Transfers for Sept. 14-21


Abita Springs Estates, lot 49-B: $28,000, Chatelain Construction Co. Inc. to Hugh P. LeMoine Jr. and Beryl S. LeMoine.

Bossier City subdivision, lot 9-A: $30,000, Ellender Enterprises LLC to William J. Ellender.

Hillcrest Country Club Estates, lot 9, square 2: $4,000, John T. Gremillion to Jonathan Neff.

Cherokee Drive 147: $183,500, Roundpoint Mortgage Servicing Corp. to Donovan Silva and Nicole S. Silva.

Dundee Loop North 2088: $135,000, Patricia Helen Gardner to Hugo M. Cisneros.

Oak Knoll Road 28490: $265,000, Todd A. Torregano and Kristina St. Amant Torregano to Armon Keith Cox II and Chelsea C. Cox.

Section 19, township 6 south, range 12 east, portion of ground: $206,900, Citadel Residential LLC to Ronald G. Wilson Jr. and Gina C. DiSoto.

South Abita Springs subdivision, lots 1-21, square 75: $112,500, Jo Ann H. Brown to Edward T. Riecke.

South Abita Springs subdivision, lots 22-34, 35-A, 36-A, 39-A, 40-A: $112,500, David L. Holloway to Edward T. Riecke.


Division of New Covington subdivision, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Ryan Domingue, Ashley Domingue Williamson and Lacy Domingue to Jules Domingue and Sara H. Domingue.

Terra Bella subdivision, Phase 1-A-4, lot 284: $92,500, Terra Bella Group LLC to Gerard J. Hansen and Barbara S. Hansen.

Acadia Park Drive 227: $282,210, DSLD Homes LLC to Charles J. Bonaventure.

Avenue Du Chateau 1133: $336,000, Justin Meith and Jaclyn R. Meith to Charles M. Coghlan Jr. and Tina A. Coghlan.

Bateleur Way 532: $209,900, Joshua Turner to Michael Guasco.

Beta Ave. 74490: $192,000, Scott A. Beese and Melissa A. Juneau Beese to Joseph L. Duval.

Countryside subdivision, lot 3: $45,000, Alternative Design/Build Group LLC to Christopher H. Hymel and Rami C. Hymel.

Dixie Drive 2468: $213,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Jonathan Paul Vitale.

Dixie Drive 2472: $276,505, DSLD Homes LLC to David C. Mastrianni.

E. Creek Court 1017: $189,010, DSLD Homes LLC to Stephen Taylor Allison and Haley S. Allison.

Fourth St. 70146: $172,000, Armon K. Cox II and Chelsea B. Causey Cox to Keenya S. Warner.

Handsome Meadow Lane 17010: $330,000, Walter J. Rothschild and Dorothy B. Rothschild to Michael J. Hebert and Therolie B. Hebert.

J. J. Lane 454: $260,000, Daniel J. Nunez to Matthew J. Witherell and Christie Marie Witherell.

Louis Quave Road 76273: $350,000, Scott R. Begg to Charlie R. Martinez Jr. and Patricia B. Martinez.

Louisiana Highway 437 77259: $250,000, Donna Daly Riche, Karl James Riche and Riche Family irrevocable trust to Felipe D. Munoz and Daniela Deras Munoz.

Moss St. 1612: $70,500, United Surety Services Inc. to Michael H. Hellmers and Bridget P. Hellmers.

Orchard Drive 1761: $247,026, Gulio Guillen and Courtney D. Guillen to Gary W. Taylor and Ester K. Taylor.

Penn Mill Road 73254: $268,000, Alfred N. Young Jr. to Jeffrey P. Jardine.

Riverbend Drive 41: $400,000, Janet R. Hines to Donald K. Miles and Laura D. Miles.

Riverwood East subdivision, Phase 1, lot 38: $45,000, Alice S. Haines to Jeffrey E. Young Sr. and Mary Ortte Hall Young.

