Transfers for June 18-22


Abita Ridge Acres subdivision, lot 8: $269,900, Mark & Kasey LLC to Gerald Theriot Jr. and Michelle Theriot.

Bossier City Division subdivsion, lot 6, square 24: $125,000, Martha J. Romano to Lanbec Properties LLC.

Dundee Duplexes subdivision, Phase 1, 2, portion of ground: $160,000, Lonesome Development LLC to Pebble LLC.

Hillcrest Country Club Estates, lot 74, square 1: $13,910, Bonnie P. Pace, Christi P. Buccola and Thomas E. Pace to John P. Romaire and Nicole R. Romaire.

Hillcrest Country Club Estates, lot 75, square 1: $13,500, Sedgie J. Harvey Jr. and Ann Harvey to Macro J. Vaccarella.

Maria Ave. 216: $197,200, Audrey Mae Cotton Neumann to Aaron Breaud.

Money Hill Plantation subdivision, Phase 1, homesite 32: $82,500, Kenneth J. Pitcher and Rae Lynn H. Pitcher to Robert P. Atkinson and Rebecca H. Atkinson.

Near Abita Springs, portion of ground: $250,000, Gary A. Lamonte to Adam J. Meier and Elizabeth S. Meier.

New Abita subdivision, lot 5, square 15: $40,696, Bitner LLC to Christopher J. Schoen Sr.


Aaron Fitzgerald Road 78441: donation, no value stated, Darryl J. Fitzgerald and Kathleen W. Fitzgerald to Megan P. Fitzgerald.

Aspen Lane 416: $455,000, David A. Shuffield and Ashley G. Shuffield to Gary J. Leavy and Debra A Leavy.

Beech St. 307: $224,000, Robert B. Laville, Elizabeth G. Laville and Anne G. Laville to Evan J. Flynn and Kathleen S. Flynn.

D St. 70480: $115,000, Lonnie L. Sanchez Sr. and Margaret L. Sanchez to Michelle S. Chifici.

Darlene Drive 2265: $229,235, DSLD Homes LLC to Eric A. Jacobson and Melinda B. Jacobson.

Dogwood Drive 72: $200,000, TCE Properties LLC to Harrison Custom Homes LLC.

E. Creek Court 1049: $186,050, DSLD Homes LLC to Jennifer L. Deshotel.

Emerald Forest Blvd. 350, Unit 16205: $108,000, Keith A. Ladner and Cathryn F. Ladner to Janelle P. Baranco.

Emerald Forest Blvd. 350, Unit 19201: $91,000, All About Emerald LLC to Frank G. Cotton Jr.

Hidden Creek subdivision, Phase 2, lot 58: $83,022, Hidden Creek LLC to Jenkins Homes Inc.

Huseman Lane 604: $180,000, Chad E. Piot and Laurie G. Piot to John E. Carson Jr.

Jahncke Ave. 520: $445,000, Don Dee Duggan and Suzanne M. Duggan to Dennis Hardin and Cheryl K. Hardin.

Joyce Drive 75560: $228,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Megan R. Dicks.

Joyce Drive 75572: $210,500, D. R. Horton Inc. Gulf Coast to Robert G. James and Katy E. James.

N. Jefferson Ave. 516: $385,000, 516 North Jefferson LLC to Case Performance Properties LLC.

Natchez Court 140: $550,277, Rockwell Builders LLC to Thomas M. Cherry and Kristy F. Cherry.

Natchez Trace Drive 248: $720,000, Bradley Ray Goodson and Laura Morris Goodson to Marizu Azubuike Nwokoma and Sylvia C. Wilcox Nwokoma.

Near Covington, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Sabrina F. Lamonte to Gary A. Lamonte.

Near Covington, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Larry Conrad, Edward Conrad and Donald Conrad to Rick Dickson and Donna Dickson.

Ozone Place subdivision, lots 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, square 85: donation, no value stated, Nonapaws LLC to Lowron Melton Spell Jr.

