Angele Nguyen and Hai T. Nguyen sold this home at 532 North Marlin Court in Terrytown to Sylvester Stanislas for $185,000.


Transfers for April 26 to May 2


Anne Drive 165: $105,000, Doyle E. Spencer and Connie M. Spencer to Leah A. Blair.

Avondale Homes subdivision, lot 5A, square MM: $78,210, Selene Finance LP to Donald Stackhouse Jr.

Carita Drive 116: $57,000, Vernon A. Diaz, Roxanne D. Seghers and Vicky D. Cassard to Jason Carmouche and Jamie H. Carmouche.

Clara Drive 113: $119,000, Teddy O. Goodwin to Lazara Gill and Evelio Gill.

Dorothy Drive 125: $146,000, Melissa Pfister and Craig A. Pfister to Rinenny M. Girod and Herman Jackson.

Elaine Drive 113: $109,650, Malbert Helton Sr. and Vanita E. Helton to William A. Pax and Christina L. Pax.

Elvie Court 192: Donation, Dean Peterson Sr., Dale P. Peterson and Christine M. Peterson to Damian J. Peterson.


Lander St. 840: $125,000, Jeffery Lebeau and Lisa B. Lebeau to Darren L. Bartman and Robyn D. Bartman.


Engelbach, lot 4, plot C: $50,000, Bernadine D. Soileau and John L. Soileau Sr. to Shelly M. Jambon.

Pirates Cove Marina condominiums, unit 30: $45,000, Dale Mauduit and Janice Manduit to Jackie D. Davies and Lisa L. Davies.

Saxton subdivision, lot 15, square B: $65,000, Hilda H. Villalon and Ray P. Bergergon Jr. to Danny Frederick and Stacey Frederick.


23rd St. 801-03: $165,100, GHS Properties LLC to Dwyane A. Fontenette Jr.

Adonis Way 237: $174,900, Jewel Bakewell to 3CG LLC.

Carol Sue Ave. 1909: $268,000, Hector O. Garcia and Fabiola D. Garcia to Curtis E. Anderson Jr. and Qiana M. Anderson.

Cherrywood Drive 200: $180,000, Mark E. Calamari and Erin K. Calamari to Jeremy Charles.

Deerfield Road 2133: $66,700, National Loan Investors LP to 3CG LLC.

Dupont Drive 2113: $146,000, Catherine G. Gatmham, Brenda A. Cauvin, Jesse A. Guidry, Joshua P. Guidry and Louis A. Guidry III to Jose R. Cruz-Chevez and Sonia Chevez.

Esplanade 2145: $177,000, Cheryl Huck and Jeffrey D. Huch Sr. to Erica Falls.

Flamingo Road 1460: $119,000, Jose Carrion and Joan S. Carrion to Leia M. Garner.

Friedrica St. 1903: $114,900, Arleen Buffone and Anthony J. Garretti Jr. to Jalisa A. McCalebb.

Heritage Ave. 782: $165,000, Varela North Monterey Properties LLC to Willie L. Johnson.

Holmes Park 1, no further data: $27,600, Jefferson Parish to Jennifer H. Willem and David B. Willem.

Jason Lane 3337: $66,000, Robert J. Hernandez to Wilbert P. Hernandez Jr..

Lawrence St. 815: $169,500, Sherman I. Hill and Raquel B. Hill to Mohammad Shehadeh and Hemda N. Shehadeh.

Lawrence St. 844: $165,000, Erika R. O. Williams to Jean R. Ligonde and Paulene P. Ligonde.

Lynnmeade Road 504: Donation, Patrick C. Johnson and Patricia A. Bartosh to Patrick Johnson & Patricia Bartosh Revocable Living Trust.

Meadowbrook 2. subdivision, lot 13, square 28: $88,000, Joann Mitchell to Dolores Jeandron.

Mount Laurel Drive 2743: $57,000, Hin N. Ngai to Odeh A. Odeh.

Rose Park Addition 2. subdivision, lot 10, square W: $127,500, Harriet Reynolds to Jeanne Roland.

South Village Estates subdivision, lot 24: $37,000, Ryan E. Burks, Stephanie Burks and Stephanie B. McLendon to Blue Stars Builders LLC.

South Village Estates subdivision, lot 26: $55,500, Ryan E. Burks, Stephanie Burks and Stephanie B. McLendon to MTRAN Propertis LLC.

Southwood Drive 321: $245,000, Johnny T. Nguyen to Larry W. Harvey and Ronika M. McGee.

Suburban Park subdivision, lot 15, square 10: $10,000, Pleasure Homes LLC to Dejesus Construction Company Inc.

