Paul J. Hendrick and Leslie J. Cramond sold this home at 232 Hollywood Drive in Metairie to Deborah A. C. Schade for $755,000.


Transfers for Dec. 27, 2017-Jan. 3, 2018


Anna Terrace subdivision, lot 1, square 5: $265,000, Ragan G. Maffei to Kelly L. Harris and Elizabeth Harris.

Bourg Court 4: $315,000, Clinton E. Young and Allyson P. Young to David P. Taylor Jr. and Naomi J. C. Taylor.

Elmwood Industrial Park Mounes Division subdivision, lot 4A2, square A: $360,000, D. Stop Prop LLC and Aubrey C. Brand to Preferred Investment Properties LLC.

Riverside Park subdivision, lot 72, square B: $62,395, Stephanie D. Guidry and Brett Guidry to Christine D. Lambert and Jordan Lambert.

Roseland Parkway 416: $95,000, Mellon Bank of New York to 416 Roseland LLC.


Betz Avenue 224: Donation, Sanford B. Krilov to Ochsner Clinic Foundation.

Carol Drive 553: $215,000, Karen Gerwig to Janine L. Wyatt.

Dodge Ave. 125: $275,000, Richard H. Creager Jr. to Patrick Grace and Cynthia S. Grace.

Hill St. 728: Donation, 728 Hill Street LLC to Modan Rickton LLC.


Aberdeen St. 2611: $200,000, Patrick D. McKenna to MCA Vouray Properties LLC.

Androus Ave. 70: $290,000, Aaron B. Newitt to John Schumacher and Maria Cruz.

California Ave. 4009: $70,000, John Meeks III and Lisa Reaves to Brandon E. Breaux Real Estate Inc.

Castle Drive 3325: Donation, Rupal Shah to Panna Ashvinkumar and Ashvinkumar P. Shah.

Chateau Blvd. 3291: $225,000, Micaza Properties LLC to Dustin D. Gilmore and Kady S. Gilmore.

Chateau Latour Drive 174: $595,000, Ricardo Estrada and Holly Estrada to Robert L. Heath Jr.

Continental Drive 3345: $165,000, Cameron J. Esponge and Fallon Esponge to Tabitha Washington.

Kentucky Ave. 2602: $149,500, Walter K. Sunderland Jr. to Kristen A. Rogers and Frank J. Masanz Jr.

Palmetto 82: $380,000, Renae P. Richardson and Joseph A. Kowalewski to Patricia A. Driscoll.

Phoenix St. 3021: $260,000, Robert T. Hughes and Helen Hughes to Runjian Deng and Yanping Cen.

Phoenix St. 3022: $120,000, 3022 Phoenix LLC to J. I. Squire LLC.

West Esplanade Ave. 1401: Donation, Clancy Developments Limited Partnership to Gateway At Esplanade LLC.

West Esplanade Ave. 100: $230,000, Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Brian Harris.

West Louisiana State Drive 3512: $155,000, Michelle Coari to Jessica Coslan and Lance George.

West Loyola Drive 3548: $55,000, Eugene P. Cortez to Micazas Contractor LLC.

Woodlake subdivision, lot 2, square P: $231,000, Iris G. Leitz and Marlene P. Costanza to Lillian Orellano.


Elmeer Ave. 120: $411,000, Kristin K. Foret to Lisa Garza and Jaime R. Garza.

Papworth Ave. 334: $291,800, Charles C. Wandfluh to Luciana P. Viscer.

Airline Park North subdivision, lot 14, square 108: Donation, Marvin A. Aguilera to Jairo A. Aguillera.

Alexander Drive 4508: $305,000, Blancher Properties LLC to James T. Broussard.

Atherton Drive 608: $215,000, James A. Pilet IV to Revival Development LLC.

Atherton Drive 608: $215,000, Revival Development LLC to Richard J. Gray Jr.

Belle Drive 4716: $320,000, Patrick M. Malone and Edward A. Malone to Danielle Amos.

Beverly Knoll subdivision, lot 30, square 15: Donation, Kevin T. Jacobs to Lynn Jacobs and Linda Condit.

Beverly Knoll Suburb subdivision, lot 19A, square 11: $580,000, Deaton T. Harris to Cheryl Fischer and Ronald M. Fischer.

Bissonet Drive 5117: $487,000, Emmanuel J. Guillot III and Cynthia P. Guillot to Carl A. Horne and Christian C. Horne.

Bonnabel Blvd. 251: $858,000, LHC Bulders LLC to George W. Bernard and Katherine Bernard.

Bridget St. 5701: $245,000, Kenneth W. Tabony to James B. Monroe.

Brockenbraugh Court 1028: $303,000, JKM Diversified LLC to Kayla E. Zara and Fredy O. Chavez.

Brooklyn Ave. 235: $152,500, Kenneth D. Shea and Michelle M. Shea to Robert D. Schromm.

Canal Street subdivision, lot 24, square 43: Donation, Melvin Hern III to Cynthia P. Hern.

Canal Street subdivision, lot 25, square 48: $261,500, Michael G. McComb to Tracey J. D’Hemecourt and James D’Hemecourt Jr.

Clearview Parkway 3508: $169,500, Vincent Fertitta Jr. to Anthony F. Palmisano III.

Craig Ave. 4909: $486,000, Wing M. Fok and Lillian Y. M. L. Fok to Vismay M. Shah.

Cummins St. 6305: $175,000, Kyle P. Winkler Jr. to Leanne Madden.

Elmeer Ave. 362: $190,000, David Claus LLC to Miles S. Meckstroth.

Flagler St. 6213: Donation, Roland A. Ricca Jr. to 6213 Flagler Street LLC.

