West Jefferson

  • Transfers for June 1 to June 6


  • BUTLER DRIVE 412: $133,067, US Bank NA and Wachovia Bank NA to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development.
  • MANDY DRIVE 168: $110,000, Monty J. Todd, Christine A. Simmons and Douglas J. Todd to Michael Heine and Anna Adams.


  • BAYOU HARBOR 2. SUBDIVISION, LOT 129: $59,500, Twiner Properties Ii LLC to Dangelo Investments LLC.
  • PRIVATEER BLVD. 2602: $133,000, Joseph H. Harvey Jr. and Kristina L. Harvey to Steven R. Hart Jr.


  • HOOTER ROAD 928: $2,012, Liberty Home Equity Solutions Inc. and Genworth Financial Home Equity Access Inc. to Federal National Mortgage Association.


  • ARAMIS ISLE PLANTATION SUBDIVISION, LOT 73: $80,000, Amaris Isle Plantation LLC to Robert J. Musso, Catherine S. Musso, Allen J. Kenner and Norrie B. Kenner.
  • OAK LANE 124: $100,000, Rickie P. Bourg to Pamela S. Lemoine.
  • SMITH LANE 187: $100,000, Jeffrey C. Hurme and Florence E. Hurme to Billy P. Richard and Jacklyn S. Richard.


  • APPLETREE LANE 111: $90,000, Khang & Phuong Rentals LLC to Tinh T. Nguyen.
  • BEAUREGARD DRIVE 18: $153,000, Brad J. Gegenheimer to Kasie Banks.
  • BELLEMEADE BLVD. 420: Donation, Shane Creppel Trust, Troy Creppel Trust, Shontelle Creppel Trust and Amanda Creppel Trust to Evelyn T. Creppel.
  • BLOSSOM ST. 433: $153,350, Ray A. Fellows Jr. to Eric J. Escobar and Vivian M. M. Escobar.
  • COMMERCE ST. 332: $170,000, Charles E. Grantham and Patricia A. Johnson to James C. Head.
  • DORY DRIVE 745: $185,000, Jennifer D. Tassin to Elina T. Lam.
  • EMERALD AVE. 645: $159,500, Sandra Mulle to Kevin Jones, Stacy D. Jones and S. Davis.
  • FLAMINGO ROAD 1471: $104,475, US Bank NA to L & Louis LLC.
  • FRIED ST. 216: $275,000, Suzan H. Hihar and Ivo W. Hihar to Lauren B. Rockwell, Daniel R. Rockwell III and Lauren R. Boullion.
  • HANCOCK ST. 1120: $112,000, Mellon Bank of New York to Devin M. Mindy.
  • HUEY P. LONG AVE. 1624: Donation, Preston Stuit to not available.
  • LAMAR AVE. 805: $162,000, McDonald Meek and Olivia C. J. Meek to Wilton G. C. Barreiro and Altagracia J. T. D. Barreiro.
  • MADISON ST. 805: $130,000, Minta R. Bush, Michael M. Bush, Kenneth C. Bush, Amy B. Trosclair, Georgette B. Cristina, Madelyn B. Jones, Ellen C. B. Laigast and Victor B. Bush to Laura A. Roy.
  • MCDONOGHVILLE SUBDIVISION, LOT 22A, SQUARE 108: $52,549, US Bank NA to Big Ladder LLC.
  • MEADOWBROOK ST. 113: $300,000, KW Brentwood LLC to Marsha A. Fasullo.
  • MORNINGSIDE DRIVE 568: $162,900, Roger L. Zinn and Barbara L. Simons to Yonthan Garcia, Raynelis Garcia and Rayvelis Bautisa.
  • NEWTON ST. 2306: $88,000, Pamela Pollard to Elzia Berry.
  • OAKDALE SUBDIVISION, LOT 1, SQUARE 30: Donation, Whitney Bank to Rehab 2. Home Properties LLC.
  • OXFORD 2425, NO. 115: $10, Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Glynn Boyd.
  • RUPP ST. 727: $180,000, Charlotte A. D. Farley to Suzan J. Hihar.
  • STONEBRIDGE SUBDIVISION, LOT 12, SQUARE 1: $260,000, HSBC Bank USA NA to Quang Nguyen.
  • SUBURBAN PARK SUBDIVISION, LOT 10, SQUARE 14: Donation, Agatha D. Lang, Darrell S. Daniel Jr. and Joann T. Daniel to Annie B. D. Webb.
  • WEYER ST. 1034: $115,000, Valerie D. Smith, Valierie D. P. Smith, Valerie D. Peterson, Lavera Peterson and Valerie Petterson to For Rent Properties LLC.
  • WHITNEY AVE. 1027: $73,000, Marshall R. Harrison to AJ Properties 4. Rent LLC.


  • DOGWOOD DRIVE 1653: $107,900, Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Watler Donald and Christina Moten-Donald.
  • LAC DU BAY DRIVE 4164: $10, Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Terrence Williams.
  • LAKE BONAPARTE DRIVE 3837: $517,000, Harish Anand and Parveen G. Anand to Faysal Taynaime and Hiba N. S. Tay.
  • LAKE SUPERIOR DRIVE 1825: $270,000, Michael R. Carron and Angela Carron to Robert Preston.
  • LAKE TIMBERLANE ESTATES 1. SUBDIVISION, LOT 108A, SQUARE 5: $43,000, Harish C. Anand and Parveen G. Anand to Hiba N. S. Tay and Faysal Taynaime.
  • LAKE WINNIPEG DRIVE 3805: $322,000, Taweep Qunfoong and Varaporn V. Qunfoong to Darren I. Brazley and Dayle D. Brazley.
  • OLIVE AVE. 530: $51,500, Amy R. Hebert to Shelia M. Pittman.
  • PAIGE JANETTE DRIVE 2428: Donation, John Maxwell III to Karen G. Maxwell.
  • S. FRIENDSHIP DRIVE 2208: $175,000, Arnold J. Boudreaux III to Scott A. Stpierre.
  • SHERBROOKE LANE 1763: $319,772, Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp..81.
  • STALL DRIVE 1733: $142,500, Donald R. Dotson to Steven P. Gage.
  • WOODMERE SUBDIVISION, LOT 883, SQUARE CC: $106,648, Bank Of America NA, BAC Home Loans Servicing LP and Countrywide Home Loans Servicing LP to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development.


