Transfers for Jan. 11-19


Felicia Drive 165: Donation, Merrick Orgeron to Chad J. Orgeron.


Deborah Ann Drive 4981: Donation, Lynne Gallwey to Kenneth M. Mayer.


Cheniere Caminada Island, no further data: $80,000, United States of America to Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries.

Gulf View, lots 1 2 3, ptl 4 5, square 4: Donation, Jerry C. Williams and Ramona P. Williams to Jacqueline Ponson, Rebecca R. Williams, Suzanne D. Williams, Geraldine G. Williams, Rodney J. Williams, Rebecca W. Rogers, Suzanne W. Douget and Geraldine W. Gremillion.


24th St. 819: $27,000, Angela G. Thomas to Carselia M. Renard.

Bannerwood Drive 417: $70,000, Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Federal National Mortgage Association.

Baywood subdivision, lot 19, square E: $67,725, US Bank NA to Willow Tree Heights LLC.

Cypress Park Townhome condo, unit 300A: $124,000, Jamell Strayhorn and Christina C. Strayhorn to Rosa A. Bank.

East Lexington Ave. 848: $199,000, Jerry R. Pettit and Thyrealynn D. Pettit to Aaron Brinkley and Angelia P. Brinkley.

Fielding Ave. 672: $65,000, Karen V. Maywalt to RBTM LLC.

G. A. Hero subdivision, lot 1: $70,000, Theresa Gravois and Bobby A. Gravois to Wrigley Properties LLC.

Hamilton Oaks subdivision, lot 40: $41,000, Brooke L. Rousselle to Mailan Le and Quang H. Le.

Lake Frances Drive 1004: $317,500, Bryan J. Ishee and Charles W. Ishee to Kirk Hill and Grace Hill.

Lake Frances Drive 1313: $213,000, US Bank NA to Le Nguyen.

Lamar Ave. 892: $199,000, Wayne A. Gautreaux and Mary C. L. Gautreaux to Michael L. Morgan and Tiffany H. Morgan.

Laurel Ave. 2025: $192,000, Bryan J. Manion and Jaime N. Manion to Michael W. Brook and Mary H. Brook.

N. Niagara Circle 609: $85,000, Michael J. Cronin and Mary L. Cronin to Nina Nguyen, Son T. Dang and Nina N. Dang.

Oxford Place 2434: $103,000, Irene F. Mills to Lakitha R. Johnson.

Rue St Michael 655: $355,000, Ola O. J. Adegboye and Dinah E. Adegboye to Clarissa A. Preston.

Rupp St. 735: $216,000, Robbie J. Orgeron and Vicki L. Orgeron to Sean M. Landry and Laura Landry.

Solon St. 705: $79,956, Everbank to Federal National Mortgage Association.

Willow Drive 181: $224,155, Harold H. Borel and Velma G. Borel to Jerry R. Miller and Barbara M. Miller.

Wyndham South 1124: $287,000, Cynthia R. Sullen to Brian C. Zeno, Evelyn Zeno and Brian Zeno.


Aspen Drive 3841: $150,000, Lawrence U. Chinwuba and Uchenna T. Chinwuba to Nhan Vu and Nga N. Vu.

Catawba Court 3908: $157,900, Gary M. Joseph to Nadia C. Berry.

Deerglen Drive 4005: $64,044, US Bank NA to Michael Baptiste.

Estalote Ave. 728: $49,900, Mellon Bank Of New York to 802 Properties LLC.

Fos Ave. 514: $69,000, Tammy D. Brown to Denise B. Tures.

Gardere Ave. 617: $157,000, Jason W. Jackson to Ginger A. Brown.

Hampton Drive 1760: $125,000, Laila Haidar to Mustafa Ayyad and Baheya Y. Ayyad.

Lake Salvador Drive 1813: $238,000, Foreclosure & Short Sale Servicers LLC to Faron J. Breaux and Nelda M. Breaux.

Manhattan Boulevard 2944, unit 202: $70,000, Revocable Inter Vivos Trust for Winifred Parker Musacchia to Joseph Koch special needs trust.

Orchid Drive 1200: $210,000, Sam J. Paternostro and Leah Paternostro to Dustin W. Vinet and Katie Vinet.

Orchid Drive 1516: $110,000, Daniel J. Albarado, Rickie J. Albarado and Terry M. Albarado to Dora Pignataro, Armand Pignataro Jr., Melissa Pignataro and Giampiero Pignataro.

Redwood Drive 1561: $45,000, Guo J. Feng to Johnnie Joe.

Scotsdale subdivision, lot 15A, square C: $2,500, Collier 1. Properties LLC to Fred M. Beauford.

Sienna Drive 3032: $61,000, Louisiana Housing Program LLC to Tom Vo and Thuy T. Nguyen.

