• Transfers for Aug. 27 to Sept. 3


  • BISHOP DRIVE 108: $26,500, Navy Federal Credit Union to Coran Albert.
  • CARMEN DRIVE 164: $54,300, Donald Rauch and Sandra L. Rauch to J, D. Roux 1 LLC.
  • CHURCHILL FARMS SUBDIVISION, PORTION OF GROUND: $2,007,855, All State Financial Co. and Advance Mortgage Co. LLC to West Jefferson Levee District.


  • PRIVATEER BLVD. 2342: $230,000, Louis M. Matherne Jr. and Nicole L. Matherne to Cody A. Reynon.


  • SEVENTH ST. 176: $45,000, Regions Mortgage to Roy E. Burst III.


  • AMARIS BLVD. 1021: $110,000, Christian D. Lapeyre and Colette C. Lapeyre to Joseph C. Picciola II and Ella R. Picciola.
  • AMARIS BLVD. 1043: $105,000, Gary W. Lynch to John M. Dupont IV and Lucy S. Dupont.
  • GRAND ISLE SUBDIVISION, LOT 1: $25,000, Glynn R. S. Jurczak to David A. Abels Sr. and Patricia A. Abels.
  • LOUISIANA HIGHWAY 1 2698: $289,000, Christopher J. Ledet and Fay G. N. Smith to Auto Spa Properties LLC.
  • OCEAN PARK SUBDIVISION, LOT 13, SQUARE G: $30,000, Melissa D. Terrebonne to Robert D. Maruschak.
  • PIRATES COVE LANDING CONDOMINIUM, UNIT 62: $45,000, Jack S. Robertson to Kirk A. Dantin and Rhonda Fay B. Dantin.


  • 10TH ST. 1044: $116,700, GHS Properties LLC to CSSV LLC.
  • 19TH ST. 910: $26,500, Rio Lindo Inc. and Charles River LLC to RBTM LLC.
  • BELLE MEADE SUBDIVISION, LOT 114, SQUARE 4: $120,000, Wade H. Stewart Jr. to Victoria L. Matthews.
  • COTTONWOOD DRIVE 236: $159,000, Eric Guillory’s Real Estate Inc. to David P. Cheramie and Sarah F. Cheramie.
  • EVERGREEN ST. 639: $146,000, Julie E. McDuffie to Gari Sampey.
  • FAIRFIELD AVE. 704: $565,000, Cory T. Strander to Matthew W. Steen II and David A. Lowry Jr..
  • FARMINGTON PLACE 1913: $67,500, Alice M. L. Blanchard to William J. Freeman Sr. and Esther L. Freeman.
  • FIELDING AVE. 518: $38,000, Dilcia A. Vess to Daniel J. Trosclair Jr. and Lori T. Trosclair.
  • FIFTH ST. 1101: $90,000, Teresa H. Hightower to Derbigny St. LLC.
  • FIRST ST. 504, UNIT 304: $349,000, 1st Condo LLC to Jack P. Strong and Mihoko E. Strong.
  • FOURTH ST. 613: $179,900, McDonald Holding LLC to Jennifer Vallot.
  • HERITAGE AVE. 512: $35,000, 512 Heritage LLC to Taddese Tewelde.
  • KINGSWAY DRIVE WEST 944: donation, no value stated, Quyen V. Nguyen and Lien T. Bui to Nguyet T. T. Nguyen and Thuylinh M. Nguyen.
  • MARIE DRIVE 25: $417,500, Richard Schmitt to Edward M. Kass III and Jennifer L. Kass.
  • MYSTIC AVE. 865: $162,000, CMRK Capital to Brett E. Hatwood and Michelle K. Hatwood.
  • NICHOLSON PLACE SUBDIVISION, LOT 17-A, SQUARE L: $35,000, Gloria B. Ritter and Dorothy B. Crafton to Kirk Tassin.
  • WHITNEY AVE. 1501: $175,000, Home Loan & Thrift Corp. to Delterre Ltd..


