• property Transfers for Nov. 12 to Nov. 13


  • TOWN OF ABITA SPRINGS, LOT 3-A, SQUARE 11: $10,000, Minton V. Whitehead and Lauren Easley to David C. Chatelain and Cynthia M. Chatelain.
  • TOWN OF ABITA SPRINGS, PORTION OF GROUND: $165,000, Scott M. Clasen to Jason S. Buck and Joy W. Buck.
  • TOWN OF NEW ABITA SPRINGS, LOT 3-A, SQUARE 11: $37,000, Lonny G. Bourgeois to David C. Chatelain and Cynthia M. Chatelain.


  • AVENUE SAINT GERMAIN 1121: $385,000, Gregory M. Intravia to Justin K. McRee and Stacy R. McRee.
  • BRANCH CROSSING DRIVE 756: $174,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Elisa F. Hurst.
  • BRANCH CROSSING DRIVE 760: $181,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Lewell P. Hayden and Faye D. Hayden.
  • BRIAR HOLLOW ST. 28: $157,000, Lane A. Carson and Laura A. Lewis Carson to Eric N. Tabor.

Buckthorne Place 512: $176,470, DSLD Homes LLC to Rachel L. Bradfield.

  • CAMRON DRIVE 1716: $234,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Kathleen A. Levens.
  • E. MAGEE ST. 509: $70,000, Ernest J. Cole Jr. and Ellen F. Cole Jr. to Craig A. Miner and Loretta J. Miner.
  • J. J. LANE 409: $186,000, Succession of Peggy Ann Lehar Brannan to Todd S. Masson and Brandi R. Masson.
  • LONG LAKE DRIVE 389: $291,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Troy A. Bond.

Louisiana Highway 1077 70323: $261,512, B. C. S. Development LLC to Sean D. McHughes and Christine D. McHughes.

  • MEMPHIS TRACE 305: $945,000, Provincial Investments LLC to Brian P. Becker and Emily C. Becker.
  • PALM BLVD. 20406: $146,555, DSLD Homes LLC to Ronnie J. Rousseau.
  • PENN MILL ROAD 73336: $175,000, Alicia E. Brown to Gilberto L. Carrera and Carrie K. Carrera.
  • RUE SAINT EMILION 340: $380,000, Conbeth Development LLC to Robert C. Rapp and Melissa J. Rapp.

Section 25, township 6 south, range 10 east 1.60 acres: $10,000, donation, Mary J. Frost to George E. Frost V and Kristina W. Frost.

  • SMOKETREE DRIVE 1011: $255,000, Reid Richardson Jr. and Donna P. Richardson to Dianne D. Daigle.
  • TAMMANY HILLS SUBDIVISION, LOTS 23-A, 27-A, SQUARE 107: $25,000, Citizens Bank & Trust Co. LLC to D. Motichek Builders LLC.
  • TERRA MARIAE SUBDIVISION, PHASE 2-B, LOT 61: $36,000, Military Road Land Co. LLC to David G. Schiff and Sharon S. Schiff.
  • ZINNIA DRIVE 84: $275,000, Tad M. Lombard and Gisele A. Lombard to Glenn E. Schaefer and Julie Van D. Schaefer.


  • SECTION 5, TOWNSHIP 5 SOUTH, RANGE 10 EAST, PORTION OF GROUND: $10,000, Deanna M. Rodgers to McArthur Dawson.


  • NELSON’S LANDING SUBDIVISION, LOT 11: $29,000, Spa Louisiana Hold I LLC to Shane C. Reis.


