Transfers for Nov. 13-17


Banks St. 3615: $487,500, Ashley E. Gremillion Plaisance to Maria Landry and Michael Landry.

Camp St. 1562: $829,000, Jon Ryan Glass to Ferrell A. McClain and Kiernan Smith McClain.

Exchange Place 126: $8,250, Oak Ridge Park LLC to Ismael Espinoza Jr.

Melpomene St. 930: $535,000, 930 Melpomene LLC to Stephen Richard Yancey III.

Terpsichore St. 1020: $187,000, Anita Go Amigo to John Rivers Fike.

Terpsichore St. 1517: $243,000, Petite Urbania LLC to 1517 Terpsichore LLC.


Bayou Road 2000 A; Bayou Road 2000b-2010-2018: $380,000, Ebe Fence Company Inc. to Treme Triplex LLC.

Brooks St. 523-525: donation, no value stated, Mary L. Reisch to Erston H. Reisch III and Mary L. Reisch Special Needs Trust.

Burgundy St. 1303: $350,000, Ami Robyn Thompson Royle and Martin Edmund Royle to John F. Landrum and Martha McDermott Landrum.

Louisville St. 6046: $360,000, Jessica Cardinale Gomez and Thomas D. Gomez to Blaine T. Goitia.

Mouton St. 211: $220,000, David Brent Lester II to Integrity Construction Group LLC.

N. Galvez St. 923: $337,500, Dragonfly Unlimited LLC to Rita Blum Giesecke and Rita Blum Lynch.

N. Lopez St. 925-27; N. Lopez St. 927; North Lopez St. 925-27; North Lopez St. 927: $321,500, Samuel Robert Banks Jr. to Jennifer E. Potts Costantini and Michael D. Costantini.

N. Claiborne Ave. 2017-19; N. Claiborne Ave. 2019; North Claiborne Ave. 2017-19; North Claiborne Ave. 2019: $78,208, Marc Anthony Miller and Stephanie Y. Gayden Miller to Marx Management LLC.

N. Derbigny St. 1536; North Derbigny St. 1536: $225,000, Dno Construction Inc. to Jackson 1536 Properties LLC.

N. Derbigny St. 1540; North Derbigny St. 1540: $225,000, Dno Construction Inc. to Jackson 1536 Properties LLC, Jackson 1540 Properties LLC and Tyson Jackson.

N. Miro St. 924-926; N. Miro St. 926; North Miro St. 924-926; North Miro St. 926: $100,000, Mci3 LLC to D. & G. Homes LLC.

N. Rendon St. 800; North Rendon St. 800: $1,296,000, McDonogh 31 LLC to Rendon Partners LLC.

Orleans Ave. 6016: $275,000, Kevin Kristopher Redmann to Matthew J. Laudun.

Royal St. 1228: $250,000, Erica Alberti Avila and Vincent Gregory Avila to Joseph W. Suttner.

St. Louis St. 2322: $409,000, Atlas Greenway Fund 1 LLC to Aaron Andrew McCullough, and Caroline Elizabeth McCullough.

St. Louis St. 720: $2,200,000, Historical Properties of New Orleans LLC to Jjstlouis LLC.

St. Peter St. 2921-23; St. Peter St. 2923: $293,000, Cory Paul Eugene and Tiphanie Chisom Eugene to Laura Glazer.

St. Philip St. 3317: $375,000, Michelle E. Gibbs Boue and Michelle E. Gibbs Raymond to Koren Marie Boggs.


Andry St. 1527: $127,500, Bank of Louisiana to Arnulfo Rivera Jr.

Annette St. 1209: $89,500, Burnett Property Development LLC to 1209 Annette St. LLC.

Annette St. 1359: $135,000, Jennifer Leena Mogen to Cathy Lynn Mathews Sims.

Annette St. 4820: $40,000, Re3 Properties LLC to Leonardo Oliveir and Terry A. Lonatro.

