Transfers for Oct. 16-18


North Betty Lane 136: $344,900, Tamela M. Reites and Gerald J. Reites Jr. to Mareasa Adams.


Belt Bridge subdivision, lot 49, square 24: $114,000, Eva Mayeux to Yuri Castro.


Ludwig subdivision, lot 4, square B: Donation, Betty M. Venable, Nelwin M. Venable and Eldine A. Venable to Elizabeth Raum.

Sandy Point Drive 22: $100,000, Walter H. Maples and Katherine D. Maples to Jason D. Jarreau, Alisha H. Jarreau, Matthew G. Maier and Laurin H. Maier.


1026 Sixth St. 1024: $152,000, Louisiana Redevelopment Source LLC to Virginia Dufriend.

Belle Meade B. subdivision, lot 501, square 11: $194,000, Stephanie Billiot and Shane P. Billiot to Veronica Walker and Todd J. Walker.

Cypress Park townhome condo, unit 300H: $110,000, Arnold C. G. Luansing to Alan D. Chastant and Jordan A. Chastant.

Fairfax Drive 808: $189,999, Kristine Bromley and Wesley D. Bromley to Robert M. Crout.

Monroe St. 1218: $120,000, Joanne Palestina and Ernest C. Elfer Jr. to Rosewood Properties 1218 Monroe LLC.

Regency Place 2464: Donation, Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Kianda H. Brown and Torrel L. Brown.

Rupp St. 1005: $162,000, Diana K. C. Otsuka to Amber D.G. Roche.

Suburban Park subdivision, lot 13, square 19: $3,000, Virginia D. Burroughs Family Trust to Robert Sears.

Weyer St. 1038: $150,000, Doris Taravella, Judith T. Hinchey, Stanley Taravella and Marcus Taravella to 1038 Weyer LLC.


Cavendish Court 10: $235,000, Leigh Morris to Rodney Breaux Jr.

Curtis Drive 1529: $183,000, Keith Chiasson Jr. and Brittany G. Chiasson to Kelly B. Gray.

Deercreek Lane 3849: $100,000, Mary A. Rub to Vivian Lewis and McGraw Lewis.

E. Sunny Meade Drive 2457: Donation, Chae T. Davis and Joyce Gaines to Joyce D. Gaines and Irvin Mason.

Hardwick Place 3337: $340,000, Lien Tran, Ngoc Tran and Hanh Tran to Nahil Kaki and Mohammad Abdallah.

Keith Way Drive 2964: $140,000, Tuyet T. Do to Minh T. Pham.

Lake Estates condo, unit 3008: $115,000, Helen M. Rose to Bette Yawn.

Lake Salvador Drive 1721: $120,000, John Johnston Jr. and Barbara M. Johnston to Therese D. Creppel.

Lake Timberlane Estates 1. subdivision, lot 106, square 5: $55,000, Surinder K. Arora and Beena L. Arora to Kent A. Smith and Kisha L. Smith.

Maple Ave. 523: $60,000, Glen M. Roberts to Jonathan A. Fust.

Snowbird Drive 2113: $100,000, Varela North Monterey Properties LLC to Darius C. McKinzy and Nikohl C. H. McKinzy.


Allyson Lane 2541: $217,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Denny M. Munoz.

Augusta Drive 5215: $256,000, JBL Properties Ltd to Timothy F. Wall and Amy L. Wall.

Avenue G. 600: Donation, Morris A. Troulliet, Roxanne Trosclair and Andrea Wright to Marlon C. Winchester.

Bayou Estates subdivision, lot 10, square B: Donation, Thurman R. Scott, Glenda Scott, Pickens E. M. Scott, Anthony D. Scott, Louberta Scott, Demetrist S. Pickens, Elaine S. Mitchell and Glenda S. Pickens to Louberta Scott.

Duckhorn Drive 7409: $240,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Andrew L. Ives III and Rosibel J. Ives.

Garden Plaza subdivision, lot 110: Donation, Ivan R. Porter Jr. to Kenneth Porter.

Garden Plaza subdivision, lot 110: Donation, Marquelyn P. Steib to Kenneth Porter.

Garden Plaza subdivision, lot 110: Donation, Brenda P. Dunbar to Kenneth Porter.

Gaudet Drive 605: $74,000, Gary J. Alleman, Amelia Majoria, Wayne A. Alleman and Dwight D. Alleman to Donald P. Barrilleaux Sr. and Gail A. Barrilleaux.

Haydel Manor subdivision, lot 98, square 8: $750,000, Keren Hunter to Melissa Lyons and Donald G. Lyons Sr.

Jared Lane 2527: $206,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Danika Frank and Isaac Frank.

Jung Blvd. 1229: $170,000, Bob I. Varnado and Mattie M. Varnado to Trong M. Nguyen.

Oak Drive 5047: $158,000, Wells Fargo Bank NA to J. Sercovich LLC.

Ridgecrest Drive 2613: $245,000, Bridgette Saddler and Edward H. Saddler to Frank M. Christiana Jr.

Sapia subdivision, lot 41: Donation, Mark A. Hebert to Melanie Boudreaux.

Seagull Drive 2653: $200,000, Lance Lacoste to David Haydel and Kimberly Haydel.


Ellen Street 917: Donation, Thelma G. Ahysen and Claire Stovall to St. Margaret’s Foundation.


Kelly Lane 10103: $288,000, Ronald L. Porter to Courtney T. Fontenot.

Live Oak Plantation Estates Addition 2. subdivision, lot 10, square C: $71,000, Tommy T. Tran, Kyle K. Tran and Jonathan T. Tran to Albert Sims Jr. and Gilda H. Sims.


Bluebell Lane 28: $85,000, Charles Lestrick Jr. to Thomas M. Bruno.

Salaville subdivision, lot 30: $32,900, Lnv Corp. to Rhonda Jenkins.

Wiegand Drive 1209: $139,192, Carrington Mortgage Services LLC to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development.