S. Corniche Du Lac 933: $379,000, Darling Design Homes Inc. to Carlos H. Ebanks and Mariajose De Ebanks.

S. Madison Ave. 1130: $94,500, Kathleen E. Fallon Cooper to Robyn Shawn Patrick Guidry.

S. Vermont St. 1805: $238,000, Patrick Andre J. Benoit to Barbara Jean Hoopes.

S. Verona Drive 128: $253,580, DSLD Homes LLC to Patrick J. Kidd and Wendy D. Kidd.

Saw Grass Loop 406: $309,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Russell P. Saglibene II and Crystal W. Saglibene.

Section 25, township 6 south, range 10 east, portion of ground: $185,000, John W. Bertrand to Benjamin C. Smith.

Shady Lake Estates, Phase 1, lot 5, square 2: $32,000, Joseph L. Lobrano Jr. and Deborah K. Lobrano to Rinaldi Builders LLC.

Smoke Tree Drive 1012: $292,000, Succession of Mary Todd Willingham Garcia to Justin D. Meith and Jaclyn E. Meith.

Village subdivision, Phase 2, lot 15: $56,500, Shane J. Cambre and Stacey P. Cambre to Charles W. Hebert and Katie N. Lewis.

W. 18th Ave. 921: $130,000, Jason C. Yohn and Jeanne A. Yohn to Michael Lala.

W. 20th Ave. 315: $237,000, Stanley L. Bridges Jr. and Mary Ann Bridges Fontenot to Robert T. Kurzweg and Susan M. Kurzweg.

W. 24th Ave. 1112: $150,000, Gloria Lee Burger Kunow to Paul R. Stoop and Suzanne R. Stoop.

Woodburne Loop 614: $217,000, Joseph M. Taylor and Molly A. Taylor to Chase F. Lunsford and Kirsten G. Lunsford.

Zinnia Drive 86: donation, no value stated, James R. Patterson MD Money Purchase Pension and Trust to James R. Patterson and Kelcy N. Patterson.


Keeneland Place Loop 132: $165,700, Cutting Edge Builders LLC to Dennis R. Dozier Jr. and Amy H. Dozier.

Keeneland Place subdivision, lot 37: $21,000, G. L. Boudreaux Investments LLC to F&M Badon Construction Inc.

Keeneland Place subdivision, lots 22, 32: $34,000, G. L. Boudreaux Investments LLC to JDD Development LLC.

Section 16, township 5 south, range 10 east, 14.98 acres: $172,270, Brian Griffin, Cathy Griffin Westmoreland, John J. Griffin Jr. and Peggy Griffin Hughes to Charles Z. Staples and Michelle A. Staples.

Defries Road 13507: $240,000, Daniel R. Hinkley and Natalia T. Hinkley to Gregory C. Jawor and Lola C. Jawor.

Old Farms Road, portion of ground: $167,500, Ruth S. Williams irrevocable trust to Korey M. Zeigler.

Village Trace Drive 13175: $205,000, George A. Cox Jr. and Beverly T. Cox to John W. Bertrand and Jessica G. Bertrand.


Robert Park subdivision, lots 2, 3, square 13: $150,000, Charles R. Godfrey Jr., Kathleen Ann Godfrey, Jacquelyn Godfrey Beau and others to Gerard A. Lopez and Gladys T. Lopez.

Brankers subdivision, portion of ground: $11,000, Planche Co. LLC to William J. Guyon.

Isaac Road 28491: $228,000, Joel J. Mills to Paul J. Angelo and Tanya S. Angelo.

Lacombe Harbor Road 59638: $210,000, Kearney L. Yancey Jr. to Mark A. Hotz and Kathleen B. Brady.

Lydia St. 31201: $125,000, David B. Whitaker and Erica A. Whitaker to Shuning Liu.

Red Mill Drive 30085: $288,511, James T. Underhill III and Janna C. Underhill to Ryan M. White and Christine A. White.

Snow St. 62149: $60,500, Sucession of Patrick J. Edney and succession of Deborah C. Edney to Brian R. Mahon.


