Transfers for Nov. 2-8


Yvonne Drive 161: $135,000, Dustin M. Arabie to Kedra S. Birden.


Ackbar Plantation, lot Y, no further data: Vanessa L. Buras to Charles W. Buras, Donation.

District of Barataria, no further data: $30,000, Peter P. Caulfield Jr. and Helen V. Caulfield to Katy Caulfield and Dwyane J. Boudreaux.


Bay Lane 128: $175,000, Patrick L. Walsh to Constance Beaujeaux.

Chenier Caminada, no further data: Donation, Jacqueline Camardelle, Atha M. Eschete, Mona Richoux, Susan Ledoux, Judy Wesley, Greta Dupre, Mark J. Eschete Sr., Nadine Floyd, Nason Eschete and Nedra Norgaisse to Blanche M. Eschete.

Pirates Cove Dock, 8unit 57: $45,000, H. B. Rowell to Howard Alleman and Billie Alleman.

Queen Bess Bay, no further data: $215,000, Summit Reinsurance Company Ltd to Dick J. Guidry.


Bolton St. 106: $385,000, David R. Ruffner and Lori L. J. Ruffner to Jeremy J. Thibodeaux and Kelly S. Thibodeaux.

Brookmeade Drive 473: $177,000, Jeffrey R. Whitehead Jr. to Juan R. Gaston and Maria L. M. Gaston.

Browning Lane 2114: $67,000, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Berit C. Hanna.

Clinebrook Drive 645: $95,000, First NBC Bank to Jennifer Buckley.

Commons at Lake Timberlane subdivision, lot 17, square D: Donation, Bank Of America NA to Quang S. Nguyen.

Derbigny St. 1115: $25,000, Eric L. Manuel to Vatroslav J. Garbin.

Elm Park subdivision, lot 8, square 1: $48,000, Wells Fargo Bank National Association, Asset Backed Securities Corporation Home Equity Loan Trust and Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC to Small Property Development Ltd LLC.

Fielding Ave. 608: $15,500, Justin Pitard to John D. Reynolds and Kazimiera W. Reynolds.

Firethorn Drive 309: $107,500, Wafaa A. M. Zaied to Shanelle M. B. Clark.

Hero Drive 2413: $85,000, Khang & Phuong Rentals LLC to An T. Dam.

Lafayette St. 531: Donation, Jonathan E. Kendrick to Samantha D. Kendrick.

Madison St. 934: $198,000, Jennifer Hymel to Christopher J. Campbell and Emma E. Fuller.

Mae Drive 227: Donation, Arian M. Mitchell to Gerald M. Youngblood Jr.

Marie Drive 75: $225,000, David J. Gegenheimer, Paul N. Gegenheimer, Claudia G. Carlson and Jamie G. Winegar to James R. Broome.

Mystic Ave. 829: $100,000, Tommy J. Tastet and Phyllis S. Tastet to Zaina Salem LLC.

N. Village Court 2344: $174,300, RTV Real Estate Holding LLC to Tiffany Burns and Eugene Dean.

Newton St. 1202: Donation, , Linus M. Manuel to Rita M. Scheffler and Terrill J. Manuel.

Oakwood Drive 736: $135,000, Marilyn A. Lawson and Sharon A. Adams to Joel Perez.

Palfrey St. 1821: $178,000, Carlos R. Urbina and Sharon A. Urbina to Jacob T. Kruebbe.

Park Place Drive 2424: $145,000, Leo Montgomery and Karen W. Montgomery to Phillip G. Webb.

Second St. 320: $255,500, Jeremy J. Thibodeaux and Kelly Thibodeaux to Berandette Clement and Bernadette P. Clement.

Town Of Gretna subdivision, lot 6, square 11: Donation, PJ Enterprises LLC to Jacqueline Weinstein.

Willowbrook Drive 712: Donation, Lisa M. Patureau to Russell S. LeBlanc.


Bayou Oaks Drive 1920: $180,000, Lisa A. R. Parsons to Craig Davis.

Dogwood Drive 1479: $140,000, Stacy M. Lafayette to Brian J. Conners.

Eastview Drive 3729: Donation, Dwayne Collins to Latanya H. Collins.

Lac Bienville 4152: $162,000, Ziifle Properties I. LLC to Andrew R. Vanvoorhis and Rosaline M. T. Vanvoorhis.

Lake Arrowhead Drive 3901: $245,000, Earl N. Walker III and Cindy C. Walker to Bernard Perry Sr. and Luvone Perry.

Lake Catherine Drive 3812: $326,000, Karen Causin and Glynn P. Gaudet Jr. to Lana M. Joseph.

N. Indigo Drive 4001: $80,000, Trinh Vo LLC to Benjamin Vo.

N. Woodbine St. 4045: $125,500, Angelique M. Lanoix to Lacresha M. Walker.

Nathan Kornman Drive 3829: $136,000, Invest Nola Outreach Services LLC to Renata D. Lewis and Kevin Lewis.

South New Orleans subdivision, lot 43, square 26: Donation, Vern E. Easterling Jr. to Nanci Easterling.

Spanish Oaks Drive 1517: $86,000, Adrienne Blanco to Nedal & Sons LLC.

Titan St. 2156: $199,900, Courtney LeRouge and Conrad R. Rousselle to Marquita J. Meade.

West Catawba Drive 2661: Donation, Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Latisha D. Lewis.

Woodmere 1. subdivision, lot 397, square U: $160,000, Brian C. Allen, Mytaya Allen, Reginald Allen and Gloria J. Allen to Kristopher M. Coleman and Daphne Coleman.

Woodmere subdivision, lot 51A, square C: $101,701, Freedom Mortgage Corp. to Secretary of Veterans Affairs.


Fisher St. 5558: $30,000, Madonna Hebert to Michael J. Bellott and Lolita Bellott.

Jean Lafitte Blvd. 3692: $579,000, Lowery Holdings LLC to Jace Eschete and Angie C. Eschete.


August Lane 5001: $1,270,000, MacLean Properties LLC to Oasis Apartments LLC.

Bowdon St. 5100: $110,000, Takasha M. Morrow and Takasa M. N. Morrow to Jose A. Torres-Vinas.

Elizabeth St. 2708: $27,000, Mary A. Theriot to Ada E. Nerio and Jose A. Nerio.

Ellen Drive 4024: donation, Tina Franks to Kelly Mistretta.

Fazande Tract subdivision, lot 20, square CC: $57,750, Marrero Land & Improvement Association Ltd to JCT Properties LLC.

Gaise St. 1982: Donation, , Greta C. Vinet to Gabrielle Vinet.

Pete St. 4513: $156,000, Darryl G. Taravella and Shanna Taravella to Sandra Spahr.

Plantation Oaks subdivision, lot 14, square C: $67,000, Gale Dimaggio to Coastal View Productions LLC.

Plaza Drive 1625: $90,000, Sheree Hypolite to Shakele M. Walker.

River Road 5520: $125,000, Ancharie Inc. to Ander D. Pellerano and Omar Pelerano.

Three Oaks Addition subdivision, lot 25: $25,000, Peoples Community Subsidiary Inc. to Hacienda Construction of Louisiana LLC.

Westwood Drive 530: $114,000, Willis G. Delhommer Jr. and Penelope F. Delhommer to Philip D. Saladino Jr. and Wendy B. Saladino.


West Drive 774: $75,000, Beverly T. Vicari and Jacob Vicari to Michael G. Vicari.

Whitehouse, lot 8, ptl 9: $77,000, Kayla R. Bellanger, Chad Bellanger and Kayla B. Rivers to Jack O. Bryant Jr. and Tanya A. Bryant.