Transfers for Sept. 17-21

District 1

Banks St. 3424-26: $400,500, Kelly Diane Campbell to Dewitt A. Godrey and Megan Koza Mitchell.

Banks St. 4439-41: $515,000, Marion Blake Erskin Franklin and Michael Shane Franklin to Derek J. Shanman and Elise M. Henry Jaffe.

Baronne St. 626: $750,000, 628 Baronne Street Development LLC to Stay Easy Nola LLC.

Cleveland Ave. 4110-16; S. Carrollton Ave. 4639-41: $100, Faust Brothers Properties LLC to Sc1 Properties LLC.

Julia St. 1001: $10, South Market District B2 LLC to Huey Love Townsend Jr. and Melissa Sherrod Baker Townsend.

S. Dupre St. 1117-19: $13,500, Debra Hirsch Eickhoff to R6 Investments LLC.

S. Lopez St. 325: $380,750, 2505 Illinois St. LLC to Travis L. Martin.

S. Peters St. 1111: $198,000, Garrett D. Micklin to Donald Keith Drucker and Sharon Lo Drucker.

S. Peters St. 700: $387,500, George A. Lemaire to Lee C. Jones.

S. Peters St. 700: $370,000, Robyn Deroche Giroir to Donna Schouest Shay and Patrick R. Shay.

S. Rocheblave St. 219-221: $105,000, 219 21 South Rocheblave Street LLC to Matthew Paul Rhodes.

S. Solomon St. 523: donation, no value stated, Natalie Thomas Bonin to Jean Marc V. Bonin.

St. Ann St. 3027-29: $230,000, Mainman LLC to Crescent City Developers LLC.

St. Charles Ave. 1205: $110,000, Gloria Rodriguez Hand to Kelly Sellers Hand and Kernan A. Hand.

St. Ann St. 3027-29: $230,000, Mainman LLC to Crescent City Developers LLC.

St. Peter St. 3237-3239: $276,000, Erica Lynn Trani to Paul Lorn Johnson.

District 2

Burgundy St. 425: $186,181, Susan B. Spector Revocable Trust to Rabbit Track Development LLC.

Carnation Lane 37; Swallow St. 37: $360,000, Evelyn Schnadelbach Treuting to Nathan A. Burns and Vanessa Frye Burns.

Chartres St. 1210: $360,000, Savala Family Trust to Courtney Schaefer Lambrecht and Kent S. Lambrecht.

Conti St. 2800: $74,000, Mary Lou Saballos Prieto and Roberto C. Prieto to Sdf Investments LLC.

Conti St. 521: $100,000, Gayle Manheim Cohen to 521 Conti Street LLC.

Conti St. 521: $100,000, Ida Manheim Zachary to 521 Conti Street LLC.

Dauphine St. 815: $250,000, South Louisiana Petroleum Company LLC to James Patrick McCarthy Jr. and Paul C. Cramer.

Dumaine St. 2741-2743: $325,000, Elizabeth Carrier Shafer Rickles and Rowan Shafer Rickles to Lauren Sydney Goldfinch Hernandez.

Emerald St. 950: $495,000, Jan Cambias Salzer and Stephen M. Salzer to Richard E. Woolbert and Sally Hess Woolbert.

General Haig St. 5641: $275,000, Brandi Delcazal to Susan Gail Fraser Barona.

Lakeshore Drive 7300: $524,529, Arlene Jean Timberlake Farquhar and Robert David Farquhar to Caroline Williamson Roberson.

Louque Place 829-831: $300,000, Pe Bowen LLC to Ellen Barkemeyer Benoit, Ellen Benoit and Matthew Benoit.

N. Jefferson David Parkway 134: $231,500, Mr Sam Propeties LLC to 1817 First Street LLC.

N. Pierce St. 654-656: $385,000, Carole Watt to Helen Brentrup Angell.

Orleans Ave. 5948: $205,000, Barbara Krampe Johnson and Gregory G. Johnson to Dennis Deboisblanc.

Palmyra St. 3228-3230: $450,000, City Land Properties LLC to Hector Rodrigo Pineda Pastor and Irma Rocio Valdiviezo Sosa Pastor.

