Transfers for Oct. 30-Nov. 3 


Camphill Drive 913: $115,000, Money Hill Plantation LLC to David P. Banowetz and Tracey P. Banowetz.

Allen Road 73101: $20,000, Maria J. Snow to Christopher J. Snow.

Eike St. 70204: $275,000, Brendlyn B. Eike to Grayling J. Richard and Rosalie E. Richard.

Gordon Ave. 7221: $169,000, Paul E. Bizot to Mark & Kasey LLC.

Grande Hills Estates, lots 16, 17, 18, square 6: $10, Steven K. Hillard to Walton Elbert.

Great South Drive 929: $563,000, Anthony Oddo Jr. and Lorna R. Oddo to Gerald L. Carney Sr. and Sharon M. Carney.


Darlene Drive 2217: $214,330, DSLD Homes LLC to David P. Adcock and Jeanne P. Adcock.

Acadia Park Drive 219: $284,725, DSLD Homes LLC to Deantonio Stewart and Ashley Stewart.

Boston Commons condominium, Unit 13: $150,000, George A. Maier Jr. to Gregory S. Shelton and Jamie O. Shelton.

C St. 70339: $129,900, Douglas G. Michel and Katherine W. Michel to Gina D. Budde.

Cottonwood Creek Lane 452: $389,000, 110 Builders LLC to Larry D. Schellang and Christine T. Schellang.

Courtney Drive 32: $124,681, Richard J. Tomeny Jr., Lynette T. Farrell and Laurin Tomeny Courtney to Robert A. Perrone.

Crestwood Drive 822: $225,000, Walter Debus Jr. to Walter Debus Jr. Living Trust.

Darlene Drive 2216: $226,355, DSLD Homes LLC to Therina Steenkamp.

Downs Ave. 74149: $172,000, Stephen W. Heck and Connie M. Heck to Dolly N. Lee.

Emerald Forest Blvd. 350, Unit 24108: $112,500, Melissa Ann Foster to Norma Joyce Thiac.

Emerald Forest Blvd. 350, Unit 5204: $124,000, Xavier Valenti Jr. to James D. Burnett and Kimberly B. Burnett.

F St. 70356: $90,000, John T. Campo Jr. and Karen L. Campo to Carol P. Greathouse.

Fern St. 21139: $98,000, Faye Centeno to Cepheus Harper Jr.

Fifth St. 70412: donation, no value stated, Darrell J. Stevens to Albert J. Stevens IV.

Fitzgerald Church Road 80125: $10,000, donation, Anthony J. Ferran and Wilma M. Ferran to Mark C. Ferran.

Hidden Creek subdivision, lot 22: $397,000, Jenkins Homes Inc. to Casey A. Davis and Brittany L. Collura.

Lake Placid Drive 71186: $135,000, Charles S. Brown Sr. to Daniel P. Collins and Mary G. Collins.

Lurline Drive 21: $242,500, LHW Services LLC to Patrick R. Balisteri Sr.

Magnolia Lane 301: $249,000, Blake M. Chappetta and Katherine Leake Cox Chappetta to Andrew J. Izworski and Amber C. Izworski.

N. Creek Drive 1356: $173,580, DSLD Homes LLC to Matthew T. Green.

Natchez Loop 1525: $56,500, Lisa Maria Romano to Slama Construction LLC.

Poplar Grove Lane 119: $540,000, Citadel Residential LLC to Timothy Cole and Diana P. Cole.

River Forest Country Club subdivision, lot 4, square 11: $161,000, Federal National Mortgage Association to Glen A. Vicari.

Tchefuncta South Drive 105: $750,000, Timothy J. Cole and Diana Portier Cole to Advanced Pain Solutions LLC.

Third St. 70094: $166,000, Larry E. Route and Blair H. Route to Simon T. Andersson.

Town of New Claiborne, lot B, square 71: $12,000, Barbara D. Hunter Lathan to Ariyal Fabre.

