Transfers for July 1-Aug. 4

District 1

Baudin St. 3026-38: $280,000, Jacqueline Batiste Brock and Joseph Brock to Ian Ocain and Jessica Sigmundsson.

Coliseum St. 1211: $340,000, Catherine Seeling Lee and Paul William Lee to Pierre Renaud Blemur Jr.

Girod St. 717: $473,424.45, William Hammack and Associates Inc. to Janice L. Parmelee Hammack and William M. Hammack.

Julia St. 402: $205,000, Warehouse District Real Property LLC to Gina Anne Armbruster.

Martin Luther King Boulevard 2619; Martin Luther King Boulevard 2621: $15,000, Brenda Joyce Packnett, Larry Jamal Packnett, Martha E. Tyson Packnett and Randy Wayne Packnett to Loan & Mai Investment LLC.

Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard 1237-39: $60,000, Reconcile New Orleans Inc. to City of New Orleans, Community Improvement Agency and New Orleans Redevelopment Authority.

S. Alexander St. 608: $350,000, Lauren Marie Cullum Barrera and Michael Barrera to Kristen Kay Davis Swope.

S. Bernadotte St. 124: $419,000, Jesse Michael Melkowits and Nicole Unda Melkowits to Catherine Elise Perino Moreau and Tristan Jacob Moreau.

S. Rendon St. 1727: $170,000, Cassandra Roumo to William Tucker Thorpe.

S. Telemachus St. 534-536: $212,500, Pamela Bawa Layton and Shawn M. Layton to Andrew M. Campise.

S. Telemachus St. 933: $216,000, Catrina J. Nealy to Xavier University of Louisiana.

District 2

Amethyst St. 572: $507,500, Gerard T. Osborne to Dana Campo Baumer and Rene V. Baumer.

Bienville St. 928; Burgundy St. 240: $14,290, Chateau Orleans Inc. to Romeo T. Lamarco.

Bienville St. 928; Burgundy St. 240: $6,500, Chateau Orleans Inc. to Robert Butori 2008 Revocable Trust and Robert Stephen Butori.

Bienville St. 928; Burgundy St. 240: $7,500, Chateau Orleans Inc. to Robert Butori 2008 Revocable Trust and Robert Stephen Butori.

Bienville St. 2422: $136,500, Bertha Scott Proctor and Robert Proctor Sr. to Ashley N. Sehorn and Joseph F. Chauffe.

Bluebird St. 20: $520,000, Mary Anne Rigall Hoadley and Russell S. Hoadley to Gabrielle Shuff and Ovid Rijfkogel.

Canal St. 1201; N. Basin St. 231: $322,500, Andrew L. Gerfin Jr. to Kenneth A. Bowen.

Canal St. 3903: $902,000, Monica Sarmiento Ramsey and Roger Dale Ramsey to 3903 Canal Street LLC.

Charles Place 5642: $312,500, Ankur Prem Hukmani and Krystal Ritter Hukmani to Ryan Euker Kirchner.

Chartres St. 129: $2,000, Brian Littleton and Rosemarie Weigel Littleton to Richard J. Gibson.

Decatur St. 125-127: $19,800, Bluegreen Louisiana LLC to Vacation Trust Inc.

Emerald St. 511: $601,000, Conrad C. Johnson and Eric Charles Johnson to Hugo A. Valdes and Sheila Scarpero Valdes.

Esplanade Ave. 1631: $117,250, Cheryl Holton to Hai Phuoc Cao.

Esplanade Ave. 405: $3,000, Rene L. Ernest to Bettye Kimbrough and Christine M. Wellborn.

Esplanade Ave. 405: $3,000, Eric Vierling and Polly Anna Vierling to Judith A. Cole and Leslie A. Foppe.

Esplanade Ave. 405: $2,500, William Kruczek to Frances Desch and Gerald Desch.

Esplanade Ave. 405: $3,000, Eileen V. Wolboldt to Laresha Ernest Farmer and Rene L. Ernest.

Esplanade Ave. 405: $1,500, Hotel De La Monnaie Owners Association Inc. to Maria Dr McGinnity.

Esplanade Ave. 405: $1,500, Hotel De La Monnaie Owners Association Inc. to Mercedes Q. Davis.

General Haig St. 5916-5918: donation, no value stated, Hauser G. Reboul III to Ryan L. Reboul.

