Joyce C. Fontenelle sold this home at 3741 Barbara Drive in Metairie to Conrad A. Buchler Jr.for $225,000.


Transfers for Oct. 19-27


Anthony Ave. 232: $210,000, Brittany B. Donnes and David B. Donnes to Victoria H. Heyl and Dylan A. Heyl.

Cypress Point condo, unit 3C: $107,700, Diane V. Uhle to Matheu Lagarde.

Elmwood Industrial Park, lots NF1 and NF3: $2,500,000, Jpmorgan Chase Bank Na to Garda USA Inc.

Harris Ave. 8024: $217,000, Ann E. Rongey, Phillip T. Ethridge, Arnold A. Ethridge and Scott B. Ethridge to D106 LLC.

Jefferson Highway 8439: $165,900, WFM Properties LLC to Bradley R. Steele and Kayla Steele.

Ravan Ave. 51: $270,000, Toni Bordonaro and Dee Thibodeaux to Richard R. Alfortish III and Lisa M. Alfortish.

Westminster Drive 7304: $348,500, Ryan C. Gall and Michelle H. Gall to Karl J. Shearer and Catherine L. Shearer.


Central Avenue 750, unit 201: Donation, Hypolite P. Bodin Jr. to Michael Bodin.

Highway 1, no further data: $3,600,000, Jefferson Highway Commerce Center LLC to Barachiel LLC.

Hyman subdivision, lot 44, square 5: $165,000, Adam M. Pernia to David J. Quintero Jr. and Tracy M. Quintero.

Riverdale Drive 235: $136,000, Bertie Guhman to Michael P. Fricke.

South Drive 4516: $115,000, Patricia M. Poirier to Homestead Investments Ii LLC.


31st St. 1105: $89,000, Jerry E. Tolbert and Nadine A. Leblanc to Nichelle Stokes.

Alabama Ave. 3900: $156,000, Linda A. Jones to Robert H. Schulte and Denise T. Schulte.

Alabama Ave. 3940: $146,000, Francisco A. Moresco to Monica J. F. Restrepo.

Audubon subdivision, lot 24, square 7: Donation, Paul R. Miller to Paula S. Dupuis.

Bainbridge Ave. 2505: $215,000, Malbrough Enterprises LLC to 2504 Lexington LLC.

Bordeaux Village Townhomes subdivision, lot 48: $126,250, Debra B. Wild to Kathleen L. Mayorga.

Chateau Estates Lakefront Extension subdivision, lot 56, square 4: Donation, Earl B. Zahn II and Rita J. D. Zahn to Rita J. D. Zahn.

Colorado Ave. 3621: $139,500, Mohamad K. Amini and Mahboobeh Kamrani to Bryce J. Newton and Kevin P. Newton.

Dogwood Drive 157: $565,900, Louisiana Trace LLC to Ashley B. Brossette and Phillip A. Brossette.

Driftwood Blvd. 15: Donation, Norman Q. Blakely III to An P. Blakely.

Gabriel subdivision, lot 246: Donation, Gabriel Two LLC to Hillary Hebert and Mark J. Hebert.

Gabriel subdivision, lot 79A: $200,000, Gabriel Properties LLC to You Lin and Lan Do.

Idaho Ave. 3104: Donation, Earl B. Zahn II and Rita J. D. Zahn to Earl B. Zahn III.

Imperial Heights townhouse condo, unit 25: Donation, Mary L. Wolbrecht to Suresh Kamireddy.

John Hopkins Drive 411: $151,000, Renee V. Campise to Brandon J. Bergeron and Kimberly L. Junker.

Kenner Heights subdivision, lot M, square 2A: $135,000, Sam Morris and Shella T. Morris to Henry A. Mortellaro Jr.

Kenner Project 6. subdivision, lot 26A, square 115: Donation, Select Portfolio Servicng Inc. to Mario R. Castellon.

