highland Meadows, parcel X: Donation, Sally T. Dimarco to Joseph D. Dimarco, Robert J. Dimarco, Rosemary R. Dimarco, Jeffrey C. Dimarco and Rosemary D. Rainey.

Monica Lane 2937: $221,000, Duc Q. Phi to Cassandra Rockweiler.

Oak Alley Blvd. 4940: Donation, Veena R. Gupta to Veena R. Gupta Trust.

Oak Forest subdivision, lot 35, square 3: $102,709, US Bank NA to Nicky J. Bundy.

Orleans Village subdivision, lot 20, square U: $39,000, Richard G. Soiller to Phillip W. Dziubla.

Pritchard Road 2824: $118,855, Gmfs LLC to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development.

Ranch Acres subdivision, lot 10, square 17: $45,150, Finance Of America Reverse LLC to Mark T. Wilson Jr. and Gina M. Wilson.

Runnymede Drive 7408: $65,000, Bank of America NA to Marcus Taylor.

Skidmore St. 2977: $108,000, Donna G. Territo and Jack J. Territo to Mark A. Riviere Sr.

Towering Oaks Ave. 5013: $142,000, Ameline M. Breaux and Herbert J. Breaux Jr. to Keith S. Duett.

Village Of Marrero subdivision, lot 13, square CC: $80,000, Robert R. Morgan Jr. to JCT Properties.

Westminister Blvd. 1608: Donation, Nedra L. Williams to Keisha Green.


Dupont Drive 2114: $95,000, Mary R. D. Lobrono, Pamela A. Lobrono and Keith J. Lobrono to Anthony A. Voiron Jr. and Mary F. Voiron.

Fairlawn Drive 673: $158,000, Vanessa Batson to Janelle Colborn.


Silver Bell Place 9563: $33,900, Coast Builders LLC to Travis B. Nguyen and Stephanie L. Nguyen.


East Drive 1415: Donation, Ronald Saucier to Luann S. Plaisance.

Floral Acres subdivision, lot 5, square 9: Donation, Bank Of America NA to Luz B. Dereyes and Jose A. Reyes.

Whitehouse Plantation subdivision, lot 16, square 4: Donation, Jeffery J. Hebert to Michelle Hebert.