Transfers for May 22-25 


Abita Oaks Loop 129: $192,500, George Gwaltney Jr. to George W. Schilling IV and Jessica L. Schilling.

Dana Ave. 407: $212,000, Salvador V. Dicrispino and Joann Adams Dicrispino to John J. Michel Jr..

Hillcrest Country Club subdivision, lot 1, square 13: $8,110, St. Tammany Parish to 2600 Helena St. LLC.

Kustenmacher Road 72530: $160,000, Robert Z. Fisher nd Natasha M. Fisher to Paul H. Teegarden and Kayleigh S. Teegarden.

Money Hill Plantation subdivision, Phase 6, lot 342: $85,000, Thomas F. O'Connor to Aaron S. Brasuell and Jennifer L. Brasuell.

Plantation subdivision, lot 10C1A: $267,580, Shallow Creek Enterprises LLC and Robert J. Rathe Jr. to Joseph A. Yurt Jr. and Brindi O. Yurt.

South Abita Springs subdivision, lots 19-A, 27-A, 35-A, square 51: $140,000, First Million LLC to Habitat for Humanity St. Tammany West.


Autumns Woods Drive 287: $224,000, Rickie L. McPherson and Vicky L. McPherson to Anthony T. Rizzuto and Sheridan C. Rizzuto.

Crepemyrtle Road 142: $15,000, Wendy Ann Toca to Dennis M. Scaccia.

D St. 70396: donation, no value stated, Ruth O. Biegelsack to Stacy Perniciaro Gonzales.

Division of New Covington subdivision, portion of ground: $5,000, Frank B. Young to Duane L. Young.

Dogwood Drive 127: $180,000, Matthew W. Legros, Ashley L. Trimble, Leslie Legros, Shannon L. Legros and others to Town North Construction LLC.

Dominic Drive 1528: $248,000, Donald S. Brewer and Vienna Brewer to Michael E. Downing and Michele Annette Buono Downing.

E. Creek Court 1045: $182,640, DSLD Homes LLC to Megan S. Shamp.

Goodbee subdivision, Phase 1, lots 1-73: $3,577,000, Lonesome Development LLC to DSLD Homes LLC.

Gottschalk Road 11152: $234,900, Kerri L. Kraemer and Shane Ray Kraemer to Jordan G. Demers and Ana E. Lopez.

Helenbirg Road 20366: $246,500, CGHR Investments LLC to Matthew B. Harris and Angel Sue Harris.

Jardin Loop 345: $1,000 and other good and valuable consideration, Garden Walk LLC to Lisa Coudrain Fouquet.

Louisiana Highway 437 83024: $10,000, Little Eagle Farm LLC to Pellco 7 LLC.

Magnolia Drive 123: $165,000, Succession of Ambhan D. Felsenfeld to John A. Cramer III.

Maison du Lac subdivision, lot 64: $425,000, Brandi Seal Rushing to John Edward Snell and Doris Anita Rainey Price.

Millikens Bend 706: $678,000, Earnest Dale Hendrix and Wanda Rea Hendrix to Gary J. Davis and Eveline C. Davis.

Minor subdivision, portion of ground: $60,000, Succession of Bryan D. Burns to Harry J. Anderson and Sheila S. Anderson.

N. Acadia Park Land Drive 500: $332,800, DSLD Homes LLC to Graham Lee Smith.

N. Madison St. 711: $7,700, Succession of Beatrice Heyward to Jax Construction LLC.

N. Tallowwood Drive 380: $693,000, KPM Construction LLC to Robert M. Braiwick III and Heather L. Braiwick.

Oaklawn Drive 7: $695,000, John M. Reilly and Nicole C. Reilly to Scott K. Forte and Jade L. Forte.

Ox Bow Court 1016: $75,000, River Club Development LLC to Brian M. Carbo and Lauren M. Rhodes.

Penwood Loop 107: $232,000, Joshua William McGehee and Heidi M. McGehee to Christopher S. Stanga and Allison V. Stanga.

Piney Plains Lane 525: $193,500, Eric J. Adams II to Brad E. Girard.

