Seth Hagler and Genevieve Hagler sold this home at 608 North Rio Vista Ave. in Jefferson to Eric L. Wilderotter for $315,000.


Transfers for Jan. 19-26


Village of Harahan, lot 18, part lot 17, square G: Donation, Keith J. Cressionnie and Charles R. Cressionnie to Mary C. Valotta and Carla A. Cressionnie.

Village of Harahan, lot 18, part lot 17, square G: Donation, Neil F. Cressionnie to Mary C. Valotta and Carla A. Cressionnie.

West Ave. 404: $185,000, Sarah Burnette to Jo A. Jones.


Iris Ave. 452: $326,250, Leroy J. Laporte Jr. to 452 Iris Ave LLC.

Linden St. 416: $131,000, Celso E. Hernandez to Jessica Gorman.

North Rio Vista Ave. 608: $315,000, Seth Hagler and Genevieve Hagler to Eric L. Wilderotter.

St. George Ave. 308: $375,000, William R. Schmidt Jr. and Doris W. Schmidt to Legacy 308 St George LLC.


21st St. 2302-06: $153,000, George Castaneda and Rafaela Castaneda to David Brown.

42nd Street condo, 1613-17, unit A: $105,000, David C. Schroeder and Dina Schroeder to TLC Business Consulting & Financial Resource Services.

Arizona Ave. 3604: $131,300, Yuching C. Lawrence to James B. Liuzza.

Audubon subdivision, lot 3, square 1: $55,000, Joshua R. Sandoval and Ashley Sandoval to Reve Inc.

Bainbridge Office & Industrial Park subdivision, lot 3A1, square 90: $96,000, Vicari Golden LLC to Frost Investments LLC.

Cannes Brulees subdivision, lot 31, square 1: $180,000, Caliber Home Loans Inc. to Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

Chateau Blvd. 3295: $209,000, Bianca R. Burguera to Meylin D. Torres, Walter Torres and Meylin Torres.

Connecticut Ave. 3300: $130,000, Earl S. LeBlanc and Linda G. LeBlanc to Dzung Q. Tran.

Crestview Office & Industrial Park, lots 19Bib, 19B1C and 19B1D, plot S, square 226: Donation, All Scrap Metals LLC to P&M Real Estate LLC.

Delaware Ave. 1921: $116,000, Lobell Enterprises Inc. to Adam E. Nosacka.

Delaware Ave. 3803: $15,000, MDN Creations LLC to Jayme J. Deoliveira.

Dolphin Court 841: $182,000, Alicia P. Bourgeois to Oksana Troescher.

East Louisiana State Drive 4109: $82,769, Carmen N. Arrechavala to Jose M. Navarro and Vilma Navarro.

Hudson St. 1717: $115,000, Mary L. Ducatel and Percy M. Yates to Dianne Darensbourg and Allan G. Darensbourg.

Illinois Ave. 1938-40: Donation, Ivan H. Maheu II and Christopher L. Maheu Sr. to Mark L. Maheu.

Julien Place condo, unit E5: $134,500, John L. St. Pierre II to Jeanne A. Brignac.

Lake Trail Drive 4025: $265,000, Diana Long and Russell P. Long to Barthelemy Joly and Yolande Jolly.

Lincoln Manor 7. subdivision, lot 5, square 154: $20,000, Wendy P. Whitsett to Snuffle Truffle LLC.

Montana Ave. 1601: $225,000, Estate Acquisition Inc. to Robert M. Morales.

Newport Place 1752, unit 106: $56,800, Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Azreen Iqbal.

Roosevelt Blvd. 1500: $198,000, Estate Acquisition Inc. to Patricia R. Murray.

St. James Drive 4107: $287,000, Anuhya B. Appana and Veeravenkata S. Appana to Farhana Shaheen and Fokhrul Hossain.

Vintage condo, units 41 and 40A: Donation, Leda Sobon to Moore Family Trust.

Webster St. 1246: $173,000, Briana Moody and Darin A. P. Moody to Forrest E. Miller and Cynthia A. Bergeron.

Williams Blvd. 103: Donation, Rhonda Nguyen to Mai T. Nguyen.


