Transfers for May 2-7


Abita Oaks Loop 158: $162,500, Leslie Ann Tate Gilman to Justin P. Davis and Shelby Lynn Scharfenstein.

Bald Eagle Drive 112: $85,000, Money Hill Plantation LLC to Mark C. Lorando and Sandra C. Lorando.

Bossier City subdivision, lots 1, 2, square 15: no value stated, Hanson Firm LLC to Royal Ground LLC.

Brook Forest Road 23392: donation, no value stated, William D. Henderson Jr. and Judith F. Henderson to Henderson Family Trust.

Chinawood Drive 313: $450,000, Floyd Ray Baker II to James E. Brown and Jean S. Joyner Brown.

Dundee Loop South 306: $164,000, Claudette Watkins revocable inter vivos trust to Stephen H. Paris and Susan Falk Paris.

E. Emerald Creek Drive 176: $185,000, Roy L. Jacob Jr. to Joshua T. Miguez and Ericka D. Miguez.

Niblick St. 73566: $95,000, LAD Express Investments LLC to Kasi Joann Yaeger.

Sanders St. 71186: $187,000, Arthur E. Riley Jr. to Chet T. Barnett and Christina L. Barnett.

White Oak Lane 75129: $219,000, Catherine Davidson Maone to Jonathan J. Prince, Farrel A. Prince and Elizabeth A. Prince.


Woodsprings Court 874: $258,000, Smitty Smith and Maggie F. Smith to Victor W. Lucas Jr. and Betsy Lucas.

10th St. 70506: $102,000, Sidney F. LeBlanc, Mark A. Brown, Martha Lynn Brown Miller and others to Quace A. Evans.

Avenue Palais Royale 423: $287,000, Kelisia Burks McKay and Nakia R. McKay to Raymond J. Campbell and Angela A. Campbell.

Avenue St. Germain 1124: $391,000, Patrick R. Becker to Matthew J. Del Buono ad Ashley H. Del Buono.

Birg subdivision, portion of ground: $2,257,885, Ernest Prieto, succession of J. Ernest Prieto, Marie E. Prieto and others to Carmax Auto Superstores Inc.

Bunny Lane 72234: $48,262, Hillbert Enterprises LLC to Stephen J. Bertrand and Adrienne C. Hilliard Bertrand.

Catalpa Trace 48: $365,000, Jimmy Ray Renfroe and Corliss Crain Renfroe to Scott P. Boudreaux and Joni Janusa Boudreaux.

D St. 70424: $108,500, Cutting Edge Builders LLC to E. F. Magenheimer & Son LLC.

Danielson Road 76185: $205,000, LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Jennifer Joyce Talley.

E. Eighth Ave. 103: donation, no value stated, Janie G. Harney to Charlene P. Vance.

Emerald Forest Blvd. 350, Unit 12201: $86,000, Anita L. Yurick to Daniel V. Wells and Maria V. Wells.

Fern Drive 115: $71,500, Henry J. Brockmeyer and Janice Brockmeyer Lewis to Michael S. Suriff and Deborah F. Suriff.

Fern Drive 124: $299,900, Carlos Sanchez, Evelyn M. Sanchez, Margarita Sanchez and Yvonne M. Sanchez to Valerie Yasmin Wilson.

Galloway Road 17360: $106,000, Jeffrey S. Lindelow and Lori Bentley Lindelow to Harrison Littleton III and Sarah Littleton.

Greenbriar Drive 30: $412,000, Christopher Neyrey and Erinn W. Neyrey to Charles Renwick and Lauren Renwick.

Inglewood Terrace 200: $508,499, Centanni Construction Co. Inc. to Bridget S. Sutherland.

Ivy Drive 120: $283,000, Barbara Leveque Markey to Frank L. Ruggiero and Katherine V. Smith Ruggiero.

Jardin Loop 313: $375,000, Garden Walk LLC to Alfred J. Guiteau and Carol A. Guiteau.

Jonathon Lane 4061: $175,000, Lauren M. Laudun to Sheryl Yvette Mourra.