  • FIFTH ST. 100, UNITS C, D: $170,000, donation, Kelvin Willie to Laura W. Willie.
  • GUSTE ISLAND ESTATES, LOTS 216, 218, 264, 265, 282, 288, 295, 310: $208,000, McInt LLC to BMI Land Holding LLC.
  • GUSTE ISLAND ESTATES, LOTS 217, 263, 266, 272, 294, 296, 308, 309: $208,000, McInt LLC to GMI Land Holding LLC.
  • GUSTE ISLAND ESTATES, LOTS 219, 289, 292: $78,000, McInt LLC to GMI Construction Inc.
  • GUSTE ISLAND ESTATES, LOTS 220, 271: $52,000, McInt LLC to KPM Construction LLC.
  • GUSTE ISLAND ESTATES, LOTS 221, 269, 270, 273, 279, 284, 286, 293, 311: $234,000, McInt LLC to McHugh Land Holding LLC.
  • GUSTE ISLAND ESTATES, LOTS 222, 274, 296: $78,000, McInt LLC to BMI Construction LLC.
  • GUSTE ISLAND ESTATES, LOTS 267, 268, 275, 278, 283, 285, 287, 291,312: $234,000, McInt LLC to KPM Land Holding LLC.
  • GUSTE ISLAND ESTATES, LOTS 276, 277: $52,000, McInt LLC to McHugh Construction LLC.
  • OLD PLACE LANE 332: $263,705, DSLD Homes LLC to Anthony N. Perkins and Terri C. Perkins.
  • PINE CREST DRIVE 205: $309,000, Jennifer B. Meaux to Wesley P Lanier and Heidi P. Lanier.
  • S. FAIRWAY DRIVE 404: $870,000, Chad C. Hambacher and Nancy S. Hambacher to Paul B. Coleman and Lori B. Coleman.
  • TAVERNY COURT 69332: $199,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Andrew J. Cheramie.
  • W. LONGVIEW COURT 277: $367,000, KPM Construction LLC to Jeremy J. Bruce and Octavia Q. Bruce.


  • CAMELLIA LANE 355: $257,000, James R. Hanks III and Alison M. Hanks to Matthew S. Gardner and Kayla B. Hencsei.
  • FOREST DRIVE 112: $435,000, Salvadore A. Mortillaro and Darlene R. Mortillaro to Adam E. Bannerman and Katie F. Bannerman.
  • LEXINGTON DRIVE 200: $260,000, Robert B. Keen and Stacy C. Keen to Luis A. Bonilla and Angela L. Nell.
  • MEADOWBROOK SUBDIVISION, PHASE 5-B, LOT 101: $425,000, Cynthia L. Voelker to Jason P. Phillips and Anita K. Phillips.
  • MISTLETOE ST. 38: $237,500, Lynn E. Peuschold to Robert H. Mack and Stephanie R. Mack.
  • RED MAPLE DRIVE 327: $335,000, Kristopher Kessler and Erin C. Kessler to Brian Olagues and Elizabeth B. Olagues.
  • RED MAPLE DRIVE 468: $289,000, Deneen D. Rist and Margaret E. Muller to Dwayne R. Stein.
  • SECTION 47, TOWNSHIP 7 SOUTH, RANGE 11 EAST, PORTION OF GROUND: $2,798,858, Regent Lands Inc. and Advance Mortgage Co. LLC to Northshore Residential Associates Four LLC.
  • TCHEFUNCTA CLUB ESTATES, LOT 92, SQUARE 11: $285,000, David W. Cottrell, Cynthia Ann C. Dean, Gerald L. Cottrell and Vicki Lynn C. Miller to Todd H. McCormick and Claire H. McCormick.
  • TIMBER CREEK SUBDIVISION, LOT 23: donation, no value stated, Wayne J. Songy and Fay V. Songy to Wayne J. Songy and Fay V. Songy.
  • TOWN OF MANDEVILLE, LOT 9-A, SQUARE 347-A: donation, no value stated, Clifford J. Welsh Jr. and Susan B. Welsh to Casey P. Welsh.


  • CUTTER CIRCLE 500: $234,900, John T. Sample and Nicole M. Sample to Jennifer Savoy Guillot.
  • LOU GALLOWAY ROAD 38146: donation, no value stated, James K. Blanchard to Heather Blanchard Gaeta.
  • MAGNOLIA FOREST SUBDIVISION, PHASE 12, LOT 242: $201,000, Robert J. Walker and Janis R. Walker to Shannon N. Wagner and Edward J. Wagner IV.
  • MORGAN BLUFF 908: $383,500, Allan G. Cougle and Judith M. Cougle to John T. Sample and Nicole Sample.
  • TWIN HICKORY FARM SITES SUBDIVISION, LOT 29: $55,000, John W. Conravey III testamentary trust to Don D. Doussan and Mary Jo Disalvo Doussan.