  • TASHA LANE 4937: $288,500, Charles A. Huber to Kayla P. Basse and Donald J. Basse Jr.
  • TOWN OF LAFITTE SUBDIVISION, LOT 10, SQUARE 33: $1,000, Frances C. King Credit Shelter Trust to Marcia K. Reck.


  • AUDUBON OAKS DRIVE 4921: $229,000, Troy A. Savoie and Joyce M. Savoie to Miguel N. Barnes and Makeisha J. Barnes.
  • AVENUE A. 1549: $50,000, Elda P. Olsen to Samuel L. Olsen II and Marion B. Olsen.
  • AVENUE A. 400: $87,801, Tyrone T. Bottley and Zenobia W. Bottley to George W. Andrews.
  • AVENUE A. 400: $84,300, Judith T. Weatherly to Tyrone T. Bottley and Zenobia W. Bottley.
  • AVENUE A. 400: $92,568, George W. Andrews to Carl O. Christian Sr.
  • AVENUE F. 702: $110,000, Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Robert Graze.
  • BARATARIA BLVD. 7917: Donation, Gulf Coast Choppers LLC to Helen Cooper.
  • BAYOU ESTATES SUBDIVISION, LOT 19, SQUARE C: $40,000, US Bank National Association to NG Properties LLC.
  • BENT TREE BLVD. 2553: $219,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Carlos R. Nolasco and Celene P. Nolasco.
  • BENT TREE BLVD. 2561: $197,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Claudia M. Pecina-Gerardo.
  • BRITANNICA DRIVE 2709: $123,994, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development.98.
  • BUCCANEER DRIVE 2540: $40,000, Marjorie H. Kobylasz to MAD Homebuyers LLC.
  • CARDINAL DRIVE 2700: $57,000, Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Raymond M. Gan and Yao Hu.
  • CLEMENTINE LANE 5228: $168,000, Deborah V. Guidroz, Karl A. Guidroz and Deborah Gauden to Kelsey N. Colar and Kyle P. Wooton.
  • CROSSMOOR DRIVE 1633: $175,000, Canh T. Nguyen and Ngan V. Nguyen to Luis Padilla and Lourdes Padilla.
  • FLORENCE ST. 5621: $77,560, Weststar Mortgage Corp. to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development.
  • FOLIAGE DRIVE 2543: Donation, Richard T. Adams Sr. to Denise U. Adams.
  • HAPPY ST. 6198: $140,000, Indira J. Rios to Jaren Howard and Zabrelle L. N. Howard.
  • HIGHLAND DRIVE 5133: $77,100, Reverse Finance of America LLC and Urban Financial Of America LLC to Craig Szewczyk.
  • JUNG BLVD. 671: $20,000, Landeche Family Irrevocable Trust to Laurie D. Mcguire.
  • KINGS GRANT EAST SUBDIVISION, LOT 5, SQUARE J: $76,000, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Bich Nguyen and Minh Cung.
  • KIRKWOOD DRIVE 2652: $142,000, Eder D. Sosa and Romana M. Sosa to Suzanne M. Relyveld.
  • LONG BRANCH DRIVE 2736: $142,686, Standard Mortgage Corp. to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development.
  • MARRERO DIVISION SUBDIVISION, LOT A, SQUARE 24: $275,000, H&M Realty Inc. to Quick Pawn Inc.
  • PEARL SUBDIVISION, LOT 55, SQUARE 6: $175,000, Melvin P. Ockman Jr. and Janel Ockman to Ian M. Ockman, Abby M. Morlas and Ian Ockman.
  • REGINA COELI COURT 4069: $144,900, Rochelle M. Gaspard to Krystal A. Oflynn and Blake M. Robichaux.
  • RUE JESANN ST. 2621: $138,800, Nicky J. Bundy and Malarie M. Bundy to Jacosta C. Parker.


  • TERRYTOWN 3A SUBDIVISION, LOT 22, SQUARE 68: $160,000, Joseph H. Wirth Jr. and Jean M. Wirth to Lanier Saintil and Enita I. Saintil.


  • DAVENPORT ST. 41: $112,500, Cocopro3 LLC to Mario Torres.
  • LIVE OAK MANOR SUBDIVISION, LOT 25A, SQUARE 22: $114,900, Donald Rauch to Rose M. Brown, Adrienne S. Lara and Rose Montgomery.
  • LUCILLE ST. 31: Donation, Brian Champagne and Bernadette L. Champagne to Vance G. Phillip and Victor S. Phillip III.


  • AVENUE B. 702: $63,314, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development.43.
  • EMILE ST. 532: $29,900, Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Trohne Jones Sr..
  • WHITEHOUSE EXTENSION SUBDIVISION, LOT 9, SQUARE 39: $12,000, Kevin Este and Todd Este to Britny David.