Piney Woods Marina subdivision, lot 7: donation, no value stated, Timothy M. Warr and William A. War III to Patricia T. Warr.

Plantation St. 72358: $152,000, Gabrielle Marie Sabadie to Samantha Lynn Rabito and Theresa Anne Fairbank.

Plantation St. 73255: $279,000, Noah L. Rogers and Jennifer H. Rogers to Brian E. Nunez and Michele B. Nunez.

Riverdale Drive 23: $397,500, Scott A. Evans and Michelle D. Evans to Lisa R. Strahan.

S. Aalea Drive 25: $380,000, Michael J. Stephens Sr. to Robert L. Schaff Jr. and Natasha C. Schaff.

S. Fitzmorris Road 76533: $337,000, Don Barilleaux and Mary E. Frady Barilleaux to Ryan Soto and Ashley C. Soto.

S. Vermont St. 405: $547,000, Arthur J. Reed and Casey Daste Reed to Tyler C. Finley and Alyson L. Finley.

Sam court 2521: $296,660, DSLD Homes LLC to Luke D. Read and Laura Read.

Saw Grass Loop 267: $302,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Carol J. Landry.

Tammany Hills subdivision, lots 36, 38, square 81: $108,379 and other good and valuable consideration, Nomura Home Equity Loan to E. F. Magenheimer & Son LLC.

Third St. 70446: $164,500, Intrepid Builders LLC to Terry W. Harrison Jr.

Tiger Ave. 473: $254,045, DSLD Homes LLC to Derek R. Kopecky and Jeanee Kopecky.

Turnwood Drive 512: $245,000, Jeffrey C. Englert to Kaleb J. Boudreaux and Rachel M. Frantz.

Versailles subdivision, Phase 5-C, lot 239: $389,000, Joseph Ray Tridico and Angela K. Tridico to Dustin J. Duracher and Candice N. Duracher.

W. 15th Ave. 820: $78,000, Gerald B. Brown and Stacy S. Brown to Combark Properties LLC.

W. 24th Ave. 816: $209,000, Keith S. Robin Jr., Judy D. Robin and Jenny M. Robin Nadler to Blair C. Donahue and Matthew C. Donahue.

Wildwood Lane 19422: $175,000, Hans P. Acquistapace to Erik C. Acquistapace.

Woodvine Court 38: $380,000, Colleen C. Grady to Allison S. Timphony.


Hereford Road 10174: $250,000, Laurie Morgan Johnson to Karen Percival Beaird.

Near Folsom, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, David T. Acquistapace and Mary M. Acquistapace to Charles R. Acquistapace.

Section 43, township 4 south, range 10 east, portion of ground: $195,000, David T. Acquistapace and Mary M. Acquistapace to Frank J. Swarr and Melissa R. Swarr.


Beaver Bail Road 65276: donation, no value stated, Victor G. Steudlein and Cynthia R. Steudelein to Eric D. Steudlein and Kris Prinz Steudlein.

Jade St. 61113: $193,200, Rothside Properties LLC to Bradley S. Caluda and Kristen M. Caluda.

St. John Drive 30336: $327,500, John Patrick Mccarthy and Maria Renee Zaller Mccarthy to Christopher J. Chambers and Crystal Danos Chambers.

Tranquility Trail 26202: $42,000, Linda R. Wiggins to Abel M. Cifuentes Rodas and Rodelvi Areli Garcia Velazques.


Bedico Creek subdivision, portion of ground: $4,100,000, Bedico Creek Preserve LLC to Bedico Interests LLC.

Bedico Creek subdivison lots 722, 723: $142,590, Bedico Interests LLC to KPM Construction LLC.

Coquille subdivision, lot 63: $80,000, Forest Lake Estates LLC to Hurley Homes LLC.

Coquille subdivision, Phase 3-A, lot 91: $80,000, Forest Lake Estates LLC to C-T Homes LLC.