Bedico Creek subdivision, lots 362, 372, 373, 381, 382: $263,375, Bedico Interests LLC to BMI Construction LLC.

Bedico Creek subdivision, lots 371, 374, 383, 384, 393: $263,375, Bedico Interests LLC to Yar Construction Co. Inc..

Cedar Creek Drive 341: $311,335, DSLD Homes LLC to Joshua Parish and Kristin Parish.

E. Louisiana Highway 22-S-15 127: $242,000, Dawn M. Davis to Joe A. Nelle.

Elmwood Loop 37: $215,000, Thomas J. Naddy and Jennifer M. Naddy to Jaqueline Casey.

Katie Court 412: $245,500, Florida Parishes Bank to Charles R. Broussard Jr. and Amber M. Broussard.

Near Perriloux Road, portion of ground: $650,000, Perriloux Properties LLC to Coast Builders LLC.

Pine Grove Loop 685: $375,600, Coast Builders LLC to Jay R. Grave and James A. Grave.

Raiford Oaks Blvd. 143: $234,906, Louis P. Dupre III and Angelle D. Dupre to STL Property Investments LLC.

River Oaks Estates, lot 76: $20,000, Bruce Gere to Travyell A. Martin.

S. Owens Road 125: $128,000, ASI Federal Credit Union to Brelana Armstrong.

Section 11, township 7 south, range 10 east, portion of ground: $67,315, B. C. S. Development LLC to Sean McHughes and Christine D. McHughes.

Section 14, township 7 south, range 10 east, portion of lot 4: $75,000, Ordone Co. LLC to Albert C. Auxilien Jr. and Kim L. Auxlien.

St. Calais Place 116: donation, no value stated, Richard Jeff Gaude and Sheri M. Gaude to J&S Investments of Louisiana LLC.

Venette Court 28596: $227,000, Joshua Paul Parish and Kristen Divincenti Parish to STL Property Investments LLC.

Willow Bend Drive 113: $440,000, Leroy J. Cooper and Christine Guidry Cooper to Bobby J. Bankston and Penelope Patton-Bankston.


Near Mandeville, portion of ground: $72,000, Phylis F. Burke Mastrianni to Fay Homes LLC.

Town of Mandeville, portion of ground: $640,000, Makmore Enterprises Inc. to Dugas Properties Inc.

Woodridge On The Lake subdivision, Phase 3, lot 377: $160,000, Travis Howard Autin and Angie C. Autin to Michelene Insalaco 2003 Living Trust.

Asbury Drive 594: $630,000, Exquisite Properties I LLC to Marin Investments LLC.

Debouchel Place 316: $223,000, Michael E. Dean Jr. and Diana S. Dean to Tyler P. St. Philip, Charles R. St. Philip and Tammy P. St. Philip and Charles R. St. Philip.

Emerson St. 67141: $241,550, Charles A. Dranguet Jr. and Victoria R. Dranguet to Scott N. Masson and Tiffany A. Marino.

Fountains Park Blvd. 216: $142,000, Carmella F. Rankin to Myra C. Patrick.

Garden Ave. 310: $299,500, Gregory M. McClain and Gladys C. McClain to Robley J. Gelpi III and Daphne M. Gelpi.

Goldflower Lane 670: $259,000, Trevor C. Schott to Joshua Borges.

Grande Maision subdivision, lot 4, Phase 1: $75,000, HR Builders Co. LLC to C&C Homebuilders Construction Inc.

Hickory St. 118: $115,000, Danny Moseley to Monique Zachary Attuso.

Jackson St. 424: $175,000, Succession of Evelyn C. Carriere Williams, Cynthia L. Keys Richardson, Esther C. Wheeler and others to Michael L. Broussard and Stephanie L. Broussard.

Jasmine St. 1534: $90,000, Metairie Bank and Trust Co. to Future Property Investments LLC.

Jennifer Court 11: $173,500, Lloyd C. McCaine Jr. and Yvette R. McCraine to Melanie K. Martin.

