Transfers for July 26-30

District 1

Baudin St. 3816; S. Cortez St. 501: $317,000, Melroy J. Delatte to Barbara Duffey Burns, Charles Allen Weller and Molly Christine Schar.

Canal St. 3316; Canal St. 3318: $690,000, Kevin Work M.D. LLC to Audubon Acupuncture and Herbs LLC.

Common St. 418: $1,400,000, Nancy Dozier Murray 2000 Trust to First Lucas Trust LLC.

Euterpe St. 1004: $257,000, Brian D. Brewster and Keith W. Brewster to Anne B. Vaden.

Julia St. 448: $227,500, Robert Eldred Drumm Jr. and Sloane Silvio Drumm to Marcelle Drumm and Robert Eldred Drumm Sr.

Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. 1626: $100, David J. Sauer and Mary Jo Coleman Sauer to Greenfee LLC.

Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. 1626: donation, no value stated, Ronald E. Coleman and Virginia Broadbent Coleman to David J. Sauer and Mary Jo Coleman Sauer.

Palmyra St. 2512: $97,500, Joseph C. Rollins to CTN Holdings LLC and Kingcake Real Estate LLC.

Palmyra St. 2718; Palmyra St. 2736: $100, Ann Garvey Sens to Paul N. Sens.

Royal St. 713-715: no value stated, Richard Michael Wilkinson to Einc LLC.

S. Alexander St. 615: $310,000, Ernest L. Miller to Nicholas Rowe, Todd Rowe and Wilma Rowe.

S. Gayoso St. 1311: $225,000, Samuel Place LLC to Keiota Williams.

S. Peters St. 1107: $400,000, U.S. government to Christopher Zenon Rodrigue and Jennifer Jones Rodrigue.

S. White St. 223: $480,000, New Orleans Redevelopment Fund 2 LLC to Christine A. Arato Kreusch and Erik S. Kreusch.

St. Ann St. 3216-18: $227,000, Angelle Anne Duvigneaud and Daisy Duvigneaud Tarver to Delmy Melina Urbina Reyes.

St. Charles Ave. 828: $1,050,000, Douglas E. Kilton and Lisa Fleming Kilton to Cynthia Cambre Warner and James Bruce Warner.

Terpsichore St. 939: $55,000, Debra Haynes Acker to Lightbox LLC.

District 2

Azalea Lane 24; Stilt St. 24: $532,500, Lyndell Loubat Cusack to Keith P. Smelker, Morgan Kretovics Smelker.

Burgundy St. 1122: $675,000, Diana Nebel Palmer and Edwin M. Palmer III to Damon W. Wolf.

Dauphine St. 1127: $330,000, Leslie Prange Parnell and Melvin L. Parnell Jr. to Kelley Kline Miller and Paul C. Miller.

Emerald St. 541: $555,000, Cecilia Gonzalez Sanchez Reichard and Peter Nicholas Reichard to Karen Jean Bruggers Odom and Mark Allen Odom.

French St. 927: $239,500, Cherie Jack Dangelo and Cherie Jack Vogel to Lynda Rink Crozier.

Gull St. 10: $500,000, Absalom T. Webber Jr. Endowment Trust to James B. Tarleton IV and Margaret Stoddard Tarleton.

Hawthorne Place 5501: $350,000, Wilcox Real Estate LLC to Allen Clinton Wiley, Lauren F. Fonda Wiley, Reed Luckett Wiley and Suzanne Ingols Wiley.

Louis XIV St. 6930: $100,000, AMPM LLC to Meredith M. Monsour and Ryan P. Monsour.

Robert E. Lee Blvd. 1117 and 2001: $515,000, 1117 Robert E. Lee LLC to Hayley Lynn Waldner Brown and Terence P. Brown.

Royal St. 713: no value stated, R. Michael Wilkinson to H&H 713 LLC.

St. Ann St. 2223-25: $232,500, Aspasia Athena Karamalegos to Meaghan Gauley McElwain.