Governor Nicholls St. 619: $500, Carolyn D. Dozier and Rex P. Dozier to Daniel V. Favero.

General Haig St. 6060: donation, no value stated, Catherine Leslie Dutreil and Louis Paul Dutreil II to Catherine Dutreil Stephenson and Jay William Stephenson.

Governor Nicholls St. 2633: $200,000, Marilyn Jones Price and Percy Price Sr. to Mark R. Foster and Stephanie A. Sea Foster.

Kenilworth Place 407: $265,000, David H. Orgeron and Katherine Pouriraji Orgeron to John Paul Grenier.

Louisville St. 6570: $550,000, Blake Matthew Bennett to John Joseph La Guardia.

Memphis St. 6229: $547,500, Pamela Marie Nuccio Borne to Lainie M. Wick.

Memphis St. 6410: donation, no value stated, Kelly Keel Frank to Deborah Corso Keel and Patrick G. Keel.

Moss St. 1001: $10, Eric M. Hess Thaxton, Frank Hardy Thaxton Hess and Frank Hardy Thaxton III to Elizabeth M. Landis and James C. Landis.

N. Dupre St. 824-826: $318,200, Heather Anne Self to Tiffani L. Stephenson.

N. Johnson St. 922-24: $332,500, Lc Renovations LLC to Janan Marbena, Linda Marbena and Nicholas Marbena.

N. Pierce St. 636-38: $312,000, Terrich Properties LLC to Charles D. Lagrange and Taylor N. Newton.

N. Robertson St. 1238: $505,000, Dominique Espinosa McCusker to Michael J. Henderson and Shaneika Dabney Henderson.

N. Salcedo St. 615: $377,500, Jonathan M. Dewitt and Sara Tucker Dewitt to Andrew H. King and Annalisa Kelly King.

Orleans Ave. 826-828: $1,175,000, 826 828 Orleans LLC to Cheryl Hedlund Mazoch and Ignatius J. Mazoch.

Orleans Ave. 3016; St. Peter St. 3019: $288,700, Quentin T. Walker to Donna L. Lawrence Downing, Lea L. Downing and Timothy C. Downing.

Orleans Ave. 6862: $328,000, Mallory G. Debnam to Jana Laura Ritter.

Polk St. 990: $677,500, Integrity Construction Group LLC to Eric C. Fredstrom and Michelle N. Heimgartner Fredstrom.

Robert E. Lee Blvd. 1167: $649,000, Allison Grant Pierson and Bradley M. Pierson to Jose R. Gonzalez and Julie Marie Talavera Gonzalez.

St. Philip St. 1015; St. Philip St. 1017; St. Philip St. 1023-25: $2,550,000, Ronald W. Shelton to Daniela Vecerina Khoury and Elie V. Khoury.

Topaz St. 458: $375,000, Cheng You and Sanbao Ruan You to Lac2 Developers LLC.

Vicksburg St. 6865: $635,000, Effie Chaisson Lawler and Gene Dennis Lebouef Jr. to Raven Fielding Benoit and Sean Benoit.

District 3

Agriculture St. 1620: $195,000, Gail Ann Reimonenq to Natalie Masters Barnes.

Allen St. 2237: $90,000, Beatrice Louise Davis Romant to Jamie Anthony Romant.

Allen St. 2535-37: $62,500, Gloria Elizabeth Lawson, Gwendolyn Etta Lawson Walker, Kelly Evangeline Walton and Shirley Armontine Lawson Edwards to Carrez Properties LLC.

Allen St. 3329: $140,000, Elizabeth Chen Dieu Chung and Eric Chung to Emily McAveeney and Renata Legaux Duong.

Allen St. 4630: $100,000, Kim Michelle Brewster Roublow to Leroy Clanton Jr.

Alvar St. 1500-02; Alvar Stree 1500: $100, Stephanie Dodson Celestin to Lionel Edward Celestin Jr.

Andry St. 2335: $6,300, Elaine Bercey Hills and Tanner Paul Hills to Community Improvement Agency and New Orleans Redevelopment Authority.

Arbor Drive 7321: $234,000, Tiffany McCall Roussell to Jared S. Roussell.

Bruxelles St. 2716: $65,000, Renee Dede Russo Johnson and Shirley Jordan Russo to No Limit Homes LLC.

