Transfers for Sept. 28-Oct. 4


Elmwood Park subdivision, lot 32, square 3: $317,500, Monica Karnik and Rakesh A. Bhansali to Daniel J. Lumetta.

Ferrara Drive 8012: $319,000, Monique Sonnier and John R. Sonnier Jr. to Michelle R. Weeks and Kenneth F. Pennington.

Generes Drive 2013: Donation, Jillian E. Campbell to Jordan Brimer.

Harahan Oaks subdivision, lot 14, square A: $360,000, Charles W. Ernst and Deborah Ernst to Frederick F. Zimmerman and Pamela G. Zimmerman.

Hickory Ridge Estates subdivision, lot 41: $575,000, Timmy J. Sims and Kelly Sims to Ashwin P. Jaikishen and Sneha D. Samant.

Oak Ave. 855: $265,000, Neil A. Metoyer and Kristy Metoyer to Daniel Hemstreet and Rita Hemstreet.


Isabel St. 3923: $191,500, Julie B. Finkelstein, Alessandro Steinhaus and Julie B. F. Steinhaus to Isabelle Properties LLC.

Jefferson Park East 707: $390,000, Gem Investments LLC to Michael J. Patrykus and Sharon A. Robinson.

Jefferson Trace condo, Phase VII, unit 3824: $130,000, William F. Murray and Marcy L. P. Murray to Joshua D. Murray.


10th St. 2114: $35,000, John P. Ledoux and Shirley A. Z. Ledoux to John & Chad Development LLC.

27 Augusta St. 2625: $85,000, Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Mary Anderson.

Audubon subdivision, lot 9, square 1: Donation, Robert R. Brayden Jr. and Christopher Brayden to Barbara Brayden.

Avant Garde Condo, building 7, unit 181: $110,000, Raleigh L. Bourg Sr. to Melissa A. Burkett.

Chardonnay Village condo, unit 35-E: $123,000, Vera H. Gianechini to Jaimie E. Ramelli.

Connecticut Ave. 4020: Donation, Laura M. Akers to Andrea A. B. Mejia.

Driftwood Village condo, unit C: $36,500, Kenner Properties Iii LLC to Area 504 Investments LLC.

Gabriel subdivision, lot 135: $155,000, Amanda K. Bongard and David A. Bongard to Lindsey M. Lajack and Juan C. Velasquez.

Gabriel subdivision, lot 229: $138,000, Gabriel Two LLC to Francis E. Lewis II and Chi M. Lewis.

Gabriel subdivision, lot 232: $132,000, Gabriel Two LLC to Michael D. Quigley and Cheryl A. Quigley.

Gabriel subdivision, lot 250: $266,000, Gabriel Two LLC to Coffman Homes LLC.

Greenwood St. 2841: $87,500, Guru Holdings LLC to Keith Spampneto and Mary Spampneto.

Heffler Tract subdivision, lot A: Donation, , Jacqueline S. Hymel and Joseph C. Hymel to Lisa H. Sacks, Ralph E. Sacks and Lisa S. Hughes.

Indiana Ave. 1946: $144,000, Edward J. Laizer Sr. and Beth B. Laizer to Jorge W. Salazar and Ruth Salazar.

Indiana Ave. 2606: $179,000, Denise A. McMillan to Olga B. Crismariuc.

Indiana Ave. 4329: $257,000, Brielle Keroack and Nathaniel J. Keroack to Travis J. Leroux.

Kenner Ave. 513: $50,000, Barbara Chamber to Earl Smith and Josephine R. Smith.

Lake Trail subdivision, lot 261C, square 18: $110,000, Two Sisters Enterprises Inc. to Lancelot Bonnette.

Mississippi Ave. 1300: $177,000, Davis REI LLC to Richard F. Benton Jr. and Helene L. Benton.

Southlake Villages Phase B. 1. subdivision, lot 1, square B: $400,000, Thomas M. Babin to Robert Kagan and Mong Nguyen.

St. Julien St. 1002-A: $155,000, Sabra O. Young and Brian K. Owen to Daniel M. Lebeouf.

St. Thomas Drive 15: $295,500, Bethann D. C. Boutin to Jorge E. Alvarenga and Lucinda C. Alvarenga.

West Loyola Drive 3500: $129,900, Jesus Cappas to Ramon M. P. Mateo and Maritza D. Deperez.

Williams Blvd. 3741: $1,210,000, H&L Investment Properties LLC to Williams Retail Development LLC.


27th St. 8817: $19,000, Majeeda Ismeil and Mohamad M. Hasod to Mike N. Ismeil and Shyanna B. Batres.

49th St. 3512: $275,000, Etta R. McMurray to Gladis E. Santosrosa.

Academy Drive 4801: $192,500, Scott K. Voigt and Sonia M. Voigt to Brent L. Moran.

Academy Drive 4801: $288,500, Brent L. Moran to Rebecca P. Algero and Christopher B. Algero.

