Transfers for Nov. 2-8


Elmwood D. subdivision, lot P1D: Donation, Carolyn Neeb and Hillary M. Neeb to 300 Cypress Lanes Trust.


Central Ave. 617: $295,000, 617 Central LLC to Tijeda Enterprises LLC.

Highway Drive 438: $125,000, Sean A. Muller to J. G. Jarrett LLC and J. G. LLC Jarrett.

Hyman Drive 544: Donation, Nelson E. Oliva and Denise Oliva to 544 Hyman Drive LLC.

Hyman Drive 610: Donation, Tammy Lawson to Gerald Carter Jr

Hyman subdivision, lot 62, square 5: $320,000, Deed LLC to Republic National Distributing Company LLC.

Joyce Ave. 24: $302,500, Audry R. Caballero to Nathan Fedor and Whitney Fedor.

William Place 3804: $222,500, Jay J. Gallo to Jessica L. Orgeron.


4129C Loire Drive: $132,174, David P. Giordano to James D. Gaulon II and Kathy Gaulon.

607 27th St. 605: $160,000, Raynald L. Bordelon, Dianne Bordelon and Diane B. Couvillon to Milton N. Ramirez.

Avant Garde condo, unit 144, building 11: $127,000, Juana M. Lado to Tina M. Boscareno.

Bimini Ave. 70: $268,000, Sayra Solis and Claudio A. Solis to Natalia Bartholomew and Eric W. Bartholomew.

Bordeaux Drive 4249: Donation, Carla Hellmers and Michael F. Bologna to Marc F. Lorelli and Leslyn Lorelli.

California Ave. 3418: $23,381, Silvio Santos Sr. and Daysi Santos to Vicente Pezon and Nidia Pezon.

Chateau Estates South subdivision, lot 50, square 1: $425,000, Juan L. Asturias and Silvia C. Asturias to Sirak Getaneh and Gelila A. Getaneh.

City Of Kenner subdivision, lot 19, square 160: $15,000, Scallan & Scallan Lots LLC to 1701 18th Street LLC.

City of Kenner, lot D-2A, plots D and E: Donation, Leslie N. Chassaniol and Laura A. Nissel to Edward J. Martin III.

Colorade Ave. 3316: $20,000, Carmen Monterrose to Marcos Coelho.

Cotton Bayou Lane 241: Donation, Michael F. Mire and Regina P. Mire to Melinda M. Orellana.

David Drive 5301: Donation, Joseph L. Matar Sr. and Marilyn Matar to Dennis Schulingkamp and Mary Schulingkamp.

East Louisiana State Drive 4025: $154,000, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Robert Story and Debra Story.

Gabriel subdivision, lot 191: $165,000, RJD Management LLC to Brekenare Ventures LLC.

Gabriel subdivision, lot 247: $180,000, Gabriel Two LLC to Habib A. Fallaha and Rahaf Hamide.

Greenlawn Terrace subdivision, lot Q, square 139: $109,000, Vital K. Appana to Delfino Torres and Dolores M. Torres.

Incarnate Word Drive 432: $224,000, Lizandro A. Martinez Jr. and Kelly L. Martinez to Kenneth Romero and Cammie M. Romero.

Indiana Ave. 2209: $185,000, Homes 4. Vacation Inc. to Antoine Pembo.

Indiana Ave. 2225: $60,000, Patricia Roper to Taha Construction LLC.

Indiana Ave. 2225: Donation, Jamie P. Roper to Patricia Roper.

Iowa Ave. 4309: $244,000, Ahdah A. Ekaidi and Ibraham Ekaidi to Michelle R. Jones and Lawrence M. Falencki.

Lincoln Manor subdivision, lot 23, square 499: $10, Bank Of America NA to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development.

Michigan Ave. 1701: $240,000, Dominique N. Bucher and Andrew L. Bucher to Jennifer Trosclair, Jason N. Trosclair and Jennifer C. Martino.

Minnesota Ave. 1309: $145,000, Karen B. Plaideau and Alva F. Plaideau to Red Canyon LLC.

Morningside Park subdivision, lot 23, square 24: $131,661, Lois Savant and Adam J. Savant to Federal National Mortgage Association.