Turquoise St. 910: $558,000, David M. Jacobs and Rennie Underwood Jacobs to Brad M. Casey and Erin Roche Casey.

Ursuline Ave. 2502: $202,000, James Scott and Joseph Celestain Jr. to Civil Properties LLC.

Ursulines Ave. 2824: $665,000, Pamela C. Butler Fahrenholtz to Andrea Wilbon Hartman and Dennis R. Hartman.

Woodlawn Place 5549-51: $155,000, Lynn Rittiner Lovoi to Mandonna Kashanian Milne and Russell Milne.

Wren St. 10: $565,000, Suzanne De Boisblanc Tyler to Kasey Kay Gignilliat and William Stuart Gignilliat.

District 3

Agriculture St. 1877-79: $11,000, Ernest Sosthen Dabon and Robert J. Dabon to Darryl A. Reeves and Lolette Smith Reeves.

Allen St. 4422: $196,000, Shawn Michael White to Conrad M. Chura and Crystal Rose Chura.

Arts St. 2241-43: $190,000, Roak Real Estate LLC to Lisa Alejandre Berg and Michael Jackson.

Burgundy St. 3214; Piety St. 826-830: $665,000, Michael R. Serebreni to MLF Holdings LLC.

Beauvoir Court 7331: donation, no value stated, Shelean Henderson Antoine to Dominique N. Antoine.

Berg Ave. 8011: $16,000, Angie Marie Sarpy Burlett to Cheryl Hennessy Marino and Christopher Marino Sr.

Burgundy St. 2501-2503; St. Roch Ave. 913: $725,000, Gotham Rental 1 LLC to Benjamin Franklin Herman III Trust, Jeffrey A. Roe and Roe Family Trust.

Burgundy St. 3942: $430,000, 800 Bartholomew Street Development LLC to Brittany A. Cooper.

Caffin Ave. 1835: $92,500, St. Bernard Project Inc. to Valerie Antoinette Kinchen Young.

Castiglione St. 3202: $250,000, Sherry Ann Watters Abelar to Laurie Ann Rogers Norris and Steve James Norris.

Castle Court 8628: $2,400, Community Improvement Agency and New Orleans Redevelopment Authority to Albert J. Ernest IV and Deshawn Smith Ernest.

Chalfant Place 109: donation, no value stated, Steven John Karel to Nicholas Steven Karel.

Chef Menteur Highway 13101: $170,000, John The Nguyen and Nguyet Thi Nguyen to Ellis Khoa LLC.

Clematis Ave. 4071-73: $259,000, Lumar South LLC to Ian Means Dyer, Stefanie Roldan Dyer and Stephanie Roldan Dyer.

Clermont Drive 3639-41: $265,000, Ashland Property Group LLC to Erica C. Woodley.

Columbus St. 1823: $90,000, Claudia Mazin Johnson, Henry J. Mazin, Henry Sawvoir, Janice Mazin Sylvester, Karen C. Savwoir, Michael Savwoir, Mona Lisa Mazin White, Randolph H. Mazin, Rudolph W. Mazin Jr. and Susan A. Savwoir Reynolds to Restoration Plays LLC.

Congress St. 832-34: $437,900, Damion C. Bradley Friedman and Michael G. Friedman Bradley to Hart Syed Trust.

Desaix Blvd. 3519: $458,000, Nuevo Leon LLC to Brooke Elizabeth Wyatt and Selom Y. Gasinu.

Dwyer Road 9131: $144,000, John Tra, Linda Tram and Tuyet Bui Tran to Dana Jackson and Lora Jackson.

E. Greenbrier Drive 171: $259,000, Ronnie D. Tyson and Toni Lynn Ovella Tyson to Adlai Davenport and Eunice P. Davenport.

E. Renaissance Court 7231: donation, no value stated, Louis James Robertson Jr. to Patricia Robertson.

Eagle St. 2824-26: $85,500, Michael B. Weilbaecher to Selena Smith.

Eastern St. 4629-31: $222,000, Rodolfo Enrique Oliva to Brian Larce.

