Transfers for Jan. 4-8 


Eagle St. 3: $21,000, Succession of Milton A. Galliano Sr and succession of Shirley Berry Galliano to SMH Property Group LLC.

Rue Chardonnay 201: $205,500, Suzanne Wells Lee to Ranjan Poudel and Carley Furlan Poudel.

Sioux Drive 316: $225,000, Travis M. Melancon and Chantelle F. Melancon to Jeffrey E. Mumford Jr. and Leah F. Mumford.


11th St. 70351: $150,000, Nicole Songy Sesser to Kristan R. Montgomery.

Division of New Covington subdivision, lot 1-A: donation, no value stated, RBLN Properties LLC to Boys & Girls Clubs of Southeast Louisiana Inc.

Division of New Covington subdivision, lots 6, 7, 8: donation, no value stated, STHF Properties LLC to St. Tammany Parish Hospital Service Dist #1.

Division of New Covington sudivision, portion of ground: $1,500,000, Testiga Properties LLC to 1107 S. Tyler LLC.

Garden Walk subdivision, Phase 1-A, lot 42: $80,000, Garden Walk LLC to Lon O. Burnett Jr.

Hummingbird Road 55-57-59-61-63-65: $955,000, TCE Properties LLC to Harrison Custom Homes LLC.

Hummingbird Road 67-69-71-73-75: $1,010,000, TCE Properties LLC to Harrison Family Holdings LLC.

Karen Drive 38: $90,000, Dennis E. Koepp to Carolyn McCulloch.

Lurline Drive 25: $185,000, James A. Redd and Amy B. Redd to David E. Ferguson and Pamela T. Ferguson.

N. Fitzmorris Road 77323: $123,000, Russell Bernard Labourdette Jr. to James E. Fiorello and Donna M. Fiorello.

Natchez Trace 261: $684,000, Charles Ray Pierce Jr. and Karen H. Pierce to Thomas B. Rappold.

Ninth St. 70243: $120,000, Shelbie Lynn Perkins to Randi Marie Mercier.

Opine Court 312: $650,000, Modern American Recycling Services Inc. to Nicholas T. McGuire and Rebecca H. McGuire.

Pear St. 230: $123,600, Frederick B. Schott to Morgan Hornsby.

Penn Mill Road, portion of ground: $35,500, Resource Bank to Pat Mccormick Homes LLC.

Ramsey subdivision, lot 1, square 2: $21,500, Brenda Jarrell Crockett to Felipe Coronado and Soila Coronado.

River Parc Estates, Phase 1, lots 5, 6, 7, 11, square 9: $168,000, River Park Estates to D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast.

River Park Estates, Phase 1, lots 5, 6, 7, 11, square 9: $168,000, River Park Estates LLC to D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast.

S. Massachusetts St. 612: $425,000, Timothy P. McNeely to Bobette R. Szyller.

Saddlebrook Court 405: $194,900, Darrell R. Schreiber and Judith C. Schreiber to Mark Dunigan and Dorothy Dunigan.

Section 24, township 6 south, range 11 east, portion of ground: $250,000, LLDJ Properties LLC to Charles A. O'Berry and Deanna M. O'Berry.

St. Williams St. 113: $140,000, Rose Marie Cusimano Gibbs to Paula Horn Greenland.

W. 23rd Ave. 705: $183,000, Philip L. Williams and Catherine S. Williams to Phillip A. Williams and Sydney A. Williams.

W. Front St. 19124: $740,000, Succession of Hardie Rogers Jr. and succession of Josephine Williams Rogers to Covington Holdings LLC.

Woodsprings Court 867: $243,000, Cleotha Martin Jr. and Erika J. Martin to George L. Guarino Jr. and Helen Bloom Guarino.

Zinnia Drive 58: $675,000, Mark C. Corcoran and Roberta St. Romain Corcoran to Matthew C. Lafleur and Jill Marie Lafleur.


Albert Thompson Road, lot 122: $62,500, First NBC Bank to Farhad Kaviani.