Sugarpine Drive 341: Donation, Elizabeth J. S. Dupont to Mary E. D. Oddo.

West Butterfly Circle 402: $84,000, Greenway Properties LLC to Big City Properties LLC.

Wright Ave. 733: $155,000, Marina Rodriguez, Mauricio E. Rodriguez and Rodrigo J. Rodriguez to Lisette Lebron and Therron Victor.

Wyndham N. 1101: $222,500, Caliber Home Loans Inc. to Quang Nguyen and Nguyen Quang.


Bridgewater Drive 3418: $366,000, Glenn J. Julia and Carla H. Julia to Vunh Nguyen and Tuyet V. T. Nguyen.

Bridgewater Drive 3430: $363,750, Michael W. Guidry and Angela K. Guidry to Donald Sykes Jr.

Cavendish Place 3401: $325,000, Brian L. Weinberger to Raquel B. Hill and Sherman I. R. Hill.

Deerrun Lane 3848: $125,000, Denny L. Smail to William E. Washington Sr. and Rejean S. Washington.

Dulaney Drive 3729: $155,000, HHMG Properties LLC to Angela A. Thomas.

East Parc Green St. 3429: $180,000, Aurelia Sentmore to Haytham R. Hamed and Sarah O. Fattah.

Estalote Ave. 1825: $33,000, Ishmael Jackson and Hazel B. Jackson to CD Covenant Properties LLC.

Lake Timberlane Estates subdivision, lot 12, square H: $191,000, Rico Campbell to Shane R. Ruth and Blair S. David.

Max Drive 2740: $100,000, Johnny Luu to Lamarqus Banks.

Natchez Trace Drive 93: $73,000, Muhammad K. Arshad, Nadeem S. Arshad and Zoubida A. Arshad to Uyen T. N. Phan and Jonathan V. Phan.

Rebenstich Drive 524: $191,500, Carl D. Monceaux Jr. and Barbara C. Monceaux to Michael L. Piazza Jr.

Sandy Lane 3700: $120,000, Rhodes Property & Development LLC to Willie J. Bolling Sr.

Saulet Place 2021: $850,000, Sandra Benezech and Lance E. Benezech to Peas In A Pod Child Care & Learning Center LLC.

South New Orleans subdivision, lot 4, square 152: $13,000, Steven M. Burgamy to Chil L. J. Truong.

Spanish Oaks subdivision, lot 270: $169,000, Rachel Levron and Rosetta Soprano to Anas Hames and Hanen Azam.

Sue Ker Drive 3828: $45,000, Sandra Avant to Mervat Girgis and Albert B. Minias.

Tattersall Drive 2445: $78,000, Hien T. D. Tran, Loi T. Dang and Hien T. T. Dang to Hopes Dream Homes LLC.

Third Ave. 512: $38,000, Jeanette M. Frisella to Richard L. Vanveckhoven Jr. and Julie Vanveckhoven.

Titan St. 2137: $165,000, Jacqueline P. Donat to Saxon B. Gannod and Marife V. I. Gannod.

Woodmere 8. subdivision, lot 2202, square G1: $110,000, Shirleen K. G. Morreale to Elegant Houses LLC.

Woodmere South I. subdivision, lot 29, square B: $93,700, Viola A. Bartholomew and Bryan E. Bartholomew to Jimmy Cao and Natalie M. N. D. Cao.

Woodmere South subdivision, lot 304, square G: $149,900, Bertis G. Powers and Carl Randolph to Bessie W. Kenney.


Rose Thorne subdivision, lot 7, square 3: $50,000, Alvin C. Adam, Lacy Verdin, Stephanie Malbrough, Kaitlyn T. Lauman and Elroy S. Lauman Jr. to Denise Lumpkin.

Village Of Lafitte subdivision, lot 6, square A: $12,500, Mark A. Ginder and Diane Ginder to David M. Juneau Jr.


Ames Farms Townsite 3. subdivision, lot 5, square 4: $260,000, Nicky LLC to RJPQ LLC.

Artesa Drive 940: $244,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Ngoc T. Nguyen and Taun D. Nguyen.

Bienvenue Ave. 5800: $127,000, Mohamed E. Morsy to Antonia R. Scott.

Chestnut St. 4036: $136,500, Gregory J. Lacaze and Jeffery J. Lacaze to Lylette L. Williams.

Colony Court 2773: $64,900, Joshua M. Rogers Sr. and Angela C. Rogers to Mad Homebuyers LLC.