Kings Row subdivision, lot 12, square 2: $25,500, Succession of Patricia Holden to DLK Homes LLC.

Kiskatom Lane 677: $565,000, Robley J. Gelpi III and Daphne M. Gelpi to Edward C. Amrock and Ann W. Amrock.

Laura Drive North 270: $315,000, 270 N. Laura Dr Trust to Larry J. Talley and April Talley Ashmore.

Mulberry Ave. 235: donation, no value stated, Cheryl Freeman Carruth to Samuel Lee Carruth Jr.

Remmy Court 136, 142: $325,000, Paul J. Curcio and Darlene D. Curcio to Mary Shea Burke.

Sandlewood Circle 102: $181,500, Nancy Fotos Lester to Summer Breeze Properties LLC.

Section 36, township 7 south, range 11 east, portion of ground: $4,801, Linda D. Noto revocable living trust to Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development.

Shongaloo Lane 104: $445,000, Richard J. Zimmer III and Diane R. Zimmer to John G. Curren and Helen R. Curren.

Spanish Moss Court 37: $522,500, Peter T. McClenahan and Alice O. McClenahan to Sean R. Dattoli.

Thackery St. 67054: $257,500, Federal National Mortgage Association to Mark Crow.

Villere St. 3060: $256,000, Randy M. Perrin and Amanda Dunn Perrin to Massimiliano Di Stanislao and Daniela M. Di Stanislao.

W. Ridge Drive 2092: $282,900, Jeffrey W. Knight and Melissa E. Knight to Adam David Szeltner and Dawn M. Szeltner.

Walnut St. 208: $150,000, Claudette Pattin Davis to Teresa Clare Burkett.

Water Oak Lane 416: $182,500, Lalita N. Mondkar, Aditi Bela Mondkar and Sarita J. Mondkar to Sher Dene Roberts.


W. Powerline Road 37236: $98,085, Regina S. Johnson and Peter R. Berends and Regina S. Johson Joint Living Trust to Rapid Results Inc.


Antoine Industrial Park subdivision, lot 24: $1,000, Nolan Properties LLC to Nolan Development LLC.


Near Sixth Ward, portion of ground: $10,000 and other good and valuable consideration, Esler Properties #1 LLC to Highway 41 Property LLC.


Beverly Hills subdivision, lots 8, 9, square 9: donation, no value stated, Craig M. Edwards and Lelah Al-Jabi Edwards to Brent J. Edwards.

Grand Champions of Oak Harbor subdivision, portion of ground: $180,000, CJS Real Estate LLC to Ross Savoie Construction LLC.

Greencrest Drive 277: $13,000, David Bertucci and Julie F. Bertucci to George T. Folse III and Shanna C. Folse.

Moorings of Oak Harbor subdivision, Phase 3, lot 51: $449,000, David E. Hudspeth and Marcia Ann Mazur Hudspeth to Warren J. Riley.

Arrowhead Drive 3747: donation, no value stated, Ulee J. LeBlanc to Donald J. LeBlanc, Susan Ann Elsensohn, Sandra Marie LeBlanc Provensal and Steven T. LeBlanc.

Belvedere Court 1053: $124,000, William D. England, Denise England Lutton, Stephanie L. Rehmann, Phillip R. Lutton and Ashley Lutton to Carole Annette Haynes.

Berkley St. 3861: $125,000, Land Title Investments LLC to Deanna Johnson and Julie Johnson.

Blue Ridge Drive 56072: donation, no value stated, Carmen E. Campbell to Darren C. Campbell and Judy G. Campbell.

Brittany Lane 114: $170,900, Charles M. Coghlan Jr. and Tina A. Coghlan to Chaz Tyler Cavignac and Shelby E. Pizzolato.

Brokenbough Drive 430: $155,000, Phyllis LeBlanc Indest to Amanda Day Pitre.

Bryan Drive 103: $10,000, donation, Raymond C. Shubert and Roxanne F. Ramon to Joshua Shubert.

