Transfers for Nov. 12-16


A portion of Lot D, in the Northeast Quarter of Section 2, Township 14 South, Range 20 East in the Southeastern Land District: Donation, Phoebe S. Cellos to Gregory L. Cellos.

Plat showing minor subdivision of Lot 65-B, 66-B and 67-B of an extension of a portion of Ellington Plantation along Magnolia Ridge Road into Lot 65-B-1, located in Section 119, Township 13 South, Range 20 East, Southeastern Land District: $900,000, RPM Pizza, LLC to Small Properties LLC.

1020 Magnolia Ridge Road: $170,000, Walter T. Jackson and Ileana Fontana to Kyla Lunk Dufrene.


Shamrock Park, Phase II, Lot 147: $34,500, Lori Hymel and Louis J. Naquin to Dunn Homes LLC.


57 Elmwood Drive: $545,000, Frederick Lamont Thomas and Vickie Corbitt Thomas to John C. Carter and Andrea Meyer Carter.

7 Melrose Drive: $475,000, Nationstar HECM Acquisition Trust to Pearl Gloston.

2106 Ormond Boulevard: $362,000, Price Family Irrevocable Trust to Phillip Emmett and Emily Duprez Emmett.

29 Stanton Hall Drive: $140,000, Christopher Glynn Kelly to Alice Baird Munger and Robert G. Munger.


St. Charles Terrace Annex Subdivision, Square 2, Lots 29, 30 and 31: $23,000, Dayna Marie Cohen to Peggy Ocmond Tarullo and Frederick J. Tarullo.


Gassen Villa Subdivision, Lot B: $225,000, Wells One Investments LLC to Dannel Delpit Lewis.

321 Beaupre Drive: $189,743.50, Jason P. Melancon to Jessica L. Melancon.

1029 Gassen Street: $265,000, Pearl Iona Rose Hill and Henry Crawford Hill to Terrell Michael Hagan.

335 Mimosa Avenue: $85,000, Nabut Brothers LLC to Barrios Builders LLC.

141 North Oak Court: $195,000, Stefan K. Tassin, Justin E. Tassin, and Shannon C. Tassin to Michael Terrance Ford to Mende Clay Ford.

300 Paul Mallard Road: $250,000, Monti Properties LLC to Dauzat Enterprizes LLC.

126 St. Anthony Street: $250,000, Timothy E. Bye and Diana Rankin Bye to Marcus L. Carpenter Jr. and Ashley Laborde Carpenter.


Evangeline City Subdivision, Square 2, Lot 47B: $299,958, Lancraft, LLC to Meagan L. Fontenot and Andrew J. Donnelly.

209 Liza Court: $147,500, Presidential Fitz LLC to Kelsey Marie Hegel and Brandon Jonathan Bourgeois.


New Sarpy Subdivision, Square 11, Lots 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25: $26,430, Joseph N. Chiasson and Patricia Hinkle Chiasson to Mary Jane Falcon Zeringue.

New Sarpy Subdivision, Square 11, Lots 19 and 20: $10,570, Joseph N. Chiasson and Patricia Hinkle Chiasson to Rebecca M. Roubion.


Diamond Homestead Division, Square 3, Lot 11: Donation, Nathaniel Wheeler to Legertha Bell and Dennis M. Wheeler.

Diamond Homestead Division, Square 3, Lot 11: Donation, Legertha Bell to Deron L. Smith.

Diamond Homestead Division, Square 3, Lot 11: Donation, Dennis M. Wheeler to Deron L. Smith.


130 Kirk Drive: $45,000, Gaynell Bourg Landeche to Avery Baudoin and Myra Matherne Baudoin.


20 Sycamore Lane: Donation, Aneesa Bibi to Waqas Ahmad.