Ponchitolawa Estates, lot 24: $58,000, Patricia Morin Shenkel to Christopher Jeansonne.

Quincy Ave. 20087: $132,000, Michael J. Allange Jr. and Lindsay M. Allange to Lee J. Kabrich and Rachael Lee Kabrich.

Saw Grass Loop 259: $380,545, DSLD Homes LLC to Robert P. Fonte and Emily S. Fonte.

Solitude Way 521: $485,000, Gordon J. Boudreaux and Patricia Vivirito Boudreaux to David J. Schneider and Jenny D. Schneider.

Third St. 70100: $175,000, Charles W. Crum and Stephanie W. Crum to Younis Z. Al-Talib.

Tiger Ave. 468: $251,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Kevin J. Roache and Carol G. Roache.

W. 17th Ave. 726: $159,000, Ricky J. Rauch Jr. to Philip M. Hinman and Stephen M. Hinman.

W. Eigth Ave. 324: $184,000, Viola L. Estain to Russell L. Simmons and Barbara Louise L. Simmons.

Wild Meadow Way 620: $184,000, Adam W. Whiddon to William M. Lantier and Allison M. Ware Lantier.

Woodcrest Drive 138: $233,000, Gregory A. Burnthorn and Nancy T. Burnthorn to John Edward Haluska.

Woodsprings Court 898: $227,000, Andrew Wade Yamasta and Kristin F. Yamasta to Darrold J. Hille and Beverly V. Hille.

Woodsprings Court 907: $220,000, Garland E. Anderson II and Kathleen K. Anderson to Devin P. Denoux and Jessica Lynn Kinsley Massel.


Louisiana Highway 25 78720: $258,000, Wilton J. Walker to Leonard F. Glynn Jr. and Robin F. Glynn.

Marie Loop 209: $190,000, Heisser Construction LLC to Jeffrey A. Turner and Morgan Elise Turner.

Near Folsom, portion of ground: $250,000, Ruben S. Dupre Jr. and Janice Marie D. Dupre to Daphne Ann Glindmeyer.

Near Folsom, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Balma Gay Core Lazare to Balma Gay Lazare Family Trust.


Brittany Drive 61303: $175,000, Kathleen P. Hansen, Colleen H. Daigrepont, Karen H. Baker and others to Michael H. Reed and Melissa M. Reed.

East Oaklawn subdivision, lots 182-186, 259-264, square 5, 329-334, square 8: $10,501, St. Tammany Parish to Mischelle M. Muma.

Farwell Drive 29417: $50,000, Succession of Harold J. Smith Jr., Henry E. Smith and Brian M. Smith to Angela C. Runions.

Patterson Drive 28460: $74,925, John J. Avery Jr. and Sandra Z. Avery to Darryl M. Luckado and Candy C. Luckado.


Town of Madisonville, lot 8, square 20: $68,000, Whitney N. Roche to Kristen N. Aucoin.

Bedico Creek subdivision, lot 648: $449,900, Gremillion Homes Inc. to Rickie C. Griffith and Tammie T. Griffith.

Bedico Creek subdivision, Phase 1-D-1, lot 54: $417,000, BMI Construction LLC to Adam J. Taylor and Rachel Kirby Moore Taylor.

Bedico Creek subdivision, Phase 2, lot 761: $72,000, Bedico Interests LLC to Yar Construction Co. Inc..

Chambly Court 70333: $215,000, Joshua Ballard to Amanda McInerney.

Deciduous Loop 624: $334,000, Richard B. Hines to Eric J. Adams II and Amber Nicole B. Adams.

Fox Sparrow Loop 1057: $266,000, KPM Construction LLC to David A. Armstrong.

Le Cirque 289: $437,000, Thomas L. Smith and Karen A. Smith to Roland W. Howell and Kathlen P. Howell revocable trust.

Madisonville on the Lake subdivision, Phase 1, lot 30: $55,000, Pals' Land LLC to Travis Wade Swaggerty.

Madisonville on the Lake subdivision, Phase 1, lot 31: $55,000, Pal's Land LLC to Cynthia F. Rosenthal.