Airline Park North subdivision, lot 1, square 216: $254,000, Henry M. Cerise, Eugene P. Cerise, Edward L. Cerise Sr., Michele E. Peterson and Marie A. Seeling to Blake Kasier and Amanda Kaiser.

Belle Drive 4421: $245,000, Wendy V. K. Coret to Eric P. Gauthier and Sarah P. Gauthier.

Belmont Place 2100: $211,000, Venugopal Chandra to Ruben D. Perez-Perdomo and Zonia C. De Perez.

Belmont Place 3100: $200,000, Scott A. Malhiet and Gretchen E. M. Malhiet to Richard J. Garvey III and Elizabeth Newell.

Beverly Knoll subdivision, lot 26, square 12: $750,000, Debra Baus and John V. Baus Jr. to Theodore F. Barkerding III and Mallory Barkerding.

Bonnabel Place subdivision, lot 4, square 2: $312,000, Stephen N. Elliott and Carolee R. D. Elliott to AIA Investments LLC.

Bonnabel Place, no further data: $3,000, Bonnabel Properties Inc. to Donald F. Jerolleman Jr.

Brockenbraugh Court 236: Donation, Maryann Cook and William H. Cook Jr Childrens Trust to Paula Landrem and Terry W. Landrem.

Carriage Court condo, unit 119: $57,000, Anthony H. Hymel, Yvonne C. Hymel and Gregory P. Hymel to Leslie P. Callais.

Cleary Ave. 1600: $174,900, Christine M. Farrington to Jeffrey E. Clay.

Cleary Ave. 1704: $245,000, Gloria Williams to Robert Baskharone.

Cleary subdivision, lot 21, square A: $655,000, AHC & GGC Revocable Living Trust and Ewald F. Groetsch Sr. to Mount Royal Realty Inc.

Cypress Court condo, unit 101: Donation, Susan Dannaples Neumann Special Needs Trust, Judy D. Quick, Angela N. Aguilar and Nancy D. Gomez to Suzanne B. Rappold.

Derbigny St. 3724-26: $190,000, EPWM Properties LLC to Joseph C. Barrett.

Division St. 1221: $182,000, Joseph V. Monaghan and Joette K. Monaghan to Adolfo L. Reyes and Jamie D. Reyes.

Elizabeth subdivision, lot 8, square 3: $158,000, Todd M. Ledet to Alyssa Gonzales and Michael Gonzales II.

Focis Drive 609: $275,000, Charlotte S. Broussard, Sharon S. Mcdonald, John C. Schayot, Joseph L. Schayot and Eleanor H. Schayot to Donna T. Melerine and Gary M. Melerine.

Glendale St. 6401: $224,000, Kenneth J. Burger, William G. Burger Jr. and Michelle Coniglio to Jacob Hammel.

Golf View subdivision, lot 4A, square A: $700,000, Mary S. Cowan to James C. Patton III.

Grand Drive subdivision, lot Z, square 5: $123,000, Scott A. McLean, Michelle B. McLean, Mark A. McLean and Christena W. McLean to Carolyn M. Haar.

Hackberry Ave. 1516: $295,000, Kevin L. Harper and Martha T. Harper to Emanuel J. Klemenakis.

Harimaw Court West 1020: $485,000, Golden Flake Snack Foods Inc. to Susan Marino and Terrance J. Marino.

Harvard Ave. 4113: $276,000, Marcia K. Fuller and William T. Fuller III to Katherine L. Smart and Craig J. Raymond.

Hasting St 4836: $280,000, Kimberly B. Mader to Jian F. Zhu.

Helios Ave. 1132: $80,000, Cathryn P. Fontana to Christine Fontana.

Hessmer Farms A. subdivision, lot 333C: $100, Jason C. Adams and Melissa Adams to Carl A. Deroche Jr. and Eileen Deroche.

Highway Park subdivision, lot 25, square 165: $175,000, John C. Klein to Rob W. Stewart and Mary C. Stewart.

Highway Park subdivision, lot 47A, square 56: $380,000, Richard & Toni Farmer Trust to Chesterton Properties LLC.

Houma Blvd. 3016: $340,000, TV Ventures LLC to Ee Chin and Yudithsa Hung.

Ingrid Lane 2708: $266,600, Johnny A. Knight to Tan Vo.

Ithaca St. 6400: $103,000, Evelyn B. LeGuenec to Zydeco Jack LLC.

Kawanee Ave. 7017: Donation, Jeannie L. Smith to Daniel J. Ordoyne.

Kent Ave. 3425: $335,000, Anthony J. Tusa to Edelmiro B. Olivera.

Kent Ave. 4504: $295,000, Quynh T. Nguyen to Jean P. Pigeon.

Lake Ave. 127: $425,000, Marigny House LLC to Helen E. Eshleman and William P. Stewart.

Lake Ave. 41: $860,000, Regina E. Keever to William K. Depass IV and Elizabeth H. Depass.

Lake Louise Ave. 4512: $315,000, Suzanne H. Mask to Mustafa K. Cambazoglu and Ozlem K. Cambazoglu.

