Patrick H. Waring and Calais P.H. Waring sold this home at 21 Tokalon Place in Metairie to Dan A. Robin Jr. for $2,100,000.


Transfers for April 26 to May 2


Bamboo Court 268: $380,000, Cleo M. G. Elliot to Kraig A. Barron and Jennifer B. Barron.

Colonial Club Drive 225: $424,000, Villagama LLC to Jennifer Stover.

Elmwood Corporate Village subdivision, lot CV2Y1: $6,100,000, Elman 880-990 Associates LP to 990 N. Corporate Drive LLC.

Ferrara Drive 8104: $250,000, Shirley Duhe to Eugene X. Pizzeck and Sara Bryant.

Gordon Ave. 361: $215,000, Patton R. Cannatella and Charlene L. Cannatella to Mignon E. Byler.

Gordon Ave. 633: $303,895, Specialized Loan Servicing LLC to Federal National Mortgage Association.

Hennessey Court 49: $214,000, Una M. Gaillot to Kathleen Horchoff and Bradley J. Jouty.

Resor Ave. 642: $249,500, Elaine Valenti, Nicholas J. Volker, Craig F. Valenti, Robin Pitre and Keith E. Valenti to Eric S. Pretlove and Tristen A. Pretlove.


Alfred Place 3813: $239,900, Jason S. Torres to Megan N. Tagesen and Charles E. Mouton.

Audubon Trace condo, unit 1205: $171,000, Wendy Bradford to Mary Francisco.

Audubon Trace condo, unit 1903: $195,000, Yvette D. D. Gonzales to Matthew J. Spalitta.

Camelia Gardens subdivision, lot 47, square C: $197,000, Michael R. Caster and Hannah N. Caster to Christopher Brierre.

Central Ave. 618: $322,000, Inman Construction Services Inc. to 618 Central LLC.

Central Ave. 750: $60,000, Smokey A. Wilburn and Racheal Wilburn to Guillermo Buitrago and Graciela Buitrago.

Coolidge St. 216: $245,000, Lee J. Boudreaux Jr. to Sunny Day LLC.

Highway Drive 148: $245,000, Ashley G. Lastrapes, Alice F. Lastrapes and Paul B. Lastrapes III to Deneen T. E. Plessala.

Jefferson Heights Ave. 107: $161,000, Clifford Cantine Jr., Gayle M. C. Kershaw, Clifford C. Cantine Jr. and Gayle Kershaw to Jessica D. Lawrence.

Julius Ave. 619: $224,000, Susan K. Hoskins to Courtney M. Tauceda.

Karen Ave. 4605: $125,000, Danielle C. Bardwell to Lisa Davis and Bret G. Davis.

Labarre Heights, no further data: Samuel S. Dalton to Pd Properties LLC, Donation.

Live Oak Place, lot 27, plot 2: $180,000, Arthur J. Michel Jr. and Mauri Michel to Edward G. Winn IV.

Shrewsbury Road 2006: Donation, Ella B. Joseph to Adrian Brown.

Shrewsbury subdivision, lot 7, square 67C: $675,000, Comeaux Furniture & Appliance LLC to Severn Development LLC.


Emerson Drive 201: $119,780, King Property Managment LLC to Jacky E. Manasco and Jordan C. Lavin.

Billyday Ave. 15: $225,000, Monica Smith and Rocky J. Smith Jr. to Judith G. Copeland.

Brittany Drive 42: $250,000, Nubia C. V. Sanchez to Ross M. Stanley and Jackaroe A. Stanley.

Cannes Place 3309: $295,000, Rifat J. Elaasar, Mostafa A. G. Elaasar and Rifat Elaasar to Tyrone Mathieu Jr.

Chardonnay Village condo, unit 4D: $126,000, Shervonda R. Williams to Laurie Yvonne Wilkins Noel Testamentary Trust.

Chateau Estates South, no further data: $153,000, Judith Miranti to Elizabeth Alexander.

Colorado Ave. 3609: $193,000, Abdelqader Faraj to Edward L. Hartzog III.

Curtis Ave. 924: $125,000, Arthur Jones Jr. to Jason P. Jarvinen.

Gabriel subdivision, lot 31: $195,000, Third Unit Sales LLC to HS Phase2 LLC.