Madisonville on the Lake subdivision, Phase 1, lot 43: $50,000, David E. Snelling and Danielle C. Snelling to Long Beach Developers Inc..

Madisonville on the Lake subdivision, Phase 1, lot 44: $50,000, Troy C. Wild and Jennifer R. Wild to Southern California Mortgage Corp..

Near Madisonville, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Gregory T. Howard to Gregory Thomas Howard Jr. and Amanda Kate Mann.

Pine Ave 124: $454,900, Jon T. Goetsch and Becky W. Goetsch to David E. Taylor and Hope M. Taylor.

Serenity Lane 533: $303,506, Justin M. Isaminger and Emily J. Isaminger to Brandon T. Finnorn and Bonnie P. Finnorn.

Taverny Court 69001: $210,000, Bridget Rene Miramon to Michael R. Sader.


Acadian Lane 149: $875,000, Danny Martin Steib and Cynthia Ploue Steib to Ernest Dale Hendrix and Wanda Rea Hendrix.

Albert St. 1534: $363,000, Florida Exteriors LLC to Michael C. Barnes and Zulay Elena N. Barnes.

Bon Temps Roule Drive 605: $197,000, Ricky J. Bosse and Danielle M. Bosse to Clifton M. Cheatwood and Caroline C. Cheatwood.

Brookstone subdivision, Phase 3, lot 19: $135,000, Robert M. Braiwick III and Heather Buratt Braiwick to KPM Construction LLC.

Brookstone subdivision, Phase 3, lot 22: $135,000, Bil Brookstone Holding LLC to KPM Construction LLC.

Claire Drive 798: $366,125, Margaret S. Ruli, Mary M. Ruli, Cecilia R. Pakron and others to Danny M. Steib and Cynthia P. Steib.

Colbert St. 603, Unit 9: $189,750, Lisa Clark Barry Pretus to John Duggan and Dana W. Duggan.

Copal St. 102: $182,500, Stacie Ann Shedd to Allen Tingle LLC.

Doc Court 2342: $184,500, Stanlyn Breve Killingsworth to Kati M. Cheek.

Jasmine St. 1534: $135,000, Future Property Investments LLC to Stephanie T. Bennett.

Jennifer Court 20: donation, no value stated, Annette L. Habig to Daniel S. Gohagan.

Jennifer Court 20: donation, no value stated, Daniel S. Gohagan to Annette L. Habig.

Juniper Court 108: $131,000, Crosby Development Co. LLC to Leticia Rubio Rodriguez.

Juniper Court 137: $1,145,985, Acadian Properties Austin LLC to Luke T. Kinnard and Rebecca J. Kinnard.

Kingfisher Drive 31: donation, no value stated, Antonio Ortiz Jr. and Mae Frances Bianchini Ortiz to Ronald R. Chow and Luisa Teresa Ortiz Chow.

Kramer Place 22: $325,000, Philip H. Walkey Jr. and Katharine G. Walkey to Jason Z. Landry and Rebecca M. Theard.

Libra Ave. 221-B: $168,000, Kathleen Gayle Massey, Lynn Massey Larter and Diane Massey Parks to Dorothy Kay Busby Cox.

Livingston St. 1235: $480,000, Intrepid Builders LLC 2 to Nicholas A. Selby and Julia W. Selby.

Maison Du Lac subdivision, lot 164: $79,000, WBB Realty LLC to Guastella Properties LLC.

Montaigne St. 57038: $240,000, Phillip J. King and Wendy I. King to Matthew R. Santana and Krysia S. Santana.

Near Mandeville, portion of ground: $1,000, David zzimmerman, Carol L. Zimmerman, Merle C. Zimmerman, Vicky Zimmerman Wilson, Douglas Asmussen and Laura A. Dekam to Kevin J. Clark and Cristie D. Denaburg.

New Cannan Hills subdivision, Phase 5, lot A, square 344: $276,000, Deborah G. Kodora to Keith Vitrano and Whytnee Ealy.

Octavia Drive 1849: $70,000, Kristin F. King to Erin M. Fiorello.