W. 25th St. 804: $205,000, NRLC Louisiana II LLC to Sampson Properties LLC.


Louisiana Highway 25 84252: $82,950, U. S. Rof III Legal Title Trust 2015-1 to Igloo Series III Trust.

Near Folsom, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Diana Gail Stanley to Walter J. Stanley.

Section 27, township 5 south, range 10 east, portion of ground: $220,000, Succession of Bridget L. Mizell Miller to Allen J. Huffman.

Simalusa Estates, lot 120: $384,900, Donald B. Funck Sr. and Geralyn H. Champagne Funck to Dale J. Gauthier II and Kelly Z. Gauthier.


E. Chestnut St. 26070: donation, no value stated, Whitney Ann Palmer to Dora Palmer Williams.

Erindale Heights subdivision, lot 6, square 5: $19,500, Heavely Hearts Family Enterprises LLC to Clayton R. Ricks Jr.

Lake Drive 28584: $215,000, Ray L. Edgecombe Jr to Kevin M. Lavelle.

Mandane Drive 26600: donation, no value stated, Drew D. Gibson to Gerald Lynn Gibson and Linda P. Gibson.

W. Park Circle 60175: $235,000, Karen L. Dufrene to Benjamin F. West and Michelle M. West.


Audubon Lane 17: $555,000, Jeffrey H. Tarkington and Elizabeth M. Tarkington to Christian D. Lenahan and Maciasz E. Lenahan.

Deer Park Court 1280: $289,900, Jonathan K. Collier and Kristina G. Collier to Shelby A. Simpson.

House Sparrow Drive 5032: $260,000, Marisa I. Reed to Jose A. Rivera III and Kimberly A. Rivera.

Lost Lake Lane 3068: $263,000, Alvarez Construction Co. LLC to Christine T. Bromley.

Madisonville Woods subdivision, lot 9: $231,000, Christopher M. Hall and Chloe Lemoine Hall to LeRoy I. Hutchinson and Patricia J. Hutchinson.

Near Madisonville, portion of ground: $27,000, Alana L. Pennison to Dinah Maria Crawford.

Oak Park Drive 59: $132,434, Nancy J. Burke Roussel to Ryan D. Achary.

Pencarrow Circle 320: $142,000, Shawn S. Catalano to Ronald R. Richardson and Rebecca H. Richardson.

Section 8, township 7 south, range 10 east, portion of ground: $136,000, Eddie Wayne Padgett and Janet M. Padgett to Brad M. Drury.

Timberwood Loop 624: $245,000, Federal National Mortgage Association to Jeffery G. Boice and Dianne R. Boice.


Hunters Glen subdivision, Phase 1, lot 44: $225,000, Succession of Macera Constance Albright to Uncle Sams Moving Corps. LLC.

Near Mandeville, portion of ground: $5,050, St. Tammany Parish to Daryl E. Landry Jr. and Kathryn C. Landry.

Albert St. 1526: $365,000, KPM Construction LLC to Wayne R. Benvenutti and Cynthia T. Benvenuitti.

Avenue D 3335: $128,186, Archie J. Carriere Jr. Trust, Corliss Carriere Aguillard, Ella Cade Carriere and others to Louisiana Land Trust.

Browning Loop 500: $400,000, Roy E. Thomas and Angela M. Thomas to Philip S. Mears and Marta Maria R. Mears.

Calhoun subdivision, lot 4, square 4: $35,000, Joseph A. Miller Jr. to Brucsel L. Jones.

Canary Pine Court 717: $139,165, Capital One NA to Federal National Mortgage Association.

Chateau Loire Circle 7027: $300,000, Katheryn R. Fasola to Eric W. Toms.

Cours Carson St. 2340: $239,000, Ashley Nicole Burns to William A. DeAngelis.

Foy St. 1017: $242,500, Jarryd M. Dufour and Kristen E. Dufour to Starre M. Leeper.