Lincoln Manor subdivision, lot 23, square 153: $74,494, Option One Mortgage Loan Trust 2007-5 Asset Back Certificates and Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC to Ernesto Lizarondo.

Martinique Ave 3873: $239,500, David J. Maurin and Jean B. Maurin to Silvia Vargas.

Mesa St. 33: $152,000, William M. Feaheny and Martha B. Feaheny to Joseph N. Baxter and Renee G. Baxter.

Montana Ave. 1513: $195,000, Ashley S. Guzman to Floyd W. Stone.

Orleans condo, unit 3: $50,000, Mike Pitre and Verna B. Pitre to Isabel V. Guzman.

Orleans condo, unit 3: Donation, Mike Pitre and Verna B. Pitre to Doris P. Ramirez.

Palmetto 46: $465,000, HSW Investments LLC to Natalie M. White and Matthew J. Dawson.

Sessions Lane 817: $207,000, Felix Cabrera and Grisel G. Cabrera to Roxs A. W. Greaud.

Teton St. 4: $141,400, Anita Lynch to Justin Groetsch and Jennafer Groetsch.

Vanderbilt Lane 604: $180,000, Francisco Moresco to Priscilla Osorio and Roberto J. Vindell Jr.

Williams Blvd. 4103: $700,000, Gregory J. Raymond, Charlene Raymond, Richard S. Raymond and Paula Raymond to Ron Goldman Properties LLC.

Williams Blvd. 520: $165,000, Franklin Charter & Coach Services LLC to Cannes Brulees LLC.

Woodlake 2. subdivision, lot 34, square E: $170,000, Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Karla V. Turcios.

Yenni Drive 408: Donation, Maximillian L. Schott to Retina Russell.


14 47th St. 3712: $170,000, Lisa K. Williams, Ana R. M. Kimble and Anne M. C. Kimble to Kwiningham LLC.

26th St. 3221: $468,000, Wilbur P. Giarrusso III to EM & SJ LLC.

48th St. 3224: Donation, Charles T. Hancock Jr. to Cynthia A. Haw.

823 Breanon St. 821: Donation, Rose M. Patron to Brett E. Patron and Emily Patron.

Abadie Ave. 1705: $265,000, Revitalize Property Solutions LLC to Kelly Singleton and Aaron Bene.

Andrews Ave. 1124: Donation, Bernard G. Genco to Kenneth W. Jenkins Jr.

Arlington Drive 119: $484,650, Tag Homes Inc. to Michael A. Adragan and Rebecca Adragna.

Aztec Ave. 1336: $619,900, AVD LLC to Andrew E. Knoll and Alison Knoll.

Barbara Drive 3741: $225,000, Joyce C. Fontenelle to Conrad A. Buchler Jr.

Bissonet Plaza 5. subdivision, lot 11, square 10: $175,000, Emanuel Kardoulias and Rhonda K. Kardoulias to Earl A. Young.

Bonnabel Place subdivision, lot 13, square 37: $165,000, John J. Creevy and Darleen M. McNamara to Michelle M. Delima.

Bridgedale D. subdivision, lot 2, square 124: $355,000, Bridget Enterprises LLC to Emilie Walters and Larry D. Walters.

Causeway Blvd. 304: Donation, New Orleans Area Habitat For Humanity Inc. to Humberto F. Netto.

Cleary subdivision, lot 5: $245,000, John J. Dugas Jr. to Eric Pellegrin and Amanda Pellegrin.

Colony Road 1709: $312,500, Bulliung Properties LLC to Dennis P. Burke Jr. and Maria N. Burke.

Crestmont Park subdivision, lot 21A, square A: Donation, Nora A. Vaden to Brian M. Helmstetter and Angele Lafleur.

Cynthia Gardens subdivision, lot 20, square B: $120,000, Brian P. Chatelain and Bruce M. Chatelain to Mary E. Engler and Matthew T. Engler.

