• Transfers for May 12 to May 19


  • CARITA DRIVE 160: donation, no value stated, Blanchard Rousse Jr. to Lisa R. Cannon, Chad J. Rousse Sr. and Christopher T. Rousse.


  • MURPHY SUBDIVISION, LOT 3-A, SQUARE 1: $50,000, Colby R. Faggard to Chad C. LeGlue and Shaney L. LeGlue.
  • PRIVATEER BLVD. 5167: $235,000, Darren S. Bourg to Morgan T. Palmisano.


  • MINNICH LANE 182: $175,000, Shane P. Landry to Robyn D. Besson and Simon J. Besson.
  • OAK ST. 127: $180,000, Ronny J. Sternfels and Robin T. Sternfels to Wilbert Lands Inc..
  • SMITH LANE 122: $350,000, Andrew C. Galliano Jr. and Martha Sue S. Galliano to Julia L. Clifton.


  • FAIRFAX DRIVE 714, UNIT 119, MCDONOGH AVE. 619: $315,000, donation, James H. Denmark and Gillian M. W. Denmark to Denmark Family irrevocable trust.
  • FIFTH ST. 814: $255,000, Barbara D. Mayo to Allen J. Bolotte and Beverly D. Bolotte.
  • FIRST ST. 504, UNIT 104: $425,000, 1st Condo LLC to Kenneth N. Ivankovich and Dale Ivankovich.
  • GERARD COURT 4: $472,000, GMAT Legal Title Trust 2013-1 to Ryan L. Johnson and Shamekia C. Johnson.
  • HAMILTON ST. 421: $116,729, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • HERO DRIVE 3433: $82,267, Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp..
  • HIGHLAND DRIVE WEST 2676: $142,500, John R. Fockler and Jane N. W. Fockler to Nhu Q. N. Nguyen and Myhuyen T. Nguyen.
  • LAMAR AVE. 857: $179,000, Albert Minias and Mervat G. Minias to Gregg Mitchell, Lisa Dewaelsche and Donna Adorno.
  • MONROE ST. 323: $26,500, Bank of New York Mellon to Charles Augustine Sr..
  • NICHOLSON PLACE SUBDIVISION, LOT 8-A, SQUARE Q: $51,000, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Patrick T. Nguyen.
  • S. WYNDHAM ST. 1221: $170,000, Succession of Margaret L. D. Trochez and succession of Ivan M. Trochez to Abualshayeb Abdalbaqi and Lobna Q. Abdalbaqi.
  • SEVENTH ST. 733: $50,000, Rose Land and Finance Corp. to Jose R. Martinez.
  • TAYLORBROOK DRIVE 612: $113,300, CWABs Inc. Asset-Backed Certificates Series 2006-11 to Alex Maradiaga and Julissa Flores.
  • THIRD ST. 427-29: $125,000, Succession of George J. Trosclair Sr. to Thomas M. Breaud.
  • W. BUTTERFLY CIRCLE 406: $72,000, CP-SRMOF II Reo 2012-A Trust to Silviano Pineda and Maria Pineda.
  • W. BUTTERFLY CIRCLE 406: $100,000, CP-SRMOF II 2012-A Trust to CP-SRMOF II Reo 2012-A Trust.
  • W. LAKE ASPEN DRIVE 3725: $185,000, Green Tree Servicing LLC to Federal National Mortgage Association.
  • WESTMEADE DRIVE 336: $156,000, Emile J. Hebert Jr. and Teresa H. Hebert to Dustin M. Guidroz and Amy B. Guidroz.
  • WILDWOOD ROAD 5: $750,000, JMF Investments LLC to Terri L. Ditta.