L St. 70275: $172,500, Karen M. Wahden to Gretchen E. Jordan.

L St. 7040: $147,500, Jeremy L. Jones and Andrea G. Jones to Aaron T. Richter and Sarah E. Blattenberger.

Lake Ramsey subdivision, Phase 1, lot 77: $83,500, Mark M. Bone and Robin B. Bone to Miller Family Protection Trust.

Longleaf Drive 22220: $255,000, Alton L. Couvillion Jr. to Daniel J. Rousse and Christina C. Rousse.

Lurline Drive 48: $299,500, Stephen R. Marks to Owen Birkett and Rebecca Birkett.

Military Heights Drive 20392: $334,900, Albert A. Nastasi III and Kellee R. Pennison Nastasi to Clare C. Hodge III and Allyson L. Hodge.

Mistletoe Drive 24: $300,000, Timothy J. Mawhinney Jr. to Greg A. Pellegrini.

N. Corniche du Lac 463: $429,000, Scott P. Boudreaux and Joni J. Boudreaux to John S. Quinton and Scarlet R. Quinton.

N. Creek Drive 1320: $189,110, DSLD Homes LLC to Bambi G. Pichon.

Ninth Ave. 19363: $222,500, Martin Development LLC to Somphon Chiwabandit.

Ninth St. 70057: $153,000, Christian G. Babin to Kenneth M. Cadow Jr. and Kalyn A. Cantelli.

Ninth St. 70237: $193,000, Christopher E. Mader and Kimberly B. Mader to Jeremiah P. Maddox and Ashley H. Maddox.

OK Lane 81315: $186,000, Laurie E. Esquinance to David J. Juneau Jr. and Jessica M. Veade Juneau.

Orchard Drive 223: $315,000, Mark A. Johnson and Anna Daquin Johnson to Ellen B. Raines.

Plantation St. 72389: $96,000, Jonathan D. Lagarde and Catherine L. Lagarde to Alton L. Fodor and Kelly H. Fodor.

Quiet Acres subdivision, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Christopher A. Daldegan and Connie L. Daldegan to Daldegan Family Living Trust.

River Park Drive 16945: $209,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Tamrat A. Negera and Donnya K. Negera.

River Park Estates, Phase 1, lots 7, 8, 9, 10, square 10: $168,000, River Park Estates LLC to D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast.

Rue Petite 324: $324,000, Varuso Homes LLC to April A. Adamsco.

S. Division Drive 19: $292,000, Jerome R. Cambre III and Randyl B. Cambre to Rachel M. Donovan and Charles G. Donovan III.

S. Lakeshore Drive 14264: $476,900, James P. Ellingsworth and Darnell Moore Ellingsworth to Miller Family Protection Trust.

S. Tallowwood Drive 250: $430,000, Robert R. Price to Cameron W. Brower and Gretchen H. Brower.

Saw Grass Loop 255: $305,800, DSLD Homes LLC to Carlos Trochez and Thuy-Trang Trochez.

Simpson Way 717: $210,000, Burt A. Michel and Christy L. Michel to Dennis W. Charlesworth and Janice J. Charlesworth.

Southdown Lane 101: $412,000, Lenny P. Russell and Carrie L. Russell to Jason S. Torres and Andre R. Torres.

Sylvia Drive 75669: $184,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Xiaoyan Wang.

Terra Bella subdivision, Phase 1-A-5, lot 367: $67,500, Terra Bella Group LLC to Highland Homes Inc.

Theta Ave. 74533: $162,000, Melvin H. Adolph Jr. to Molly L. Smith.

Thornwood Drive 252: $480,000, John S. Quinton and Scarlet R. Quinton to Edgar N. Arguello and Janet Troxcliar-Pritt.

Tiger Ave. 489: $249,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Joseph C. Cobena and Bobbie E. Delahoussaye Cobena.

Walden St. 20090: $214,000, Eric P. Seals to Benjamin H. Lee and Sarah R. Lee.