Focis St. 311: $626,000, Alan R. Godchaux, Beryl G. Dandridge and Alan Godchaux to Kay E. Levy.

Fountain Court, unit 9: $45,000, Darian D. Beafneaux and Nikki Beafneaux to Jorge F. Muelie and Joselyn Correa.

Glendale Drive 222: $500,000, Tammy Brown to Rachel Harris.

Glendale St. 4725: Donation, 4725 Glendale LLC to William A. Lack.

Grand Drive 814: $202,500, Cynthia M. Dauner to Vincent T. Castillo and Brittany L. Chambers.

Highway Park subdivision, lot 47, square 285: $130,000, Southern Companies Ventures LLC to 2921 Iowa LLC.

Hollywood Drive 232: $755,000, Paul J. Hendrick and Leslie J. Cramond to Deborah A. C. Schade.

Homestead Ave. 905: Donation, Robert J. Tamberella to PJD Houses LLC.

Houma Blvd. 2825: $78,693, Paul Ganucheau to Byron Ganucheau.

Houma Blvd. 2825: $84,000, Edmond J. Ganucheau III to Byron Ganucheau.

Labarre Drive 220: Donation, Jason A. Steger to Sarah Stassi.

Labarre Drive 241: $280,000, Theofylactos Kintzonides to Rozane Keppner and Michael A. Keppner.

Lake Ave. 344: $626,500, Krewe Development LLC to 344 Lake Avenue LLC.

Lake Whitney West subdivision, lot 5, square 1: $343,000, Kevin P. McNamara and Nicole McNamara to Daniel E. McConnell and Louise L. McConnell.

Lynnette Ave. 700: $154,000, Joe Perez to Glen G. Laborde.

Martin Behrman Walk 1020: $464,900, Steven W. Harm to Melanie M. Mulcahy.

Maryland Ave. 2329: $218,000, Freeman Homes LLC to Forna Diphicyl and Marta I. Diphicyl.

Maryland Ave. 2349: $75,000, Richard R. Robinson Jr. to Celso E. Hernandez.

Melody Drive 115: $516,800, Gordon L. Wogan and Elizabeth H. Wogan to Michael J. Armelin Jr. and Sarah P. Armelin.

Metairie Heights Ave. 3016: $407,200, Dustin C. Gendusa and Julie L. Gendusa to Philip Rizzuto.

Metro View condo, unit 231-C: $95,000, Lacey T. Stpierre to Jefferson Parish Rental LLC.

N. Atlanta St. 1421: $217,083, Hannah L. Wallace to Alexzondra Greco.

N. Woodland Ave. 705: $279,000, Kelly E. L. Merry to Amber M. Kreko and Michael J. Sciavicco.

North Atlanta St. 421: $153,000, Erica M. H. Tassin to Glen G. Laborde.

North Cumberland St. 709: $125,500, Caryn M. Wilson and James G. Wilson to Christine B. Ohordorff.

North Sibley St. 1701: Donation, Angela Borgstede to Sara A. McConnell and Danielle E. Brady.

Old Metairie condo, unit 237: Donation, Lou A. C. Darden to Brian S. Levy and Colleen C. Levy.

Ponte Vista subdivision, lot 46, square 29: $150,000, Maria Trevino, Socorro Trevino, Mary Trevino and Ofelia Barrera to Cecilia Bourg and David F. Bourg Jr.

Richland Ave. 1412: $195,500, Lawrence L. Babin to Jody F. Roberts.

Roman St. 3913: $190,000, Jennifer M. T. Caluda to Amanda L. Smith.

Roselawn St. 1016: $90,000, Jeanne M. Bruphacher, Joan L. Bourgeois and Jean A. Wursteisen to Mark C. Brupbacher.

Sena Drive 708: $507,500, Stacy B. Rogers to David A. Dallimore and Jamie W. Dallimore.

Severn Ave. 1107: $100,Norma C. Turner to Gulf South Development LLC.

Sierra Place subdivision, lot S: Donation, Salvatore Tranchina Jr. to 3135 Metairie Rd LLC.

Sonfield St. 4416: $410,000, Antoinette Schoen Family LLC to Taylor R. Murphy.

Suburban Villas 6. subdivision, lot 28, square 12: $810,000, 2813 Independence Holdings LLC to 2813 Independence Street LLC.

Suburban Villas subdivision, lot 47, square 11: $84,000, Alan Ganucheau to Byron Ganucheau.

Taft Park 2309: $123,700, Nancy A. M. Burck to Patricia L. D. Porrazzo.

Taft Park 3908: $140,000, Steven K. Fruge and Michelle R. Fruge to Stanley R. Chatagnier.

Upper Pontalba of Old Metairie condo, unit 301: $537,500, John G. Curren Jr. and Joanne L. Curren to Sabina A. Altman.

Utica St. 5020: $300,000, JLSS Properties LLC to Babcock Holdings LLC.

Wilson Drive 5112: $247,000, Eva B. Mallaun to Matthew J. Uhle.

Woodridge condo, unit 212: $64,000, Mohammadreza Amini to Mariano Rosa and Mariam M. D. Rosa.

Yale St. 1709: $157,000, Dolores B. Lafleur to Larissa E. Petty.


Ormond Place 9008: $425,000, Thomas C. Pitman and Joann E. Pitman to Danielle L. Masson and Daniel C. Wagner.

Tiffany Drive 10001: $372,000, George J. Flick Jr. and Charlene Flick to David C. Mills Jr. and Marion O. M. Mills.

Wilker Neal Ave. 551: $15,000, Stanley Roby to Propiedad Dehes.