Transfers for Oct. 4-16


Sections 21, 28, township 6 south, range 12 east, portion of ground: $15,000, Dustin M. Lloyd to Cody Doss Jarrell.

Sections 21, 28, township 6 south, range 12 east, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Jay Dee Jarrell and Shirley M. Fairburn Jarrell to Robert Doss Jarrell.

Town of Abita Springs, lots 1, 2, square D, lots 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, square 7, lots 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, square 9, lots 4, 6, 7 10, 11, 12, square 10, Northeast Division of Town of Abita Springs, portion of ground, lots 10, 11, 12, square 22: donation, no value stated, Eva M. Morgan to Carroll J. Diaz Sr.

Abita Nursery subdivision, lot 10, square 4: $6,500, Robert D. Winn Sr. to Sean Harrison.

Linda Lou Lane 106: donation, no value stated, Sandra Maze D'Aunoy to Shari Marie D'Aunoy.

Section 24, township 6 south, range 11 east, lots 15, 16 17, 18, square 120: $6,500, Dennis A. Hardin and Janie D. Hardin to Rowell Living Trust.

Sections 21, 28, township 6 south, range 12 east, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Jay Dee Jarrell and Shirley M. Fairburn Jarrell to Dustin M. Lloyd.


Bogue Glen subdivision, lot 2: $165,000, Norman L. Roche to Corbin P. Woolsey and Pepper K. Woolsey.

Old Military Hills subdivision, Phase 2, lot 23: $90,000, donation, Stephen J. Winters and Page A. Winters to Jed M. Boudreaux.

River Heights subdivision, Phase 3, lot 87: donation, no value stated, Frank B. Stritzinger and Pamela H. Stritzinger to Frank B. Stritzinger and/or Pamela H. Stritzinger Trust.

11th Ave. 19335: $182,700, Patrick J. Anderson and Yvette O. Anderson to Debra M. Lafrance.

Arthur Road 19566: donation, no value stated, Robert N. Dilbert and Colin C. Dilbert to Rose Hurlston.

B St. 70316: $140,000, Kenneth J. Landry to Don Winslow and Elaine S. Winslow.

Bertel Drive 164-A: $117,000, William E. Wright testamentary Trust and succession of Claire Carter Wright to Shane Reilly O'Shaughnessy.

Briar Hollow Road 7: $399,000, Torben Knudsen and Leticia S. Knudsen to NP Realty Holdings LLC.

Carriage Pines Lane 200: $189,000, Samuel J. Winter Sr. to Clinton T. Mathison and Heather H. Mathison.

Circle Court 107: donation, no value stated, Frank Voelker III to Cynthia L. Voelker.

Country Club Drive 165: $330,000, Stephen O. Johns to Brian Kline and Jennifer Plaskus.

Crestview Hills Loop 75200: $239,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Daniel M. Spratley irrevocable Supplemental Needs Trust.

Cypress Drive, lot 21-B: $130,000, Betty Jean Riley Norris Family Trust to Christopher R. Cazaux.

Darlene Drive 2204: $210,535, DSLD Homes LLC to Samuel F. Hawkins.

Delta lane 1101: $622,442, Conbeth Development LLC to Timothy M. Calamari and Donna K. Calamari.

Dewberry Road 14: $20,000, Patrick K. Daigle, Sarah F. Daigle and Gina Lupo to Patrick A. Haik and Joyce M. Haik.

Division of New Covington subdivision, portion of ground: $10 and other good and valuable considerations, Emma C. Hecker to Casa De Schott LLC.

Emeral Forest Blvd. 350, Unit 18102: $105,000, Noel Dauterive, Michelle D. Ezzell and Rene Lynn Dauterive irrevocable trust to Patricia M. Arico.

Emerald Forest Blvd. 350, Unit 1320: $87,500, Kristi Lynn Theriot to Michael S. Freeman and Yukiko Abe Freeman.

Epsilon Ave. 74325: $190,000, Succession of Marion R. Letellier Delaune and Kenneth J. Delaune to Shane D. Tournier and Annastasia Young.

G St. 70319: $160,000, Barbin Builders Inc. to Connie Barringer.