City Limits Drive 82440: $37,000, Bobbie Puckett to Nancy Sturdivant.

Louisiana Highway 1077 11613: $55,939, Grant D. Morere and Kim Maynard Morere to Brian J. Williams.

Rollin Hills Estates, lot 16, square A: $41,500, Watsonvill LLC to Brandon M. Kraft.

Simalusa Estates, lot 119: $96,500, Jesse J. Breaux to Joseph A. Tamporello and Jo Anne Gambina Tamporello.

Town of Folsom, lot 5, square 14: donation, no value stated, Parlands LLC to LP Stryker Properties LLC.


Bayou Cyprian Estate, lot 6: $3,000, Michael W. Schultz and Mary Anne Schultz Adkison to Cultus O. Pearson Jr. and Peggy S. Pearson.

Bayou Cyprian Estates, lot 6, square 5: donation, no value stated, Catherine Louise Schultz to Michael W. Schultz.

Berry Todd Road 28841: $156,950, Coast Builders LLC to Giovanny Magallon and Kelliana Magallon.

Brankers subdivision, lots 114-A: $35,000, William Justin Guyon to Benjamin W. Lavergne and Nina R. Lavergne.

Dublin Court 62130: $245,000, Kevin J. Mohr, Stacey M. Ngar, Darlene M. Bonis and Terry M. Fitzpatrick to Matt P. Helm and Jill C. Helm.

Janet St. 28648: $133,700, Coast Builders LLC to Michelle P. Jones.

Transmitter Road 59364: $55,000, Charles W. Moorman to William B. Pearson and Cara Lee Pearson.


Adrienne St. 27: $201,000, SMB Construction LLC to Zachary J. Silvan.

Bedico Creek subdivision, lot 690: $92,900, Bedico Interests LLC to Bryan M. Wenzel.

Blue Heron Lane 544: $391,244, Hurley Homes LLC to Timothy M. Genevay and Heather L. Genevay.

Calumet Drive 248: $283,000, Charles J. Bourgeois Jr. and Angelia M. Bourgeois to Blake E. Hoyt and Amanda P. Hoyt.

Cedar Creek Drive 325: $317,030, DSLD Homes LLC to John E. Eckerle Jr. and Karen A. Roach.

Citation Drive 302: $257,000, Aaron Lips and Honea Busch Lips to James R. Thorpe.

Cypress Crossing Drive 1024: $330,500, Neil J. Rohlinger and Shannon Ford Rohlinger to Lyle J. Hingle Jr. and Vanessa J. Fernandez.

Deciduous Loop 608: $259,000, Michael F. Sciortino Jr. and Amanda V. Sciortino to Dustin R. Stevens and Amanda B. Stevens.

Grand Oaks subdivision, lot 146: $65,000, Grand Homes LLC to Prime Design + Build Group LLC.

Madison Ridge Estates, Phase 2-A, lot 35: $45,000, L&G Madison Investments LLC to Warshauer Construction Co. LLC.

Madison Ridge Estates, Phase 2-A, lot 36: $45,000, L&G Madison Investments LLC to Haspel Homes LLC.

Madisonville on the Lake subdivision, Phase 1, lot 4: $41,500, Terry A. Decareaux and Gina M. Decareaux to Jason M. Baham and Stephanie T. Baham.

N. Highland Oaks Drive 219: $225,000, Lucas Keith Hanks and Janet Varnado Hanks to Bradley W. Achord and Julie A. Hanks Achord.

Raiford Oaks subdivision, Phase 1, lot 20: $59,000, Sidney J. Vial and Paula J. Vial to Manuel A. Salas and Stephanie Lloyd.

Ring Neck Drive 7057: $269,900, KPM Construction LLC to Whitney Froeba.

S. Highland Oaks 417: $239,900, Zachary Todd Risher, Shannon Touzet Risher and Kyle J. Risher to John Paul Jude Catalanatto and Meghan S. Catalanatto.