East View Drive 4814: $72,000, Kayunti S. Landor and Mary Clark Landor to Gail Lakey Henry.

Florida Ave. 1648, 1636 and 1680: donation, no value stated, Patricia Darlene Williams Mata to Alexander Mata III.

Elysian Fields Ave. 1934-36: no value stated, Kathryn St. Romain Krieger and Scott B. Krieger to Windy Marie Smith Khan.

Elysian Fields Ave. 4753: $308,000, Huong My Truong Lai and William Lai to Andree Bonnaffons Tullis and Stuart A. Tullis.

Franciso Verrett Drive 4780: $55,000, Darren D. Smith and Vivian Felder Smith to Cheryl Hennessy Marino and Christopher Marino Sr.

Galahad Drive 4819: $2,300, Community Improvement Agency and New Orleans Redevelopment Authority to Felicia Falls Butler and Ivan Butler Jr.

Granville St. 13434: $20,000, Huy Quang Nguyen and Mai Thanh Thi Tran Nguyen to Nam Hoai Le.

Henriette Delille St. 1108-10: $410,000, Neil Alexander Duncan to John Shattuck Kirk Groome and Mary Margaret Kirk Groome Kean.

Independence St. 1226-28: $146,000, Michael Mitchell to Brandon Dughman.

King Richard Drive 11244: $115,000, Thomas Tuyen Nguyen to April L. Magee Bruno and Shelton Bruno.

Leon C. Simon Drive 2411: $305,000, Clement Bell Sr. and Michele Singletary Bell to Sherry Watters Abelar.

Lesseps St. 1506: $253,000, Sms Development LLC to Joseph Neal Savoie.

Ligustrum Drive 7408: $186,000, Kevin M. Doucette Jr. to Elwood Jacob Broussard II.

Mandeville St. 1800-1802: $26,000, Danton Moses to Mpa Enterprises LLC.

Marais St. 5436: $60,000, Rosalind Sherman to Christopher C. Blanton.

Marigny St. 1804-06: $65,000, Linda Reine King to CKCM Investments LLC.

Martin St. 4571: $55,000, William Craig Freeman to Bertell A. Cook Jr. and Patricia Day Cook.

N. Broad St. 1206-1208: $100,000, James J. Tregler to A. Less Original Hipster LLC.

N. Derbigny St. 2255-57: $21,500, Brenda J. Packnett and Randy W. Packnett to Braedon D. Mason.

N. Rampart St. 4125: $363,500, Brett Arthur Rector to George D. Dodd.

Maurepas St. 2932-34: $220,100, Kenneth J. Ordeneaux to St. Joe Investments LLC.

N. Villere St. 2713: $171,000, Derek James Belhumeur to Benjamin C. Johnson.

Norgate Drive 5330: $35,000, Anthony T. Dorsey and Lori McGee Dorsey to Joshua Nguyen.

Orleans Blvd. 5822-5824: $293,500, Frances Mary Bua Lococo McMahon to Andrew Keller Wyatt.

Painters St. 5314: $145,000, Andra Francis Smith to Blake Elliot Trombatore and Emma Carolyn Minter Trombatore.

Pasteur Blvd. 5245: $255,000, Ronald Brown to Mary Camille Carney Fournet.

Pauger St. 2104-06: $164,900, David T. Morrish and John H. Wachter to Mathieu Gamba and Sandra U. Hart Gamba.

Riviera Ave. 1542: $460,000, Sam Restoration of New Orleans LLC to Amelia Mann Halstead and Curtis Ethan Halstead.

Scottsdale Drive 7416: $8,000, Community Improvement Agency and New Orleans Redevelopment Authority to Charles M. Green and Cynthia D. Cross Green.

Spain St. 1615-1617: $179,000, Gary Christopher Frazier to Dwight Earl Clay Jr.

Timoleon St. 2052: $140,000, Sheila Denise Carr Rogers to Harvwood LLC.

Trafalgar St. 3133: $464,000, Chisesi Signature Homes LLC to Angel Michele Boord and Lisa M. Guillory Boord.