Pineview Heights subdivsion, lot 5, square 6: $19,800, Guillermo Andrade to Level Investments LLC.

Pintail Trace 5: $1,120,000, Paul M. Van Deventer and Jane M. Van Deventer to Mark C. Smith and Amy H. Smith.

Red Oak Lane 2009: $257,000, BRCF Investments LLC to Gennaro S. Itri and Lauren T. Itri.

Riverwood on Tchefuncta subdivision, Phase 2, lot 31, square 1: donation, no value stated, Dennis Scaccia to Scaccia Enterprises LLC.

S. Ridge Drive 1302: no value stated, Scott Royal Greenhalgh and Megan C. Greenhalgh to John S. Phelps III.

S. Ridge Drive 1367: $285,000, Ashley Rae Wilson Sulzer to Casey J. Burgener and Natalie J. Woolfolk Burgener.

Shady Lane 19104, Unit 12: $158,000, Robert J. Schindler to Christopher J. Schindler.

W. Brighton Court 109: $163,000, Walter S. Bono, Sandra S. Bono and Maryrose B. Cannizzaro to Deborah Boesch Coleman.

Woodstone subdivision, Phase 2-C, lot 55: $599,000, Franconia Real Estate Services Inc. to Ronald J. Forsythe and Amy Michele R. Forsythe.


Bookout Road 35374: $45,000, Carina Socorro Estrada Cruz to Theresa J. Martin.

Dolph Gaines Road 37515: $54,056, David B. Lang to Tina Louise Woodard.

Hawk Run 102: $22,500, Michael J. Watson to David Lee Crawford and Courtney M. Crawford.

Lesley Lane 150: $103,950, U. S. Bank NA to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp..

Village of Guthrie subdivision, lot 12, square 39: donation, no value stated, Jerome Donnelly II to Kellye J. Donnelly.


Salmen subdivision, lot 3, square 7: $80,000, Federal Nationl Mortgage Associatoin to Roger Lewis and Angela D. Lewis.

Ashton Parc 123: $230,000, Pennymac Loan Services LLC to Jamielle N. Ware.

Ashton Parc subdivision, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Oak Harbor Investment Properties LLC to Ashton Parc Property Owners Association Inc..

Bayou Liberty Road 328: $490,000, Roberts Cuccia Investments Ltd. to SJNB Real Estate LLC.

Blackfin Cove 254: $260,000, Elizabeth M. Reis to San M. Hains and Rachel R. Hains.

Brisbane Court 36: $224,500, David M. Welch and Heather E. Welch to Thomas R. Stovall Jr..

Castle Drive 109: $142,500, Investigo Properties LLC to Scott A. Sattler Jr..

Chamale Cove 87: $123,000, Shelby R. Rogers Jr. and Jennifer H. Rogers to Lynette Rae McElveen.

Country Club Blvd. 302: $260,000, Richard A. Tonry II and Catherine T. Tonry to Alvin Cobb Jr..

Crescentwood Loop 109: $10, Jeffery S. Grammes to Jeffery S. Grammes.

Dale St. 681: $145,000, Carissa A. Brown to Ronald J. Duhe and Patricia Cefolia Marcomb.

Eagles Nest Circle 510: $293,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Joseph Pepe III and Kristen Pepe.

Eden Isles subdivision, unit 1, lots 115-A, 115-B: donation, no value stated, Joseph Impastato and Mica M. Impastato to Joseph M. Impastato Sr. Trust.

Eden Isles subdivision, unit 3, lot 146: $44,000, Geraldne Diane Pyne Johnson to Moustaf A. Elwekil and Stephanie Rousse Elwekil.

Fernwood Drive 1416: donation, no value stated, Deborah Jill Spears to Belinda J. Stringer.

Gator Cove 809: $342,000, Claudette M. Millsap to Robert M. Dossett and Megan S. Dossett.

Hayes Road 40571: $155,000, E. J. Milligan Construction Co. LLC to Branden Keith St. Andre.

Holmes Drive 326: $85,000, RMAC Trust Series 2016-CTT to Landing Page LLC.