Sandy Brook Circle 344: no value stated, Chikezie O. Moghalu and Ngozika C. Moghalu to Aaron Daniel P. Lips and Honea Busch Lips.

Silver Oak Drive 453: $290,000, Charles Rucker and Helen Rucker to Dustin A. Paul and Jamie Paul.

St. Kateri Circle 405: no value stated, Randy M. Markham and Judy Stovall Markham to Lexicon Government Services LLC.

Town of Madisonville, portion of ground: donation, no value stated, Lorad K. Amacker to Bradley Jerome Martinez Hawkins.

Tumble Creek Drive 528: $353,105, DSLD Homes LLC to Travis W. Romig and Ashley T. Romig.

Woods Drive 106: $209,000, Forrest S. Fuxan and Susan H. Fuxan to Dallas A. Swan and Kendall M. Pitman.


Near Mandeville, lots 1-K, 2-K, square 35: $1 and other good and valuable consideration, Kickstand Café & Bike Rental LLC to David Goodson and Sheilah Goodson.

Brookstone subdivision, Phase 2, lot 4: donation, no value stated, Darlene Simeon Hines to Robert R. Price.

Butterfly Court 2317: $189,000, Adam M. Barrois and Sherri Collins Barrois to Stephen Barefield and Anna Barefield.

Casa Bella Court 106: $230,000, Jordan L. Salzer and Jenna L. Verges Salzer to Harmony Lynn Merkouris.

Chevreuil St. 1012: donation, no value stated, Alma Mitchell McDonnell to Joseph T. McDonnell III.

Chula Place 104: $262,000, Susan Dugan Fristoe to Leslie Ann Brown.

Coffee St. 802: $338,000, Acacia Development Group LLC to Danny M. Diecidue.

Colonial Court 406: $195,000, Succession of Patricia Delord Garcia to Jean Lois Martin Cloen.

Cottage Court 41: $176,000, Brenda Roth Coleman to Maximum Move LLC.

Deval Drive 2599: $177,000, Dominick C. Messina to Linda Jean Beall.

Heavens Drive 548: $339,500, Scott E. Rowe to Julie E. Schroeder and Rachel Kenney.

Independence Drive 205: $205,000, Cari Anne Cohen Bellendorf to Ryan A. Bellendorf and Denise Taylor.

Jasmine Drive 345: $305,000, Kim Boudreaux Toner to Jeffrey Lemoine and Sarah Blankenship.

Libby Lane 736: $465,000, Rick Lee White and Renae Marie Danforth White to Jae Woong Choi and Su Min Hwang Choi.

Lobel Court 304: $343,600, Anthony R. Jacketti and Elizabeth A. Jacketti to Allan J. Maxwell Jr. and Barbara B. Maxwell.

Maison Du Lac subdivision, lot 163: $79,000, WBB Realty LLC to Integrity Builders Inc.

Marilyn Drive 636: $165,000, Robert A. Desadier Jr., Michael A. Pechon, Laure K. Pechon Joffrton and others to Thomas L. Heidingsfelder and Nancy Baumann Heidingsfelder.

Ridgewood Drive 610: $151,500, Debra E. Mayes and Tiffany N. Lemus to Luke Baudean.

Rowell St. 69219: $215,000, Frederick C. Morton Jr. and Zhanna N. Morton to Chad M. Cunningham.

Sharp Road 4760: $391,000, Archie H. Norris and Susan B. Norris to Alison Rooney Mitchell.

Trenton Drive 117: $205,500, William D. Thompson to Antonio J. Cino and Darlene Webre Creppel.


Church St. 64523: $123,000, Noah David Barrois and Jessica Paisley Polk Barrois to Michael R. Koch Jr. and Rachael M. Koch.

Louisiana Highway 1091 62328: $287,000, Succession of Catherine Divincenti Lambert to Patrick J. Lambert Sr.

Louisiana Highway 41 64410: $120,000, Gunalda Properties LLC to Southeast Ivestments LLC.

Murray Road 37261: $87,825, KKYM LLC to Michael E. Wood and Jessica C. Wood.