Heavens Drive 717, Unit 4: $100,000, Dalton Living Trust to Donna Maria Ursin.

Heron Lane 14: $118,000, Ronald A. Combe and Carol F. Combe to Murray P. Mitchell Jr. and Tamara P. Mitchell.

Lakeside Village subdivision, Phase 1, lot 39-A, square C: $75,000, Lakeside Village Development LLC to Edward L. Clark and Angela J. Clark.

Louisiana Highway 59 1785: $635,000, Richard J. Vanek Properties LLC to Free on Time Properties LLC.

Magnolia St. 225: donation, no value stated, John W. Masters Jr. to Ladette M. Masters.

Maison Du Lac subdivision, lot 141: $130,000, WBB Realty LLC to Rockwell Builders LLC.

Menuet Road, lot 35-A: $35,000, Cutting Edge Builders LLC to Raleigh Brunet Builders.

Near Madisonville, portion of ground: $25,000, Ridgley B. Merritt Jr. and Dorothy W. Merritt to Brad M. Drury.

Oscar St. 23352: $100,000, Michael P. Noone and Virginia Scott Noone to Joseph C. Sicard Sr. and Debra W. Sicard.

Park Ave. 806: $119,000, Matthew W. Jordan and Kelli Robin White Simon to Gerald L. Gibson and Linda Parks Gibson.

Penrose St. 1538: $122,500, Joretta D. Painter to Jaete Mendes Hillman.

Pine St. 60056: $132,500, Phillip A. Stanford to Joseph J. Fallo II.

Ridgewood Drive 660: $123,750, D. G. Casey Properties LLC to Daniel G. Casey Jr. and Brittany B. Casey.

South St. 2374: $205,000, Christopher Bunch and Meghan Satter to Krystle Ann Chatman.

Tee Bourg Lane 70229: $200,000, Eagle Eye Investments LLC to Devin M. Smith and Alexandra I. Smith.

Town of Mandeville, lot 5-A, square 34: $150,000, Marigny 3G LLC to James V. Marshall Jr. and Amy P. Marshall.

West Ruelle 126: donation, no value stated, Delaney Family Trust-2005 to Timothy Delaney and Charlene G. Delaney.


West Alton subdivision, lots 4, 11, square 1: donation, no value stated, Fannie Louise Moore to Troy Gilmore.

Barnwood Drive 101: $230,000, Ray C. Delaune and Tammy M. Delaune to Darrin Videau.

Cedar Lane 39600: $179,000, Robert J. Lawless Jr. and Kerri P. Lawless to Don C. Bahlinger and Kelly Y. Bahlinger.

Lesley Lane 181: donation, no value stated, John W. McCleney Jr. and Karen D. McCleney to Michael S. Mahoney.

Oak Ranch Road 37208: $200,300, Henry L. Gregory III to Steven R. Kelley and Tabatha M. Kelley.

Racehorse Road 69696: $22,000, Succession of Howard Ray Varnado to U. S. Holdings LLC.

Woodmill Lane 450: $300,000, Martin Homes LLC to Jennifer M. Hooks.


Landings of Cross Gates subdivision, Phase 3, lot 113: $49,000, Cross Gates LLC to Southern Equity Contractors LLC.

Andrew Court 1009: $170,000, Parkland Inc. to Aaron Angstadt.

Arrowhead Drive 3741: $134,900, Loretta L. Schwartz to Johnny W. Orso Jr. and Sandrayer V. Orso.

Ayshire Court 110: $290,000, Monique B. Pericone to Ray C. Delaune and Tammy M. Delaune.

Brighton Lane 323: $261,500, Scot A. Walgamotte to George G. Lacour Sr. and Rose R. Bourlet.

Carey St. 3102: $73,500, Federal National Mortgage Association to Robert Bradley and Charlette C. Bradley.