Tricia Court 7731: $135,000, Marcel P. Albert, Monique Rouege Albert to Latisha Odem Roussell and Lynnwood E. Roussell Sr.

Verbena St. 2521: $178,000, CRW Investment & Services LLC to Christopher Calvin Ball and Kaylee Ann Vincent.

Wildair Drive 5147: $365,000, Irma Apolo Coronel to Deborah V. Abibou and Djihbrihou Abibou.

Wingate Drive 6024: $145,000, Gloria Journee Jones to Catherine Robert Boesch.

District 4

Clara St. 2201; Jackson Ave. 2700-02: $86,000, Martin P. Irons to C. & An Investments LLC.

Coliseum St. 2846: $425,000, David J. Armentor and Rachel Diano Armentor to Lawrence N. Hjersted.

First St. 719-21: $1,100,000, Mark D. Powers and Terri Elizabeth Powers to Heather Merten Owens.

Harmony St. 633: $155,000, United Housing Service LLC to Gen Diaz Investments LLC.

Harmony St. 633: $140,000, Gene R. Stoltz to United Housing Service LLC.

Harmony St. 635: $155,000, United Housing Service LLC to Gen. Diaz Investments LLC.

Harmony St. 635: $100,000, Gene R. Stoltz and Roy M. Stoltz to United Housing Service LLC.

Magnolia St. 2205-07: $80,000, Chris Washington to Three GSI LLC.

Philip St. 2904-2906: $40,000, Anndell Nero Turner to Kelvin Robey.

Sixth St. 624-626: $365,000, Edwin Davis Moses Jr. and Linda Carley Moses to Missy Hellendale Swaim.

St. Thomas St. 2623: $524,000, Buckstone Investment Group Inc. to Paul Edward Rooney and Sarah Howell Rooney.

Washington Ave. 512-14: $260,000, Vyntrella Brewer Menzies to Kelly Clark Temple Mabille and Kelly Clark Temple Wilson.

District 5

Brighton Place 5600: $274,900, Karen Yates Fahaim and Mena Fahaim Yates to Dawn Lytton Jones and Timothy D. Jones.

Bristol Place 2511: donation, no value stated, Black Family Trust and Gregory H. Black to Melissa Black Nichols.

Leboeuf St. 1023: $52,500, Alvin J. Allen Jr. and Lloyd Bazley Living Trust to Marcel I. Rivera Ayesta.

Lennox Blvd. 3843: $210,200, Dixon Investments No. 1 LLC to Jonathan Tu An Bui.

Mediamolle Drive 2029: $158,000, Jerald William Pansano Jr., Terrilyn Pansano Rogers and Thomas J. Pansano to Ranatta U. Harris Monroe.

Newton St. 714: $150,000, Louise Rimington Evans to James Francis Evans.

Norland Ave. 5760: $190,000, Leonard Real Estate LLC to Carolyn W. Gill Jefferson and Carolyn W. Jefferson.

Pacific Ave. 500: donation, no value stated, Coral Mary B. Namisnak Southam to Carol Helen Namisnak and Stephan Francis Namisnak.

Plymouth Place 3452: $72,000, Alisa Townsend, George Edward Townsend, Mary Wilkson Townsend and Shawn Townsend to 3452 Plymouth LLC.

Tennyson Place 37: $380,000, Ida Mae Ebanks Monconduit and Troy A. Monconduit to Timothy R. Winn.

District 6

Audubon St. 3016-3018: $22,500, Eileen Reed Bondy to Hartkahn Properties LLC.

Calhoun St. 1214: $1,275,000, Darren Gregory Pratt and Jill Mitchell Pratt to Hillary Robinson and Peter Robinson.

Camp St. 4845-47: $769,000, Caroline Cannada Rush and Lane N. Rush to Brian Joseph Brox and Christine Kirk Brox.

Coliseum St. 4122: $592,000, Anne Rosenberg Miller and Gregory J. Miller to Jennifer Y. Barr and Thomas B. Barr.