Northshore Industrial Park subdivision, lot 24: no value stated, Northlake Holding LLC to Darrin R. Wagner.

Northshore Interstate Industrial Park subdivision, lot 24: $270,000, Darrin Ray Wagner to Collision Pro LLC.

Parlange Drive 453: $230,000, Gary Leitz and Sheila Pauly Leitz to Casey R. Boudoin and Nicole B. Boudoin.

Patricia St. 39093: $127,500, Federal National Mortgage Association to Kory Kingston and Caitlyn N. Penton.

W. Cherrywood Lane 192: $128,000, Sean Cinquemano and Judith Ann Granger Cinquemano to Stacy L. St. Clair.


Near Sixth Ward, portion of ground: $5,000, Floyd E. Williams Jr. to Highway 41 Property LLC.

Near Sixth Ward, portion of ground: $28,000, David E. Howell and Vanessa S. Howell to Joshua R. Singletary and Brenda G. Singletary.


Arrowhead Drive 3728: $56,400, Donn A. Bech and Diane W. Bech to Paris Properties LLC.

Beach Drive 56187: $4,000, Miguel A. Rendon and Juana M. Gutierrez to Liem Thanh Mai.

Carnation St. 333: no value stated, Federal National Mortgage Association to Erik Xavier Matamoros and Yadira L. Reid.

Country Club Blvd. 414: $190,000, Stephen W. Taylor and Eslie W. Taylor to Shane Green.

Cypress Lakes Drive 117: $305,000, Neil Charles Verges and Victoria Pecot Verges to David A. Williams.

Cypress Meadow Loop 29: $136,000, Bruce W. Schexnayder and Pamela Schexnayder Hart to Maria Carmen Calsoncin and Maria Helena Zuniga Calsoncin.

Drury Lane 420: $147,000, Johnny H. Veade and Danell Saacks Veade to Renee Brooks.

Eagles Nest Circle 511: $290,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Christi S. Edwards.

Eden Isles Drive 433: $287,000, Edward H. Myers and Pamela Clayton Myers to David Olson.

Eden Isles subdivision, unit 4, lot 836-A-18: $283,000, Christopher S. Davis and Donna E. Davis to Daniel Tveit.

Florida Ave. 741: $119,000, Mary Brown Holland to Glenn A. Dunaway and Laura Carollo Dunaway.

French Branch Estates, Phase 6, lot 96: $53,000, Heath A. Butler to Donald J. Ortego and Mary M. Ortego.

Goldenwood Drive 112: $155,000, Succession of Nita H. Newman to James T. Harris and Shirley H. Harris.

Goldenwood Drive 239: $235,000, Michael Steven Julian and Donna Jean Kuchin Julian to Trung V. Ly and Quang Duy Tran.

Grandham College Drive 34579: no value stated, Slidell Lodging LLC to Lotus Slidell LLC.

Greenlawn Drive 1341: $8,000, Norman B. Ducre III to Wilmer R. Pacheco.

Holly Ridge subdivision, lot 18: $316,000, Gordon L. Melerine Jr. and Kellie L. Melerine to American International Relocation Solutions LLC.

Holly Ridge subdivision, lot 18: $316,000, American International Relocation Solutions LC to Michael S. Ramirez and Tammy L. Ramirez.

Indian Village Road 643, Unit 2: $55,000, Jason M. Harrell to Southern Advantage Properties LLC.

Jay St. 2417: donation, no value stated, Kara Hopkins Eilts to American Properties LLC.

Kelly Drive 213: $140,000, Morris E. Laughlin and Deanne Martin Laughlin to Lottie Laughlin Brock.

La Chenier Drive 200: $225,000, Miramon Construction Co. Inc. to Yolonda R. McKenzie.

Lakeshore Estates, Phase 1-A-2, lots 50, 51: $489,000, Veer R. Babu and Rajani Vecham Babu to Thomas Gigliotti Jr. revocable trust.