Toby Lane 4816: Donation, Nelson Oliva and Denise Oliva to 4816 Toby Lane LLC.

Traminer Drive 39: $180,000, John E. Everhardt Jr. and Mary E. Russell to Oscar O. Mata and Giselle Angeles.

Webster St. 1302: $49,000, Kristin Adams and Jimmy L. Adams III to Lighthouse Homes LLC.

West Esplanade Ave. 1500: $137,000, Brett D. Sosa and Guy M. Langhoff to Ava M. Darensbourg.


02 Terrie Court 3800: $200,000, Kenneth E. Colley and Eugene C. Colley III to Zhang Investment LLC.

1139 Orion Ave. 1137: $3,000, Bonnabel Properties Inc. to Royal Dominion LLC.

1318 Carrollton Ave. 1316: $389,000, David Regenbogen and Frances Regenbogen to G&F Management LLC.

320 Aris Ave. 318: $259,000, Henry J. Bonck III to Linda Reboul and Randi L. Reboul.

45th St. 3216: $180,000, Cali P. Pomes to Ashley E. Guzman.

4th St. 3211: $128,624, Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Aasmaan Gulati.

502 Severn Ave. 500: Donation, Nelson E. Oliva and Denise Oliva to 500 502 Severn Avenue LLC.

Atherton Drive 805: $267,000, LHC Builders LLC to Marechal Property Ventures LLC.

Aztec Ave. 1401: Donation, Kyle J. Ulrich to Brandi B. Ulrich.

Bauvais St. 3701: $300,000, Richard P. Thomas and Lori B. Louviere to Sherie Garza.

Bonnabel Blvd. 710: $185,000, Lynn Berrill and John M. Schmitt to CNJA Homes LLC.

Bonnabel Place, lots 1A and 1B, square 81: Donation, Bonnabel Properties Inc. to Mary L. Ramon.

Canal condo, unit A-201: $115,000, Bridgette R. Cabirac and Louis H. Cabirac III to 201 A. Canal Street LLC, Two Hundred O. One A. Canal Street LLC and Two O. One A. Canal Street LLC.

Colony Place 721: $240,000, Cityside Office Suites LLC to Dianne R. Rodasti.

Craig Ave. 4605: $300,000, John R. Ruby and Sondra Ruby to Stephanie Wall and Kevin P. Wall.

Cypress Court condo, unit 111: Donation, Jeffrey E. Clay to Darlene Griffin.

Cypress St. 3615: $150,000, Johnny R. Allen to Martha L. Allen.

Eastbank subdivision, lot 27, square 3: $53,000, Marie R. Martin and James D. Martin to Kelly M. Walker and Shannon D. Royal.

Elmeer Ave. 360: Donation, Andres V. Toujas Jr. and Joseph L. Toujas to Nola Property Holdings LLC.

Elmeer Ave. 362: $142,500, Andre V. Toujas Jr. and Joseph L. Toujas to Nola Property Holdings LLC.

Elmwood Park subdivision, lot 15, square 7: $190,000, Black Reef Trust to Anthony Lopardi, Karen Lopardi and Katherine A. Lopardi.

Fagot Ave. 2514: $305,000, Linda Peters, Robert D. Peters and Linda L. Peters to Jaime E. C. Cuevas.

Feronia St. 1915: $184,000, Hugh D. Barnard to PWS Properties LLC.

Focis St. 509: $324,900, Panzavecchia Properties LLC to Holly Perez.

Ganucheau Development condo, unit 1: $446,500, Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. and First NBC Bank to Union Savings & Loan Association.

Garden Lakes condo, unit 106: $49,334, Ditech Financial LLC to Federal National Mortgage Association.

Green Acres Road 2116: $85,000, Andree M. Wagner to Susan G. Brennan.

Greentree Ave. 1026: $131,000, Hiep C. Dang to Trinh Vo Investments LLC.

Harvard Estates condo, unit 4918: $140,000, Tsung S. Yeh and Yin Y. He to Wayne B. Hom and Wan Y. Li.

Helios Ave. 1309: Donation, Craig J. Raymond to Michael H. Raymond.

Hesper Ave. 230: Donation, Julie Bourgoyne and Lloyd J. Bourgoyne to Stacey Legacy LLC.