  • BAYOU OAKS DRIVE 3936: $113,400, Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Mahamoud Hamad and Hatem Hamad.
  • CHINKAPIN ST. 3852: $4,900, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Kerry J. Hall and Teresa Hall.
  • DEERPARK DRIVE 4072: $132,000, Sherry C. Sims to Tyron George Sr. and Joanna P. Johnson.
  • EASTMERE ST. 2345: $141,200, Triple H. Enterprises LLC to James Hudson and Rebecca A. Hudson.
  • ESTHER AVE. 1800: donation, no value stated, Brenda B. Thompson, Jacquelyn B. Montgomery, Cherise Rogers, Irvin Bocage Jr. and Toccara Bocage to Oliver Montgomery.
  • FIRST AVE. 723: $38,600, Federal National Mortgage Association to Steven Galliano.
  • HARDWICK PLACE 3337: $308,000, Michael V. Taravella and Jody B. Taravella to Ngoc Tran and Hanh Tran.
  • HAROLD ST. 2412: $715, Ray L. Gumpert Sr. to Todd J. Babin.
  • HARVEY CANAL SUBDIVISION, LOTS 15, 16, SQUARE 44: $633, Ray L. Gumpert Sr. to Todd J. Babin.
  • LAKE VERRET DRIVE 3409: $375,000, William K. Haws to Erik L. E. Ratessepp and Gabriela R. Strehler.
  • MANHATTAN BLVD. 2900, UNIT 101: $33,300, Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Tubas LLC.
  • MANHATTAN BLVD. 2916, UNIT 139: $58,000, Jefferson Financial Credit Union to Michael J. Lahr.
  • PETERS ROAD 1820: $40,000, Tako Towing Inc. to SDS Marine LLC.
  • REDWOOD DRIVE 1581: $90,600, donation, Judith Hinchey, Marcus Taravella and Stanley Taravella to Doris Taravella.
  • SOUTH NEW ORLEANS SUBDIVISION, LOTS 26, 27, SQUARE 117: no value stated, Chi K. Nguyen to Agustin C. A. Liriano and Barbara Liriano.
  • ST. MICHAEL DRIVE 1205: $201,000, Andrew J. LeBlanc Jr., Tamara Properties LLC, Tamara V. LeBlanc and Marrette S. LeBlanc to Jared D. King.
  • TALLOWTREE LANE 1013: no value stated, Louisiana Westbank Investment LLC to Eric C. Caire.
  • TIMBERS DRIVE 2341: $146,500, C&J RE Investors LLC to Murphy R. Sartain and Cedricka J. Sartain.
  • W. BAMBOO DRIVE 3912: $111,700, Hoa Thong LLC to Wilson Vilcin and Yolanda T. Vilcin.
  • WESSON OIL AND SNOWDRIFT TRACTS SUBDIVISION, LOT K-3-A: $7,650,000, LH 2007 Properties LLC to SCG LH New Orleans Harvey LP.
  • WOODCHASE SUBDIVISION, LOT 53-B, SQUARE F-1: $48,358, Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Federal National Mortgage Association.


  • FLEMING PLANTATION SUBDIVISION, LOT XI-L: $54,000, Tony J. Ditta and Brooke B. Ditta to David M. Driscoll and Erica Land Driscoll.


  • ACADIANA SUBDIVISION, LOT 23, SQUARE A: $286,000, Brandon Savage and Kiandra D. Moore to Rene Garcia Sr. and Cecilia P. M. Garcia.
  • ALLO AVE. 1229: donation, no value stated, Kelly A. Martin to Jeffrey Patureau.
  • AMES BLVD. 3213: $65,000, Larry W. Dendy and Mona M. L. Dendy to Melvin O. Alvarez.
  • AMES BLVD. 3421: $94,900, donation, John Nguyen and Tutti N. Nguyen to Diana Tran.
  • AMES FARMS SUBDIVISION, PORTION OF GROUND: $365,000, Denovo Marrero LLC to Lutcher Land Co..
  • AUGUST LANE 5211: $70,000, Jerry J. Matherne and Katherine P. Matherne to Gary G. Gegenheimer and Aline H. Gegenehimer.
  • AVENUE F 1432: $299,000, Steve J. Theriot and Gwendolyn D. Theriot to Kenneth M. Meynard.