Empress Court 217: $465,500, Luke T. Kinnard and Rebecca J. Kinnard to Gary A. Wilson and Marja M. Wilson.

Ethan Lane 69476: $200,000, Susan B. Paille to Casey M. Paille.

Fox Sparrow Loop 1061: $278,500, KPM Construction LLC to Austin J. Tracey and Krista B. Tracey.

Madisonville on the Lake subdivision, Phase 1, lot 32: $56,500, James R. Picone Jr. and Jennifer A. Picone to Thomas T. Nguyen and Quinny Nguyen.

Near Madisonville, portion of ground: $38,000, Carol Ann Foucha Roth to John J. Esneault.

Near Madisonville, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Roman Catholic Church Archdiocese of N. O. to Holy Trinity Drive Land Corp.

Pine Grove Loop 660: $312,845, DSLD Homes LLC to Jean Barrosse and Mary B. Thomas.

Pineland South subdivision, lot 4: $70,000, Richard C. Lambert to Timothy J. Kulage and Carol J. Kulage.

Pink Myrtle Drive 1111: $237,500, Gail L. Roger to Allison S. Falcone.

Rue Du Sud 67: $134,000, Charles C. Carr II and Anne Marie Brown Carr to Gary C. Loyd Jr.

Tallow Tree Drive 539: $590,000, Yar Construction Co. Inc. to James G. Clayton and Kelly B. Clayton.

Tumble Creek Drive 513: $319,225, DSLD Homes LLC to Taylor Holley and Morgan R. Holley.


Grande Maison subdivision, Phase 3-B, lot 162: $85,000, Grande Maison Development LLC to MJB Construction LLC.

America St. 2236: $333,000, Affordable Homes & Land LLC to Christian A. Smith.

America Street, lots 7, 9: donation, no value stated, Marie S. Perrone to Kenneth G. Perrone and David A. Perrone.

Biron St. 2161: $153,500, Sharon Bell Rosenberger Leehans to Robert E. Johnson and Diana Lee Johnson.

Biron St. 2344: $162,500, David L. Craft and Annah K. Craft to Shawn X. Arnold and Matthew X. Arnold.

Bridalwood Drive 447: $555,000, Daniel P. Tveit and Kelly C. Tveit to Latasha L. Jackson Boynton and Asa T. Boynton Jr.

Brook Court 1212: $429,900, Bruce J. Hanni and Mary W. Hanni to Robert C. Deis and Casey Jo Willms Deis.

Clausel St. 1065: donation, no value stated, Jessica Campo Olwell to Justin M. Olwell.

Clausel St. 1065: donation, no value stated, Justin M. Olwell to Jessica C. Olwell.

Forest Brook Blvd. 336: $276,000, Cecil T. Goodfriend to Daniel R. Schaus and Vicki Weider Schaus.

Girod St. 203: $265,000, Jennifer T. Rusness to Gallup Properties LLC.

Jennifer Court 16: $125,000, Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. to Federal National Mortgage Association.

Juniper Court 112: $709,500, Casey J. Forshag LLC to Eric J. Wallace Jr. and Kelly M. Wallace.

Lafayette St. 508: $340,500, Chad R. Harris and Monica H. Harris to Matthew R. Gifford and Gloria W. Gifford.

Mariner Blvd. 304, Unit 38: $85,000, Lisa Jean Sendra to Stephen P. Wright and Lenna D. Wright.

Mariners Blvd. 304, Unit 38: donation, no value stated, Fidel F. Sendra to Lisa Jean Sendra.

Menuet Road 70365: $217,000, Sandra B. Robinson to James D. Dumas and Pamela B. Dumas.

Moss Lane 320: $325,000, Malvina Lore Simon to George C. Archer and Anthony J. Dominici.