Jefferson Drive 400: donation, no value stated, William B. Pearson and Cara Lee Pearson to Pearson Rentals LLC.

Kent St. 3802: $149,700, Peter M. Bordes and Kathryn L. Bordes to William H. Allen Jr. and Rose M. Allen.

Knollwood Lane 351: $222,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Raymond P. Wetta and Ann Marie Wetta.

Lake Ontario Court 206: $187,000, Mock Construction Services Inc. to Jacob O. Wheeler and Kayla B. Wheeler.

Lakeshore Estates, lot 52-A: $57,000, Samuel W. Jenkins and Denise D. Jenkins to Joseph A. Gioe and Diane P. Gioe.

Lakeshore Village Drive 648: $260,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Brandon W. Larrieu and Marchelle L. Larrieu.

Lakeshore Village subdivision, Phase 1-A, lot 57: donation, no value stated, Gwendlyn E. Shaw to Janet E. De-Ocampo.

Marina Villa subdivision, lot 31-A: $50,000, Heidi LLC to Jean Lafitte Property of St. Bernard LLC.

N. Caleb Drive 542: $123,000, Cross Gates LLC to Patrick Francis Foret.

N. Caleb Drive 546: $61,000, Cross Gates LLC to Patrick Francis Foret and Sheri Crifasi Foret revocable living trust.

N. Caleb Drive 550: $92,000, Linda G. Walker, Perry J. Walker and Rhonda L. Walker to Patrick Francis Foret and Sheri Crifasi Foret revocable living trust.

Near Slidell, portion of ground: $300,000, PK Real Estate LLC to Richard M. Brown and Gina Badon Brown.

Nottingham Drive 121: $145,000, Joyce M. Perry to Christopher M. Verret and Brandi S. Richard.

Old River Road 2022: $335,000, Hugh M. Hamilton III and Christie M. Hamilton to Gerald L. Cannon and Charlotte Cannon.

Palm Lake Addition subdivision, lot 86, square 2: $95,000, RMAC Trust Series 2016-CTT to Donna L Roberts.

Park Place subdivision, lot 91: $82,500, John A. Johnson III and Leslie P. Johnson to Michael J Gros and Shannon Marie Doucet Gros.

Parkpoint Drive 1007: $645,540, Donald J. Vallette and Donna M. Vallette to Richard R. Dillon and Valerie R. Dillon.

Pebble Beach Drive 123: $238,000, Ryan M. Naquin and Nicole C. Naquin to Robert A. Florisi and Sunni E. Florisi.

Portsmouth Drive 412: $130,000, Jonathon Starks and Marianne Stewart-Ryan Starks to Patrice McKnight Dixon.

Rigolets Estates, Phase 1, lot 13, square D: $68,500, Samuel P. Scanln and Osceola P. Scanlan to Gregory B. Boothe.

Robin St. 2204: $37,328, Jeffrey P. France to GDJ Solutions Inc..

Rose Meadow Loop 1105: $80,000, Van Song Thi Nguyen and Sang N. Nguyen to Quan H. Nguyen and Mai Nguyen.

Rue Bordeaux 1000: $207,000, Liang An Li to George A. Dussor Jr. and Audrey Lange Dussor.

Rue Jonathan 220: $400,000, Gregory A. Trumbach and Sandra S. Trumbach to Richard A. Tonry II and Catherine T. Tonry.

S. Caleb Drive 587: $58,000, Cross Gates LLC to Sheri Crifasi Foret Living Trust.

Silverwood Drive 124: $247,500, Travis D. McCoy and Stacy M. Mccoy to Alonzo C. Booker Jr. and Sheena Faith Sia Booker.

Starling Drive 405: $295,000, Thomas T. West to Stephen Tyler Ferrell and Stephanie Archer Ferrell.

Westminster Drive 311: $10 and other good and valuable consideration, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Johnny Veade and Danell Veade.


Section 24, township 5 south, range 12 east, portion of ground: $10,000, Patricia G. Furgeson to Joseph B. Furgeson.

Section 34, township 4 south, range 13 east, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Heather Kathleen Nold to James E. Nold and Eva R. Nold.