Transfers for Jan. 23-27, 2017

District 1

Canal St. 2912; S. Dupre St. 117: $100, 2912 Canal Street LLC to King Firm Properties LLC.

Oretha C Haley Boulevard 1428-30: $110,000, Olusola A. Olabode to Sms Development LLC.

Magazine St. 760: $420,000, Kimberly McKinney to Sean B. McGinnis.

S. Alexander St. 504-506: $67,000, Agda Management Enterprises LLC to Chloe Klein Capielano and Taylor Capieano.

S. Clark St. 439: $400,000, Leroy Bolden and Marian White Bolden to Deah Lynn Gulley Miles and Terrance Lee Miles.

S. Rendon St. 1724: $135,000, Kingsmead Asset Holding Trust to Andrew Granken and Taryn Lamaison.

S. Robertson St. 247: $250,000, Ming Li to Rwl Investments LLC.

St. Charles Ave. 1205: $128,900, Alexander Peter Trostorff and Danielle Lombardo Trostorff to Lucille Raphael Trosclair.

St. Charles Ave. 1750: $680,000, Charlene Finfrock Babovich and Wayne M. Babovich to Allen Louis Leslie.

St. Charles Ave. 749 1/2; St. Charles Ave. 751: $1,825,000, Lepre Properties LLC to 749 St. Charles Ave LLC.

District 2

Bienville St. 4829-31: $355,000, Nicholas F. Chetta Jr. to Jane Dufour.

Canal Boulevard 6544: $240,000, Jose R. Bueiz to Koi Construction and Development LLC.

Dauphine St. 617-619-621: donation, no value stated, Elbred Malone Jr. and Zelma Malone to Mez Private Family Trust.

Decatur St. 125-127: $80,050, Bluegreen Louisiana LLC to Vacation Trust Inc.

Decatur St. 125-127: $70,650, Bluegreen Louisiana LLC to Vacation Trust Inc.

Gov Nicholls St. 2238; N. Miro St. 1122: $65,000, Philistine Turner Ferrand to Revitalize Property Solutions LLC.

Marshall Foch St. 5971: $225,000, Yasmin Usher Guth to Schmidt Construction Co. Inc.

Memphis St. 6811: $640,000,Jacqueline Nicole Webre Nass, Maureen Weil Stein, Theodore Nass III and Theodore W. Nass Jr. to Annette St. Romain Torres and Jody R. Torres.

Milne Boulevard 5571: $169,000, Atlas Builders LLC to Jessica Dauterive and Rene Dauterive.

N. Lopez St. 1216: no value stated, Greenfee LLC to David Jeremy Meserow Sauer, David Jeremy Sauer and Mary Jo Coleman Sauer.

N. Roman St. 215: $105,000, Ctn Holdings LLC and Kingcake Real Estate LLC to Braud Realty LLC.

N. Tonti St. 416: $120,000, Tributes LLC to Yacc Pack LLC.

Porteous St. 206: donation, no value stated, Nicole H. Layman and Nicole L. Hery Layman to Christopher Layman.

St. Ann St. 3010: $410,000, Lynn Ann Nelund Goddard to Jan Forbes Auleta and John Auleta.

District 3

Alabo St. 1247-1249: $128,000, Loch Investments LLC to MacK A. Terrance and Mia Sanders Terrance.

Arthur Drive 4635: $59,057.97, Carolyn Spencer to Coleman Wrecker Service Inc.

Ashland Drive 13041: $175,000, Calvin Kenneth Banks, Catavia Jones Banks to Erica Terry.

Camelia St. 4844: $12,000, Anna Catherine Maggiore Dupuy and Ester Schultz Maggiore to Adapt Properties LLC.

Charlene Drive 4700: donation, no value stated, Ronald Ruiz Jr. to Mona Lisa Carr Ruiz.

Charlene Drive 4700: donation, no value stated, Justin Ruiz to Mona Lisa Carr Ruiz.

Desire St. 621: $170,000, Scaral John Morvant to 621 Desire LLC.

Dreux Ave. 2415: $48,000, Emile Hurst Jr. to Full Circle Homes LLC and Turn Our Lights On LLC.