Bruxelles St. 2716: $85,000, No Limit Homes LLC to Katlas Properties LLC.

Bundy Road 4750: $144,900, Cynthia Augustin Bell to Shakari Fraser and Shakari Nazariyah Fraser.

Caldwell Drive 6242: $360,000, Anne Tiblier Gaffney, Charles M. Tiblier, David Joseph Fein, Jason Fein, Joseph Fein IV, Julie Fein Trabeaux, Louise Tiblier Fein Marital Testamentary Trust, Michelle Fein Morantez and Sidney Louis Tiblier III to Ankur Prem Hukmani and Krystal Ritter Hukmani.

Camberley Drive 7211: $40,000, Linda Jo Williams Carter to Bank of America Na.

Cardenas Drive 4650: $70,100, Jpmorgan Chase Bank National Association to Nttt LLC.

Carlson Drive 6229: $350,000, Madalaine Orr Smith Darmiento to Joseph C. Casler.

Chamberlain Drive 5835: $245,000, Delia J. Anderson to Jeremy G. Toepfer and Marie Madary Toepfer.

Charmes Court 4843: donation, no value stated, Junior Properties LLC to Malcolm Smith Jr.

Chef Menteur Hwy 54697: $13,000, Sign Sign Everywhere A. Sign LLC to Bobbie Ray Temple and Chauvette Hynes Temple.

Citrus Drive 4843: $98,000, Centurion Development Inc. to 504 Realtors New Orleans LLC.

Congress St. 1031: $437,500, Valene Developments LLC to Christopher M. Sullivan and Megan Maraynes Sullivan.

Corinne St. 4842: $65,000, Edward Donald Hawkins and Martrenia Yvette Lee Hawkin to Son Huu Tran.

Crete St. 1421: $561,000, Gwendolyn Cartwright Smith to Carol Christine Hilaria Pounder Kone.

Davey St. 4124: $575,000, Davey Properties LLC to Joseph E. Neary and Terri Lendyak Smith.

Delery St. 1632: donation, no value stated, Rhonda Lynn Molizone Row to Donald Molizone.

Derbigny St. 4853: donation, no value stated, Make It Right New Orleans Housing LLC to Patricia Louise Berniard Jones.

Desire St. 1213: $210,000, Eugene C. Booher to Nicole E. Sistrunk and Paul C. Greagoff.

Desire St. 1222: $105,900, Edna E. Sansom, Lee Roy Saulter and Mildred Saulter Brumfield to Bro Bros LLC.

Desire St. 1329-31: $250,000, Ferdinand Roberson Jr. and Lydia Gettridge Roberson to Kate Olandra Lickter.

Deslonde St. 2237: donation, no value stated, Make It Right New Orleans Housing LLC to Evelyn Blayton Broaden.

Dodt Ave. 4614: $550, Barbara Stephens Wild and Jsebourne Wild to Brent Babin.

Dreux Ave. 10130: $4,500, Janice Bryant, Michael James Bryant, Natalie Messick and Robert David Messick to A. & R. Management Group LLC.

E. Nemours St. 5243-45: $85,000, Joan Singleton Asberry Miller and Joan Singleton Miller to Best Journey LLC.

E. Tamaron Boulevard 7080; East Tamaron Boulevard 7080: $98,000, Campos Construction LLC to Jackie Nguyet Anh Tran Doan and Tony Doan.

Elder St. 2514: $210,000, MPA Enterprises LLC to Emily C. Trostle.

Evangeline Drive 4718: $24,450, Helen Cusack Courrege to Quirino Vazquez.

Francis Drive 4700-02: $5,080, City of New Orleans to Hampton Rental Properties LLC.

Frankiln Ave. 3016: $20,000, Donald Juneau to Rodney J. Clementin Jr.

Franklin Ave. 2312: $162,500, Nasca & Associates LLC to Philip Cosmo Nasca.

Franklin Ave. 2528: $125,000, Theodore R. Jones to Ariel A. Brumley Souvignier.

Hope St. 1834-36: $95,000, Corliss Marie Dixon, Cynthia Francine Dixon, Daniel Chad Dixon, David Dixon Sr. and Erika Jammie Jupiter to Mlm Renovations LLC.

I-10 Service Road 12340: $2,700,000, Green Hospitality LLC to Jay Mk LLC.