Caddy Drive 2100: $37,200, Floyd Boudreaux to Julia Ann A. Boudreaux.

  • COUSINS BLVD. 4603: $200,000, Tresa A. Cummings to Lawrence W. Barrett and Shannon A. Bach.
  • CRESTRIDGE CIRCLE 2512: $225,000, Harry J. Buras, Linda F. Vigurie Buras and Austin F. Vigurie to Bryan W. Thomas.
  • ESTELLE SUBDIVISION, LOT E-9A-1: $55,000, donation, John A. Randazzo Jr. to John A. Randazzo III.
  • GARDEN PLAZA SUBDIVISION, LOT 78: $33,000, LNV Corp. to Xuelian Long.
  • JOY ANN DRIVE 2524: donation, no value stated, Germaie M. Louis to Lashanda Y. Louis.
  • KAREN DRIVE 5325: $32,000, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Chuc C. Bui and Duyen T. Ngoc Pham.
  • LINCOLNSHIRE SUBDIVISION, LOT 1, SQUARE Z1: $225,000, Donald R. Jones to Jazz City R. V. Park LLC.
  • LORING DRIVE 5429: $75,500 and other good and valuable considerations, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Shannon M. Rockweiler.
  • N. OAK DRIVE 5956: $70,000, Karen O. Wooley and Michele O. Blue to Luong V. Tran and Tien D. Tran.
  • PIRATES ALLEY 4131: $520,000, Robert K. Meith and Johanna V. Meith to Keith R. Ekinia and Tanya M. Legendre.
  • SEAGULL DRIVE 2629: $167,000, Brett D. Larson, Jessica C. Larson and Randall W. Cardinal to Jabin I. Goldstein and Chelsea L. Goldstein.
  • SILVERADO DRIVE 7461: $227,000, Federal National Mortgage Association to Hai H. Nguyen and Thanh T. D. Tran.
  • URBANDALE BLVD. 541: $92,000, Marilyn J. Shavor to Lester P. Anderson and Kaylynn G. Anderson.
  • VILLAGE OF MARRERO SUBDIVISION, LOT 6A: $87,000, Jacob Kaul III and Lynn M. Kaul to Jeffrey J. Jones Jr. and Lacey B. Jones.
  • WOOD FOREST DRIVE 4812: $215,000, Joseph A. Bougere Jr. and Angela J. Bougere to Danyell Collor.


  • DANIELS ROAD 2141: $110,000, James E. Leftwich and Tammy R. Leftwich to Juan M. G. Ornelas.
  • TERRYTOWN SUBDIVISION, LOT 4-A, SQUARE 25: $141,839, Bank of America NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.


  • HERMAN ST. 149: $88,069, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp..
  • LINDEN LOOP 9578: donation, no value stated, Marion J. Jackson to Chesia J. Lewis.
  • SWEET BAY LANE 9501: $269,900, Coast Builders LLC to Stephanie A. Bell and Loretta Cushenberry.


  • BARBE ST. 817: $98,000, Lacey Kramer to Dacar444 LLC.
  • BELT BRIDGE SUBDIVISION, LOTS 29, 30, 31, SQUARE 27: $86,927, Alicia W. Davis to Glenda Folse.
  • CAMELLIA LANE 33: $36,100, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Sylvia Labat.
  • CHIPLEY ST. 723: $26,500, Springleaf Mortgage Loan Trust 2012-3 to Robert Cosgrove and Viola F. Cosgrove.
  • LECOMPTE DRIVE 1129: $135,000, Justin M. Cunningham to Elizabeth A. Schackai.
  • LIVE OAK MANOR SUBDIVISION, LOT 6, SQUARE 16: $53,000, Bank of America Funding Corp. 2007-4 to Moses Mott and Shelbe Mott.
  • TRAVIS DRIVE 333: $62,000, Carol’s of Jefferson to Lionel Robertson.