Civic St. 3844-46: $160,000, Emilie Rogers and Ryan J. Rogers to Brett R. Mutter.

Abadie Ave. 1612: $249,900, Shaun M. Lamonte to Thomas D. Kimball and T. D. Kimball.

Alphonse Court 5204: $435,000, Michael M. Lacefield and Jean G. Lacefield to Aaron L. Hoover and Christie M. Hoover.

Arlington Drive 522: $400,000, Tosha B. Harris and Albert G. Benard to Darryl M. Breaux and Denise D. Breaux.

Bauvais St. 3820: Donation, Frank J. Golemi to Mary C. Verver and Elena M. Golemi.

Bonnabel Place subdivision, lot R, square 38: $121,000, Jack M. Farrington to Juniper Realty LLC.

Bore St. 3116: $500,000, One Construction LLC to Joshua Stoltz and Kelly Stoltz.

Bridgedale C, part lot 12, square 112: $450,000, Timothy J. Todd and Kathy K. Todd to Salvadore J. Dicarlo.

Cleary Division subdivision, lot 1A1: $352,000, Vance W. Ott and Jeanne B. Ott to Jesse M. Coleman.

Cleary Division subdivision, lot 1A2: $366,000, Vance W. Ott and Jeanne B. Ott to Andrew S. Coleman.

Cleveland Place 5245: $800,000, Scott B. Branting and Diane Branting to Brice D. Bass.

Darlene Court subdivision, lot 2, square B: Donation, Frank J. Golemi to Mary C. Verver.

Division St. 1708: $456,000, Stephanie Fischer and David H. Fischer Jr. to Phong H. Hoang and Mary L. M. Nguyen.

Divison St. 3701: $965,000, Richard A. Barton and Barton Living Trust to Jefferson Parish.

Edenborn Ave. 804: $105,000, Rita Fontenelle, Gail Glesener, Gary B. Fontenelle, John B. Fontenelle, Rene Brockhoeft, Steven J. Fontenelle, Charles E. Fontenelle and McCullough Family Irrevocable Trust to Bridget Fontenelle and Charles E. Fontenelle.

Edenborn Avenue 3126, unit 510: Donation, Aquilino A. Pacris and Fe D. Pacris to Kristin M.D. Pacris.

Emily St. 2001: Donation, Frank J. Golemi to Elena M. Golemi.

Ferran Drive 3409: $200,000, Estelle M. Tossell, Donald F. Tossell Jr. and Deborah Steinmetz to PJD Houses LLC.

Georgia Court 501: Donation, Raymond C. Blancher Jr. to Rebecca R. Blancher.

Giuffrais Ave. 406: Donation, Marvin P. Hansel Jr. to Brandie L. B. Hansel.

Glenwood Drive 209: $386,500, Mary Nuttli, John H. Rooney Jr., James P. Rooney, Marylynn Rooney and Robert M. Rooney to K. Belle Consultants LLC.

Green Acres 1600: $40,000, Carol L. Miller to Darren P. Pecot.

Green Acres Road 1600: $87,500, Darren P. Pecot to 1600 Green Acres LLC.

Henry Landry Ave. 505: $115,000, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Ramon R. Solares and Susan P. Whitney.

Hesper Ave. 837: $400,000, Christine Ewy and Robert W. Ewy to Leigh T. Barton, Leigh T. B. Hess and Michelle E. Hess.

Highway Park subdivision, lot 31, square 166: $220,000, Walter J. Glenn Jr. to Robert R. Duzac and Darla F. Linton.

Highway Park subdivision, lot 5, square 10: Donation, Aug Cristina & Bros. Inc. and Cris Realms LLC to Rara Group LLC.

Jasper St. 4508: $295,000, Wesley A. Gabbard to Tierney R. Hinrichs.

Jean Place 3746: $257,000, Beverly A. Barone and Ann Longley to Omega G. Leslie and Bryce D. Cohen.

Kingman St. 3017: $1,165,000, 3017 N. Kingman LLC to Louisiana Motor Vehicle Commission.

Lake Drive 3621: $737,750, James B. Johnson to Keith J. Fremin Jr. and Kimberly C. Fremin.