Cheshire Court 1803: $93,500, Timothy J. Dudenhefer to Donna Gail Kemper.

Clara Drive 246: $235,000, Darrin R. Wagner to William W. Mancuso Jr.

Cross Gates Blvd. 232: $245,000, David D. Hollingsworth and Natalie Anna B. Hollingsworth to Marion T. Beraud Johnson.

Cross Gates Blvd. 396: $247,000, Thomas A. Carbone and Paige V. Carbone to Kathy Borja.

Fairfield Loop 732: $216,500, Benny W. Rhodes Jr. and Diana G. Rhodes to Wyatt E. Erminger and Chara Smith Erminger.

Galeria Blvd. 113: $235,000, Succession of John Piediscalzo III and Ashlie Lewis Piediscalzo to U&H Propertis LLC.

Galeria Commerical Park subdivision, Phase 2, lots 15, 16: $290,000, Evergreen Enterprises LLC to PW Cullen Properties LLC.

Hoover Drive 170: donation, no value stated, Albert Clark Smith to Barbara S. Wehrstedt.

Kempsey Court 126: $163,900, Marino Investments LLC to Alexis J. Brown.

Kingspoint Blvd. 155, Unit 110: $43,150, Elisha Michele Davillier to Eric F. Dessommes and Patricia Acrey Dessommes.

Kingsport subdivision, Phase 7, lot 12, square 5: $97,000, Wells Fargo Bank NA to American Eagle LLC.

Liberty Drive 58295: $76,000, Christiana Trust to Richard J. Canepa and Kimberly B.Canepa.

Longleaf Lane 34087: $150,000, E. J. Milligan Construction Co. LLC to Doralina Deitch.

Mallard St. 2107: $98,000, Omer Hingle and Louise P. Hingle to James W. Arnold and Dianne J. Arnold.

Marche Blvd. 109: $149,900, Irma Rose Russell to Dylan P. Estain and Miranda Arceneaux Estain.

Moonraker Drive 295: $268,000, Alice E. Hook to Joseph Hernandez.

Pine Crest subdivision, lot 8, square 12: $85,000, Succession of Bernard H. Larmann Jr. and Maria H. Larmann to Nicole J. Wooldridge.

Pine Villa subdivision, lot 155: $10,000, Linda Graffagnini Mistretta to Alejandra Cordoba.

Rebecca Reid Drive 1115: $249,900, Gary M. Palermo Jr. and Melissa Bei Palermo to Gary W. Howard.

Rue Rochelle 1131: $178,000, Succession of Anthony L. Reski to Joseph W. Jackson III and Dorothy C. Badon Jackson.

Salt Bayou Road 38513: donation, no value stated, Latisha Shelton Skyles to Inez Stokes Shelton.

Scott Drive 242: $155,000, Jennifer Sevin Rutherford to Seamus E. Murphy and Megan M. Murphy.

Shylock Drive 1654: $155,000, Succession of Eunice Morris Eddins to Glenda Green Guillaume.

Stanley St. 34039: $172,000, Jordan C. Gunther to Kenitra M. Payne.

Tanglewood Crossing Drive 566: $325,035, Coast Builders LLC to Beau Gerard M. Arieux and Alisha Ann Arieux.

Terrace Park subdivision, lots 11, 12, square 33: $600, Jennifer Laughran and Tracy Wynne to Dragonfly Enterprises.

W. Lake Drive 424: $212,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Emile J. Trentacosta and Virgina G. Trentacosta.

Windsor Drive 35314: $111,000, Cynthia I. Montgomery to Angela Woods.


Louisiana Highway 40 20562: $305,000, Succession of Jack Nathan Admire to Papillon M. Anderson.

Louisiana Highway 40 24246: $39,000, James M. Thornhill and Carol O. Thornhill to Bill E. Johnson and Cassandra D. McElroy Johnson.

Section 47, township 4 south, range 13 east, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Francine Victoria Cooper Jacob to Gregory Brett Pounds.