Clearpoint Drive 5436: $17,000, Scott Shellabarger to Shirley Soileau Fischer.

Clipper Estates, Phase 7-A, lot 272: donation, no value stated, Delta Basin Development Co. LLC to VKS Trust.

Crescentwood Loop 30: $73,971, Doreen Nolan Bachemin Bond to Bespoke Real Estate Investments LLC.

Dylan Drive 2013: donation, no value stated, Brenda M. Fletcher Leonard to Wendell Leondard.

Dylan Drive 2030: $184,900, Mark S. Bogle and Nerissa M. Byfield Bogle to Dwayne C. Davis and Monique Davis.

Eagle Point subdivision, Phase 1, lot 151: $208,000, Karla Cruz Pennington to Linda S. Davis.

Edgemere Drive 1936: $178,000, Land Title Investments LLC to Danny M. Pearson Jr.

Fleetwood Drive 35302: $20,000, Charles P. Artigue and Deborah D. Artigue to Paul K. Sarjeant.

Fleetwood Drive 35388: donation, no value stated, Jack Daniel Dunne to James Dunne.

Foxbriar St. 204: $103,250, Dustin T. Schalue to Franklin C. Annerino and Darlene P. Annerino.

Hailey Ave. 651: $155,000, Tanner Manor LLC to David K. Boudreaux and Janet B. Boudreaux.

Headwaters Drive 2454: donation, no value stated, Joseph A. Thomas and Arlene P. Thomas to Brett L. Thomas and Buffy S. Thomas.

Jay St. 2101: $90,200, Pacific Union Financial LLC to Randal H. Calamari.

Jefferson Drive 400: $58,000, Anthony M. Graffeo and Marlene Ann Turner Graffeo to William B. Pearson and Cara Lee Pearson.

Lake D'Este Drive 162: donation, no value stated, Robert H. Pittman and Eleanor J. Pittman to Dalton Reker and Janenan P. Reker.

Lopez St. 37557: $129,500, Kenneth H. Hooks Jr. and Jennifer M. Hooks to Brandon Toledano and Ruth H.Toledano.

Louisiana Highway 433 34614: $182,000, Emma R. Dubuisson to Tom L. McKee and Barbara Jo Neale McKee.

Maple Creek Drive 989: $150,000, John M. Whisnant and Catherine L. Whisnant to Tanner Manor LLC.

Mariners Cove subdivision, Phase 1-A, lot 80: donation, no value stated, Ryan L. Blauvelt to Lauren Blauvelt Blumstein.

Moorings of Oak Harbor subdivision, lot 109: $64,000, Justin M. Holley to Keith D. Bryant and Stephanie S. Bryant.

Oriole St. 2027: donation, no value stated, Diane P. Troyer, Earlene P. Nunez and Caroll Rose Pray Stewart to Thursdy Troyer Juneau.

Pine Cone Lane 443: $155,000, Heide Marie Brown Deschamp to Robert C. Schmalz Jr. and Donna Marie Kohles Schmalz.

Portsmouth Drive 207: $85,100, Bank of America NA to Luke M. Calamari and Candice Turnage Calamari.

Royal Drive 302: $207,500, Lawrence J. Rivet to Braden Robinson.

Swan St. 2022: $108,000, Sasta Co. LLC to Jared J. McGuay.

W. Lake Drive 450: $240,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Thomas Custard Jr.

W. Suncrest Loop 409: $143,514, Robert A. Quave Jr. and Andrea R. Manicke Quave to Christy F. Quave.

Whimby Drive 110: $259,900, Horace C. Semere and Lisa M. Semere to Christine E. Rosenbohm.

William Tell St. 2966: $137,000, Scott Verret and Vy N. Verret to Fallon M. Taylor.


Hialeah Drive 112: $10, Steven K. Hillyard to Walton Elbert.

Section 28, township 5, range 13 east, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Ricky R. Ricks and Rita P. Ricks to Roy C. Hartzog.