Stephen Wright and Denise M. H. Wright sold this home at 1248 Phosphor Ave. in Metairie to Steven T. Gottfried and Laura L. Frischhertz for $280,000.


Transfers for Nov. 9-15


Elmwood Parkway 5112: $330,000, Ashley Dubret and Ryan P. Hennessey to Oscar M. Vincentelli and Milagros Vincentelli.

Elmwood Plantation Estates subdivision, lot 23, square 2: Donation, Susan M. Chehardy to Lucinda McCrossen, Lucina M. Briscoe and John P. McCrossen.

Ferrara Drive 8108: $355,000, Daniel P. McKearan to Mary Vinet and Russell M. Vinet Jr.

Hickory Ave. 960: $187,000, D. Stop Prop LLC to RDSD LLC.


Claiborne Drive 1311: $30,000, Toney C. Converse, Stella C. Keller, Keith I. Davillier and Heath I. Davillier to 3F Properties of Louisiana LLC.

Labarre Heights subdivision, lot 11, square 1: Donation, Carolyn S. Obiol and Michael P. Obiol to Allen H. Obiol Jr.

Labarre Place 11: Donation, Rene Perez to Sarvia I. Aguilar.

Lions St. 316: $173,500, Samuel J. Farmer to Sarah R. E. Koehler.


24th St. 2405: $133,000, Jian Chen and Huiqin F. Chen to Elizabeth N. Jee.

Arkansas Ave. 3506: $159,000, Sideout Realty LLC to Keith A. Sauce Jr.

Beaujolais Drive 4160: $245,000, Kazi R. Karim to Nathan L. Carmadelle Jr. and Diane Streckfus.

California Ave. 3719: Donation, Cheryl Armoneit to Kevin N. Armoneit.

Clevner Drive 17: $255,000, Otis B. Alexander Jr. and Ruth R. Alexander to Richard H. Zwez and Gioconda D. Zwez.

Cocoas Plumosas Drive 5321: $450,000, Matthew L. Schuette and Gina Schuette to Brent R. Blackburn and Stephanie Blackburn.

Compromise St. 1316: $149,000, Wayne A. Castenada and Kay S. Castenada to Mahmoud H. Z. Eldin and Carla V. Zein-Eldin.

Connecticut Ave. 4009: $61,200, Raymond D. Shaw Jr. to DTJ Properties LLC.

Delaware Ave. 3601: Donation, Jose R. Yanes Sr. to Jose R. Yanes Sr. and Alexandra Yanes.

Delaware Ave. 3601: Donation, Jose R. Yanes Sr. to Elizabeth Yanes.

Delaware Ave. 3601: Donation, Jose R. Yanes Sr. to Jose R. Yanes Jr.

East Third St. 101: $149,350, Sheperd And Smith Construction LLC to Ryals Rentals LLC.

Erlanger Road 5300: $10, Judith N. Suddeth to 5300 Erlanger Road LLC.

Fairway St. 1309: $41,000, Albert I. Adams to Oscar O. Santos.

Forstall Ave. 28: $205,000, Leipin He to David K. Nyein.

Kenner Project 8. subdivision, lot 75A, square 175: $102,777, US Bank NA to Carter 915 LLC.

Lake Trail Drive 3605: $285,000, Jennie M. Nagolia to John W. Frederickson.

Morningside Park subdivision, lot 35, square 27: $55,000, Gale A. Cortez to Kahnhart Properties LLC.

Oakland Plantation, no further data: Laurence L. Lambert to City of Kenner, Donation.

Palmetto Drive 89: Donation, Ray Palmer to Eddie B. Palmer and Pamela W. Palmer.

Ranier St. 5: $279,000, Lacey A. R. McGuire to Brad J. Matherne.

Williams Blvd. 1108: Donation, James Peabody to Janet F. Durant.


Airline Park North subdivision, lot 2A, square 211: $222,000, Walter L. Smith Jr. to Cheryl A.B. Chambers.

Allo Ave. 819: $55,000, Rosinnia M. Sedita, Rosie M. Sedita and Dudley Guidry to Hallette Goodson and Royce A. Goodson Sr.

Bonnabel Place subdivision, lot 14, square 13: $533,000, Anita G. Godeaux, Anthony J. Godeaux and Anita G. Guillory to Jacpot LLC.

Bonnie St. 1709: $311,000, Robert S. Gibson and Rhonda H. Gibson to Pershing A. Delaup Jr. and Anita M. Delaup.

Bonnie St. 1808: $325,000, Pershing A. Delaup Jr. and Anita M. Delaup to Garett C. Henry and Ashley H. Henry.

Bore St. 3409: $130,000, Lawrence R. Zummo and Janice Ochery to 3409 Bore LLC.

Carnation Ave. 512: $85,000, Darryl J. Kulick to Matthew G. Grass and Melissa S. Grass.

Carrollton St. 336: $340,000, R&V Dubuisson LLC to Jacob P. Juba, Meghan K. Juba and Jacob Juba.

Colony Place 504: $210,000, Syliva A. Beyer, Sylvia A. H. Beyer, Mark C. Beyer and Ina Pittman to Desiree Watkins and Hunter Ryland.