Gabriel subdivision, lot 71A: $385,000, Gabriel Properties LLC to Troyer Holdings LLC.

Gabriel subdivision, lot 72A: $320,000, Gilberto Briseno and Marilyn Z. Briseno to Troyer Holdings LLC.

Gelpi Ave. 98: $395,000, ANS Development Inc. to Gloria Starnes.

Georgia Ave. 2014: $113,000, Monica A. Augustine and Mary Augustine to Anne G. Sun.

Grandlake Garden Homes subdivision, lot 2: $35,000, Jonathan D. M. Fernandez and Rossy M. P. Moncada to Micaza Properties LLC.

Highway Park subdivision, lot 33, square 416: $600,000, Isabel Creager, Richard H. Creager, Richard R. Creager Sr. and/or Isabel D. Creager Revocable Living Trust to Martin H. Peake.

Huntsville St. 2624-26: $151,000, Alphonse J. Ledet Jr. to Jennifer F. Puglis, Terry J. Puglis and Jennifer P. Farrell.

Lincoln Manor 7. subdivision, lot 25, square 161: $14,000, Dorothy B. Smith to Gian C. R. Romero and Elizabeth Mejia.

Massachusetts Ave. 2536: $187,500, Aimee Vaughn and Michael J. Vaughn to Matthew A. King.

Plantation Drive 320: $139,000, MAD IIIIii LLC to Donald Watson Jr. and Catrice T. Watson.

University City subdivision, lot 9, square 95: $117,000, Judy L. Szegleti to Angela G. Carrillo.

University City subdivision, lot 9, square 95: $150,000, Angela G. Carrillo to Alexandra R. Wong.

Williams Blvd. 2647: $650,000, Tran Inc. to Paz Joint Ventures LLC.

Williams Blvd. 3809: $150,000, Beverly Martinez to Eli Microblading Eyebrows LLC.


Airline Drive 4609: $850,000, Sign Sign Everywhere A. Sign LLC to Stubbs Inc.

Airline Drive 8949: $100,000, Geraldine Theisges to A&B Property LLC.

Airline Park North subdivision, lot 1, square 106: $208,750, Tracey St. John and Eugene St. John Jr. to Rachel A. Richmond and Matthew C. Whipple.

Art St. 4409: $385,000, Alexander Barocco Jr. and Sydna F. Barocco to Brian D. Spreen and Nikki K. Spreen.

Aurora Ave. 226: $522,000, Wade B. Hammett and Emily T. Hammett to Francis C. Deboer and Sara E. Deboer.

Avron Blvd. 4325: $260,000, Abby E. Leblanc to Matthew J. Aime.

Avron Blvd. 5501: $355,000, Kenneth T. Baillie and Terri H. Baillie to Dominick J. Maggio.

Bissonet Drive 5037: $320,000, Maria R. Carruth, Carruth Family Trust, Robert L. Carruth Jr., John D. Carruth and Susan D. Carruth to Katrina F. Barletta and Nicholas H. Barletta.

Bissonet Plaza subdivision, lot 14, square 17: $265,000, Karen Rine and Bradford T. Rine to Jan T. Tucker.

Blanke St. 7104: $173,500, Carolyn Breaux to Josue D. Hernandez.

Bonnabel Place subdivision, lot 53, square 64: $140,000, Amanda R. Marchese, Tasha A. Marchese, Lily Marie Marchese & Damian Chase Marchese Testamentary Trust and Steven J. Marchese to Philip J. Marchese.

Bonnabel Place, lots 30 through 32, square 2: $100,000, Harold S. Blaum Jr., Kathy Blaum, Melanie Thompson, David C. Thompson, Judith Harris and Douglas B. Harris to 120 Helios LLC.

Bonnabel Place, lots 3A and 3B, square 67: $288,000, Kraig A. Schmidt, Jamie E. Schmidt and Vicki A. Schmidt to Superb Homes LLC.

Bridgedale B. subdivision, lot 12, square 48: $115,900, Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Casacorp LLC.

Burnell Court 2120-22: $253,000, Pedro E. Menendez and Ligia Zambrano to John C. Evans.

Calvert Ave. 716: $165,000, Phyllis McCaslin and Anthony L. Canova to Michael J. Cusanza.