Gamma Ave. 74503: $163,000, Joseph H. Godwin and Amy Fisk Godwin to 74503 Gamma LLC.

Huseman Lane 600: $190,000, Jeffrey S. Fontenot to Eric Williams and Doretha Williams.

I St. 70292: $154,700, M Garza LLC to William D. Hoffman Jr. and Donna L. Hoffman.

J. J. Lane 486: $235,000, Louis Michel Jr. and Barbara S. Michel to Anthony P. Abadie and Laura M. Akers.

Jessica Way 525: $212,900, Kevaughn Albern Alejandro Sandy to Michael C. Henry.

Karen Drive 35: donation, no value stated, John Verhulst and Hedwig Verhulst Living Trust to David C. Verhulst and Gretchen S. Verhulst.

Kellywood Court 717: $515,000, Thomas D. Freeman Jr. to Damon R. Parker and Amy L. Parker.

L St. 70313: $166,000, Scott A. Riecke and Charlene R. Riecke to Kyle K. Mipro and Kristina N. Allen.

Lake Ramsey subdivision, Phase 3, lots 32-A, 33-A: $200,000, Maurice M. McCance Jr. and Christine B. McCance to Miller Family Protection Trust.

Lazy R. Road 76074: $299,000, Bettie H. Loyd Crump to Allstar Rentals LLC.

Louisiana Highway 21 70431: $12,400,000, 3ZS Buiding Co. LLC to WDX-COV LLC.

Louisiana St. 1309: $555,000, Kent B. Dussom and Ann Z. Dussom to RJM Legacy One LLC.

Millikens Bend 614: $695,000, Todd H. McCormick and Clairie H. McCormick to Torben Knudsen and Leticia C. Santalena Knudsen.

Million Dollar Road 18051: $165,000, Blair Billiot to Gabriel P. Babin and Keli R. Babin.

N. Louisiana Highway 190 975: $870,000, Grace Disciples of Christ Church to 3 B Development LLC.

Orleans Ave. 325: $254,900, Anthony Strong and Sonya Lynn Sargent Strong to Collette M. Wagner.

Palm Blvd. 20400: donation, no value stated, Lacey Williams Gaudin to Misty Gaudin.

Palm Blvd. 20418: $160,000, Mary B. Appleton to Catlyn Ashley Campbell.

Penn Mill Road 73250: $330,000, Alfred N. Young III and Jocelyn D. Young to Jacob C. West and Bridget D. West.

River Bend Road, 1.74 acres: $20,000, Nicholas S. Maniscalco and Linda S. Maniscalco to Bruce C. Betzer Jr..

River Park Drive 16969: $248,945, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Assetou D. Dante and Alassane K. Dante.

Riverlake Drive 14069: $357,000, Adam Pagani and Jennifer B. Pagani to Otis Spell and Jeanne B. Spell.

Riverwood East subdivision, Phase 1, lot 37: $130,000, Alice S. Haines to Bella Property Investments LLC.

S. Corniche du Lac 919: $480,000, Gremillion Homes Inc. to Gary V. Schwabe Sr. and Sue Ann Philibert Schwabe.

S. Harrison St. 112: $165,000, Keith M. Guy Sr. and Susan F. Guy to Nicholas T. Fitzsimons.

S. Louisiana St. 1012: $196,000, Ronald W. Jones and Susan M. Jones to Glenn R. Jones and Amanda L. Jones.

S. Madison St. 705: $289,500, Kay Morse Properties LLC to Cynthia Cherry Ankersen.

Saw Grass Loop 299: $306,960, DSLD Homes LLC to George E. Cundiff and Deborah L. Dundiff.

Saw Grass Loop 410: $339,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Paul S. Bouysou and Deirdre Bouysou.

Section 10, township 6 south, range 11 east, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Douglas A. Arrowood and Corinne S. Arrowood to Katharine N. Chetta.

Section 14, township 6 south, range 11 east, portion of ground: $535,000, Jamestown Properties LLC to Magnolia Stables LLC.

Section 25, township 6 south, range 10 east, portion of ground: $220,000, Jacob C. West and Bridget D. West to Janet F. Johnston.