N. Beau Chene Drive 665, Unit 22: $109,000, Marilyn M. Pittman to Willliam W. Scaife and Linda L. Scaife.

N. Beau Chene Drive 675: $308,000, Lawrence J. Delsa Jr. and Claudia T. Delsa to Terence A. Douglas and Karen M. Douglas.

Nancy St. 958: $255,900, Daniel R. Schaus and Vicki W. Schaus to Anthony R. Dominguez and Jessica V. Losee.

Near Mandeville, portion of ground: $249,900, Thomas G. Gueydan and Stephen B. Gueydan to Joshua Vallelungo and Jennifer Snow Vallelungo.

Near Mandeville, portion of ground: $2,533,748, Murphy 21 LLC to First Baptist Church of Covington.

Parkview Blvd. 100, Unit 304: $75,000, MLV Trust to William L. Kuhn and Denise G. Kuhn.

Red Maple Drie 350: $304,000, Justin W. Dubyak to Logan E. Schmidt and Elise T. Schmidt.

Rue Coquille 22245: $250,000, Perry F. Otillio, Michele B. Dysart, Kathleen B. Snow, Suzanne Babin Wahl and Peggy O. Cardella to Jeffery L. Lambert and Brittney E. Olivier.

Savoie Drive 37: $380,000, Richard J. Morvant and Vicki L. Morvant to Kenneth W. Turner and Rachel R. Turner.

Scotchpine Drive 429: $727,500, Richard C. Lambert and Beth Marie Gardere Lambert to Kyle J. Arceneaux and Margaret A. Arceneaux.


Charles Anderson Road 37220: $128,500, Carmen Theresa Didier to David L. Reed.

Claude Polk Road 69497: donation, no value stated, William P. Creed to Kaylene A. Creed.

Gum St. 39195: donation, no value stated, Margaret H. Martensson to Julio E. Martensson.

Mockingbird Loop 35256: $115,000, Lisa Overman Morrison, Vickie Abadie Fisher and Connie Abadie Garbarino to Brian Clark Louque.

Wildwood Farms subdivision, lot 23: $85,000, Succession of Milton Guidroz and succession of Elter Marie Guidroz to Barry J. Sharp.

Windsong Place 159: $135,000, Jason M. Weaver to Gary W. Beard and Brooke L. Reysack.


Aberdeen Drive 115: $265,000, Robert W. Blythe and Christen H. Blythe to Brian T. Albertson and Maria E. Albertson.

Avery Estates, portion of ground: $11,000, First Financial Services of Slidell LLC to Blaine Weller and Jade Weller.

Bayou Lane 1941: $400,000, Gary J. Williams and Marian Donnell Minton Williams to Roberts Landing LLC.

Bayou Paquet St. 100: $25,000, Tarzan G. Treadway II and Adrienne M. Macky Treadway to Glenn S. Maddox.

Blue Crane Drive 194: donation, no value stated, John E. Patorno to Pamela M. Patorno.

Blue Crane No. 1 Drive 235: $249,500, James R. Ramirez and Nicole Allison B. Ramirez to Jerrod C. Brasseaux and Kelsey S. Brasseaux.

Camp Salmen Road 35396: $63,600, James A. Edenfield and Carolyn D. Edenfield to Pearl B. Devezin.

Columbia Place 125: $259,900, GEC Enterprise LLC to Tina Marie Bush-Kingman.

Cornerstone Drive 143: $170,630, Jean K. Roueche to Stephen J. Prechter and Gina P. Prechter.

Driftwood Circle 407: $91,875, CWABS Inc. to Romagossa Family irrevocable trust.

Frank Pichon Jr. Road 56460: $4,500,000, Travel Choice Inc. to Jay Shiv Shakti LLC.

Front St. 3120: $33,500, Federal National Mortgage Associaton to Andrew Marino III.

Gause Blvd. West 2014: $820,000, Hanner Martin LLC to Triple Son Properties LLC.

Knollwood Lane 329: $246,895, DSLD Homes LLC to Michael S. Julian and Donna Jean Julian.

