Transfers for Jan. 10-16


South Avondale Homes subdivision, lot 29, square 22: Donation, Christopher M. Gauthreaux to Albert C. Gauthreaux Sr. and Anne R. N. Gauthreaux.


District of Barataria, no further data: $265,000, Clara M. Terrio and Warren O. Braai to Shirley B. Morrison.


Amelia St. 1106: Donation, James A. Herring to Hardy K. Bozant and Amaryllis H. Bozant.

Derbigny Plantation 1. subdivision, lot 4: $166,000, Stephen C. Sonnier to Eduardo M. Tozzatto and Claudia Tozzatto.

Howard St. 39: $240,000, Stephen F. Bowes and Ashley B. Litz to Michael W. Praytor Sr. and Jeanne B. Praytor.

Leslie St. 2112: Donation, Scott A. Thrift and Sarah Villafranco to Catherine Thrift.

Lynnmeade Drive 553: $127,500, Jonathan Arbuckle and Jeffery Walker to Mohammad H. Ahmad.

Meadowbrook 1. subdivision, lot 23, square 18: $61,000, First NBC Bank New Orleans to Imad Hamdan.

Oakdale, lot 11A3. form block 2: $185,000, Dean J. Peterson and Mary P. Peterson to Aubry J. Guillot and Sandra R. Guillot.

Timberlane Estates 3. subdivision, lot 25, square 7: $162,377, Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to Secretary Housing & Urban Development.

Wall Blvd. 545: $81,550, Joan C. P. Jones and Julie C. Jones to Elegant Houses LLC.


Barkley Estates subdivision, lot 49, square 1: $65,000, Marrero Land & Improvement Association to Erika Dantin and Bradley J. Daroca.

Lake Powell Court 21: $222,000, Thi K. Nguyen to Thomas C. Burris.

Lake Salvador Drive 1800: $267,000, Franklin Mooney Jr. to Dariana J. Marte and Jovany J. Barreto.

Lapalco Commercial Park 3. subdivision, lot 1, square F: $130,000, Peggy Ann Orgeron Cheramie Survivors Trust, Peggy A. O. Cheramie, Kathleen C. Sandras, Gay C. Bouzigard, Lory L. C. Black and Mark J. Cheramie to Watler Properties of Gretna LLC.

Maplewood Drive 1005: $180,000, Keith R. Kiraly to Mary Schouest and Gawain M. Schouest.

Spanish Oaks Drive 1437: $176,000, Jewel N. Pittman to Tiffany Ingram.

Sue Ker Drive 3820: $50,600, JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association to Balram Mirchandani and Priya Mirchandani.

Sweet Gum Drive 3113: $28,500, JP Morgan Chase Bank National Association to Rental Property Services LLC.

Timber Ridge subdivision, lot 16A5, square D: $119,500, Trung P. Ly and Hung N. Ly to Kevin Johnson.

Village Green subdivision, lot 4: $148,542, Ditech Financial LLC to Federal National Mortgage Association.


Ames Garden subdivision, lot 14, square B: $54,000, Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Kelly Ziegel.

Asphodel Drive 57: $250,000, Brittany N. Bourg to Linda Do.

Bayou Cook Drive 2725: $140,500, Joshua Buwe to Dylan M. Parun.

Becker St. 6004: Donation, RCN Capital LLC to Normandy Capital Trust.

Dolores Drive 2556: Donation, Dina A. Wilks to Cleve A. Wilks Jr.

Dolores Drive 2728: $136,000, Rikki I. Bourg Trust to Wayne J. Degeyter.

Evans Drive 5149: $74,000, Hien T. K. T. Dang and Loi T. Dang to Lieu D. Nguyen and An V. Nguyen.

Evergreen subdivision, lot 14, square C: $91,500, Loi T. Dang and Hien Dang to Paula L. Coussou and Brent E. Coussou.

Ida Plantation subdivision, lot 29A: $300,000, Randy Reynon and Deborah B. Reynon to Tyler Lopez and Sheena H. Lopez.

Mansfield Ave. 1500: $57,600, Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Stacy Mitchell.

Millender Drive 6432: Donation, Aldea Inc. to ARCPE 3. LLC.

Misty Meadows Drive 2529: Donation, Kerry J. Bourgeois to Charlene C. B. Danos.

Oak Forest subdivision, lot 21, square 9: Donation, Federal National Mortgage Assoc and Fannie Mae to Jamie Beasley and Jodi Beasley.

Robert J. Perkins Tract subdivision, lot 8, square 1: Donation, Ioana Properties LLC and Ramon Ramos Jr. to Ramon Ramos Jr.

Starkville Drive 5208: $191,950, JBL Properties Ltd to Kali M. Angelica.

Stella Place 1544: $169,000, Ted Nguyen LLC to Torey J. Duncan and Heather Duncan.

Village of Marrero subdivision, lot 13, square CC: Donation, JCT Properties LLC to CDTN Holdings LLC.


Cedarwood Ave. 1917: $133,500, Lynette Realtors LLC to Ann M. Fairchild.

N. Lexington Ave. 2156: $216,000, Billie J. Kelly to Qinzhen Zhu.

Terrytown 4A subdivision, lot 6, square 45: Donation, Oak Tree Rental Properties LLC to Deanna Watson and Bobby Watson.


Catalpa Loop 9542: Donation, Coast Builders LLC to Litany Finley and Jacob M. Finley.

Herman St. 144: $92,500, Willie M. Oxner to James E. Bell.

Live Oak Manor subdivision, lot 23, square 18: $127,000, New Beginnings Homes LLC to Christina Benjamin and Tousha Benjamin.


Avenue B. 528: $118,000, Garrison J. Toups to Erin French.

Floral Acres Addition 3. subdivision, lot 278, square 25: $65,000, Mary L. Mendel to Vj Investments LLC.

Phyllis Drive 633: $80,000, Jose Campos and Jeanett T. Campos to Connie Ard.

Victory Drive 838: $84,000, Edward Ryon to Pamela J. Hebert.