Snowbird Drive 2017: $221,128, Henry Fajardo and Beatriz Fajardo to Jose A. Fajardo and Pamela G. Fajardo.

South Deerwood Drive 3829: $143,000, Dora Pignataro, Armand Pignataro Jr., Melissa Pignataro and Giampiero Pignataro to Debbier H. Allen.

South New Orleans subdivision, lot 14, square 125: $37,500, Square 125 Washington Avenue LLC to Youth In Action Boxing Club Inc.

South New Orleans subdivision, lot 14, square 62: $2,250, Rita A. Mangano to Richard A. Carter Jr. and Kelly N. C. Carter.

State Ave. 2141: $45,000, Norberto Mendez to Juan L. Valverde.

Third Ave. 724: Donation, Danielle M. L. Rojas to Cheryl Z. Hotard.

Woodmere Blvd. 2565: $10, Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Nhi N. Luu and Tuyet T. Luu.

Woodmere South subdivision, lot 774, square X: Donation, Citimortgage Inc. to Secretary Of Housing&urban Development.


Jean Lafitte Blvd. 1095: $180,000, Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Etienne P. Dufrene and Sherri B. Dufrene.


Allo Avenue Extended subdivision, lot 13, square 24: $21,220, Ryan J. Champagne to Eloise Champagne.

Allyson Lane 2537: $217,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Christopher M. Burnette and Jennifer D. Burnette.

Avenue A. 1102: $95,000, Wanda Elliott, Wida M. Elliott, Kenneth P. Elliott and Wida E. Molaison to Jeanette M. Davis.

Avenue G. 1326: $120,000, Shannon Champagne to Lizette Mitchell, John D. Mitchell Jr. and Lizette M. Barrios.

Avenue J. 433: $49,000, Corey W. Ardoyne to Luke M. Delouise and Martin J. Buras III.

Bent Tree Blvd. 2593: $225,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Tung Nguyen and Elizabeth Nguyen.

Beverly Drive 2617: $212,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Bruce L. Dillon Jr. and Dallas P. Devore.

Brighton Place 2112: $170,000, Keion D. Parker to Christina B. Johnson and Jonathan H. Matthew.

Carmadelle St. 1105: $98,910, Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Federal National Mortgage Association.

Farrington Drive 1609: $108,000, Bobby C. Raybourn and Barbara C. Raybourn to Charley Woodland Jr.

Foliage Drive 2780: $189,900, Grace Hill and Kirk Hill to Charles Allen II.

Green Briar subdivision, lot D, square 6: Donation, Philip Labruyere and Nancy F. Labruyere to Devin Z. Labruyere.

Joyce St. 1212: $120,655, Mary B. Albarado to Phuong T. T. Huynh.

Lydia Court 756: $130,550, Burnick J. Terrebonne Jr., Toby A. Terrebonne, Edith J. T. Albarado, Randall P. Terrebonne, Mary E. T. Parent and Joan A. T. Albarado to Ryan M. Robert.

Saddler Road 456: $65,000, Structured Asset Securities Corporation Mortgage Loan Trust to Roy Favre.

Sandpiper Circle 2551: $215,000, Brian E. Cain and Yasmin I. Cain to Brandon J. Ward.

Savannah Lane 5221: $156,000, Foreclosure & Short Sale Servicers LLC to Joshua M. Boudoin.

Silver Lilly Lane 1341: Donation, Morell M. Patterson to Maude M. Sinclair.

Warwick Drive 5112: $120,000, Cynthia Hoyt to Melisa Calloway.

Willowdale subdivision, lot 199, square 1: Donation, Selene Finance LP to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development.


Empire Place 2144: $129,784, Rony E. Acosta to Hector E. Martinez and Reina Gomez.

Terry Parkway 448: $870,000, Dacar 448 LLC to 448 Terry Parkway LLC.

Terrytown 1. subdivision, lot 13, square 12: Donation, Hanson J. Broussard Sr. to Renee M. Broussard.

Terrytown 1. subdivision, lot 21A, square 29: $400,000, Dacar 444 LLC to 448 Terry Parkway LLC.

Terrytown 4. subdivision, lot 19A, square 122: $92,010, Bank Of America NA to Phong H. Dang.

Terrytown 8. subdivision, lot 35A, square 126: $135,600, Wilson E. Acevedo to Jynika A. Jacques.

Trianon Square subdivision, lot 6A, square D: $165,000, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Hermon Asmerom.


Floral Acres Addition 2. subdivision, lot B2C: $225,000, River Birch LLC to Waggaman Investments LLC.

Louisiana St. 146: $95,000, Delta Munch, Dwayne J. Munch, Delta M. Mahler and Della M. Delaune to Barbara A. Brower and Deborah M. Smith.

Lucille St. 58: $112,000, James Brayshaw III to Junius J. Chauvin III.