  • ACCACIA LANE 3873: $115,000, Chi K. Tran to Ogery R. Ledbetter.
  • AGATEWAY DRIVE 3833: $57,750, CWMBS Inc. Reperforming Loan Remic Trust Certificates Series 2002 to Nedal & Sons LLC.
  • BEECHWOOD DRIVE 1025: $96,500, Lawrence J. Fayette, Kathleen A. F. Flynt, Alvin J. Fayette, Rebecca F. Pelegrin, Barbara A. F. Jackson and Janice T. F. Aliff to Eugene Wilkerson Sr. and Bobbie T. Wilkerson.
  • BROWN AVE. 752: $111,000, Daysi J. Sarita to Dustin P. Pertuit.
  • DELLS COURT 3901: $42,900, Fannie Mae to Lien V. To.
  • DESTREHAN AVE. 1120: $121,000, Destrehan Cycles Inc. to RF23 Development LLC.
  • E. SUNNY MEADE DRIVE 2452: $136,925, Caliber Home Loans Inc. to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp..
  • FAIRMONT DRIVE 500: $47,500, Succession of Mary A. P. Dougherty to Shane A. Rodrigue.
  • GREFER AVE. 451: donation, no value stated, Charline B. Barre’ to Shawn C. Sanderson.
  • LAKE LYNN DRIVE 104: $239,900, Ping Y. Swain to Sulma Y. Cubas and Melvin O. Melendez.
  • MANHATTAN BLVD. 2932, UNIT 178: $74,882, Standard Mortgage Corp. to Secretary of Veterans Affairs.
  • MANHATTAN BLVD. 2936, UNIT 182: $115,000, Edward D. O’Leary and Alwin D. O’Leary to John D. Creppel Sr..
  • MAPLE AVE. 530-32-32 1/2: donation, no value stated, Michael J. Piteo to Ned A. Pitre.
  • N. SQUIREWOOD DRIVE 3337: $386,000, Jon S. Folse and Laurie M. Folse to Joseph E. Metzler Jr..
  • OLIVE ST. 644: $152,500, Maria F. Scanio to Donald J. Darce and Peggy B. Darce.
  • ORCHID DRIVE 1217: $178,803, J. P. Morgan Chase Bank NA to Federal National Mortgage Association.
  • PAILET AVE. 1917: $64,900, Tyrone G. Hodges Sr. to Hubert E. Franklin III.
  • PATRICIA LANE 3833: $10 and other good and valuable considerations, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Tien Hoang.
  • RED CEDAR LANE 3712: $10,000, Noel A. Berniard Jr. and Palitria J. Berniard to Jared M. Lamark and Rachel A. Lamark.
  • S. VON BRAUN COURT 2277: $127,000, Robert W. Tibbetts to Elaine A. Nash.
  • SNOWBIRD DRIVE 2028: $62,942, J. P. Morgan Chase Bank NA to Federal National Mortgage Association.
  • SOUTH NEW ORLEANS SUBDIVISION, LOTS 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, SQUARE 70: $4,840, Land Green LLC to N&L Investments LLC.
  • SOUTH NEW ORLEANS SUBDIVISION, LOTS 44, 45, SQUARE 84: $770, Land Green LLC to Todd J. Babin.
  • WINCHESTER PLACE 1709: $380,000, Jan M. Stipelcovich Jr. and Victoria V. Stipelcovich to Kali K. Moore.
  • WOODLAND WEST SUBDIVISION, LOT 62, SQUARE 6: $29,000, David A. Hoang to David J. Cooper and Julie M. Cooper.


  • BRIN SUBDIVISION, LOT 14: $95,000, Constandinos Mixakis and Irini S. Mixakis to John J. Pounders III and Belinda B. Boggs.
  • EVE LYNN DRIVE 4962: $49,900, Samuel L. Steele III to Donald Contranchis Jr. and Miranda W. Contranchis.
  • OAK GROVE SUBDIVISION, LOT 47: $25,000, Gene B. Vincent and Rhonda Z. Vincent to Darrell Percle and Corinne R. Percle.


  • ANNETTE DRIVE 2701: $120,000, Juanita A. H. Gardner to Jeffery C. Adams Jr. and Christine K. Baughman.
  • ASCENSION COURT 2700: $272,395, JBL Properties Ltd. to Joshua M. Breaux and Brittany S. Breaux.
  • AUGUSTINE LANE 3809: $200,000, Brett A. Caminita and Sheree R. Caminita to Nghia T. Trang and Thao Nguyen.
  • BARATARIA BLVD. 740: $223,260, Denise M. D. Melton, Deborah L. Desalvo, Donna R. D. Wrightson and Frank M. Desalvo to Firehouse Full Gospel Ministries.
  • BARATARIA OAKS ESTATES, LOT 50: $36,500, Nicole M. H. Schlaudecker to Hacienda Construction of Louisiana LLC.