Section 7, township 6 south, range 10 east, portion of ground: $36,500, Herman A. Sharp Jr. to Jose Trejo.

Sixth Ave. 89412: $211,000, Halliburton Real Estate Services Inc. to Shane M. Wilkinson and Kirsten G. Wilkinson.

Sixth St. 70378: $160,000, Rachel Nicole Cangelosi Lebreton to Norman D. Ott III.

Solomon Drive 711: $219,900, Thomas D. Lofton Jr. and Angela N. Lofton to John P. O'Connor and Mary T. O'Connor.

Southdown Loop 505: $415,000, Scott M. Lemek and Kimberly A. Mouchon Lemek to Stephen M. Crow and Suzanne H. Crow.

Tchefuncta South Drive 142: no value stated, Modern American Recycling Services Inc. to Shawn M. Layton and Pamela B. Layton.

Tezcucco Court 913: $494,000, Ronny Bolden and Charleen R. Bolden to R.V.G. Properties LLC.

Turnwood Drive 416: $250,000, Samuel M. Gordon and Mary Ann Gordon to Ty Sisung.

Vintage Drive 288: $202,000, David E. Diggs LLC to Johnnie A. Castellano and Rosalind A. Songe.

W. 11th Ave. 728: $750,000, Strong and Logarbo LLC to Children's Hospital.

W. 16th Ave. 915: donation, no value stated, Thomas R. Mincher and Laura E. Mincher Hamlin to Lawrence G. Mincher.

W. 24th Ave. 303: $555,000, Colin C. Shea and Christen S. Shea to Jacob B. Daigle and Elizabeth M. Daigle.

W. 25th Ave. 1108: donation, no value stated, George Groover Jr. to Andrea Groover Keller.

W. 32nd Ave. 1029: $22,500, Habitat For Humanity St. West Inc. to West 30's Redemption Co. Inc..

Wharton St. 118: $189,000, Tabatha N. Ibert to Matthew Tanner.

Woodcrest Drive 253: donation, no value stated, John H. Boh Jr. and Eva R. Boh to Shannon B. Dahner.

Woodsprings Court 824: $251,000, Benjamin R. Statler and Amanda H. Statler to Edwin D. Garner and Brenda K. Squyres Garner.


Highlands subdivision, lot 7: $55,000, Christopher D. Corkern to Brett J. Bickham and Laurie H. Bickham.

Danielle St. 204: $105,000, Whitney Bank to Brandon M. Bass and Amie Bass Macaluso.

Kuhn Road 10273: no value stated, Vickie Davies Kuhn to Steven Kuhn and Vickie Kuhn.

Section 14, township 5 south, range 11 east, portion of ground: $61,000, Catherine Lavigne Hulin to Matthew Earl Sharp.

Section 29, township 5 south, range 10 east, portion of ground: $57,400, Rorajo LLC to Jonathan W. Sherwood.

Section 36, township 5 south, range 10 east, portion of ground: $80,000, Funchess Family Trust to John B. Broussard and Leah W. Broussard.

Stonelake Drive 13001: $284,000, James C. Mayeux and Milissa M. Guitterrez to Joseph C. Sudkamp Jr. and Jenifer J. Sudkamp.


Cypress Bayou Lane 59110: $500,000, James H. Russell and Pamela D. Russell to Michael G. Hicks.

E. Beech St. 26076: $78,000, East St. Tammany Habitat for Humanity to Megan N. Schillage.

E. Violet St. 28697: $161,450, Fallon Investments LLC to Katelyn R. Gomez.

Esquinance St. 24669: $170,500, James P. Pitre Jr. and Trinisue S. Pitre to Tracy A. Salvaggio and Dana B. Salvaggio.

Fish Hatchery Road 64164: donation, no value stated, Melanie B. Golden to Christopher A. Blount.

Fish Hatchery Road 64164: donation, no value stated, James H. Blount to Christopher A. Blount.

Mimosa Park subdivision, lot 5: $9,000, Albert M. Hamauei and Mary K. Farrell Hamauei to Steve R. Williams.