Lakeshore Estates, Phase 2-B, lot 48: $61,200, Tammany Holding Co. LLC to Christopher M. Canan III.

Lakeshore Estates, Phase 2-B, lots 59, 60: $122,400, Tammany Holding Co. LLC to Steven M. Mace.

Lakeshore Village Drive 673: $235,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Phuoc T. Tran and Tan Nhut Nguyen.

Lakeview Drive 258: donation, no value stated, Michael H. Edwards to Mary Watkins Edwards.

Liberty Drive 58340: $10 and other valuable consideration, Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC to Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

Louisiana Highway 433 55268: $106,000, Herbert L. Stoltz irrevocable trust, Darryl J. Stoltz, Brian H. Stoltz and Keith J. Stoltz to Molly A. Ellett.

Marina Drive 788: $163,500, Peggy D. Williams to Stephen J. Martemucci and Shawn E. Martemucci.

Moonraker Drive 169: $290,000, Bobbie F. Crowe and Melissa Anne Rigney Crowe to Shawn David Pugmire.

Oak Leaf Drive 128: $289,500, Mark J. Halfpenny and Brianne B. Halfpenny to Colleen C. Grady.

Palmer Court 341: $294,000, David J. Indest to Robert T. Reidenauer Jr. and Gretchen G. Reidenauer.

Park Drive 2152: $91,500, Charles W. Templeton III to Tamara L. Tucker.

Queen Anne Drive 318: $141,000, Eugeni K. Giglio, Blanche G. Nicols, Jean A Giglio and Drew P. Giglio to Dionne Washington Crochet.

Riviera Drive 3836: $110,000, Nickolas L. Cannon to Thomas D. Campbell.

S. Holiday Drive 201: $209,000, Kevin W. Barlow and Jessica S. Barlow to Daniel Clavier III and Pamela S. Clavier.

S. Lakeshore Blvd. 2029: $710,000, Ronald J. Jeandron and Dana Louis S. Jeandron to Gilbert E. Copeland Jr.

Slidell Ave. 2660: $75,500, Kenneth H. Hooks III and Lindi F. Hooks to Edward S. Jacob IIII and Ruth E. Jacob.

Slidell Ozone Heights subdivision, lot 5, square 3: $5,000, Frank Saucier to Robert L. Savell.

Sunset Blvd. 2240: $690,000, American Bank & Trust Co. to 2240 Sunset Blvd. LLC.

Sunset Drive 538: donation, no value stated, Rachel Cardwell Washington to Tyrone M. Washington.

Thomas Drive 3528: $168,000, James W. Watson to George Fuller and Vonda L. Fuller.

Walnut St. 1066: donation, no value stated, Martha E. Garcia-Lopez to Douglas M. Cruz-Majano and Wendy S. Espinoza Morales.

Woodcrest Drive 203: $30,000, Kathleen E. Mitchell Modisette to Halnguyens35 LLC.


Cowart Bush Road, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Paul Burkhardt and Leslie Burkhardt to Wilfred J. Sanchez Jr. and Patricia B. Sanchez.

Crawford Road 79335: $445,000, William A. Anderson and Idamay L. Anderson to Vincent J. Ferrara and Ponda P. Ferrara.

Louisiana Highway 21 80157: $263,000, B&R Land Co. LLC to Mathew S. Soukup and Stacy H. Soukup.

Louisiana Highway 40 26302: $92,000, Susan Waring Swanner and Charlene Waring Thompson to Steven L. Thompson and Lisa M. Thompson.

Louisiana Highway 40 26302: donation, no value stated, Sharon M. Foy Courtney to Charlene W. Thompson and Susan Waring Swanner.

Railroad Ave. 80138: $156,500, Heath P. Olsen and Christina C. Olsen to Joshua P. LeBlanc Jr. and Hope M. LeBlanc.

Watts Thomas Road 80030: $112,000, Charlotte Marie Thomas Harwood to Christopher C. Junot.