 Babylon St. 5936-38; Babylon St. 5938: $10, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Dwayne Fontenette.

Arts St. 1617-17; Arts St. 1619: $28,000, Williams Risinger Investments LLC to Rock Management LLC.

Arts St. 2709-11; Arts St. 2709-2711; Arts St. 2711: $1,345, Community Improvement Agency and New Orleans Redevelopment Authority to Veloris G. Holmes.

Beaconfield Drive 7342: $196,000, Jamal W. Matthews to Hance Washington and Melissa Roper.

Camelot Drive 4601: $128,500, Joyce Lee Jones to Terry Joseph Luca.

Congress St. 2036: $70,000, Miosha L. Walker to 20176bt 184 LLC.

Conti St. 2308-2310: $395,000, Deep South Home Buyers LLC to Charles C. Cooper and Lauren Burnett Cooper.

Cove Drive 6945: $40,000, Brian Cornell Joseph to Brian Luster and Terri Mercadel Luster.

Dauphine St. 3217-3219; Dauphine St. 3219: $569,000, 3217 Dauphine LLC to Cherry Fisher Lyon, Cherry Fisher May and Stephen Craig May.

Dabadie St. 2201-2203; Dabadie St. 2203: $240,000, Detmias Holdings LLC to Rebecca H. Crenshaw.

Dauphine 2727: donation, no value stated, Heather Kristen Reynolds Harkrider and William Matthew Harkrider to Marigny Interests LLC.

Dauphine St. 1803: $483,000, Joan McCullough Forgione, Joan McLlough Seydler and Robert A. Forgione to Rachel Jennifer Crawford Lucas.

Desire St. 1643; N. Derbigny St. 3400; North Derbigny St. 3400: donation, no value stated, Joseph V. Jones to Joseph V. Jones Jr.

Dumaine St. 2524-28; Dumaine St. 2528: $255,000, 2524 & 28 Dumaine Street LLC to Noel Chase Anderson and Peter Tobias Arturi.

Duplessis St. 4533: $279,000, Nicole M. Grandpre Carter and Terry J. Carter to Tonya Hall.

Elysian Fields Ave. 901-903; Elysian Fields Ave. 903: donation, no value stated, Angelique L. Vialou to Alexandre P. Vialou.

Feliciana St. 1824-26 donation, no value stated, Gloria Simpson Brown to Eugene Troy Ellis.

Forstall St. 1114; St. Claude Ave. 5029-31: no value stated, Community Improvement Agency and New Orleans Redevelopment Authority to Sankofa Community Development Corp.

Forstall St. 1114; St. Claude Ave. 5029-31; St. Claude Ave. 5031: no value stated, Sankofa Community Development Corporation to Community Improvement Agency and New Orleans Redevelopment Authority.

France St. 1200-1202; France St. 1202: $264,000, 1200 France LLC to Daniel M. Askin.

Frankfort St. 2721; Frankfort St. 2725: $165,000, Kelvin Harrison, Patty Harrison Haywood and Patty Harrison Hebert to Estrelita Dartez Kennair and Wyatt Kennair.

Frankfort St. 2729: $25,000, Noura Delaire Investments LLC to Hd Real Estates LLC.

Frenchmen St. 4440: $269,000, Ducar Real Estate Investments LLC to Amanda Radosti Manning and Nicholas C. Manning.

Hiawatha St. 2856: $18,000, Michelle McKinley Marable to Isl Investments LLC.

Industry St. 2366: $10,000, Marie Johnson Kastler to Isl Investments LLC.

Kerlerec St. 1342: $18,700, Ruby Smith Daggons and Tommie Daggons to Dreamality LLC.

Lafon Drive 4857: $202,000, Tracy Nguyen Mai to Jill Farria.

Lesseps St. 813-15; Lesseps St. 815: $243,000, F. & R. Capital Holdings LLC to Celticbuild LLC.