Bessie Booth Road 13311: $293,688, Bobby Lee Eason and Sandra Harris Eason to Larry B. Ardoin and Alicia K. Ardoin.

Dreamland Court 80248: $248,000, Linda Naquin Silva to Sheila Lawshe.

Hay Hollow Road 83303: no value stated, William T. Ingram and Pauline R. Ingram to William T. Ingram and Pauline R. Ingram.

Marguerite St. 103: $137,000, Morgan Stanley ABS Capital I Inc. Trust 2007-HE6 to Britny Fauntleroy.

N. Willie Road 80266: donation, no value stated, Zack C. Stacey to Jacqueline C. Stacey.

Robinson Road 77330: $269,900, Champion Homes of Louisiana LLC to Travis M. Melancon and Chantelle F. Melancon.


Adele St. 28801: $154,950, Coast Builders LLC to Caleb B. Collier and Lindsey K. Collier.

Dresden Drive 60467: $220,293, Brookeshire Property Development LLC to Scott C. Gougis and Katrina B. Gougis.

East St. 30192: $190,000, B&J Land & Development LLC to Joseph C. Souhlas and Lydia L. Souhlas.

Lake Drive 28509: $85,000, Succession of John J. Jowly, James J. Jowly, Ceserene J. Koppl, Evelina Jowly Edwards and Johnnie Briggs to Mike Gregory Portie and Donna C. Cramer Portie Joint Living Trust.

Near Lacombe, portion of ground: $10 and other good and valuable considerations, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Secretary to Louise Incrivaglia.


Archers Way 412: $210,000, Floyd A. Bailey III, Chad Dufrene and Roslyn Dufrene to Jonathan M. Sesser and Nicole S. Sesser.

Audubon Parkway 1712: $387,900, YAR Construction Co. Inc. to James A. Cappaert and Lisa A. Cappaert.

Cedar Creek Drive 300: $403,560, DSLD Homes LLC to GRQ Investments LLC.

Cherry Ridge Court 1521: $210,000, Dennis A. Pasentine to James S. Sikes and Bobbie Y. Sikes.

Elise Lane 721: $395,000, KPM Construction LLC to Morteza Azargoon and Layla M. Azargoon.

English Oak Drive 564: $238,770, GRQ Investments LLC to Louis P. Dupre and Angelle D. Dupre.

Grand Oaks subdivision, Phase 2-C, lot 171: $65,000, Trinity Developers LLC to Prime Design + Build Group LLC.

Kristian Court 580: $483,480, KPM Construction LLC to Michael T. Henshaw and Kristen Thomas Henshaw.

Lost Lake Lane 3037: $280,500, Alvarez Construction Co. LLC to Lee M. Rideout and Samantha Reno Rideout.

Louisiana Highway 320 1077: $1,130,000, Kidz Klub House LLC to CFW Jr. LLC.

Single Pine Lane 110: $65,000, Anthony J. Chatman to Jenelle C. Chatman.

Tumble Creek Drive 520: $300,560, DSLD Homes LLC to Steven M. Gaudet.

Upton Grey Court 512: $600,000, John J. Kimbro and Leah S. Kimbro to Mark C. Corcoran and Roberta St. Romain Corcoran.


Audubon Drive 240: $121,000, Christopher Properties Inc. to Linda Coleen Greathouse.

Canary Pine Court 725: donation, no value stated, Roy J. Michel Sr. to Rene T. Michel and Dianne H. Michel.

Chad St. 1342: $127,500, CSMC 2014-RPL4 Trust to John E. Sencial Jr. and Rebecca M. Sencial.

Colbert St. 704, apartment A: $120,000, Avery Robert Buras to William J. Agness and Jerilyn E. Agness.

Copal St. 629: $215,000, Catherine B. Vidos to Paul Jacob Scariano Trust.

Doby Drive 202: $350,000, Aaron U. Friedman and Anne F. Friedman to Daniel L. Nitschke and Paulette D. Nitschke.

Evangeline Drive 217: $420,000, Leonard Bernard Doussan Jr. and Brenda Maria Buras Doussan to Adam W. Henning and Angele C. Henning.