N. Mill Road, portion of ground: $15,000, James A. Cousin and Tuesday C. Cousin to Classic Construction LLC.

Tag A Long Road 27214: $120,000, Noblerod LLC to Jessica E. Turner.


Bedico Creek subdivision, lots 376, 377, 380: $170,025, Bedico Interests LLC to Yar Construction Co Inc..

Blue Heron Lane 596: $370,700, Hurley Homes LLC to Kenneth W. Lamulle Jr. and Stacia S. Lamulle.

Blue Heron Lane 608: $362,700, KPM Construction LLC to Justin A. Evans and Megan G. Evans.

Cesson Court 10096: $220,000, Jason M. Manuel and Jennifer D. Manuel to Robert P. Sharp and Sunai Sharp.

Chambly Court 70308: $223,500, Ryan J. Walker and Lisa N. Walker to Robert F. Lecompte and Melissa S. Lecompte.

Grand Oaks Lane 606: $317,000, Robert J. Miles Jr. and Michelle T. Miles to James J. Reeves and Britany E. Lorio.

Lost Lake Lane 3120: $274,500, Alvarez Construction Co. LLC to Lukas P. Fielding.

Louisiana Highway 1085 714: donation, no value stated, Rachel Nicole Lavigne to Michael Alphonso and Rachel N. Alphonso.

Magnolia Ridge Drive 71: $420,000, Stephen M. Crow and Suzanne Hoy Crow to Antonio S. Cimino.

Oak Park Drive 57: $60,000, Andrew S. Burns and and Kathy O'Neal Burns to Glen P. Lacombe and Kathryn V. Lacombe.

Place Lafitte 2: $119,700, Roslyn F. Gainey Prieto to Matthew B. Weisensee.

River Bluff Drive 78: $674,000, Patrick P. McCaslin and Dana Claire B. Keen McCaslin to Rosemarie Robledo.

River Oaks subdivision, lot 8, square A: donation, no value stated, Pablo Liendo to Sonimo Enterprises LLC.

Timberwood Drive 133: $332,500, Stephen R. Westlake and Marie Z. Westlake to Liubov E. Moncada.

Village at Guste Island Estates, portion of ground: $224,000, KB Home/Shaw Louisiana LLC to DSLD Homes LLC.


Bay Street, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Raymond Road LLC and Montgomery Trace Development Corp. to St. Tammany Parish.

Sanctuary subdivision, Phase 3-B, lot 251: $10 and other good and valuable consideration, Real Estate Co. Inc. to Erik J. Soine and Rebecca D. Soine.

Bedico Creek subdivision, lots 378, 379: $113,350, Bedico Interests LLC to BMI Construction LLC.

Biron St. 2426: $165,000, Ruston Lee Williams to Carolyn D. Phelps.

Bluewater Drive 1256: $392,000, Thomas A. Daniel IV and Sara B. Daniel to Tommie G. Miers and Carlyn P. Miers.

Bocage Lane 821: $620,000, Succession of John P. Briant Jr., Robert B. Deane Jr. and Diane D. Smith to Lloyd H. Gautreaux and Norma Lee Paternostro Gautreaux.

Browning Loop 407: $356,500, Leaf A. Ballast and Crystal D. Ballast to Stephen P. Mendow.

Cerf Place 103: $286,000, Thomas V. Roan Jr. and Linda E. Roan to Travis F. Bennett and Stacey L. Bennett.

Chateau Papillion St. 256: $480,000, Turnkey Homes LLC to Kirk A. Pepper Jr. and Jennifer A. Pepper.

Chestnut St. 121: $165,000, Maggie H. Wilson, Mark E. Wilson, Lynette C. Richards Stophel and Billy J. Wilson Estate to March M. Johnson.

Cindy Lou Place 127: $163,000, Chad A. Landry and Andree C. Landry to Property Solvers LLC.

Cindy Lou Place 127: $163,000, Chad A. Landry and Andree C. Landry to Property Solvers LLC.

City of Mandeville, portion of ground: $10, Michael S. Cusimano and Cynthia T. Cusimano to Bimini Trace LLC.

Clausel St. 1065: donation, no value stated, Bert C. Anderson III to Bert C. Anderson III and/or Linda L. Anderson revocable living trust.

