• Transfers for May 7 to May 11


  • DENICE LEBLANC LANE 4887: $346,000, Allen J. Logue and Linda S. Logue to Sidney J. Lebouef and Shantelle B. Lebouef.


  • GRAND BEACH 2. SUBDIVISION, LOTS 1, 3, 4, SQUARE I: donation, no value stated, Jack R. Brasher to Holly B. Sandifer.
  • ROSETHORN 193: $35,000, Barry Schexnaydre Sr. to Barry Schexnaydre Jr.


  • BIENVILLE DRIVE 208: $10 and other good and valuable considerations, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Timothy M. Poyadou.
  • EMERSON ST. 2181: $93,000, Mortgage Equity Conversion Asset Trust 2011-1 to Sheryl Hidalgo.
  • GREEN OAK DRIVE 1813: $184,000, Warren L. Seher II to Trong H. X. Pham and Monica Pham.
  • HIGHLAND DR WEST 2616: $134,000, Joshua P. Blanchard and Antoinette P. Blanchard to Mohammad A. Hussein.
  • MORNINGSIDE DRIVE 660: $172,159, Standard Mortgage Corp. to Federal National Mortgage Association.
  • MYSTIC AVE. 820: $68,100, Bank of New York Mellon to Eagle Investments Inc.


  • BREAUX AVE. 2540: $275,000, Harvey-Venice Rentals Inc. to Sau V. Le and Nguyen T. Tra.
  • ESTHER AVE. 1901: $23,000, donation, Elbert L. Sanders and Walter Sanders Jr. to Audrey L. B. Sanders.
  • HARVEY CANAL SUBDIVISION, LOTS 32, 33, SQUARE 32: $24,800, Antoinette Guillory Elow, Barbara R. McGrew, Bobby R. Guillory, Qianna G. Gabriel and Cedric Guillory to Theodore T. Guillory and Bobbie Clout Guillory.
  • LOUISE ST. 2725: $148,686, Standard Mortgage Corp. to Federal National Mortgage Association.
  • N. VILLAGE GREEN ST. 2018: $108,667, Everbank to Federal National Mortgage Association.


  • OAK DRIVE 261: $14,500, Springleaf Mortgage Loan Trust 2012-2 to Oak Street Properties LLC.


  • 6TH AVE. 6215: 67,400, donation, Rose H. Garrison, Tyrone Howard, Carmen H. Jackson and Carl Howard to Elston Howard.
  • AMIGO AVE. 2741: $78,000, Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Jonathan Phillips and Tabatha Phillips.
  • BARATARIA PARK SUBDIVISION, LOT 7: $48,000, Barataria Park LLC to Tony T. T. Nguyen.
  • BAYOU BOEUF DRIVE 2736: donation, no value stated, April L. Gaubert Stelljes to John H. Stelljes.
  • BENNINGTON DRIVE 5049: $147,000, Diana N. Nguyen to Andrew S. Rostron and Julie M. Juarez.
  • BENT TREE PARK SUBDIVISION, LOTS 2-30, SQUARE 1, LOTS 1-28, SQUARE 3, LOTS 1-43, SQUARE 4, LOTS 1-8, SQUARE 5: $395,000, Iberia Bank to DSLD Homes LLC and SJL Bent Tree Inc.
  • CAMPHOR ST. 4016: $135,500, Brandon J. Davis and Alicia D. Davis to Debora R. Bland.
  • CYPRESS ST. 4020: $138,000, Victor Van and Anh T. Nguyen to Charles H. Hawkins II and Dominique B. Hill.
  • EIGHT ST. 4020: $190,000, Jerry J. Melanson Sr., Michael A. Melanson, Susan M. Ward, Michelle M. Campagne, Craig P. Melanson Sr., Iona M. Ward Melanson, Dawn Melanson and Dale J. Campagne to Jerry J. Melanson Jr. and Danielle Melanson.
  • KRUPP DRIVE 1320: $210,000, Quynh N. Nguyen and Dy T. Huynh to Vi T. Nguyen.
  • LINCOLN AVE. 1461: $50,000, Green Tree Servicing LLC to Federal National Mortgage Association.
  • PELICAN BAY BLVD. 2645: $166,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Devon Alexander-Monsegue and Nadia Alexander-Monsegue.
  • SANDPIPER CIRCLE 2563: $195,000, Mary S. Hughes and Paris A. Hughes to Julie Lynn P. Alvarez.
  • VICTORIA DRIVE 2829: $23,000, Gladys S. McGaughey to Miguel A. Terrazas and Elizet I. Terrazas.


  • AMAPOLA CIRCLE 317: $60,850, Succession of Lloyd Balliviero to Anthony J. Grosch.
  • BROWNING LANE 2119: $114,000, V. E. Services LLC to Christopher Ward and Kasey L. Arabie.
  • DIPLOMAT ST. 512: $85,000, Darlene F. LeBreton to David Rodriguez.


  • SHAREN PLACE 32: $15,000, Lance J. St. Pe’ to Eagle Investments Inc.


  • AVENUE A 1113: $50,000, Leslie F. Sarvela and Brian D. Sarvela to Metro Investors LLC.
  • JAY PLACE 12: donation, no value stated, Gladys F. Bowman to William A. Bowman Jr.
  • SWEET BAY LANE 9509: $219,900, Coast Builders LLC to Larry T. Downs and Victoria S. Downs.