Franklin St. 1534: $171,000, Raymond Road LLC to Patricia M. Langley.

Governor's Court 200: $240,000, Anne C. Stirratt Elston to James C. Weaver and Ashley N. Weaver.

Harbor View Village condominium, Unit 12: $105,000, Ryja Properties LLC to Charles G. Foto and Linda Williams-Foto.

Hermitage on the Lake subdivision, Phase 2, lot 35: donation, no value stated, Lenny P. Ledet to Rachel L. Harris.

Juniper Court 56: $793,500, Knight Builders Inc. and Select Realty Group LLC to Brandi Lala Picone.

Lonesome Road 4070, building 8, suite B: $240,000, Ironmen Property Holdings LLC to Lonesome Road Dermatology LLC.

Menuet Road 70360: donation, no value stated, William J. Felder and Marsha T. Felder to Beau Turner Felder and Aimee K. Wimer Felder.

Near Mandeville, lots 46, 48, square 194-A: $10 and other good and valuable consideration, Dyhrkopp Properties LLC to Felix G. Dyhrkopp and Pamela G. Dyhrkopp.

Pineridge Court 209: $150,000, Jennifer Perilloux to Warren A. Mendenhall Jr. and E. Marie Mendenhall.

Rosedown Way 317: $378,200, James M. Gilbert Jr. and Carolyn M. Gilbert to David L. Maldonado and Melissa G. Maldonado.

Rue Pinckney 2171: $184,000, Robert J. Lips Jr., Geralyn Nulty Lips and Amy D. Lips to John K. Stall.

Section 36, township 7 south, range 11 east, portion of ground: $165,000, PTP Properties LLC to Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development.

Springwater Drive 1182: $356,200, Carl B. Lambert to Alden J. Morange III and Brittany Perio Morange.

Tall Timbers subdivision, lots 182, 183: $140,000, Deborah A. Miller to AFM Investments LLC.

Walnut St. 106: $140,000, Daniel P. Leonard and Lana S. Leonard to Jeanne M. Ferran.

Waxwing Drive 700: $285,000, Daniel S. Lowery and Thea C. Lowery to Ricky Boyd and Dawn K. Boyd.

Westwood Drive 405: $294,000, Donna L. Rabito to Stephen P. Mackenzie and Nanette Nealy Mackenzie.

Winners Circle 8091: $445,000, James M. Winget III and Kristen Z. Winget to Xiaolei Wang and HuanBin Xu.


Berkshire Drive 1012: $209,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Bryce W. Chavanell and Sara Ann Delise.

Church St. 64478: $33,000, Castlerock 2017 LLC to Edward C. Guillot.

Church St. 64535: $118,000, Lisa M. Freeman revocable living trust and Timothy L. Freeman revocable living trust to William Price Leon Kennedy and Amber Faye Kennedy.

Jessie Singletary Road 36186: $161,500, Johnny H. Veade and Danell Saacks Veade to Russell M. Smelley.

Near Pearl River, portion of ground: $77,000, Lacy Lee Boyet and Jennifer Ciruti Boyet to John Michael Fourcade.

Oakley Blvd. 517: $209,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Justin T. Boyet.

Rheusaw Crawford Road 36471: donation, no value stated, Cindy G. Erwin to Cindy G. Erwin.

Section 22, township 7 south, range 14 east, portion of ground: $60,000, U. S. Small Business Administration to C&M Gabel LLC.

T. Ellis Road 37277: $17,500, Martin Hernandez and Idania R. Hernandez to Rondal J. Pace Jr. and Sonja S. Pace.


Beechwood St. 211: $100,000, Alfred F. Saucier IV to Chester Krewson V.

Beverly Hills subdivision, lot 1-A, square 4, Bridlewood subdivision, portion of ground, Brown's Village Road 36304: no value stated, Glendale Properties LLC to GSGP LLC.

Clearpoint Drive 5436: donation, no value stated, Shirley Soileau Fischer to Norris Bergeron.

Cleveland Street, lot 5-A, square 1: $7,000, Jimmy D. Swinford and Jonnie P. Swinford to Antoine C. Ferbos.