  • BAYOU LIBERTY GARDENS, LOT 20, SQUARE 1: no value stated, Bank of America NA to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.
  • BLUEBIRD ST. 2024: $115,500, Russell P. Labat to Red Ticket Realty LLC.
  • BLUEBIRD ST. 2312: no value stated, Bank of America NA to Secretary of Veterans Affairs.
  • BRITTANY LANE 118: $112,000, Barbara H. Carter to Brandon A. Scott and Lacey E. Scott.
  • CLIPPER ESTATES, PHASE 5, LOT 204: $15,000, Jamie Tanguis Walters Estate to Michael K. Walters.
  • CLIPPER ESTATES, PHASE 7-A, LOT 247: $45,000, Keith J. Picou and Cheryl M. Picou to Joseph P. Lamy Jr.
  • CYPRESS LAKES DRIVE 130: $310,000, Pitt C. Tarrant and Chery R. Tarrant to Clinton H Sharp III and Michelle H. Sharp.
  • EIGHTH ST. 716: $123,000, Casey B. Cramer to David J. Freese and Ashlee W. Freese.
  • HARDIN ROAD 57045: $95,870, Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Joseph E. Maksimowicz and Sandra F. Maksimowicz.
  • HERMINA ST. 36460: $92,889, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
  • KEPLER LAKE COURT 206: $112,500, Stonecrest Income and Opportunity Fund-I LLC to C-Team Investors Inc.
  • LAKE SABINE COURT 212: $175,000, Caitlin Anne Delcambre to Christopher L. Smith.
  • LAKESHORE ESTATES, PHASE 1A-4, LOT 270: $77,500, Thomas A. DeRose Jr. and Robin P. DeRose to Fernando A. Correa and Rachel C. Correa.
  • LIGHTHOUSE POINT 100: donation, no value stated, Bruce A. Trader to Eva Michelle L. Trader.
  • MASTER POINT COURT 209: $306,542, Rusty D. Russo and Christy N. Russo to Susan T. Ross.
  • NAPOLEON AVE. 220: $75,000, Federal National Mortgage Association to HS Property Owner LLC.
  • NELLIE DRIVE 1713: $132,000, E. J. Milligan Construction Co. to Sheronda S. Bowers.
  • PINEHURST COURT 109: $200,000, Carl Ronnie Daricek Living Trust to Kenneth R. Baskin and Zulina N. Baskin.
  • ROCKHAMPTON COURT 104: $207,000, Wells Fargo Financial La. Inc. to Robert Campbell.
  • SECTION 38, TOWNSHIP 9 SOUTH, RANGE 14 EAST, PORTION OF GROUND: $4,914, Shirley Lee Trotter to St. Tammany Parish.
  • SECTION 39, TOWNSHIP 8 SOUTH, RANGE 13 EAST, PORTION OF GROUND: donation, no value stated, George R. Tranchina Jr. to Andrew R. Tranchina.
  • SEVENTH ST. 2001-03: $595,000, D&D Associates LLC to Mary T. Faciane.
  • SPINMAKER DRIVE 242: $370,000, JST Realty LLC to Osama M. Rantisi.?St. Lucy Circle 1229: $235,000, Linda A. Diaz to Joel C. Celey and Wendy L. Celey.
  • TRANQUILITY PARK SUBDIVISION, LOT 12, SQUARE 1: no value stated, Bank of America NA to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.
  • WILLIAM TELL ST. 3167: $99,500, Jeannine L. Porter to Dalton J. Coulon.


  • LOUISIANA HIGHWAY 40 26323: $240,000, Daniel K. Jenners, David R. Jenners, Kelly Ann Jenners Lewis and Lynn J. LeBlanc to Jennifer R. Thompson.
  • SECTION 28, TOWNSHIP 5 SOUTH, RANGE 12 EAST, PORTION OF GROUND: $28,000, Lecia D. Sharpe and Judith B. Sharpe to Donald L. Bridges and May J. Bridges.