Louisa St. 1212-14; Louisa St. 1214: $80,000, Mark Vance Reimer to Our Dreamlands LLC.

Mandeville 2225: donation, no value stated, Ebony Moore to Rhonda Farria Moore.

Mandeville St. 3407: $165,000, First Nbc Community Development LLC to Kyle Kilpatrick White.

Marais St. 1505-1507; Marais St. 1507: $85,000, American Reit LLC to Bayouproject LLC.

Marigny St. 1601-03; Marigny St. 1603: $118,000, Susan Rivers to Jeffrey K. Min Tam.

Milne St. 5565-67: $250,000, Glenn Barcenas to Teri L. Corte.

Music St. 5169: $400,000, J. Williams Construction LLC to Angelique R. Lopez and Joshua Stephen Lopez.

N. Broad St. 1674; North Broad St. 1674: donation, no value stated, Diedra D. Thibodeaux to Justin Lee.

N. Dorgenois St. 5401; North Dorgenois St. 5401: $6,000, Annika Taplin, Margie Daniels Taplin and Tyronne Taplin to New Orleans Redevelopment Authority.

S. Murat St. 524-26; S. Murat St. 526; South Murat St. 524-26; South Murat St. 526: $175,000, Jbb Investments LLC and John Barry Benton Jr. to Bradshaw Family LLC.

N. Prieur St. 2250; North Prieur St. 2250: $93,000, Alfred J. Parker Jr. and Patricia Parker Parker to Jacob G. Zola.

S. Rendon St. 318-320; S. Rendon St. 320; South Rendon St. 318-320; South Rendon St. 320: $119,288.21, Michael P. Porteous to Derek M. Mercer.

N. Rampart St. 3400-3402; N. Rampart St. 3402; North Rampart St. 3400-3402; North Rampart St. 3402: $225,475, Raymond J. May to Barrett W. Kirsch and Lindsay Dunaj Kirsch.

N. Rampart St. 4117; North Rampart St. 4117: $689,000, Ralph E. Fatturuse to King Desire LLC.

Palmyra St. 3127-29; S. Lopez St. 226: $120,000, Conchetta Biondolillo Desalvo, Denise D. Lucas, Gracio S. Desalvo, Madalena Desalvo Zuppardo, Mary Grace Desalvo, Michael G. Desalvo, Peter F. Dimitri, Peter J. Desalvo, Salvador J. Dimitri and Theresa D. Buchert to Francisco A. Moresco and Stacey Lynn Verdon Moresco.

Pauline Drive 5177: $8,500, Raymond Andrew Boseman and Sybil Kelly Boseman to T&t Real Estate Development LLC.

Port St. 1214: $120,000, Albert Harry Denesse to Pepper Properties LLC.

Redwood St. 4882: $25,000, El Rot Properties LLC to Darrell Gibson.

Robert E. Lee Boulevard 1532-1544: $3,378,000, Rel Investments LLC to L&l Real Estate Group LLC.

Roger Williams St. 3513: $99,000, Danna Connerly Wilson and Kevin L. Wilson to C. & An Investments LLC.

S. Coronet Court 7089; S. Coronet Court 7807; South Coronet Court 7089; South Coronet Court 7807: $27,000, Gail Young Murray, Gail Young Robinson and Gail Young Womack Murray to Real Homes Rentals LLC.

St. Bernard Ave. 5384: $273,500, Brooke R. Neal Hartman and Justin J. Hartman to Emile A. Louapre and Gretchen Heldner.

Trafalgar St. 3145: $524,000, Chisesi Signature Homes LLC to Martha Eager Allen and Richard Thomson Allen.

 Tulane Ave. 3212-14: $275,000, Monica Elise Ben Shakleford to Naw LLC and Shirley Franklin Williams.

Wales St. 7614: $122,000, Michael Porter to Kyren E. Price.