Petunia Lane 6; Tern St. 4: $475,000, Deborah Ruth Elmer Bowman, Helen Mattern Elmer, Judith Helen Elmer Folse and Kathy Jane Elmer Stevens to Lawrence Paul Antonini and Mary Ethel Brupbacher Antonini.

St. Philip St. 2326: $85,000, Alma Louise Holley Clancy to Mhre LLC.

Ursulines St. 822: $200,000, Linda E. Morrison and Robert H. Morrison III to Rebekah E. Bailey and Shane P. Lacombe.

District 3

Alba Road 4520: $244,000, Phuoc Hoang Nguyen and Sandy Ha Thi Nguyen to Joanna Mulvihill Cleveland and Robert J. Cleveland.

Allison Road 7701: $135,000, Casey J. Allen and Rayna Marie Allen to Krystal Rosette.

Andry St. 800-02-04-06: $55,800, Barbara Baumann Cahill to Diane Jones Allen and Marion Austin Allen III.

Annette St. 2012-14: $170,000, James E. MacKie to Phillip A. Graves.

Arcadia Lane 8031-33: $113,000, Bank of America National Association to 308 10 South Broad Street LLC.

Bergerac St. 4835: $130,000, Chuc Nguyen, Kinh Van Nguyen and Linh Chuc Thi Nguyen to Jose Luis Lopez Diaz and Yeny Yesenia Miguel Roblero Diaz.

Bruxelles St. 3701-03: $75,059, Celina Butler Carter to Edward Williams Jr.

Burgundy St. 1112-1114: $1,875,000, Jl Family Trust of 1984 to Leisa Jayne Stanton Meyer.

Burke Ave. 7741; Burke Road 7741: $138,500, Oscille Joseph Baker to Meryl McDonald.

Caffin Ave. 1333: $180,000, Sean Ledell Watters to Leroy Eric Washington Jr.

Cameron Boulevard 5530: $66,000, Flag Boy Properties LLC to La Property Management Group LLC.

Cameron Boulevard 6061: $56,000, Juan F. Yanez to Irma Apolo Coronel.

Charlotte Drive 5533: donation, no value stated, Stephanie Navarre to Jasminne Monique Navarre.

Chartres St. 3431: $399,000, Crescent View Lofts LLC to Saime Deniz Goney Berkol and Selim Berkol.

Chef Menteur Highway 25386: $210,000, Carroll A. Arcement Jr., Crissy G. Arcement to Derek Paul Dyer.

Clouet St. 1418: $85,450, Gary J. Nehlig and Henry A. Nehlig Jr. to Flam Ryburn LLC.

Coronado Drive 4700: donation, no value stated, Josie Battle Celistan and Josie Battle Williams to Sterling L. Celistan.

Coventry St. 6930: $55,000, Oscar E. Archaga and Yavonka George Archaga to Rexbecca Properties LLC.

Curran Road 8059: $135,000, Cityside Properties LLC to Kayshyna Tequilla Morris.

Dauphine St. 5300-5302: $117,500, American Reit LLC to Guidry Cunningham LLC.

Deanne St. 7120: donation, no value stated, Melvina Magee to Helen Gatlin Magee.

Desire Drive 5168: $40,000, Kyra Danielle Morris Griffith to Cleveland C. Henderson and Dashan A. Williams.

Dorian St. 6601; S. Laverne St. 6101: $30,000, Warren N. Roberts IV to Bummer Kate Properties LLC.

Eads St. 5403: $260,000, Jeebs Renovations LLC to Reece Michael Martory.

Erin Drive 6045: $175,500, El Roi Properties LLC to Lashonda G. Ambrose Thompson.

Esplanade Ave. 1029: $329,000, Belinda Knight to David Wyatt Seal.

Feliciana Drive 4589: $149,900, Alan James Jouet to Dwayne Morrison.

Filmore Ave. 1836: $80,200, Paula A. Byers Reese to Cjg Property Management Group LLC.

Gentilly Road 10750; Old Gentilly Road 10760; Woodland Drive 4333: $57,500, Joyce George Frederick to Old Gentilly Lane LLC.