Iroquois Ave. 3922: $82,000, 3922 Iroquois Street LLC to Adlai MacK Stevenson and Angela Martin Stevenson.

Jasmine St. 2522: $57,500, Davis Rei LLC to Citymark LLC.

Jay St. 1312: donation, no value stated, 1312 Jay Street LLC to Catherine Montelepre Lalla and Thomas N. Lalla.

Joliet St. 1709-1711: $175,000, Mary Williams Stovall to Yourneworleansrealtor Com LLC.

Jourdan Ave. 2237: $10,000, Walter Sebastian Cook to Nowell M. Raff.

Jourdan Ave. 834: donation, no value stated, Mtumishi St. Julien and Shawishi Morton St. Julien to Nilima Zamani Mwendo.

Lapeyrouse St. 2323-25: $35,000, Jamar Waiters to Une Belle Maison LLC.

Louisa St. 1643: $95,000, Larry Bernard Gayden, Rosemary Bolden Quillen and Sandra Gayden Hickerson to Ashley Hurst Jones and Earl Jones Jr.

Manchester Drive 6811: $105,000, Liberty Bank and Trust Company to Mark G. Bartley.

Milton St. 1301: $30,000, Martin Irons to Sf & S. LLC.

Milton St. 1633: $348,750, Alton Anthony Delarge and Alton Delareg Sr. to Alex Delarge and Kim Delarge Frilot.

Mirabeau Ave. 1311; Mirabeau Ave. 1427: $15,000, Detmias Construction & Development LLC and Eli Epson to Detmias Construction & Development LLC.

Mongegut St. 940: $30,000, Delcin Hilliard Wells and Richard Hilliard Jr. to Terry Hilliard Gibbs.

Montegut St. 940: donation, no value stated, Yvonne Hilliard Gage to Terry Hilliard Gibbs.

Music St. 4490: $167,000, Katherine M. Quigley Fitzgerald to Molina Bros Properties LLC.

Music St. 5154: $430,000, Full Circle Homes LLC to Cody L. Allison.

N. Rampart St. 3049: $480,000, Charles H. Trapolin Morris and Stanley D. Morris Trapolin to Casey J. Audette, Cody A. Audette and Kelsey Cartwright Audette.

N. Robertson St. 4216-18: $220,000, Lefty Js LLC to Marshall Baker and Sara W. Pettit.

N. Tonti St. 2515: $12,500, Danielle M. Braxton to Concrete Pavers Inc.

New Orleans St. 2221-23: $31,500, Derrick A. Neveu, Donald Louis Neveu III, Duane J. Neveu and Waldo J. Moret Jr. to Realt LLC.

Old Prieur St. 1820-22: $5,400, Carmen Perez Coste, George P. Dugue, George V. Perez Jr., James M. Perez, Juanita M. Perez, Manuel B. Perez, Maurie A. Perez, Morris J. Perez, Morris John Perez, Paul R. Perez and Wendy P. Sterling to Et Investments LLC.

Onzaga St. 2544-46: $75,000, Faith In Action Evangelistic Team Inc. to Drancorp LLC.

Oriole St. 1324: $10, Janice L. Parmelee Couvillion and Janice L. Parmelee Hammack to Anne Simms Lethbridge, Anne Simms Pincus and Ronald Pincus.

Pauger St. 3907: $33,000, Francisco Moresco, Marcel I. Rivera Ayestas and Marcel Rivera to Community Improvement Agency, La Property Management Group LLC, New Orleans Redevelopment Authority and Nora.

Peace Court 2608: $7,000, Kenneth Jackson and Virginia Lee Jackson to Substantial Investments LLC.

Piedmont Drive 3824: $201,000, R&r Investment Group LLC to Allison Meredith Post.

Ponce De Leon St. 2832: $332,500, Lloyd Parker Jr., Melvin J. Taylor and Rosemary Taylor Parker to Mary Blacksher Ranier and Myles D. Ranier.

Prentiss Ave. 1223: $540,000, Debra Simmons Neveu and Wayne J. Neveu to Bradley N. Moody and Elaine Kabat Moody.

Prentiss Ave. 3987501: $40,000, Keith A. Carter, Stephanie Lion Carter and Stephanie Lion Schexnayder to Attb Enterprises LLC and J. & S. Real Estate Construction LLC.