Highway Park subdivision, lot 29A, square 14: $172,000, Furqan H. Siddiqui to Ibrahim Ekaidi.

Houma Blvd. 2808: $345,000, Dana T. Rieder, David M. Rieder and Cindy M. Freeman to Brett Taranto Jr. and Dominique A. Taranto.

Houma Blvd. 912: Donation, Frank Zito Jr. to Katayon Ebrahimpour.

Johnston St. 2933: $217,500, Shawn M. O’Brien and Pamela M. O’Brien to Regina M. Swanford and Brad W. Swanford.

Kent Ave. 1928: Donation, David E. Thompson to Gregory S. Thompson.

Lemon St. 4120: $374,500, SMBR LLC to Eduardo A. Herrera and Jeny T. Herrera.

Longwood Drive 2705-07: $173,000, Madhawi Verma Prasad Revocable Living Trust to Chuan S. Wu and Xiao M. Chen.

Lower Pontalba of Old Metairie condo, unit 205: $360,000, Bradley D. Becnel to Stephen N. Elliott and Carolee R. D. Elliott.

Lower Pontalba of Old Metairie condo, unit 205: Donation, Daniel E. Becnel III to Christopher D. Becnel and Daniel E. Becnel III.

Lower Pontalba of Old Metairie condo, unit 205: Donation, Christopher D. Becnel to Bradley D. Becnel.

Mayflower Drive 604: $230,000, Mark A. Hill to Don P. Daigrepont and Terry D. Daigrepont.

Michigan Ave. 2400: $166,000, Benjamin E. Gonzalez and Melissa Vanwuijckhuijse to Palas Sardar.

North Arnoult Road 3817: $440,000, Angela M. P. Walker to Wilbur P. Giarrusso III.

North Cumberland St. 419: $130,000, Dawn V. Murden, Carolyn V. Lemoine, David M. Vinot Sr., Barry M. Vinot Jr. and Faith S. Sears to Gloria B. Marrero and Ronald J. Marrero Sr.

North Starrett Road 1412: $147,500, Andres R. Cordes to Michael Mullins.

Pontchartrain Place condo, unit 104: $180,000, Casey L. Iverstine to Brian D. Kimbrough and Kathleen B. Kimbrough.

Richland Ave. 1916: Donation, Keith E. Bonnet Jr. and Jessica H. Bonnet to Keith E. Bonnet Jr.

Ridgeway Drive 432: $300,000, Carl G. Joseph, Michael D. Joseph, Mark D. Joseph, Stephanie L. Joseph, James D. Joseph and Carol J. Kever to DYW 2007 Grantor Retained Trust.

Riverside Court condo, Phase II, unit 163: Donation, Carmen G. Lopez and Jose L. Garcia to 6320 208 Riverside LLC.

Ruth St. 5604: $219,000, Jenny B. Mayeur to Justin K. Mayeur and Caitlyn L. Murphy.

Rye St. 5021: $78,750, Mellon Bank of New York and Bank of New York to Investment Holdings LLC.

Smith Ave. 1013: $225,000, Donald H. Williams to Allison Payan.

Taft Park subdivision, lot 1, square 10: $203,000, Dennis H. Schorr Jr. to Ashlan L. Capo.

Veterans Memorial Blvd. 111: Donation, Margaret Ellen Lauer Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust to 111 Veterans Boulevard LLC.

West Livingston Place 323: $807,000, Barry J. Milligan and Cherlyn L. Milligan to David F. Strawn.


5th St. 9324: $290,000, Scott P. Verdin to Jamie Howell.

Bengal Road 605: Donation, Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. to Byron J. Francis and Antira N. B. Francis.

Garden Road 243: Donation, Jeffrey N. James and Aimee M. Babin to Jeffery McDonald.

Hyde Place 10137: Donation, Michael R. Harmon to Michael R. Harmon and Lee A. Reilly.

Sophia St. 317: $190,000, Bumbel Bee & Lady Bug LLC to Elizabeth G. V. Fielding, Harry D. Lacour and Elizabeth G. V. Lacour.

Tullulah Ave. 608: $100,000, Peggie A. Schommer, John L. Autin, Amelia A. Lam, Diana M. Autin and Alphonse A. Autin Jr. to CR Property Development LLC.