Duke Court 7716: $178,000, Bobby Williams Jr. and Lakeisha George Williams to Brisha M. Lott and Ranald Lott.

Dwyer Road 15540-46: $109,900, New Life Community Development Organization to Glenn D. Washington Jr.

Eagle St. 1931-1933: $85,000, Lawrence Trunk Jr. to Cr Property Development LLC.

Elysian Fields Ave. 1427: $500, Clarence Randall Jr. to Thomas White Rolison.

Esplanade Ave. 405: $1,500, Hotel De La Monnaie Owners Association Inc. to Alton E. Rogers and Lawrence E. Mason.

Esplanade Ave. 741: $149,900, Esplanade Condo Unit 4 LLC to James P. Peek Jr. and Tracey Gold Peek.

Fairmont Drive 4032: $315,000, Samu Resources LLC to Elvin Gillard Jr. and Rochelle Russ Gillard.

Gallier St. 1416; Gallier St. 1420: $46,000, Ida C. Watler Cook to 123 Pauline LLC.

Genoa St. 4354: $45,000, George D. Dargis Sr. and Niki Arcuri Dargis to Lionel J. Guillot Sr.

Gordon St. 819: $37,500, Angela N. Amundson Rindo, Therese M. Rindo Amundson and Therese M. Rindo Wilkey to Robin Marie Barnes.

Hope St. 1962; Hope St. 1964-64 1/2; Hope St. 1966: donation, no value stated, Anthony Archabald Pierre to Alicia Ann Pierre.

Kennon Ave. 4437: $99,900, Raquel Polk Molina to Anissa H. Barabino, Lanesa M. Barabino and Larry Barabino Jr.

Lake Breeze Drive 44: $140,000, Carol Mahne Meche and Francis L. Meche to Eric Hayg Arman and Melissa Dee Paille Arman.

Mackenzie St. 7632: $174,000, Laurie Montz King to Nicole Walker.

Maid Marion Drive 4916: $59,600, American Advisors Group to J. Fincher LLC.

Marque Drive 4801: donation, no value stated, Dolores E. Alexander to Jimmie L. Brown.

Marquis St. 800: $89,900, Rock Enterprises Construction LLC to Scott Edward Morris and Shantia Antrice White Morris.

Melvin Place 11401: $50,000, Angela K. Nguyen to Loan K. Nguyen Pham and Vinh Pham.

Michoud Blvd. 5043: $117,000, Ha Thanh Pham to Thanh Xuan T. Vu.

Milton St. 1331: $165,000, Alcide J. Tervalon III and Tracie Barbre Tervalon to Marquis D. Heath and Maya Patrice Heath.

Music St. 1502-04: donation, no value stated, Elaine J. Cotton to Christine Maria Anne Hoedeman Semones, Jeffrey Scott Semones and Jessica Elaine Darius Musson Christy.

N. Claiborne Ave. 5106: $40,000, Mount Nebo Missionary Baptist Church #2 to Al Masar LLC.

N. Dorgenois St. 1463: $365,000, Deep South Home Buyers LLC to Anne Dozier Miller.

N. Rampart St. 4502-04: $75,000, K&t Institute LLC to 4502 North Rampart LLC.

N. Villere St. 2609: $80,000, Alison MacLeod Radovanovic and Rajko Radovanovic to George A. Alexander Matassa and Michael A. Matassa Alexander.

N. Rocheblave 1520-20 1/2; N. Rocheblave St. 1522: $27,000, Myra Jones Hitchens to Icm Investments LLC.

New Orleans St. 2658-2660: donation, no value stated, Anthony Archabald Pierre to Anthony Archabald Pierre Jr.

New Orleans Chef Menteur Highway 13501-03: no value stated, 13501 Chef Menteur LLC to Yvod LLC.

Pauline Drive 5101: $14,000, Kristina Lee Furra Ohlmeyer and Raleigh Ohlmeyer III to David A. Eberly.

Republic St. 2440: $70,000, Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. to Jose A. Alvarez Jr. and Lydia L. Bazzano Alvarez.