Read Road 7801-07: $120,000, Lasandra A. Dudley to Gianni Investment LLC.

Read Boulevard 7347: $182,500, Cornell Pendleton to Walter Lee Morrow Jr.

Royal St. 2470: $541,750, Erin Ruby Anapol Rosenberg and Walker Simon Rosenberg to Allen Dye, Lori Powers Henderson, Michelle Moquin Dye and Robert T. Henderson.

St. Bernard Ave. 5232: donation, no value stated, Lydia Irons Kennedy to Pia Marie Williams Heisser, Pia Marie Williams Raymond, Pia Marie Williams Singleton and Ralph Allen Singleton.

St. Bernard Ave. 6401: $625,000, University of New Orleans Foundation to Caroline Dietlin Velez and Juan Carlos Q. Velez.

St. Claude Ave. 3701: donation, no value stated, Andrew Judson Wolf to Alishia Evonne Bigelow Wolf.

St. Roch Ave. 2523: $210,000, Kemistry Solutions LLC to Fred Hankton and Regchell R. Webb Hankton.

Shorewood Boulevard 7609: donation, no value stated, Johnnie B. Montgomery to Helen Montgomery.

Tennessee St. 2514: donation, no value stated, Make It Right New Orleans Housing LLC to Mary Marie Griffin Picot and Michael John Picot.

Urquhart St. 2253: $295,000, Avant Executive Solutions 401 K. Plan and Nancy Connolly to Wallace A. Lafont Jr.

W. Renaissance Court 7031: $196,000, Doris T. Burvant and Karen M. Allen to Douglas J. Landry and Laneir E. Landry.

W. St. Andrews Circle 5034: $256,000, Nakia Evans Delay to Deidrea McPherson Clark and Tony Clark.

Werner Drive 4521: $7,120, City of New Orleans to Efficient Energy Homes LLC.

Westpark Court 159: $125,000, Phuong Thanh Nguyen to Phong Thanh Nguyen.

Wickfield Drive 5306: $100,000, Gold Bean Inc. to Alex Nassar and George Pool II.

Wickfield Drive 6025: $40,000, Keren Holding LLC to 4life Investments LLC.

Winthrop Place 122: donation, no value stated, Stephen Blakeley to Elise Emerson.

$100,000, Dmarsalis Properties LLC to 1818 N. Claiborne LLC.

$6,610, City of New Orleans to Lawrence J. Williams Jr.

$7,660, City of New Orleans to Rodney Christopher Cordova Sr.

District 4

Baronne St. 2127: $1, Baronne Street Restoration LLC to Christina James Worms and Julien Georges Pierre Worms.

Constance St. 2119: $180,000, 2119 Constance Street LLC to 9721 Investments LLC.

Livaudais St. 2833: $445,000, Edward G. Lozes and Jo Ann Vix Lozes to Kanwaljit Sidhu and Sanbir Singh Sidhu.

Washington Ave. 837: $370,000, Jennifer Steele Larmeu and Larry Joseph Larmeu Jr. to Nicole Assing Saroop and Shirvin S. Saroop.

District 5

Abalon Court 351: $321,100, Michael P. McDermott to Donald W. Gillings and Janice Tieszen Gillings.

Alix St. 320: donation, no value stated, Gregory Gene Schreiner to Judith A. West.

Aurora Drive 906: $85,000, Dauphine Investments LLC to David A. Carr and Margaret Carr.

Belleville St. 613-15: $400,000, Michael Johnsey and Rebecca Denny to Emily Edwards Bassett and Ross C. Bassett.

Delaronde St. 208-210: $335,000, Roberta X. Taylor to Jessica Taylor Smith.

Delaronde St. 616: $215,000, Deborah Bing Helton to Brian Robert Banks, Marcie Banks and Marcie Lessard Banks.

Flanders St. 1628; Horace St. 918; Luna St. 3220; Luna St. 3221: $33,700, Laquita D. Jones to Doris Jones Peoples, Frank O. Jones, Helen Jones Milligan and Tracey Oliver Douglas.

Gallinghouse St. 2638: $148,000, Daron B. Franklin and Verlene Bennett Franklin to Ashley Baker Brumfield and Joshua D. Brumfield.

General Meyer Ave. 4351: $100,000, Karen Ann Guarino Barcellona to Eric S. Daniels.