Lakeshore Village Drive 661: $253,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Mark B. Pokrywka and Marcela Zozaya.

Lakeshore Village Drive 672: $227,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Dylan A. Casper.

Lakeshore Village Drive 696: $243,500, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Crystal Dominique Evans.

Lakeshore Village Drive 708: $227,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Roeshaun Noel Williams.

Lakeshore Village Drive 721: $246,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to Desmond Hartley.

Lighthouse Point 112: $400,000, Avis Melerine Juan and Ashlie Juan Seghers to Richard J. Theoret and Leslie Lynn Almaguer.

Marlin Drive 234: $771,000, Barbara B. Maxwell to Kerby Scott Aslesen and Barbara L. Aslesen.

Moonraker Drive 288: $310,500, Edward Harris and Jeanette Harris to Alexander E. Frost.

Near Slidell, portion of ground: $600,000, Ronald C. Francis and Joyce Goubler Francis to HSC Slidell LLC.

Near Slidell, portion of ground: $24,000, Joseph J. Moore III to Dennis M. Dragon Jr. and Jessica B. Dragon.

Ned Ave. 144: $20,000, Melvin Jack White and Naurine Vaiton White to Roxann Shubert Wojcik.

Pheasant Lane 347: $127,300, Robert R. Sander Jr., Derrek P. Sander, Blake M. Sander and Nikki Sander Kelly to Patrick P. Kelly and Nikki Sander Kelly.

Piney Ridge Park subdivision, lots 16-A, 19-A, 21-A, 25-A, square 6: $31,000, Christopher L. Ryan and Nettie J. Ryan to J&E Properties LLC.

Robin St. 2301: $98,500, Andrea Michelle White to Laverne Patrick Amore.

Rooks Drive 207: $132,500, David P. Tkatch to Dylan F. Tkatch.

Rose Meadow Loop 1167: $138,000, Anna Maria Stavrenos Stevens to Eric Michael Cochran.

Royal Oak Drive 102: $156,000, Bradley J. Newell and Laura Lynn Feldhaus Newell to George A. Alston Jr. and Ashley L. Gillis.

Serenity Drive 155: $100,000, Southeast Investments LLC to Corey R. Basile and Lauren M. Basile.

Spartan Drive 517, Unit 8101: $95,000, Bruce B. McLay and Joyce R. McLay to Joseph Simmons and Deborah M. Simmons.

Spruce Street, lot 27-A, square 21: $11,000, Richard C. Weixel Jr., Judy A. Weixel, Carolyn Weixel Medley and Leo L. Weixel to Kim L. Wallace and Karyn S. Wallace.

Tallwood Drive 203: $199,500, Shannon M. Simon to Eugene Higgins III and Monica Resendez Baldridge.

Tanglewood Drive 417: $92,000, Tony T. Nguyen to Jeffery C. Puckett and Pamela I. Puckett.

Teal St. 2120: $134,900, Glenn L. Tatum and Faith Y. Tatum to Kurt R. Sedille.

Treasure Isle subdivision, lot 38: $215,000, August J. Lanasa and Willie Hundley Lanasa to Terri Gonzales Ubas.

Turtle Creek subdivision, lot 365: $67,500, Cross Gates LLC to Richard E. Pollack and Rosanna Pepe Pollack.

W. Augusta Lane 146: $407,000, Kristin H. Pearce to Kenneth R. Pullen and Rayme B. Pullen.

W. Forest Drive 100: $149,000, Richard Stephen Wheatley to Leonard Doucette.

W. Lake Drive 416: $186,000, D. R. Horton Inc.-Gulf Coast to William J. Tardy.

Woodruff Drive 156: $243,000, Felice Foster Fowler to Jordan R. Dier and Alexander J. Maurin.


Pat Fitzmorris 82434: $120,000, Robert J. Abbott and Lydia S. Abbott to Adam M. Barrois and Sherri C. Barrois.

Louisiana Highway 16 30085: donation, no value stated, Danny Ray Laird and Mary Herman Laird to Deanna Laird Delatte.