Edenborn Ave. 1311: $323,000, Mark C. Dayanandan to Corey M. Badeaux and Amy C. Busby.

Elmeer Ave. 1040: $349,900, Future Property Investments LLC to Jennifer O. Esler.

Elmeer Ave. 753: $247,500, Timothy A. Todd to Richard J. Slattery and Beth D. Slattery.

Flagler St. 6109: $110,000, Curtis J. Molaison Revocable Living Trust, Charlene M. M. Driver, Marjorie M. Adams and Karin E. M. Schaefer to Elizabeth Durr and Uriel A. Durr.

Hall Ave. 1801: $170,000, Glenda D. Waguespack, Pamela D. Davis, Shirley S. Davis, Elton H. Davis, Pamela D. Ducre and Shirley D. Stevens to Kristopher K. Anderson and Todd A. Calamari.

Harang Ave. 628: $108,000, Georgette S. McCoy, Deborah F. R. McCoy, Kristeen M. Bauer, Irma E. M. Shepherd and Julie M. M. Boudreaux to Carolyn T. L. George.

Haring Road 2920: Donation, Richard E. Enright Sr. to Brittany B. Enright.

Harlem subdivision, lot A, square 71: Donation, Causeway West LLC to Churchill Farms Inc.

Harvard Estates A. subdivision, lot 20, square 4: $89,900, Christopher T. Faulk and Deborah Faulk to Tracey Powell.

Highway Park subdivision, lot A, square 446: $126,500, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Aasmaan A. Gulati.

Highway Park subdivision, lot Q, square 493: Donation, Robert W. Becker Jr. and Stacy L. Becker to Susan L. Becker.

Homestead Ave. 1117: $324,950, List It LLC to Foster G. Judlin Jr.

Lake Vista Drive 4709: $400,000, Anthony Park and Jung S. P. Park to Emmaniel Kardoulias and Rhonda C. Kardoulias.

Linden St. 703: $79,000, Raquel M. Fassbender and Raquel Fassbender Living Trust to Empire Construction Services LLC.

Lower Pontalba of Old Metairie condo, unit 303A: $206,000, Richard C. Finkelman and Sharon A. Atkinson to B. L. Candela.

Lynette Drive 1404: $3,500, Diane M. Callahan and Larry B. Hammonds to Etta J. Dovith and Richard K. Dimitry.

Maple Ridge Drive 214: Donation, Matthew F. Allison and Annette Allison to Lexicon Government Services LLC.

Metairie Heights 274: $340,000, Cindy Hart to Russell B. Schilling and Melissa Schilling.

Metairie Ridge A. subdivision, lots 1 through 5: $690,000, Marpar LLC, Ernest A. Bertaut Jr., Marie M. Albares, John F. Bertaut and Marie A. Weilbaecher to 625 Labarre Rd LLC.

Metairie Road 401, unit 305: $140,000, Michael S. Jones to Myles B. Huff.

Metairie Towers condo, unit 108: $310,000, Life Transition LLC to Michael M. Franz and Marianne Franz.

N. Cumberland Drive 1817: $250,000, Ernest J. Wehlen, Jennifer G. Wehlen, Michael V. Couch and Jonelle W. Couch to Jason L. Dufrene and Stephanie G. Gardner.

N. Woodlawn Ave. 1001: $227,140, Aimee Berthelot and Joshua K. Berthelot to Rebecca N. F. Long.

Neyrey Drive 3801: $315,000, Michael Pentes and Wanda Pentes to Proud Flag LLC.

No data: $16,400,000, RREF Magnolia Loan LLC to Magnolia Ridge Metairie Apartments LLC.

North Starrett Road 1101: $204,100, Debra Ponsaa and Allan J. Ponsaa to Renee Hooter and Gary J. Hooter.

Norton St. 4221: $155,000, Vincent Maenza Jr. to Deborah Scaccia.