Creekwood Drive 7128: no value stated, Cecil McCaw and Anessa Daniels McCaw to Brookfield Relocation Inc..

Creekwood Drive 7128: $370,000, Brookfield Relocation Inc. to John R. Davis Jr. and Sarah Davis.

Destin St. 2546: $205,000, William A. Ingraham III and Erica W. Ingraham to Jay A. Feece and Lynne Feece.

Fifth St. 2025-A-B, Asbury Drive 620-A-H: $285,000, Succession of Wayne E. Breen and 22 Angela LLC to Bella Property Investments LLC.

Fox Court 1453: donation, no value stated, Christy C. Steib to Sharon L. Sawyer.

Girod St. 123: $265,000, M. R. Motor Sports LLC to 123 Girod LLC.

Grande Maison subdivision, Phase 3-B, portion of ground: $1,053,000, TTM Holding Co. LLC to Grande Maison Development LLC.

Lamarque St. 695: $410,000, Scott E. Martin and Geneva R. Martin to Leaf A. Ballast and Crystal D. Ballast.

Lotus Drive North 633: $349,000, SMT Woodlake LLC to ASE Property LLC.

Louisiana Highway 1077 105: $225,000, RJL II Investments LLC to Robert C. Berthelot Family LP.

Magnolia St. 167: $425,000, Mandy J. Anderson to Sean L. Harris and Ashley Harris.

Monroe St. 3933: $225,000, Don C. Barcelona to Joseph L. Dongieux and Dianna L. Dongieux.

Montaigne St. 67054: $248,000, Mark I. Martinez and Tammie B. Martinez to Kelly A. Faciane and Charlotte O. Hilton.

Near Mandeville, portion of ground: $4,747, Think Bigger LLC to Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development.

Olvey Drive 2027: $277,000, Jennifer Inde Plaskus to Matthew W. Mondello and Mary A. Secrist.

Rosedown Way 409: $318,000, Mark A. DaBella and Gizele C. DaBella to Eric A. Oleson and Anna O. Oleson.

Rowell St. 69268: $100,000, Messick Realty Inc. to Troy Andrew King and Kimber D. King.

Rue Blanche 505: $269,722, Quicken Loans Inc. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Section 1, township 8 south, range 11 east, portion of ground: $35,000, Jules E. Walder Jr. and Carol S. Walder to David M. Gurzynski.

Section 36, township 7 south, range 11 east, portion of ground: $20,068, Robert F. Pitard and Juliann G. Pitard to Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development.

Section 36, township 7 south, range 11 east, portion of ground: $10,630, Robern N. Wahl Jr. and Suzanne B. Wahl to Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development.

Section 5, township 8 south, range 12 east, portion of ground: $50,000, Stephen S. Arnoult to May Investments LLC.

Springwater Drive 1173: $379,000, Wesley K. Robertson Jr. and Stacy A. Robertson to Jennifer Dee Wood.

Spruce St. 212: $337,000, Jean L. Monsour to Mark A. Mantooth and Rachel D. Mantooth.

State St. 70374: donation, no value stated, Mary W. Sanger and John J. Sanger to Leon J. Sanger.

State St. 70374: donation, no value stated, John J. Sanger and Mary W. Sanger to Teresa Marie Sanger Brown.

Tara Lane 26: $553,000, Robert D. MacMaster and Elise P. MacMaster to Michael E. Crowley and Jennifer L. Crowley.

Town of Mandeville, lots 5, 66, square 77: $70,000, Richard S. Kravet and Christina Maria Kravet to Alejandro M. Gonzalez and Tracy T. Gonzalez.

Trace Loop 93: $59,169, Christine Schmidt Marange to Bergeron & Humer LLC.

Treadaway St. 22484: $271,000, Mighty One LLC to Rafael A. Ramos and Marleni M. Ramos.

Tupelo Trace 33: $780,000, Kenneth R. Peak and Kristina Suzanne L. Peak to Steven F. Smith and Julie R. Smith.

Woodmere Drive 1406: $362,000, Bradley G. Brown and Jessica M. Brown to John S. Sutton and Maria M. Sutton.