Hyman Place 2474: $135,000, Bob R. Gibbs and William Karl Adams to Malik O. Rigard and Nicole Campbell Rigard.

Leeward Court 3: $275,000, Catherine Marie Yates Addiso and Raymond L. Addison to Sarah Turner.

Norland Ave. 5641: $235,000, Celina Coffin and Scott Coffin to Jason Christopher Thompson and Krystin Joy Cloud Thompson.

Olivier St. 343-345: $200,000, Carol Ann Borne Cassreino to Sarah P. Kiehle and Tyler C. Kiehle.

Prancer St. 2731: $186,000, Daniel E. Kirkley to Jacob M. Brown.

Ramsey Drive 2711: $113,500, Chris M. Catalanotto and Kathy Ann Stendeback Catalanotto to Emile Hurst Jr.

Rue Colette 3560: $183,000, James Brett White to Xavier J. Nealy.

Saint Nick Drive 2562: $156,000, Carol Scheel Miers and Dennis Ross Miers to Allison L. Malcolm.

Somerset Drive 3638: donation, no value stated, Luu Tran and Quynh Tran to Que Tran and Quy Thi Le Tran.

Stratford Place 5923: $174,000, Hortensia Valdes Cruz to Sarah Perkins, Tiffany Perkins and Toni Lynn Perkins.

Sumner St. 806: $90,000, Charles M. Mamon Jr. and Lakisha Williams Mamon to Carly Evan Johnson Gleason and John Hc Gleason.

Teche St. 1114: $120,000, Bernie Hebert Investments LLC to Jennifer Farwell Raese and Jennifer Farwell Spann.

$525,000, Pierre Joseph Uzee to Jolie Marie Gasquet Lemaire.

$28,000, Benjamin Douglas Wilson Jr., Gloria E. Rovelo Murphy, Gloria E. Rovelo Wilson, Kristi James Dubow, Pamela Veronica Wilson Carroll, Sharon Kay Sparks, Sharon Kaye Yunksks, Sharon W. Sparks, Sharon W. Yunksks, Stephen James, Susan W. Brown, Susan W. Church, Susan W. Gilmore, Susan W. Kuhn and Susan W. Prior to Maumas Partners Lp.

$5,418, City of New Orleans to Vietnamese Buddhist Fellowship of Louisiana Inc.

$4,522, City of New Orleans to Vietnamese Buddhist Fellowship of Louisiana Inc.

District 6

Annunciation St. 5601-03: $260,000, Jack Herbert Lincks, Jeanne Cerise Lincks and Jeffrey Robert Lincks to A. & N. Developers LLC.

Annunciation St. 5908: $300,000, Sandra Strande Munster to David Michael Napoli.

Audubon Boulevard 236: $860,000, Christy Fast Kane and Sean M. Kane to Bead Tree Properties LLC.

Baronne St. 3317-3319: $112,500, Giovanni B. P Morris and Ottivani M.P. Morris to Austin Venture Properties LLC.

Cadiz St. 1123: $440,000, Michelle Whetten Marshall to Michael Green Sawyer and Robert John Sawyer.

Cadiz St. 1421: $736,500, Darrell Charles Samuels to Maureen Haefner Tonn and William A. Tonn.

Constance St. 3809: $560,000, Exemplar Capital Management LLC and Millennial Capital Management to Erica Wilkerson Stone and Matthew Stone.

Constance St. 3816-18: $428,000, Lauren Elizabeth Bain Rossmeier and Vincent John Rossmeier to Ashley Lauren Vickers Burkardt and Michael Paul Burkardt.

Elba St. 4405-4407: $355,000, Two Legged Dog LLC to Ruth Patterson Koress.

Foucher St. 1304-06-08-10: donation, no value stated, Samuel F. Chase III to Chestnut & Foucher LLC.

General Taylor St. 715-717: $275,000, Anthony Bethely, Ashley Bethely Brisco, Keith Bethely and Lisa Bethely Cavalier to Chawla Holdings LLC.

Henry Clay Ave. 801: $138,000, Faye Flavia Leblanc Galjour and Kim Joseph Galjour to Daniel Vincent Hiatt and Martha Azar Hiatt.

Hewes St. 5400: $391,000, Jonathan Edward Kaminsky and Sarah R. Koster to Hannah Lyn Banghart Walthier and Mendel Lee.