Good Drive 5035: $139,000, Joann Blackstone Armstrong and Michael Anthony Armstrong to Tina Andrews McElven and Tina Andrews Williams.

Jamison St. 5976: $35,000, Brian A. Silva to Reina Elizabeth Perez De Cohen Cohen.

Keats St. 7801-03: donation, no value stated, Sandra Matthews to Charmaine Matthews.

Lamanche St. 1301: $23,000, Leontine Clayton to Harry Calvin Handy.

Leon C Simon Drive 1621: $648,000, Francis A. Courtenay Jr. and Janet Marie Simno Courtenay to Jennifer Martin Meinen, Jennifr M. Meinen and Peter J. Meinen.

Linden St. 14000-02: $100,000, 14000 14002 Linden St. LLC to Daphney R. Foy, Daphney Riley and Errol D. Foy.

Louis Prima Court 5727: $85,330, Anthony L. Givens Sr. and Cynthia Lawson Givens to Anthony L. Givens Jr.

Louisa St. 1237: $140,000, Joyce Reine Martin to Snappy Dog LLC.

Madrid St. 2329: $72,000, Brian T. Maestri and William F. Maestri to Bella Vista LLC of Nevada.

Major Drive 4932: $63,000, Lillian Wiggins Pierre to Melvin Marrero.

Mazant St. 2001-03: $57,751.03, Brian Keith Sanders and Leonard Michael Sanders to Scott Alexander Carter.

Mazant St. 2037: $140,000, Leslie Joseph Masangya Jr. to Matthew Allan Schultz and Nina Hill Schultz.

Mendez St. 2527: $310,000, Jse Investments LLC to Nailah J. Zanders.

Myrtle St. 2522: $31,000, Johnny Tibbs Jr. to Naw LLC.

N. Galvez St. 2258-60: $26,000, Tehran L. Dunn to Frederic P. Sutter.

N. Johnson St. 2528-30: $110,000, Traivor M. Morrison to Michelle Burt Kampa, Michelle Burt Mtchona and Thokozani F. Mtchona.

N. Miro St. 1444: $135,000, Robin Smith Butler and Robin Smith Salmon to Penthouse Realty LLC.

N. Rocheblave St. 1864-1866: $85,000, Joseph E. Francois and Laverne Jackson Francois to Bernadette Barnum Carrere and Ronald M. Carrere Sr.

Painters 1700-02: $165,000, Adriana Dolores Artiaga Maric to Benjamin Moore and Mary Blehl Moore.

Paris Ave. 6019: $460,000, Bancroft Property Investments LLC to David Alan Martin and Renee Moore Martin.

Pauger St. 3761-3763: $165,000, Linda Johnson Carr, Monique Carr Whetstone and Richard Carr Jr. to Cathy L. Miner and Wayne C. Miner.

Pauger St. 4432: $30,000, Flag Boy Properties LLC to La Property Management Group LLC.

Randolph Ave. 4345: donation, no value stated, Lizzie G. Collins to Jondel Milan Collins and Joyce M. Collins.

Republic St. 2816-2818: $162,000, Jason W. Jackson and Kamala Baker Jackson to Stephanie Evon Stewart Ranson.

Republic St. 3328: $185,000, Paul J. Catafago to Erin Marie Busby.

Reynes St. 2604: $7,300, Anthony Louis Gomez to Santosha Village.

St. Claude Ave. 6015: donation, no value stated, Woodrow Bolden Sr. to Woodrow Bolden Jr.

St. Maurice Ave. 1539: $5,600, Community Improvement Agency and New Orleans Redevelopment Authority to 1539 Saint Maurice LLC.

Tennessee St. 2338: $140,000, Sbp Real Estate Inc. to Ava Howard.

Timoleon St. 2069: $82,000, David M. McGuire to Cw Development LLC.

Tricou St. 1401: $50,000, Community Improvement Agency, Jonathan Williams, New Orleans Redevelopment Authority and Nora to Community Improvement Agency, New Orleans Redevelopment Authority, Nora and T&n Grounds Keeping LLC.

Tricou St. 2323: $100,000, Louisa W. Ganier and Thomas J. Ganier to Lashaunda P. Francis Brown.