Wright Road 4836: $159,000, Jose Zavala and Martha M. Maldonado Zavala to Antoinette Robinson Hammond and Gregory Hammond.


St. Charles Ave. 2833: $260,000, 2833 St. Charles Ave Unit 2 LLC to Carole Shauffer Goldberg Richeda, Gerald Digre and Peter Digre.

Third St. 2016-18: $137,500, Derrick M. Scott Sr. and Quiana G. Scott to Christopher A. Saffold and Cicily V. Robinson.

Washington Ave. 1530-32-34-36; Washington Ave. 1532; Washington Ave. 1534; Washington Ave. 1536: $815,000, Derek Joseph Illes to Jules Andaya Van Opijnen and Roeland A. Van Opijnen.


Alix St. 813 1/2; Alix St. 813-13 1/2; Alix St. 815 1/2; Alix St. 815-15 1/2: $355,000, Kelli Hand Bristol and Sean Michael Bristol to 813 Alix Street LLC.

Arabella St. 1311: $840,000, Jules Van Opijnen and Roeland Alexander Van Opijnen to Debra Drude Hugele and Michael Paul Hugele.

Bacchus Drive 2930: $130,000, Alvin Masters Homebuilders LLC to Ryan Errol Carter.

Belleville St. 1137-1139; Belleville St. 1139: $25,000, Deadria Maria Christian Monk to Hip Flips LLC.

Comet St. 2635: $170,000, Marlin Noel Gusman Jr. to Cardell G. Champagne and Jade Recasner Champagne.

Danbury Drive 2412: $172,500, William Staiger II to Bryan W. Griset and Christina K. Griset Revocable Trust.

Delaronde St. 614: $235,000, Sally F. Pierce Bordelon and Sally F. Pierce Havnen to Robert H. Matthews.

Erie St. 1700: $50,000, Bernie Hebert Investments LLC to Hsl Properties LLC.

Farragut St. 1167001; Farragut St. 2020; Farragut St. 2030: $250,000, David B. Kaufman to 2020 Farragut LLC.

Farragut St. 1229: $179,900, Mk Boyles Holdings LLC to Meriwether J. Mersereau Lopez.

Halsey Ave. 2666: $176,900, Jevan Smoot Fleming and Otis Fleming Jr. to Brantley Janay Minor.

Holiday Drive 1900: donation, no value stated, James Bernard Winder Jr. And Helen Ann Winder Joint Living Trust to Ann Winder Helen and James B. Winder III.

Homer St. 601-03; Homer St. 603; Homer St. 615; Verret St. 900: $30,000, Matthew Oliver Ruth and Olivia Wilson Ruth to 3f Properties of Louisiana LLC.

Homer St. 601-03; Homer St. 603; Homer St. 615; Verret St. 900: $30,000, 3f Properties of Louisiana LLC to Gisleson Group LLC.

Lees Lane 705: donation, no value stated, David Brown Amacker and Larry Brown Amacker to Earnest Lee Bryant Jr.

Ptolemy St. 1404-06; Ptolemy St. 1406: $106,000, Michael John Sentino and Patrice Pickens Sentino to 1404 1406 Ptolemy Street LLC.

River Oaks Drive 412: $108,000, Eliud Salomon Bautista and Johnny Eliud Bautista to Brittany Nicole Paul, Brittany Nicole Stamps Paul and Derek K. Paul.


Annunciation St. 4878: $255,000, Ace Equities LLC to Tanga Winstead.

Audubon St. 902; Burthe St. 7103: donation, no value stated, Khiria Mohamed Ali Abeid Emteris, Ramadan A. Imteres and Ramadan Ali M. Emteris to Masjid Al Rahma Tulane Muslim Community Inc.

Baronne St. 3317-3319; Baronne St. 3319: $135,000, Austin Venture Properties LLC to Todd L. Valenzuela.