Berkshire Drive 1013: $209,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Nathan R. Welch and Stacey H. Welch.

Berkshire Drive 1088: $207,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Brian J. Faucheux and Sharon A. Faucheux.

Buck Run 798: $17,000, James V. Thornton to TM Realty LLC.

E. Cherrywood Lane 116: $104,000, Elaine S. Strahan to Mark A. Burge.

Edgar Kenny Road, portion of ground: $98,000, Zellco Federal Credit Union to Mark W. Miller and Vicky K. Miller.

Oakley Blvd. 529: $202,900, DSLD Homes LLC to William R. Labiche Jr. and Molly Elizabeth Casey Usner.

Shinglemill Road 65336: $19,900, David A. Smith and Tymple Lynn Miller Smith to Jennifer Lynn Miller.

Taylor Drive 150: $49,500, FMG/LTL LLC to David J. Cougle.

Thomas H. Crawford subdivision, lot 3-C: donation, no value stated, Dawn B. Rigler and Deborah V. Calcavecchia to Stephen Dunn.


Sections 19, 38, 39, township 6 south, range 14 east, portion of ground: $35,000, Philip F. Ingram to Leon C. DeJean and Cynthia M. DeJean.


Howard O'Berry Road, portion of ground: $25,000, Craig R. Singletary and Denice Kramer Singletary to James W. Koster and Mamie Singletary Koster.

Lakeshore Blvd. 800: donation, no value stated, Succession of Anita Hester Torres to Robert L. Torres Sr..

Adam Circle 102: $169,900, Custom Craft Homes Inc. to Lawrence F. Lohr and Patricia S. Lohr.

Avery Estates, lot 87: $15,000, Pablo Liendo to Marison Freitas.

Berrywood Court 214: $188,000, Dustin M. Deffes and Fallon L. Deffes to Carlos A. Artiaga and Jennifer Lynn Artiaga.

Bonfouca Drive 3460: $200,000, Jacquelyn Jean Nugent Trust to John A. Deeds and Toni L. Deeds.

Cardinal Drive 227: $91,000, Succession of Guy C. Picou and Donald A. Picou to R&H Investment Properties LLC.

Cawthorn Drive 118: $145,000, William H. Laletin and Janice M. Laletin to Derrick A. Gaeta Sr. and Deborah A. Gaeta.

Cedar Ave. 57337: $159,000, Custom Craft Homes Inc. to David B. Morgan Income Trust.

Chancer Lane 1650: $160,000, Dwayne C. Perkins and Sabrina R. Perkins to Nicole D. Shine.

Chinchas Creek Road 40664: $130,000, Cajun Renovation Group LLC to Tory A. Hearn.

Clairise Court 1117: $140,000, Sandra Ann Douglas to Mary Ann Battaglia Douglas.

Constitution Drive 1334: donation, no value stated, Kenneth Frank Demoran to Keith E. Demoran.

Eden Isles subdivision, unit 4, lot 773-B: $185,900, Carolyn D. Conravey to Frederick C. Denton and Tamara S. Nelson.

Frances St. 107: $34,000, James R. Parker Jr. and Jane D. Parker to Pitfield Properties LLC.

Garden Drive 35676: $97,500, Bret W. Matson to Kaley R. Cutrer and Megan V. Rau.

Holmes Drive 320: $133,700, Herman J. Dagorret and Donna N. Dagorret to Robert A. Jacob Jr..

Holmes Drive 436: $95,000, Scott R. Hughes to Shane Gallagher.

Hyde Park subdivision, lot 4-A: donation, no value stated, Bernice Leggett to Steve Abram.

Jefferson Ave. 57953: $130,000, Todd A. Barthel and Valerie F. Barthel to David J. Cougle.

Koel Court 306: $231,000, Donice I. Barron to Edward A. Vargas and Nikole Vargas.

Lakeshore Blvd. 1001: $543,000, John Lee Perkins II and Lori P. Perkins to Allen C. Jacobs Jr. and Cathy P. Jacobs.

Lakeshore Estates, lot 46-A: $50,000, Larry P. Bolner and Mary C. Guillory Bolner to Tate L. Navarro.