Constantinople St. 708: $700,000, Tina Beth Brown O'Connell and William T. O'Connell to Robert Michael Hardie.

Delachaise St. 2218-20: $275,000, District Restorations LLC and Martzolf Renovations & Designs LLC to Kelly Lynn Hill.

Dufossat St. 1417: $930,000, Karen Gleye Smith to Carter Thomas Davis and Kathleen F. Van Horn Davis.

Eve St. 4520: $239,000, Camille Russ and James Russ to Catina Daniele Leblanc Favorite and Terry Jason Favorite Sr.

Fontainebleau Drive 4219: $245,000, Danielle Louise Shoemake to Hollygrove Ventures LLC.

Gen. Pershing St. 1117-1121: $608,000, Kelly K. White to Marcel A. Cordes and Paul D. Cordes III.

Joseph St. 1721: $771,000, Gregory Scott Smith and Mara Haseltine Smith to David Ellsworth Grimes and Tanya Gustafson Grimes.

Laurel St. 3820: $419,000, Gulfcoast Allied 10 LLC to Skylar Amanda Souyoul and Tyler Winfield Plauche.

Louisiana Ave. 928: $581,500, Anna Maria Pou Panepinto and Vince Phillip Panepinto to Karen Lehman Alabaster.

Nashville Ave. 728-730: $435,600, Erin Elizabeth Robinson Breard to Gaslight Properties LLC.

Robert St. 2326: donation, no value stated, Cecile E. Castello, Freddie O. Castello III and Kimberly Castello Hollins to Elaine Wilson Castello.

S. Robertson St. 4221: $95,000, Kezia Kamenetz Bantuelle to Community Improvement Agency, Imperial Management of La LLC, New Orleans Redevelopment Authority.

St. Charles Ave. 5421: $437,000, Betty Elizardi Bland to J. Michael Veron.

State St. 830: $400,000, Boheme Investments LLC to Camille L. Russ and James P. Russ.

State St. 3310: $470,000, Daniel C. Duke and Meredith Brown Duke to Charles Wesley Robinson IV and Mary Elizabeth Werner Viser Robinson.

Wirth Place 2302: $520,000, 2302 Wirth LLC to Erin Paige Sarver Corbett and Steven G. Corbett.

$100,000, 3300 La Salle Harmony LLC, Harmony Neighborhood Development Inc. and NONDC Conventionally Financed Projects LLC to 3300 Lasalle Street LLC.

District 7

28th St. 435: $168,000, Bruce Albert Bertram to Albert J. Schmolke Jr.

34th St. 432: $432,000, James B. Tarleton IV to Brandi Klemstine Foulds and Jeffrey Charles Foulds.

Bellaire Drive 426: $715,000, Paula Perez Landrem and Terry W. Landrem to Teagyn Simon Weidner and William Daniel Weidner IV.

Cherokee St. 203: donation, no value stated, Protect The Wildlife Inc. to Charles A. Mendy.

Cherokee St. 248: $192,000, Colin James Davies and Mary Ellen Lane Davies to John Drew Cover and Susan Lynn Guess Cover.

Dante St. 3122: $75,000, Mark B. Bruser to Erix Y. Garcia.

Forshey St. 9209-9211: $17,000, Melvin M. M. D. Murrill to Valdivina Goncalves De Jesus Forcada.

14th St. 115: $310,000, Jeanne Talen Murphy to Vincent Scallan.

Hampson St. 7631: $275,000, James L. Glynn Jr. and Julia Glynn Johnson to Refurb LLC.

Joliet St. 2518: $235,000, Cathleen Olsen Boussard and Roy J. Broussard to Brian K. Cain Jr.

Palm St. 8814: $72,000, Curtis & Co. LLC to Cicily V. Robinson.

Pritchard Place 8130: donation, no value stated, Celeste Ricca Wagnon to Lisa Ann Wagnon.

Stroelitz St. 9435: $169,000, Elizabeth Singleton Landry and Peter Landry to Meghan Eicher Hibicke.