Urquhart St. 4318-20: $46,556, Tax Sale Authority LLC to Amazing Home Investments LLC.

Vincent Road 7541: $80,000, Khasmir M. Price Applewhite and Khasmir M. Price Aye to Ricky Tran.

Wakefield Place 1474: $20,000, Crawford Francis Brubaker III and Layne Bailey Brubaker to Elizabeth Embler Beazley and Robert W. Beazley.

Wakefield Place 1476: $270,000, Crawford Francis Brubaker III and Layne Bailey Brubaker to Elizabeth Embler Beazley and Robert W. Beazley.

Wildair Drive 5230: $363,000, Gregory J. Gaines to Lauren D. Bartholomew.

District 4

Danneel St. 2501; Danneel St. 2511: $43,000, Nola Property Investment Group Inc. to Dasarp Ventures LLC.

First St. 515-519: $380,000, Turnbull Bakeries Inc. Of La and Turnbull Cone Baking Company of La Inc. to Ccl &c LLC.

First St. 2113: $37,000, Flag Boy Properties LLC to Greg White, Tracy Duplessis and Tracy White.

First St. 2508-2510: $35,373.33, Bernard Banks Jr., Brenda Banks Porter, Charles Banks, Cheryl A. Banks, Gerry Banks Jr., Greg Banks, Lawerence Banks, Leroy Banks, Raymond Banks and Theresa Banks to Peak Holding LLC.

Josephine St. 2022-2024: $175,000, Monya Thomas Criddle to Miles W. Wert.

Second St. 2122: $140,000, Jouandot Enterprises LLC to Monty Wade Anderson.

Seventh St. 2021-2023: $275,000, 2021 Seventh LLC to Alicia Pittman.St. Andrew St. 1532: $205,000, Gaupo Vatos LLC to Andrew Hays Villarreal and Robert Drew Villarreal.

St. Mary St. 1117 A: $245,000, 1117 Saint Mary LLC to Faith Leshner Meltzer and Robert V. Gildersleeve Jr.

District 5

Bacchus Drive 3421: $129,500, Byron A. Vigne to Tonya B. Flowers Brody.

Dover Place 6152: $175,000, Emily Marie Siegel Jensen and Scott Lewis Jensen to Brandon Trevor McPherson and Timia Williams McPherson.

Easter Lane 2019: $170,000, Blaine M. Dorr Jr. to Rocio Ramirez.

Hendee St. 1410: $44,000, Dwayne P. Acosta and Sylvia Annette Rushing Acosta to Quanessis Tennille Ricks Hairston, Reginald B. Hairston and Rene Paul Manfre.

Holiday Drive 2339: donation, $154,900, Linda Tamayo Castleberry to William Leroy Castleberry.

Leboeuf St. 321-323: donation, no value stated, Anita Small Campbell, Cary T. Small, Donny T. Small and Michael J. Small to Christopher M. Small, Damien D. Small, Nicole Small Ussin and Ruby Small Izquierdo.

Southlawn Boulevard 1228: $111,900, Francisco A. Moresco and Stacey Lynn Vernon Moresco to Johnathan Johnson.

St. Nick St. 2600: $209,000, Denise Kater Hanson and Wayne Lee Hanson II to Keshaneoco H. Johnson and Keshaneoco H. Powell.

Timber Wolf Lane 3630: $56,000, Frankie Wrather Horde to Cynthia Riley Edwards and Cynthia Riley Sullen.

District 6

Annunciation St. 3958; Annunciation St. 3968; Austerlitz St. 500-510; Tchoupitoulas St. 3961; Tchoupitoulas St. 3963; Tchoupitoulas St. 3965; Tchoupitoulas St. 3969 1/2: $1,500,000, Trk Holdings LLC to Gernon Properties LLC.

Audubon St. 2826-2828: $392,000, Robert Wahl Jr. and Suzanne Basin Wahl to Kathleen Cordilla Barletta, Lauren M. Barletta and Paul G. Barletta.

Constance St. 5320 - 22: $375,000, Adeline Partners LLC to Conway S. Solomon.