Cypress Lakes Drive 246: $330,000, Megan A. Edwards to Michael R. Lyons and Bryisha R. Lyons.

Eighth St. 641: donation, no value stated, Mabel C. Warren to James M. Puckett.

Harrison Road 57408: $119,900, Gregory C. Bell and Debra B. Bell to Cherry N. Lewis.

Hunters Point Drive 1557: no value stated, Daniel J. Douglass and Cherie C. Douglass to Lexicon Government Services LLC.

Hunters Point Road 1557: no value stated, Lexicon Government Services LLC to Hunters Point.

Kingspoint subdivision, Phase 6, lot 23: $105,000, Kendall L. Cook and Allison M. Cook to Jamie Billiot.

LaFleur Drive 111: $199,000, James R. Hemeier Estate and Jacqueline G. Hemeier to Jasmine Hawkins.

Lakeshore Village Point 901: $229,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to April Glenn.

Lakeshore Village Point 908: $190,500, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Jeffrey W. Johnston and Joy K. Johnston.

Lakeshore Village Point 912: $262,000, D. R. Horton Inc. Gulf Coast to Michelle M. Williams.

Lakeshore Village Point 921: $285,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Randy M. Davis and Nikandria A. Davis.

Lakeshore Villge Point 900: $264,555, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Lawrence Dupre and Brenda Dupre.

N. Buckingham Drive 311: $225,000, Arleen M. Luc to Melfard A. Sorrell and Corlis Lyons Vance.

Near Slidell, portion of ground: $10 and other good and valuable consideration, Dyhrkopp Properties LLC to Felix G. Dyrhrkopp.

Near Slidell, portion of ground: $995,000, Miramon-Huger LLC to 924 Canal Street Associates LLC.

North Shore Beach subdivision, lots 26, 26-A: $350,000, James C. Lauga and Carolynn K. Lauga to Jason Lee Major and Deanna Louise Major.

Olive Drive 448: donation, no value stated, Eugene P. Jeansonne to Leland Roy Cox Jr.

Pine Forest Drive 401: $130,000, Robert E. Jefferson Jr., Ruth M. Jefferson and Kelly A. Jefferson to Robert J. Lawless Jr. and Kerri P. Lawless.

Pontchartrain Drive 4780, Unit 104: $47,500, Raymond DeJean and Tana G. DeJean to John B. Cure.

Red Wood St. 112: $26,800, Robert Lee Wooters and Ellen F. Wooters to Northshore Housing Initiative Inc.

Redwood St. 112: $107,000, Robert Lee Wooters and Ellen F. Wooters to Jimmy E. Johnson.

S. Pebble Beach Court 101: $199,200, Diamond D Investments to Alexander J. Frego.

Second St. 2263: $150,000, Ellen Dalton Smith to 2nd St. Holdings LLC.

Section 34, township 8 south, range 13 east, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Pamela R. Rollings to Walter P. Lamousin Jr.

St. Joseph Drive 1074: $80,000, $80,000 to Popco Investments LLC.

Terrace Park subdivision, lots 1, 2, square 33: $95,000, Patrick J. Casnave to Heather Walsh.

Town of Alton, lot 1, square 59: $62,875, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. and First NBC Bank to CPF Properties LLC.

Town of Alton, lot 4, square 59: $62,875, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. and First NBC Bank to CPF Properties LLC.

Town of Alton, lot 5, square 59: $62,875, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. and First NBC Bank to CPF Properties LLC.

Town of Alton, lot 6, square 59: $62,875, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. and First NBC Bank to CPF Properties LLC.

Treasure Cove 34600: $655,000, Jeremy A. Smith and Nicola S. Corbett to Thomas Moulthrop and Patricia Anne Mccaffrey.

Turtle Creek subidivision, lot 250: $67,500, Cross Gates LLC to Troy J. Guidry and Deborah T. Guidry.


Section 50, township 5 south, range 12 east, portion of ground: $45,000, Armondo P. Escalante to Pamela C. Spell.