Melody Drive 1509: $432,500, Joan Schumer and Lawrence R. Schumer to Karen Cameron.

Metairie Court 136: $275,000, Jonathan M. Hymel and Stephanie Hymel to Magic Touch Technology Inc.

Metairie Court 2619: $325,000, McNabb Properties LLC to Jessica Mancuso and Ronald A. Mancuso III.

N. Hullen St. 3735: $310,800, Betty Weaver, Charles E. Riels, Priscilla H. Floca, Arnold S. Cooper and Jerry M. Marty to ERG Enterprises LLC.

N. Pierce Ave. 309: $60,000, Jeffrey M. Lynch and Heather M. H. Lynch to Dunn Homes LLC.

Nora St. 6420: $300,000, Jared D. Williams and Sadari L. F. Williams to Tri M. Le and Hang T. Nguyen.

Nursery Ave. 350: $140,000, Ladner Living Trust to Christian E. Briceno and Heather R. Briceno.

Old Arnoult, tract 1B: $540,000, Mississippi River Batture LLC to Arnoult Road LLC.

Page Drive 3720: $125,000, Jp Morgan Chase Bank National Association to Jones Construction LLC.

Park Manor Drive 6452:$100, Tri Meg Properties LLC to Park Property Four LLC.

Park Manor Drive 6456: $100, Tri Meg Properties LLC to Park Property Four LLC.

Pike Drive 4724: $152,000, Davis REI LLC to KD Guidry LLC.

Pontchartrain Shores subdivision, lot 32, square 28: Donation, Elizabeth A. Daboud to Yadira E. Daboud.

Riley Court Condo I, unit 4401-A: $113,500, Arlene Ducote Little Bulot Trust, Diane Lott Everett Special Needs Trust, Bruce K. Little, Catherine Falcon, Doug Everett and Douglas Everett to Alicia Bourgeois.

Rose Ave. 905: $225,000, Lucille B. Oschmann, Patricia Bourgeois and Raymond L. Bourgeois to Molly O’Dowd.

Sena Drive 1108: $370,000, Gary W. Amacker to Angela St. Clair and Brian F. St. Clair.

Sena Drive 507: $70,000, Susan M. Cerise to DOP Holdings LLC.

Sena Drive 801: $220,000, Donna M. Pace, Danny G. Menge and Dannette M. Lockhart to Amanda L. Pace.

South Sibley St. 918: $43,000, FBR Investments LLC to Brian Jones and Jeanine Jones.

Taft Park 2505: $262,000, Charles R. Harrell to Jesus R. Tovar.

West Metairie Ave. 4525: $95,000, Timothy A. Kennedy and Audrey L. Kennedy to Tony Bertucci Realtor LLC.

Whitney Place condo, unit 533: $125,000, Lorraine S. Bracey to Stephen G. Wood and Kathleen S. Wood.

Wisteria Drive 1300: $310,000, Leroy J. Ursin to Shawn C. White and Rachel E. White.

Wytchwood Drive 2501: $180,000, Yasir Handal and Blanca Handal to Park Property Four LLC.

Young St. 4405: $200,000, Kiosk Inc. to Julie J. Johnson.


515 Arnold St. 513: $177,580, Calvin P. Lemoine to Raymond C. Blancher Jr.

Highland Acres subdivision, lot 6D, square E: $283,000, Sean P. Bernard to Kimberly Decourt and Terry Decourt Jr.

Little Farms Ave. 337: $425,000, Keith J. Fremin Jr. to Alwyn J. Fruge Jr. and Laura Wysocki.

Robin Lane 9624: $680,000, Paul J. Marquis and Anna T. S. Marquis to Jerry E. Grubb Jr. and Alina B. H. Grubb.

Steamboat Lane 8724: $410,000, Jerry M. Godfrey Jr. and Lindsi Godfrey to Raymond A. Picone III and Stacie Picone.

Upstream subdivision, lot F2, square 7: $195,000, Rosemary Z. Holmberg, Diane H. Schilleci, Linda Benfield, Edward A. Holmberg III, Gertrude Krogsgard, Emily Jowett and Christina Benfield to Rosemarie H. Florane and Michael Landlang.