Elba St. 4428-30: $172,500, Luke B. Fratello, Nancy Todaro Robichaux and Stephanie Fratello Adams to Junior Benjamin Rodriguez.

Eleonore St. 321: $655,000, Meredith L. Maxwell Morel to James R. Yates and Sheila Yates.

Henry Clay Ave. 818: $299,000, Marco A. Mejia and Yolanda Genevie Mejia to Denise E. Brown Rivard and Denise E. Rivard.

Hewes St. 5417-19: donation, no value stated, Mary Catherine Danna and Mary Kate Delvalle Danna to Britt P. Melancon and Deborah Danna Melancon.

Magnolia St. 3433-35: $125,000, Maeola Smiley Coleman to Endless Luck II LLC.

Marengo St. 2740: $400,000, Joshua E. Hesterman and Kathleen Shergy Hesterman to Jayesh Madrecha and Lisa Seon Hutchinson Madrecha.

Patton St. 5962: $457,500, Alfred & Eumaie LLC to Martha B. Sutton.

Patton St. 5962: donation, no value stated, Martha B. Sutton to Kelly L. Sutton.

Prytania St. 4217: $255,000, Eric Jose Rodriguez and Frances McPherson Beck Rodriguez to Blair Alexis Broussard.

Soniat St. 2600-2602: $180,000, Frankie Frazier Sims to Edna M. Wilson.

Upperline St. 2604: $375,000, Lee S. McDaniel to Anna Harris Tipton and John B. Tipton.

Versailles Boulevard 9: $710,000, Christine Kahn Giacona and Corrado Anthony Giacona III to Aida Romeli Rosa Jose Boutellis Taft and David O. Boutellis Taft.

Walnut St. 364: donation, no value stated, Nga Vu Quinlan and Patrick J. Quinlan to Living Trust of Patrick and Nga Quinlan.

District 7

Colapissa St. 7814: $71,000, Angela Smith, Audrey Smith Williams, Bobbie J. Pierre, Cubie Smith Jr., Gwendolyn Taylor, Kjerrel Smith, Steven Pernell, Troy Overton and Wanda Brumfield Varnado to Amy Freese Carter and Daniel T. Carter.

Fern St. 816: $760,000, John D. Head and Lee Ann Sewell Head to Kyle Frasure and Lisa Averill Frasure.

Forshey St. 8900-02; General Ogden St. 3222: $16,000, Crescent Home Buyers LLC to M&m Housing Enterprise LLC.

Green St. 8539: donation, no value stated, Mable Ann Woods Labee to Eagle Sore Community Foundation and Eagles Soar Community Foundation.

Green St. 8833: $89,500, Bankers Trust Company of California Na As Trustee For Ucfc Loan Trust 1998 D. and Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to C. & An Investments LLC.

Hampson St. 7439-7441: $535,000, David D. Curry, Susan Hazlewood Curry to Alexander M. Sakla and Leigh Ann Sakla.

Hurst St. 7608: $465,000, Carmello Renovations LLC to Nancy J. Mott Flint and R. Warren Flint.

Lake Marina Ave. 318: $141,200, Cw Baker Investments LLC to Dtj Properties LLC.

Lowerline St. 308: donation, no value stated, Jennifer Marie Quinlan to Exposition Enterprises Lcc and Patrick J. Quinlan.

Maple St. 8218-8220; Maple St. 8222-8224: $389,000, Williams Crescent Properties LLC to Anna McFaddin Brewer.

Millaudon St. 138-140; Millaudon St. 140: $300,000, Lori A. McBride Hogberg to Jennifer Dignan.

Millaudon St. 153: $450,000, Cartpath LLC to Fredric Brian Eisenstat and Jessica Lee Wormser.

Monroe St. 4222: $122,000, Anthony Decquir, Rene Decquir and Ruby Dunn Decquir to Mavia A. Marsalis Ricks.

Monroe St. 4226: $25,000, Anthony Decquir, Rene Decquir and Ruby Dunn Decquir to Mavia A. Marsalis Ricks.

Sharon Drive 106-08: $525,000, Katherine Grace Hargrove and Robert Donald Hargrove to Matthew Alan Cuttitta.