Cynthia Drive 5729: $110,000, Dianne P. B. Conforto and Suzanne C. Byrd to Sherin M. Osman.

Dona Ave. 1013: $85,000, Eleanor Malloy to Angelle M. Villarrubia and Allen Villarrubia.

Edinburgh St. 1608: Donation, Theresa Pontiff to Nicholas E. Pontiff and Julie Pontiff.

Elizabeth St. 2908: $237,500, Bulliung Properties LLC to Ashley C. Nerin.

Green Acres Road 2117: $320,000, Stephen C. Kuhnau Jr. to Marvin L. Mays Jr. and Ramond J. Fournet.

Jefferson Drive subdivision, lot 4, square 55: $440,000, Samita S. Das to Stephen Rodrigue and Laura C. Rodrigue.

Kenneth St. 1523: $82,000, Denise C. Lumpkin to Vu T. Vo and Be T. N. Vo.

L & A Road 1800: Donation, Bakery Partners LLC to 4040 Veterans LLC.

Lake Louise Ave. 4909: $659,000, Brent R. Blackburn and Stephanie K. Blackburn to Dimitri A. Poulis.

Lynette Drive 312: $188,000, John A. Dufrene and Kathy M. Perret to Martin D. Gregory Jr.

Manson subdivision, lot A, square 307: $266,000, Ellen M. A. S. Jordano and Donna E. S. Holmes to Sergey Gorbov.

Maple Ridge Drive 214: $543,000, Lexicon Government Services LLC to Paul T. Herring and Kristie C. Herring.

Marion Court condo, unit 6: $104,000, Shuai Wang to William M. Broderick.

Melody Drive 543: $120,884, Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB and Nationstar HECM Acquisition Trust 2017 1 to CC&D Properties LLC.

Metairie Court 2725: $339,000, McCann Homes LLC to Elizabeth Leglue.

Metairie Towers condo, unit 327: $155,000, Lloyd Engeran Jr., Tara Engeran, Jennifer Engeran, Christian E. Fisher Trust, Christiane E. Fisher Trust, Ema Fernandes and Laura E. S. Stogner to Harry F. Jasmin Md LLC.

N. Turnbull Drive 4604: $440,000, Samita S. Das to Stephen Rodrigue and Laura Rodrigue.

North Bengal Road 321: $160,000, Kelly L. Burks and Brad J. Matherne to Victoria M. Burns and Ryan P. Jerome.

One Metairie Place condo, building 11, unit 209: Donation, Scott M. Gibson to Patricia A. Troyer.

Page Drive 4005: $168,000, Edward A. Berggren III and Abbie R. Berggren to Albert Scramuzza.

Phosphor Ave. 1248: $280,000, Stephen Wright and Denise M.H. Wright to Steven T. Gottfried and Laura L. Frischhertz.

Ponchartrain Gardens subdivision, lot 9, square 25: $204,900, Michael B. Bergeron and Sheryl F. Bergeron to Joel R. Ruhlman and Amanda D. Ruhlman.

Pontchartrain Place condo, unit 321: $272,440, Richard D. Gaille Jr. and Elaine H. Gaille to James P. Pereira and Janice I. Pereira.

Riverside Court condo, Phase II, unit 329: $24,500, Beverly K. Bryan and George W. Bryan to Qi Lu.

Riverside Court condo, units 290 and 295: $65,000, Thomas C. Hebert and Cynthia Hebert to Lem Investments LLC.

Senac Drive 4421: $200,000, Thomas L. Degenova and David C. Degenova to Christopher S. Oddo and Sherrie Y. Oddo.

Taft Park 1801: $237,500, Gerard E. Kreider and Bonnie Kreider to Marissa Liantonio.

Tolmas Drive 308: $348,250, John Philip Briant III Revocable Living Trust and Bruce M. Briant Revocable Living Trust to Sheila F. Menard and Sheila F. Farmer.

Veterans Memorial Highway 3940: $1,650,000, Wilbur J. Babin Jr., Amundson Properties LLC, Paige A. A. Saleun and Bill Babin to Linfran LLC. 

Wade Drive 4812: $170,000, Kruse Ryan P. to Abel L. Losoya, Susana Z. Losoya and Sandra L. Smith.

Wilshire Heights B. subdivision, lot 109, square 13: $375,000, Cuong T. Tran to Erin D. Schorr and Dennis H. Schorr Jr.

Woodridge condo, unit 411: Donation, Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Richard A. Long.

York St. 5709: $192,500, Louis L. Robein III, Gwendolyn F. Thompson and Lane T. Robein to Laurie White.


Colonial Heights Road 149: $190,000, David J. Daigle, Deborah A. D. Davis, Gail F. D. Nolan, Deborah A. D. Fenasci, Sandra M. D. Berlier and Fred J. Daigle to Company 51 LLC.

Own Your Own subdivision, lot 4, square 15: $14,000, Gina Z. Granger, Steven Granger and Gina G. Zenone to Michael E. Suggs and Emma G. Suggs.

Tullulah Ave. 523: $122,000, Rebekah J. Peyton, Cory S. Sarvis and Rebekah P. Sarvis to Trever L. Bussey and Lindy Sells.