Baronne St. 3608: $360,000, John Martin Byrnes Quality of Life Trust to Jessica Salas Wilson and Reece A. Wilson.

Cadiz St. 2232: $167,500, Burnett Property Development to Blue Orleans LLC.

Chestnut St. 3117-3119: $600,000, 3117 19 Chestnut Street LLC and James B. Gaffney to Christopher Ray Aguglia and Michelle E. Lewis Aguglia.

Colapissa St. 8919-21; Colapissa St. 8921: donation, no value stated, Loyd M. Booth Jr. to Norweida Gleason Booth.

Clio St. 4710: $10, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development of Washington Dc to Wallace Enterprises LLC.

Constance St. 4432: $526,500, Jeffrey R. Castelaz and Joann Thrailkill Castelaz to Jan Strandberg Kuban.

Delachaise St. 742: $278,875, Desiree E. Plaisance to Andrew Levin and Samuel Levin.

Dufossat St. 923-25: $100,000, George A. Allain III and Wilma Allain Mercadal to Daneel Smith Watson and James Lee Watson.

Eleonore St. 825-27: $425,000, Dorothy Von Salzen Giardina, John William Giardina and Pamela Giardina Webb to Karen Saunders Deblieux and Peter Mark Cowley Deblieux.

Laurel St. 5711: $100, Diana Alcazar Odowd and Joseph P. Odowd to Mary K. Benrud Dellucky, Mary K. Benrud Hunter and Michael S. Hunter.

Milan St. 1118-1120: $538,000, Carla Linville White and Robert L. White to Brittany Anne Chamberlain and Ryan Joseph Chamberlain.

Prytania St. 6028: $1,175,900, Kearney S. Loughlin and Terri Bezdek Loughlin to Jonathan Somma and Nicole Schaffer Somma.


38th St. 414: $231,000, Dauphine Investments LLC to Saiglann LLC.

38th St. 414: $346,000, Saiglann LLC to Mitchell G. McCloud.

Ave. A 6612: $385,000, Ashlee G. Cooper Bentivegna to Eric P. Garrett and Jerrianne E. Kellogg Garrett.

Bellaire Drive 5348: $522,000, Daniel K. Winstead and Jennifer Reiner Winstead to Lauren Wood Larose and Miles B. Larose.

Cambronne St. 1918-20; Cambronne St. 1920: donation, no value stated, Henry Lloyd Tubre to Henry Larry Tubre.

Cohn St. 8625: $58,000, Specialized Homes LLC to Cohn First Property LLC.

Fig St. 9412: donation, no value stated, Twann Butler to Chander James.

Forshey St. 8640; Monroe St. 3229-31-33; Monroe St. 3231; Monroe St. 3233: donation, no value stated, Lanitrah Hasan and Zinnyah Hasan to Antarah Halima Hasan Lambert and Antarah Halima Hasan Sharif.

Forshey St. 9227: $62,500, 2518 Dante LLC to 9227 Forshey LLC.

General Ogden St. 2728: $60,000, Cherlyn Jimerson Adams, Cherlyn Jimerson Williams, Devin Lonon, Ebony Jimerson, Edd Jimerson III, Edd Mossop, Marilyn J. Perkins Capers, Marilyn Jimerson Capers and Marilyn Jimerson Perkins Capers to Solo Properties LLC.

Hillary St. 1019: $507,000, Michael Paliga to Matthew S. Pittman and Stephanie Holloway Pittman.

Lake Marina Drive 500: $146,000, Ryan P. Schlaudecker to Britney Baptist and Britney Katherine Baptist.

Monroe St. 1821: $289,000, Andersen Design + Build LLC to Sarah D. Post Borengasser and Stephen J. Borengasser.

Oak St. 8112-14-16: donation, no value stated, Cheryl Andrus Falgoust to Judith Andrus Barrios.

Zimpel St. 8234: donation, no value stated, Judith Andrus Barrios to Cheryl Andrus Falgoust.