Joseph St. 2224: $495,000, Craig R. Senn and Sharon Collins Senn to Kevin Ray Derham and Natalie Rinck Derham.

Magazine St. 4221-4223: $100, St. Catherine Properties LLC to Richard Michael Wilkinson.

Milan St. 2139: $776,000, Alissa Villa Rubia Schmidtke and Jeffrey C. Schmidtke to Milan Nola LLC.

Napoleon Ave. 3203: $314,000, Redeemer Presbyterian Church of New Orleans Inc. to Heather Ryan Heaton and Jacob D. Heaton.

Napoleon Ave. 3600-06; S. Miro St. 4411: $762,000, Juan L. Urrea to Molly Pangborn Pastermack and Nicholas Allan Pastermack.

Pine St. 1504: $360,000, Stephen A. Loeb to Andrew T. Hansel and Tonya Cross Hansel.

S. Derbigny St. 4608: $312,500, Angel G. Varnado and Angel Varnado Manzanares to Laine Woodruff and William Parker Stewart Jr.

S. Johnson St. 4537: $512,000, Marcia Vieira Frias Picolo, Marcos Picolo and Salvador Picolo to Kathryn Deming Croft and Riley Stedtman Croft.

Soniat St. 918: $1,250,000, 918 Soniat Street LLC to Kerry S. Davis and Kimberly Smith Davis.

St. Charles Ave. 3300: $135,000, Arlene Reuther Guichet, Arlene Reuther Holley and Thomas F. Holley to David Allen Bertrand and Lorraine Lejeune Bertrand.

Upperline St. 1020: $1,517,856, Upperline Development LLC to Jaime Jose Alleyn and Jennifer Holden Alleyn.

Versailles Blvd. 74: $525,000, Joseph Neary and Terri Lendyak Neary to Oshie Ann Mason Aspinall.

District 7

22nd St. 410: $189,000, Kellie Rose Kennedy to Allyson Johns and Tyler Johns.

26th St. 125: $100,000, Harold Peter Casebonne and Rita Carr Casebonne to David Claus LLC.

35th St. 424: $482,000, Roak Real Estate LLC to Jesse Michael Melkowits and Nicole Monique Unda Melkowits.

Adams St. 2015: $469,000, Brian Robert Banks and Marcie Lessard Banks to Ronald James Evans Jr.

Bellaire Drive 5871: $465,000, Jaime Reuter Knowlton and Lucas T. Knowlton to Joan Giarratano Palermo and Nicholas C. Palermo.

Bellaire Drive 6017-19: $350,000, Mary Lukach Kelly to Jason E. Joubert and Julia Nusloch Joubert.

Breakwater Drive 7734: $415,500, Susan Bankston to Laurent H. Moecklin III.

Cambronne St. 3122: $127,000, Winding Road Properties LLC to Zachary J. Bennett.

Dante St. 2808: $275,000, Helen Forcia White, Michael G. White and Natalie Cecile Forcia to Darcee Anna Frisch Olson, Geoffrey Harold Olson and Gerald Theodore Olson Jr.

General Ogden St. 1610-1612: $285,000, Justin Foxhall Provosty to Anna Brodrecht Morsink and Joost Morsink.

Hollygrove St. 4109: $55,000, Terrence Lee to Victoria Dix Breland.

Hollygrove St. 4109: $77,000, Victoria V. Dix Breland to Patrick Tarnoid Smith.

Jeannette St. 7813: $488,500, John E. F Humphries to Cyrous Ardalan and Hannah Messkoub Ardalan.

Joliet St. 2716-18: $240,000, Jeffrey F. Farshad to Russell Hunter Hutchinson.

Lake Marina Ave. 232: $1,300,000, Kathleen Prats Vogt and Paul S. Vogt to Ann Marie Call Sannino and Louis Joseph Sannino.

Leonidas St. 3122: $173,500, Cta Lapalco LLC to Ian Finch and Lydia Claire Fangue.

Monroe St. 2421: $37,000, Ronni Jennell Sholes Johnson to Bernice Moon Thomas, Cynthia M. Thomas Grant, Gail Thomas Baptiste and Wayne Carl Thomas Sr.

St. Charles Ave. 7452-54: $2,075,000, Christian Shane Galvin to Roderick Alvendia.