Robin Hood Drive 4929: $134,000, Enix Smith III to Erica Armour.

Robert E. Lee Boulevard 914-16: donation, no value stated, Mallory Margaret Gurtner to Kristen Elizabeth Gurtner.

Royal St. 5021-5023: donation, no value stated, Linda Marie Stewart to Darryl Jones.

Royal St. 5021-5023: donation, no value stated, Terrance Lamar Jones to Darryl Jones.

Royal St. 5021-5023: donation, no value stated, Prsicilla Rickmon to Darryl Jones.

San Giorgio St. 4350: $265,000, Barbara Bode Nunez and Bruce P. Nunez to Mark Anthony Fradella and Sylvia Orantes Fradella.

Spain St. 528 1/2: $369,000, Adin N. Bellew and Johanna M. Miller Bellew to Deborah Lyn Blodgett Caldwell and Katie Jean Leese.

St. Bernard Ave. 5000: $366,000, Frank C. Harvey to Everett Irving Beelman and Frances Hodge Whatley.

Touro St. 2025: $23,000, Albert J. Tucker III to Pizazz LLC.

Trafalgar St. 3214: $173,631, Gloria Butler Beverly and Richard E. Beverly to James G. Graham and Lisa Caverley Graham.

Verbena St. 2721-23: $89,900, Linda Behan Adams, Robert & Linda Adams Joint January Trust Ua 09 10 2015 and Robert A. Adams Jr. to Katua P. Mendy and Monica Fontova Colclough.

Westhaven Road 7161: donation, no value stated, Verna Reid Guard Guesnon to Kathy Jacqueline Guard.

District 4

Annunciation St. 2901: $325,000, Maria Bazan Clark to Koll LLC.

Annunciation St. 2907: $735,000, Noladev LLC to Leticia Chavez and Shanya Smith.

Annunciation St. 3106-08: $449,000, Denise Monk Brothenton and Denise Monk Weil to Matthew A. Newman Saul.

Conery St. 1228: $665,000, Todd M. Riche to Gardel LLC.

Oretha Castle Haley Blvd. 1814: $155,000, Alexandra E. Mora Wolf to Sms Development LLC.

Sixth St. 505-507: $275,000, Michael C. Tupper to 505 Camelback LLC.

St. Charles Ave. 2100: $180,000, Belinda A. Knight to Barton C. Barre.

St. Charles Ave. 2111: $100, Barbara R. Williams and Barbara Schmitt Williams to Georgia Wholesale Homes LLC.

St. Thomas St. 2360: $620,000, Livewell Properties LLC to Christine Tq Cao Ly and Kowloon Ly.

Third St. 1915-1919: $295,000, Hong N. Le and Hung T. Le to Jordan E. Coughlin.

District 5

Alix St. 135-137: $285,000, Anne Kotch to Damie Turpin Roberts and David Roberts.

Alix St. 169-71: $150,000, Barbara Mayeaux Crais and Kelly R. Crais to Keith D. Hutchins, Virginia Jackson Hutchins.

Bouny St. 621; Bouny St. 623: $50,000, Kenneth Damien Gordon to Maria A. Fuertes Andurand Dabasse and Pablo Gabriel Dabasse.

Danbury Drive 2664: $170,000, Gary L. Sallinger and Toyomi Tomashiro Sallinger to Cane Ventures LLC.

Durbridge Drive 5800: $200,000, Gary Richard Atkins and Shayla Franklin Atkins to Sterling Fleming Jr.

Eton St. 3100: $250,000, David J. Skansi, Lisa Skansi Pharis and Nick A. Skansi to Alton Barber Jr., Marleece Sherman Barber and Marleece Sherman Louder.

General Collins Ave. 1838: $79,500, Aimee Michelle Coglaiti, Charles Edward Coglaiti III, Joseph Edward Sumera, Kim Coglaiti Van Dan, Richard James Robertson, Stacey Coglaiti Sumera, Wendy Lefebvre Coglaiti, William W. Van to Reginald King.

Memorial Park Drive 2320: $28,000, Calvary Korean Baptist Church to Elsa Caruso and Michael S. Caruso Jr.