Cedar Creek St. 2641: $174,000, Matthew J. Ducote and Megan N. Adams Ducote to Henry Chaisson and Christy Chaisson.

  • CLAREMONT DRIVE 7426-28: $40,000, Kevin R. Cole and Yolanda B. Cole to Ricky W. Weaver and Elizabeth Foret.
  • ERIN DRIVE 2721: $43,000, Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Inc. Asset-Backed Pass-Through Certificates Series 2005-R6 to Daniel Lynch and Shawn G. Lynch.
  • GOLDEN HEIGHTS SUBDIVISION, LOT 22-A: $1,500, Huey P. Dufrene Jr. and Penny L. W. Dufrene to Burke M. Pereira and Nena Z. Pereira.
  • MICHAEL ST. 1005: $133,000, Anh V. Nguyen, Lan T. Tran and Trinh T. Nguyen to Kaleena C. N. Arnold.
  • MIDDEN DRIVE 2712: donation, no value stated, Lisa Depriest to Phyllis O. Depriest.
  • RAMSEY ST. 2549: $50,000, Federal National Mortgage Association to Thang Tran.
  • RUE LOUIS PHILIPPE 6620: $100,000, donation, Argue C. Foley to Michael A. Foley and Rachelle M. Foley.
  • SIXTH ST. 7521: $72,000, Donald B. Kingstad and Audrey A. Kingstad to Julie L. Young.
  • ST. ANN ST. 509: $58,000, Beneficial Louisiana Inc. to Edwin J. Vicknair Jr. and Charlene G. Vicknair.

Sunrise Drive 236: $134,000, Douglas J. Kellogg Sr. and Karen M. Kellogg to Craig Trahan Jr. and Jena S. Trahan.

  • TRINITY DRIVE 5660: $140,000, Darrell P. Bourg Jr. to Dan J. Pham and Thuy T. Tran.
  • VENTURA LANE 3136: $73,334, CitiMortgage Inc. to Federal National Mortgage Association.


  • CORAL AVE. 317: $60,000, Carlos J. Chacon and Stacey H. Chacon to Linus F. Phillips.
  • DUPONT DRIVE 2023: $117,000, Allen L. Acy and Peggy M. Acy to Sandra C. Barahona.
  • FAIRLAWN DRIVE 524: $75,000, Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. to Federal National Mortgage Association.
  • TERRYTOWN NO. 2-A SUBDIVISION, LOT 10, SQUARE 10: no value stated, Bank of America NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.


  • DAVENPORT ST. 47: $38,000, Ester R. De Campos, Refugio Campos and Jose Campos to J. D. Roux 1 LLC.
  • GAMBINO SUBDIVISION, LOT 6: $48,500, Residential Mortgage Loan Trust 2013-TT2 to Dwayne Hunter and Margaret P. Hunter.
  • HERMAN ST. 126: $115,000, donation, Eugene F. Reyes III to Lisa M. Reyes.


  • 14TH ST. 124: donation, no value stated, Christopher A. Theriot to Earl J. Theriot.
  • AVENUE A 260-62: $31,000, Succession of Rita C. Sims to Rory C. Windhorst Sr. and Crystal G. Millet.
  • AVENUE G 550: $160,000, Jamie L. M. Gautreaux to Jason P. Creppel and Jennifer L. W. Creppel.
  • CYNTHIA ST. 58: $102,000, Craig D. Honeycutt to Terry G. Williams.
  • IMOGENE ST. 21: $108,000, James E. Boulware and Judy M. Cotton to Matthew R. Treadaway and Michelle I. Austin.
  • LECOMPTE DRIVE 1232: $35,900, Brian P. Hartman to Rhonda L. Jenkins.
  • SECTION 8, TOWNSHIP 13 SOUTH, RANGE 23 EAST, PORTION OF LOT P-1: $51,150, National Gysum Co. to Progressive Barge Line Inc..
  • WESTDALE ADDITION SUBDIVISION, LOT 1, SQUARE 7: $20,000, Valerie Savoie to Michael King and succession of Roberta S. Melancon.
  • WESTWEGO HEIGHTS SUBDIVISION, LOTS 21, 22, SQUARE 4: donation, no value stated, Heather N. LeBlanc to Darlene T. LeBlanc.
  • WIEGAND DRIVE 1225: $74,000, Felicia M. Austin to Damaris N. Perez.