Camel St. 4529: $267,000, Daniel P. Haworth to Alise C. McClung and Christian P. McClung.

Carnation Ave. 1108: $175,000, Lorraine Steltz and John A. Goff to Taylor M. Rossi and Tyler K. Istre.

Chauvin Tract subdivision, lot 15: $157,000, Nottingham Associates LLC to Shanna N. Bodden.

Clearview Parkway 3813: $211,000, Antoinette G. Moriarty to An M. D. Tran.

Cleary Ave. 704: $170,900, Karla Donewar to Daniel Benoit and Chatagnier Construction LLC.

Clifford Drive 3021: Donation, Frances McMahon to Nazarene Adams.

Cypress St. 3633: $248,000, Richard A. Schinall to Victoria T. Thibodeaux and Victory Thibodeaux.

Darlene Ave. 828: $83,000, Haider Properties LLC to Caswell Property Rental LLC.

Darlene Ave. 828: $70,000, Rowell & Associates LLC to Haider Properties LLC.

Ferran Drive 3913: $322,500, Phyllis Robicheaux and Melvin P. Rpbicheaux to Bonnie Porche.

Green Acres 4305: $236,000, Dawn M. Dillman and Joseph H. Binder III to Taylor Ross and Sean F. Ross.

Greentree Ave. 1026: $172,000, Trinh Vo Investments LLC to Toby L. Liggett.

Harlem subdivision, lot 9, square 102: Donation, Deborah V. Robbins and Gerard M. Vonhoven to Mark S. Vonhoven.

Harlem subdivision, lot B, square 75: $195,000, Melissa Foote, Jason P. Foote and Melissa L. W. Foote to Matthew C. Weber.

Hastings St. 6301: $237,000, Linda Pascarelli to Lesly S. Aviles.

Hastings St. 6909: $155,000, Susan M. U. Woodward, Brenda A. U. Baker, Ronald J. Ulmer Jr., James L. Ulmer and Elizabeth U. Massie to Dolin Properties LLC.

Helios Ave. 128: $303,000, Richelle B. C. Voelker to Brittany Beckner.

Highway Park, lots 35 and 36, square 208: $250,000, Sean P. Danos to Martin B. Goldstein and Rayanne Goldstein.

Houma Blvd. 1400: $215,000, Janis Gordon and John C. Gordon to Monique R. Ledet.

Johnson St. 3819: $94,242, Kathleen A. Mims to Stephanie A. Merrell.

Kent Ave. 1200: $158,500, Gloria R. Sehrt to Mike N. Barba.

Labarre Drive 605: $810,000, Lauren L. Thom to Arthur J. Stawski Sr. and Richella H. Stawski.

Lake Trail Drive 3228: $334,500, Mitzi Holmes and Alexander F. Holmes to Julia Allen.

Lakewood 4425: Donation, Angela Lama to Mary Pizzo.

Leonard Ave. 7716: $145,000, Marlene C. Stone to Joshua B. Koester.

Lime St. 4212-14: $260,000, Mary A. Molinario and Roland J. Molinario to Theresa Loomis.

Linwood Ave. 1020: $144,500, Carrie F. Buckles, Ryan Lindsly and Brittanie Amerland to Bulliung Properties LLC.

Loveland St. 5225: $257,000, Major R. Anderson and Rachel L. Anderson to Randall Meyer.

Massachusetts Ave. 2329: $300,000, PJK Construction LLC to Daniel M. Roy and Renee F. Roy.

Melody Drive 436: Donation, Oster Developers LLC to Robert D. Rogers and Susan K. Rogers.

Metairie Club Gardens subdivision, lot 14A, square F: $100, David R. Silvers and Julie F. Silvers to Paxton White.

Metro View condo, unit 100-A: $92,000, Sherman Rogers Sr. to Maureen J. Fallon.

N. Howard Ave. 908: $190,000, Man Z. Liu to Jerard Kent III and Ellie A. Carter.

N. Starrett Road 1417: $170,000, Antonio C. Oliphant and Joanna Oliphant to Leigh T. Marks.

New Ponte Vista subdivision, lot 13, square 15: Donation, Warren J. Scull Jr., Christian Scull, Alison S. Dempster and Josephine B. Meunier to 921 Giuffrias LLC.