Lemon St. 4016: $335,000, Paul M. Solis to Laura T. Scaccia.

Macon St. 8021: Donation, Otis V. Pinkney to Alison Pinkney.

Maryland Ave. 2001: $80,000, Damon F. King to Andrew D. Yeadon.

Melody Drive 1500: $218,000, Monica Dalide, Daniel G. Murphy Jr., Erin Ballam and Kathleen C. Murphy to Samuel LeBlanc and Rebecca LeBlanc.

Metairie Nursery subdivision, lot 5, square 14: Donation, Frances L. R. Buchtel to Charles S. Buchtel.

Metairie Terrace, lot 93A, plot 3, and lot Z, ;plot 3: $650,000, Grace Investment Group LLC to Vasquez Properties II LLC.

Metairie Terrace, lots 18 and 19, plot 4: $600,000, McCann Family Property LLC to Spay Mart Inc.

Metairieville, ptl 16, square 58: $180,000, Rubye E. N. Evans to 204 Investments LLC.

N. Atlanta St. 734: $168,000, Sharon Larzelere to Frances B. Acevedo.

Newlands St. 4004: $175,000, Carol Beatmann to Katherine Buchler.

Newman Ave. 1037: $180,000, Ernest J. Echelard Sr., Glenda E. Bradley, Jeanette E. Gueydan, Rene J. Echelard and Ernest J. Echelard Jr. to Paul J. Beninati.

North Labarre Road 3500: $420,000, Michelle Suter to Cynthia Tejeda and Prisca Galvez.

Oaklawn Drive 728: $148,500, CJ Renovations LLC to Michael D. April.

Pontchartrain Shores subdivision, lot 11B, square 44: $359,900, Robert A. Scallan Jr. to Amanda A. Davidson.

Reaser St. 4913: $411,495, Abir Abdo and Nidal A. Rafeh to Ryan J. Kline.

Riverside Court condo, unit 580: $30,000, Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Huzxiang Zheng.

Rosalie Court 5705: $60,000, Tracy H. Lotz to Trudy L. Harris.

Rue Laurent 4800: $752,500, Paul L. Tregre III to Michelle Suter and Christopher D. Suter.

Rue Rampart, unit 301, Upper Pontalba of Old Metairie condo: $537,500, Eileen Weber and Lawrence R. Demarcay III to John G. Curren Jr. and Joanne Curren.

Rue St Ann 201: $650,000, Ruth Keeney, Sean M. Keeney and Cecil M. Keeney to Andre M. Laborde.

Seminole St. 1443: $192,000, Laura Dauterive to Kelly Hand and Kernan A. Hand.

Sena Drive 102: Donation, Rodney P. Salvaggio and Johnie A. Salvaggio to Miller Building Company LLC.

Shaw St. 4413: $245,000, Gregory J. Barre and Jacqueline Barre to Carrie A. Scallan.

Sterling Gardens subdivision, lot 4, square D: $175,000, Carol A. R. Oswald, James Rodgers and Jonathan A. Rodriguez to Karen E. Haserot.

Stroelitz St. 1605: $245,000, Michael D. Hull to Revival Development LLC.

Tartan Drive 3608: $183,000, Westvue NPL Trust II to Christen J. Collet.

Temple St. 4416: $180,000, Todd M. Ullrich and Suzanne M. Ullrich to Andrea Parker.

Thirba St. 705: $109,450, Anna D. Wich to Rachael M. Wich.

Tolmas Drive 3548: Donation, Cherie Perque and Chad A. Hollingsworth to Lata Jagtiani and Deepak N. Jagtiani.

Trenton St. 4941: $290,000, Ee Chin and Yudithsa Z. Hung to Chetankumar R. Shah and Mamtaben Shah.

Wade Drive 4808: $328,000, Kahnhart Properties LLC to Herlene Laux.

Wilker Neal Ave. 908: $22,000, Ramogi Self, Tschabala Self, Saylda Self, Princetta Self, Princetta S. James and Kolikwe Self to Federation Properties LLC.

York St. 6312: $220,000, Blake H. Kaiser and Amanda Kaiser to Briana E. Daniel.


J.H. Little Farms C, no further data: Donation, Francisco Cruz and Margarita A. Cruz to Michael Cruz and Christine E. Cruz.

Jane Court 10128: $300,550, Patricia O. F. Bartels, Catherine B. Robinson, Constance B. Elko, Steven P. Bartels, Adrienne B. Comiskey, Allison B. Mcinnis, Elaine B. Antoine and Carol O. Bartels to Jerry M. Godfrey Jr. and Lindsi N. Godfrey.

Lucy Court 10132: Donation, Raymond R. Eutsler and Deborah C. Eutsler to Raymond R. Eutsler III and Kelsey P. Eutsler.

Orchard Road 104: $220,000, Richard A. Uyeda to Shannon Knowles and Michael S. Knowles.

Walden Drive 10143: Donation, Mark D. Delaune and Tanya Delaune to Scott A. Malhiet and Gretchen Malhiet.