Opelousas Ave. 1023; Opelousas Ave. 1027: $150,000, Home Concepts LLC to 926 Brooklyn LLC.

Pacific Ave. 500: $340,000, Amanda Kirk Aldea and Jay Patrick Aldea to Carol Helen Namisnak, Coral Mary B. Namisnak Southam, Donald Cargill Southam and Stephan Francis Namisnak.

Pacific Ave. 908: $175,000, C. & M. Builder LLC to Andrew Berkheimer and Raychel Hebron Berkheimer.

Patterson Road 10301: $292,500, Leopoldo Hirsch and Verlaine Trail Hirsch to Treyton J. Diggs.

Pin Oak Ave. 3728: $280,000, Nel Group Properties LLC to Loan T. Nguyen.

Plymouth Place 3424: $65,000, Sylvia T. Petitjean Kitchen to T&m Ngo LLC and T. & M. Ngo LLC.

Ptolemy St. 1401; Ptolemy St. 1403: $45,000, Elsie A. Bellaire Hayes to Erical Paris.

Rosedown Court 3: $310,000, Matrelle T. Douglas and Trachelle A. Douglas to Cane Ventures LLC.

Verret St. 820: $50,000, Cameron Devan Development LLC to 820 Verret St. LLC.

District 6

Audubon St. 1723-25: $515,000, Vortex LLC to Precious Ct LLC.

Broad Place 7017; Fontainebleau Drive 95: $418,000, Deborah Wobb Thomas and Margaret R. Thomas White to Carmen Almon Job and Thierry Job.

Calhoun St. 1510-14: no value stated, Hollis B. Eddins and Sharon Corte Eddins to Burrito Bandito LLC.

Calhoun St. 3132-3134-3134 1/2: $500,000, 3132 34 Calhoun Street LLC to Mk Calhoun Properties LLC.

Camp St. 3940-42: $340,000, Anne Dozier Miller to 3940 Camp Street LLC.

Chestnut St. 3521: $671,000, Doxum LLC to Dywanda L. Lewis.

Coliseum St. 4810-12: $220,000, Shawn Hackett to Bryan Andrew Haney and Diane Christine Jones Haney.

Magazine St. 5936: $398,000, Luck Properties LLC to Joseph H. Walter and Patricia Vanhorn Walter.

Napoleon Ave. 2605: $290,000, Leon Greenblatt II to Julie Properties LLC.

Pine St. 3117-19: $25,000, Delia Marisa Da Cunha Costa and Krermon G. Costa to 7612forum LLC.

Robert St. 1929: $440,000, Glenda J. Rounds to Cane Ventures LLC.

St. Charles Ave. 3915: $322,500, Jake A. Lucidi to Jenny Troxler Conrad and Linda Conrad Sloan.

Walnut St. 254-56: $795,000, Ryan James Morales to 254 Walnut LLC.

Webster St. 601: $635,000, Kenneth Taylor Beery to Luck Properties LLC.

District 7

34th St. 328; Center St. 6521: $335,000, Cynthia Age Bullock and Ronald B. Bullock to Khaled W. Badr.

Bellaire Drive 5547: $570,000, Brandt O. Temple to John Weathington III and Michelle Cazalot Weathington.

Dublin St. 3215: $10,000, Lois Frey to Jacqueline L. Stewart and Samuel P. Stewart.

Hillary St. 254: $360,000, Richard Lee Vitale Jr. and Sarah Ann McDowell Vitale to Margaret E. Blanton.

Jacquelyn Court 5586: $570,000, Cherlyn Properties LLC to Barry G. Hallner Jr., and Maria Cristina Hallner.

Nelson St. 7809: $430,000, Sheila Reed Cichocki Raabe to Derek L. St. Hilaire Patrick and Milton L. Patrick St. Hilaire.

Pontchartrain Boulevard 6338: $599,000, Jodie Butler Gordon, Kelly Ann Regan Hess, Reed Hess and Robert A. Gordon to Hung Cao and Thu Thi Le Cao.

Zimple St. 7627: $510,700, Maya Vernon Madison and Michael K. Madison II to Sarah R. Ruback Ferguson.