Joan D. Ready and Aubrey H. Ready sold this home at 113 Linda Court in Gretna to Lisa Pressley and Gary Pressley for $212,180.


Transfers for Nov. 9-15


521 Phyllis Drive: $20,000., Hao V. Tran, Tu V. Tran and Hong T. Le to Jolie Stpe and Frank Vallelungo Jr.

Helen Drive 101: Donation, Tenna J. Benoit Sr. to Tenna J. Benoit Jr.

Marie Drive 165: $124,000, Douglas E. Bell to Crystal L. Bell.


Privateer Blvd. 531: $90,000, Thomas J. Favlora to Liangi Li.


11th St. 121: $26,500, Denise A. G. Loken to Jose R. Elias and Carla M. Elias.

Bolo Court 1308: $30,000, Robert B. Laville to Julie M. Dedebant.

Wiegand Drive 717: $104,000, Merlin A. Frickey Jr. to Shane M. Held and Victoria M. G. Held.


Chenier Caminada, no further data: $80,000, Blanche M. Eschete to Dianna C. Parks, Wirley A. Parks and Dianna P. Cole.

Grand Isle subdivision, lot 19A: $225,000, Arceneaux Investments LLC to Ryan Myers.


21 Derbigny St. 519: $218,000, Brenda K. Pierce 1994 Trust and Brenda K. Pierce to RVB Investments Properties LLC.

722 Evergreen Drive 720: $205,000, Corinne R. Sweeney to Saxon B. Babin.

City Of Gretna subdivision, lot 2A, square 44: Donation, Constance Sampey and Case J. Sampey Jr. to Heather Pooley.

Claire Ave. 2213: Donation, Ted G. Tassin to Brad M. Tassin and Gail Hidalgo.

Elm Park subdivision, lot 3, square 3: $22,000, Clark A. Ragas Sr. to Tommy Q. Tran and Georgette D. Tran.

Fernwood St. 10: $475,000, Michael W. Trentacosta and Darren T. Weatherly to Patricia O. Hargis.

Jefferson St. 838: $80,000, Fern Carr and Brian T. Carr to Marjorie M. Smith.

Linda Court 113: $212,180, Joan D. Ready and Aubrey H. Ready to Lisa Pressley and Gary Pressley.

Meadowbrook 1, lot 1, parcel A: $90,000, Desiree Lewis and Southerner M. Lewis III to Julia K.T.I. Ashcraft.

Park Place subdivision, lot 171, square 1: $188,500, Susan O. Vanloon and Lauren E. V. Romanauskas to Ramon Razo Jr. and Sonia M. Razo.

Pike Drive 231: $177,500, Van V. Tran to Mai Tran.

Shadow Lake subdivision, lot 20, square A: Donation, PNC Bank National Association to Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

Willowbrook Drive 512: $129,000, Shirley T. LeBlanc to Linh Truong.


1154 Orange Blossom Lane 1152: $86,000, Henry C. Hill and Pearl I. Hill to Trohne Jones.

16th St. 2415: Donation, Jessie Walker and Alfred Walker Sr. to Gilfred Walker.

Peters Road 1080: $590,000, Chevron USA Inc. to D&D Construction La LLC.

Redbud Lane 3848: $6,800, Brittany Fairman and Terri J. Fairman Sr. to Thomas Joseph and Sabina Joseph.

St. Joseph Lane 2201: Donation, Rathborne Properties LLC to St. Joseph Lane Properties LLC.

Village Green Addition subdivision, lot 243: $156,000, Quan Barnett and Daijonia Hopson to Nguyet Nguyen and Ngoc Nguyen.

Wedgewood Drive 1745: $383,900, Larissa Littleton and Kyle Steib to Aisha Henderson and Desmond O. Henderson.


Jean Lafitte 5663: $12,000, Cresente V. Gotangco and Ruby A. Gotangco to Ronald Dufrene.

Magnolia St. 1953: $153,000, Nickie J. Prejean to Kevin L. Laughlin Jr. and Brittany B. Laughlin.


Baudelaire Drive 4017: $200,000, Ann Perrin to Nathan P. Albritton.

Bayou Des Families Drive 4460: $144,000, Anthony Santos III to Blake J. Nicosia.

Candlelight Drive 1125: $119,000, Kenneth O. Cupit to William T. S. Rokkala.

Cardinal Drive 2009: Donation, Vivian A. Overbay to Rodney Dufour.

Dimarco Drive 1000: Donation, Elizabeth W. Castille and Eugene J. Castille to Howard A. Weiser Jr. and Deborah C. Weiser.

Duckhorn Drive 7404: $238,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Paul P. Pepin and Nidia Pepin.

Etude Drive 7400: $223,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Jennifer Johnson.

Grilletta Court 3964: $197,000, Cedric Figaro and Shedrick J. Figaro to Brent Jarvis.

Kenneth St. 1516: Donation, Barbara Faulkner to Brandon M. Billiot.

Oak Cove Estates subdivision, lot 9, square 2: $139,100, Carolyn N. Eubanks to Todd M. Ledet and Ashlen R. Ledet.

Oak Drive 4878: $21,000, Katherine H. Ekinia, Louis A. Ekinia and Katherine E. Helmer to Arthur J. Matherne.

Pritchard Road 5104: $159,999, Shelton Brothers LLC to Robert W. Stanley and Rachael H. Stanley.

Ridgefield subdivision, lot 9, square G: $112,900, Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Pretium Mortgage Acquisition Trust to Dangs Rental Property LLC.

Urbandale St. 712: $127,400, Phuong T. Dinh to Bernice Hines.

Valley Realty Company subdivision, lot 10A, square 5: $30,000, Danny Callegan and Sheila C. Tregre to Ricky G. Talamo and Joni S. Talamo.

Westwood Drive 1228: $125,000, Ginger K. A. Brown, Gina M. B. Alario, Michael P. Alario, Anthony W. Alario and Ginger Brown to Thanh T. Pham.


Cedre Drive 1017: $138,000, April S. B. Munch to Michael G. Casanova and Shannon E. Casanova.

George St. 304: Donation, Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. to Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae.

Travis Drive 225: $43,500, Bank of America NA to Liberty Trust Company Ltd.

Whitehouse Division subdivision, lot 13, square D: $140,000, Michael E. Chachere Jr., Rachel P. Fleetwood, Mason E. Maurer and Michael E. Chachere to Joshua A. Talazac.

Whitehouse Division subdivision, lot 16, square D: $130,000, Michael E. Chachere Jr., Rachel P. Fleetwood, Mason E. Maurer and Michael E. Chachere to Joshua A. Talazac.

Whitehouse subdivision, lot 7, square 5: $43,200, Allen J. Trafficano to Dawn Wenger.