Cypress Lawn Drive 2728: $370,000, Stephanie Bergeron to Rachel Helmer and Michael J. Helmer.

Foliage Drive 2539: $125,000, Bradley M. Bosch to Fabiana E. A. Orgeron and Fabianna E. O. Asencio.

Foliage Drive 2553: $165,000, Danielle Moerer and Robert Moerer to Chareka R. August.

Garden St. 4817: $276,000, Tillie T. Points to Rebecca Ziegler.

Gaudet Drive 1312: $134,000, Diane Belcher to Taylor Delaune.

Grand Terre Drive 4941: $200,000, Richard G. Faraone and Evelyn Faraone to Edgar Decastro and Jillian Decastro.

Long Branch Drive 2628: Donation, Connie L. Daldegan and Christopher A. Daldegan to Daldegan Family Living Trust.

Manson Drive 1042: $132,000, Kim G. Perniciaro, Tami G. Jenniskens and Karen G. Rivera to Wayne A. Williams Sr. and Mary C. Comeaux.

Midden Drive 2612: $198,000, Quentin McGuire Childrens Trust for the benefit of his children Mara McGuire & Brody McGuire to Glynn Bianchini Jr.

Mimosa St. 1407: $301,500, John F. Pierce and Terrie R. Pierce to Richie M. Haley and Megan B. Haley.

Nicholson Place subdivision, lot 43, square A: $10,000, Sandra A. Johnson, Christopher L. Thomas and Ben C. Thomas to Dwayne C. Thomas.

Nicholson subdivision, lot 10, square J: $36,000, Argent Securities Inc. to 940 Francis LLC, Nine Forty Francis LLC and Nine Hundred Forty Francis LLC.

Rue Jesann 2601: $76,667, Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Federal National Mortgage Association.

Saint Jude St. 128: $160,000, Rodolfo Batista to Roxana Batista-Gutierrez and Rene Rodriguez-Tortosa.

St Theresa’s Garden subdivision, lot 1: $140,000, Charles A. Braud Jr., Robert G. Braud, Thomas A. Braud and Kevin J. Braud to Joan A. Colletti.

Valley Realty Company Extended subdivision, lot 12, square 29: $106,087, Elizabeth R. Gwinn to Sharon F. Poche.

Ville Platte Court 2669: $323,490, JBL Properties Ltd to Ronald J. Richard and Nora O. Richard.

Woodcrest Drive 5129: $132,000, Todd J. Usey and Brandy S. Usey to Zachary P. Aucoin.


Daniels Road 2174: Donation, Richard A. Duggan III and Jordan E. Duggan to Virginia Gonzales-Perez and Marter Vasquez-Mendez.

Green Oak Drive 1812: $165,000, Lisa Guevara to Ellen O. Casanovas.

North Marlin Court 532: $185,000, Angele Nguyen and Hai T. Nguyen to Sylvester Stanislas.

Terrytown 8. subdivision, lot 5A, square 137: $140,000, Gerarld R. A. Dellucky and Theresa C. Dellucky to Daniel C. Dellucky.


Catalpa Loop 9554: $297,875, Coast Builders LLC to Alycia K. C. Fry and Logan H. Mills.

East Velvet Lane 12: $68,500, Kanina Norwood and Marcus E. Douglas to Chandricka M. Furtick and Thomas H. Furtick Jr.

Helis Drive 457: $89,000, Pangea RE Properties LLC to Katie V. Nuccio and Anthony M. Nuccio.

Live Oak Manor subdivision, lot 4, square 19: $10, Secretary Of Housing & Urban Development to John F. Jackson and Trinette Jackson.

Live Oak Plantation Estates subdivision, lot 123, square 3: $339,050, Coast Builders LLC to Mai T. Bui.


Central Ave. 815-817: $103,000, Vincent J. Phillip and Margaret G. Phillip to Jeremy J. Deblieux and Connie C. Deblieux.

East Claiborne Parkway 9433: $115,000, Ella B. Gros to Michael A. Rogers and Paula R. Butler.

Fifth St. 825: $140,500, Michael P. Guarino and Daisy T. Guarino to Julia A. Quebedeaux.

Helis Drive 27: $109,900, Sandra Rauch and Donald E. Rauch to Calvin W. Polk.

Linden Loop 9509: $265,000, Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Sean I. Reynolds and Letitia A. Reynolds.

Southern Court 119: $110,000, Maria Rivera to Cristofer Morales.

Westwego Heights subdivision, lot 13, square 26: $103,000, Vincent J. Phillip and Margaret G. Phillip to Jeremy J. Deblieux and Connie C. Deblieux.