North Arnoult Road 806: $215,000, Josephine Leininger to Irina Kourilova.

North Woodlawn Ave. 3816: $250,000, Ronald J. Graci to Victoria N. Smith, Robert A. Smith and Dawn L. Smith.

One Metairie Place condo, unit 11-318: $128,000, Wayne R. Pietri Sr. and Mary L. Pietri to Carmen A. Benham.

Orpheum Ave. 1508: $232,500, Howell R. Jones Jr. to Janet Barnes and Thomas C. Barnes.

Parkaire Drive 5625: $196,000, Lynda L. W. Billodoux to Brent Wille.

Poinsettia St. 1432: Donation, Annette M. Becnel to Jeanne S. Leone.

Poinsettia St. 1432: Donation, Jeanne S. Leone to Madeline Hanson and Erik N. Hanson.

Pontchartrain Gardens subdivision, lot 6A, square 25: $150,000, Donald V. Bourgeois and Doris V. Bourgeois to Robert G. Haley Jr. and Jessica A. Haley.

Purdue Drive 3900: $141,500, Carole S. Lepre to Abbey Bennett.

Richland Gardens subdivision, lot 62, square D: $255,000, Nicole B. Boudoin to Marsha E. Dupuy.

Riverside Court condo, Phase 1, unit 622: $64,500, Tiffany A. H. Fender and Ruben F. Urbina Jr. to Diane E. Brown and Virginia K. White.

Riverside Court condo, unit 217: $9,000, Felix P. Schillesci III and David T. Schillesci to Phyllis S. Young.

Riviere St. 1404: Donation, Brian E. Sobalvarro to Astrid D. Bueso.

South Wilson Ave. 1348: $91,000, Joseph T. Butler to Shana A. M. Butler.

Suburban Villas subdivision, lot 12, square 7: $125,000, Christian C. Hoffman III to Seabrook Management LLC.

Tokalon Place 21: $2,100,000, Patrick H. Waring and Calais P. H. Waring to Dan A. Robin Jr.

Villa D’Orleans condo, unit 623: $70,000, Kai D. White and Matthew G. Tonguis to Jack L. McGinnis and Zita C. McGinnis.

West Metairie Ave North 3630: $280,000, Equity Connect Real Estate Group LLC to Dane C. Blanchard and Ashley L. Blanchard.

Whitney Place condo, unit 918: $72,000, James P. Pereira and Eugene L. Pereira Jr. to Jeanne S. Leone.

Wilshire Heights subdivision, lot 39, square 14: $250,000, Virginia A. B. Okeefe to Christopher J. Roberts and Lisa G. Roberts.

Woodland Acres subdivision, lot 16, square 4: $178,200, Edward P. Dupuy Sr. and Gaston A. Dupuy Jr. to Jason P. Feder and Rachael B. K. Feder.

Woodland Ave. 4512: $382,000, Elaine Ransome-Dupuy to Brenda Sapp and Edward J. Sapp.

Zuma Ave. 1208: $156,000, Tammy R. Fuselier to Mark J. Pisciotta and Julie M. Pisciotta.


Celeste Ave. 122: $180,000, Rachel A. Koehl to Derrick Riley and Rachele A. B. Riley.

Celeste Ave. 122: $330,000, Derrick Riley and Rachele A. B. Riley to Joshua J. Passons and Miranda F. Passons.

Cherokee Courts subdivision, lot 7A, square 6: $273,500, James C. Bennett II to Alexander K. Nash and Jessica Nash.

Garden Road 294: $900,000, Eileen Seese to Elizabeth Sanderson and Kyle J. Sanderson.

Highland Acres, plot 55A square H: $1,050,000, Susan M. C. Netterville to Frank Towers and Kelli Towers.

Jane Court 10100: $323,500, Victoria LeBlanc and Kenneth J. LeBlanc to Alicia Naccari and Sidney M. Naccari.

Nelson Drive 208: $312,000, Hilary H. Landry LLC to Mitzi Holmes.

Orchard Road 212: $763,000, Erin C. Jacobs and Mark A. Jacobs to Jeffrey Powell and Karen Powell.

Valerie Ave. 156: $310,000, QCC Investments LLC to Norma G. T. Calderon.