Mandy Drive 107: $165,000, Tami L. Smythe Dietrich to Ronald J. Roussel Jr..

Marina Drive 820, Unit 205: donation, no value stated, Christopher P. Brown to Kim Tran Brown.

Mary Kevin Drive 1123: $239,000, Barbara S. Dunn to Monique Richmond.

Moonraker Drive 169: donation, no value stated, Melissa Anne Rigney Crowe to Bobbie F. Crowe.

Near Slidell, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Christopher P. Brown to Kim Tran Brown.

North Blvd. 213: donation, no value stated, Katherine O. Batty to Deborah L. Batty.

Northwood Drive 160: $71,000, Jennifer J. Yates to Gary Womack and Allise B. Womack.

Old River Road 2008: $264,700, Jonathan H. Porter and Lauren D. Porter to Keith K. Montgomery and Naydia D. Gaines-Montgomery.

Old Shipyard subdivision, lot 10: $117,000, John R. Berthelot and Carolyn L. O. Berthelot to Tanner Manor LLC.

Oleander Drive 333: $65,000, Luke M. Palermo and Julia Walters Palermo to Patrick Unhoch.

Ozone Woods subdivision, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Michael J. Mehojevich, Joy H. Mehojevich, Dustin P. Mehojevich and Chivas G. Mehojevich to MD Construction & Services LLC.

Pontchartrain Drive 4706, aparment 7: $120,001, J. C. Tompkins and Alice Tompkins Trust 1997 to Michelle V. Stewart.

Section 17, township 9 south, range 15 east, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Kenneth E. Fields to Adrianne Fields Taylor.

Section 46, township 9 south, range 13 east, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Sorola J. Palmer Jr. to Judy L. Palmer.

Section 46, township 9 south, range 13 east, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Bryan Palmer to Judy L. Palmer.

Spartan Drive 503, Unit 2103: $125,853, J. P. Morgan Chase Bank NA to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp..

Spartan Loop 324: donation, no value stated, Christopher B. Natal to CBN LLC.

St. Peter Drive 1051: $149,900, Ronald R. Andrus and Iris K. Andrus to Catherine C. Plauche.

Sun Valley Drive 115: $152,500, Michael Hartness to Patricia Ann Riegler.

W. Lake Drive 458: $282,000, D. R. Horton Inc. Gulf Coast to Roberto J. DeLeon and Lindsay A. Reine.

Windward Passage 312: donation, no value stated, Denise M. Berthelot to Jerry K. Berthelot.


Village of Sun subdivision, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Michael D. Watts to Country R. Tynes and Victoria W. Tynes.

Village of Sun subdivision, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Darrell T. Guilott and Connie Guilott Jenkins to Joshua Mark Jenkins.

Louisiana Highway 16 26701: $67,500, Troy L. Talley, Andrea Lea Wheat, Russell P. Talley, Charles W. Talley, Paula D. Crow and Elizabeth R. Bryant to Kenneth H. Drake.

Meadow Lark Loop 80537: $310,000, Marita Cross Morgan to Thomas G. Browning and Ilona Baudean Browning.

Press Sharp Road 83160: $167,500, Succession of Ellen Virginia Bouy to Kevin B. Jones and Kenyon Jones.

S. Huckleberry Lane 81489: $225,000, Lisa Ann Trey Greaud to Anthony J. Turner and Nichole H. Turner.

Section 18, township 5 south, range 12 east, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Lance J. Albin to Ida Wager Albin.

Section 44, township 5 south, range 12 east, portion of ground: $21,000, donation, Albert A. Bensabat III to Kelly Denise McKinney Bensabat.

Section 59, township 4 south, range 12 east, portion of ground: $9,815, Troy L. Talley, Paula D. Crow, Russell P. Talley, Andrea L. Wheat and Elizabeth R. Bryant to Charles W. Talley and Nelda F. Talley.

Slade Road 79071-A: $80,000, Standard Mortgage Corp. to James A. Barr and Cherie S. Barr.

Watt Thomas Road 30242: $8,000, Robert D. Hunt II to Lawrence D. Hunt.