Nursery Ave. 1036: $309,000, Christopher J. Turner to Gabriella M. Burst.

Old Metairie Place 905: $240,000, Brett J. Sentilles to Darnel A. Aucoin.

Orion Ave. 1256: $30,000, Scott C. Hill to Charlen H. Womack.

Page Drive 3505: $270,000, WCH Properties LLC to Ashbry Properties LLC.

Pailet Place subdivision, lot 18A, square 3: $146,250, Cynthia Kessler to Sumerlyne Criswell and Joseph P. Simone II.

Phosphor Ave. 650: $209,000, Hermann J. Schulze III to Kevin M. Monahan.

Pontchartrain Shores subdivision, lot 32, square 28: Donation, Maria M. Deabudoj and Mercedes Daboub to Yadira E. A. Daboud.

Popar St. 1815: $310,000, Claire L. Hirschey and Stephen Lousteau Sr. to Aimee L. Berthelot, Joshua K. Berthelot and Aimee B. Lousteau.

Ridgelake Drive 1805: $213,000, Jonathan N. Toye to Robert D. Normand Sr. and Sharon Normand.

Ridgewood Drive 400: $21,000, James B. Whitlow Jr. and Lana P. Whitlow to Casey M. Stavinoha and Katherine B. Stavinoha.

Ridgewood Drive 812: $195,000, Daniel H. Hemstreet to Yan Mu and Meng Y. Mu.

Riverside Court condo, unit 546: $37,500, Edward P. Champagne to Home By C&C LLC.

Riviere Ave. 1400: $60,000, Don A. Carr Jr. to RSM Holdings LLC.

Sievers subdivision, lot 52, square B: Donation, Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Ramon Rodriguez.

Smith Drive 1105: Donation, Leo F. Flotron III to Judith C. Flotron.

Taft Park 905: $144,000, Gina D. Duve, Norman R. Durapau III and Michele D. Davenport to Christopher Casteix.

Trefny Ave. 213: $175,000, Agnes M. Ricks, Joseph M. Ricks Jr., Janet A. Decedue, Darrell J. Ricks, Michael F. Ricks, Mark A. Ricks, Seth J. Durocher, Olivia M. Durocher, Aaron M. Durocher, Mia M. Durocher, Christian D. Durocher, Geraldine R. Johnson Piglia Testamentary Trust, Johnson Geraldine R. Piglia Testamentary Trust and Piglia Geraldine R. Johnson Testamentary Trust to MOCO Ltd LC.

Veterans Heights 5. subdivision, lot 8A, square 102: $220,000, Laurence L. Lambert to Paz Joint Ventures LLC.

Wabash St. 4829: $50,000, Albert I. Donovan Jr. to Randy R. Whelan.

West Esplanade Ave. 4720: $254,000, Brian H. C. Wong and Jing Q. L. Wong to Waseem Uddin.

Wilker Neal Ave. 650: $12,500, Yolanda Butler and Michelle S. Davis to Amore Properties LLC.

Wilshire Heights subdivision, lot 38, square 8A: Donation, Leo F. Flotron III to Judith C. Flotron.

Young St. 4509: $265,000, Victor Van to Jason W. Campbell.


Inez Drive 8929: $200,000, Edward A. Sutera Jr. and Sandra H. Sutera to Janet S. Mohr.

Levee View 141: Donation, Cheryl Sternberger to Cheryl Stock Michel Family Trust.

Moss Lane 808: $280,000, Janis Gray and Jules Corona to Perk Builders Inc.

Sophia St. 805: $155,000, Gay M. Knipper and Raymond L. Knipper Jr. to Joshua M. Mosbey.

Walter Road 328: $430,000, Willette K. Windom, Earl Windom and Willie E. Windom to Jeffrey Fernandez and Amy M. Fernandez.

Wildwood Drive 9544: $350,000, Grace Moffatt to Gretchen Kropp and Jeffrey E. Kropp.