Michael H. Rodrigue and Lori D. Rodrigue sold this home at 825 Elmeer Ave. in Metairie to Anthony G. Rodrigue and Christina F. Rodrigue for $210,000.


Transfers for Nov. 16-20


Jefferson Court subdivision, lot 29, square 2: $158,000, Mae A. Frey to Bryan Whittle.

Ren Pass Ave. 63: $173,450, Kimberly A. Johnson to Elisabeth D.L. Gill.

Wilson St. 7806: $244,900, Brett Beller to Justin M. Laborde and Carla L. S. Laborde.


Jefferson Heights subdivision, lot 37, square 5: $250,000, Patrick J. O’Neill and Rosalinda G. O’Neill to Kristen N. Muhoberac.

Karen Ave. 4226: $174,000, Burton L. Duncan to Allison E. Slatten.


15 Panama St. 2713: Donation, Jefferson B. Thompson Sr. and Alvin L. Thompson to 2713-2715 Panama St LLC.

Arizone Ave. 3516: Donation, Judith B. Willard to Charlene M. Suess.

Augusta St. 2821: $40,000, Daniel Rodriguez to Pether E. Alonso.

Connecticut Ave. 4240: $222,500, Linda R. Trotter to Marjorae N. Ball.

Cotton Bayou Lane 224: $600,000, Ruppert Development Lots LLC to Thomas Babin and Cheri Babin.

Driftwood Park subdivision, lot 8, square 33: $230,000, Madeleine Rappold and Allan P. Rappold to Kathleen S. Stritto.

Grandlake Blvd. 3247: $237,000, Laura J. Bourgeois to Ashley Rauch and Kevin J. Rauch.

Irish Bend Road 3324: Donation, Carolyn S. Deano to Salvadore J. Falco.

Kenner Project 8. subdivision, lot 19, square 188: $123,650, Roger W. Asher to Bridgette B. Brocato.

Kenner Project, lots 29 and 30, ptl 31, square 216: $225,000, Authements Ornamental Iron Works Inc. to Iron Holdings LLC.

Maine Ave. 3433: Donation, Wayne J. Grabert, Marlene Vallace, Narcile Deroche and Colbert P. Grabert Jr. to Matthew J. Scott and Natalie Scott.

Market Place condo, unit 3: $77,400, Sandrelyn Schmitt and Danny W. Schmitt to 3 Williams LLC.

Morningside Park subdivision, lot 14, square 47: $73,500, Kenneth J. Powers Jr. to Christopher G. Mack.

Rainer St. 5: Donation, Brad J. Matherne to Kelly L. Burks.

Salem St. 2611: $25,000, Charles E. Miller to Rudis G.G. Arriaga.

University City subdivision, lot 33B, square 20: Donation, Paul F. Judge and Barbara Judge to Jonathan P. Judge and Nicole Kober.


23 Metairie Court 21-23: Donation, Frederick J. Barraco to Hamoudi Management LLC.

Airline Park North subdivision, lot 1, square 410: $239,000, Randolph J. Seidel, Emile W. Reimmuth, Walter M. Seidel III, Sennis J. Seidel and Eileen Nicolakis to Bret G. Martin Jr. and Tiffany Killian.

Airline Park subdivision, lot B, square M: $189,000, David W. Burkenstock and Julie L. A. Burkenstock to Charlotte B. Scott.

Arthur St. 3724: $100,000, Tonya Gegenheimer to VSK Properties LLC.

Carrollton Village condo, unit 201: $125,900, Hellen G. Kelly to Derald G. Villemarette and Cynthia O. Villemarette.

Civic St. 3922: $120,000, Darlene A. B. Buchert and Marlene A. B. Rouse to Howard J. Lavin and Gwendolyn G. Lavin.

Clearview Parkway 3400: $250,000, Maria G. Alessandra to Bryan J. Signorelli.

Concord St. 1913: $230,000, Manuel J. Michel and Michael A. Michel to Michael S. Leyva and Andia A. Leyva.

Derbigny St. 3015: $357,000, Robin Cole and John H. Cole to Larisa Diephuis and David M. Ferris.

East Maple Ridge Drive 210: $130,000, Linda G. Seguin to Tag Homes Inc.

Elmeer Ave. 825: $210,000, Michael H. Rodrigue and Lori D. Rodrigue to Anthony G. Rodrigue and Christina F. Rodrigue.

Giuffrias Ave. 1304: Donation, Joseph J. Matranga Jr. and Clarice Matranga to Gerald D. Healy III and Sandra Mitchell.

Green Acres Road 2400: $195,000, Arturo G. Calix Jr. and Tara M. Calix to David L. McCullen and Jodi S. Mccullen.

Haring Road 3401: Donation, Barry J. Nunez to Accuwash LLC.

Henry Landry Ave. 709: $169,275, Mary J. M. Scott, Lionel A. Scott III and Mary J. Scott to Jennifer W. Barran, Jason P. Foote and Melissa L. Foote.

Hessmer Ave. 4524: $365,000, Wilson Living Trust and Beverly Wilson to Roy S. Velasquez and Melissa Velasquez.

Highway Park subdivision, lot 1, square 219: $240,000, Alicia A. Rodriguez to Rodolfo J. Rodriguez.

Nursery Place 1301: $490,000, Judith B. Laborde, Richard J. Laborde and Judith L. Bradbury to Gladys M. Barto and McNeely Bennett Jr.

Phosphor Ave. 1126: Donation, Bonnabel Properties Inc. to Michael A. J. Adragna and Mary L. Adragna.

Pike Drive 4724: $120,000, Laurie A. Hart to Davis REI LLC.

Rosa Ave. 716: $225,000, Pauline Soares to Rami Badr.

Sycamore Drive 219: $390,000, Christian L. Montegut and Shelly A. Montegut to Sharon R. Astugue.

Taft Park 3821: Donation, Bulliung Properties LLC to Glen Rogers Jr. and Irma Rogers.

Taft Park, no further data: Joyce H. Volz to William H. Schwertz LLC.

William David Parkway West 230: $320,000, Ruth A. E. Dascomb to Wayne A. Quigley and Jodie M. Quigley.

Woodland Acres subdivision, lot 9, square 14: $125,000, Woodrow W. Mulkey III to Sarah Bugusky and Stan R. Bugusky.

Woodridge condo, unit 406: $45,000, Xiaolan Xu and Ming-Kuang Hsueh to Annette Callaway and Leon Callaway.


Tiffany Drive 10125: $312,000, Christina M. L. Erapalli and Catalina S. Gumataotao to Larry A. McNair Jr. and Jocelyn K. McNair.