Elizabeth G. Perque and Stuart J. Perque sold this home at 515 Lavoisier St. in Gretna to Mary M. Tucker and Berry B. Tucker for $390,000.


Transfers for Oct. 18-25


Deacon St. 117: Mable R. Anderson to Esterlin G. Ramirez, $60,000.


District of Barataria, no further data: Russell J. Boutte Jr. and Katherine Areas to Perrin Investments LLC, $100.

Village of Lafitte / District of Barataria, no further data: Margie C. Boutte to Perrin Investments LLC, $100.


Belt City Belt Bridge subdivision, lot 24, square 8: Xiaoling Zhang to Pamela Settoon and Nicholas D. Settoon, $73,000,000.

Seventh St. 128: Credo LLC to Brenda C. Echavirria, $15,000.

Wiegand Drive 1221: Sang N. Nguyen to Yen X. Nguyen and Hung Luong, donation.


Carly Land 4002: Amy C. Gjenero to Steven M. Gjenero, donation.

Gormley subdivision, lot 12, square A: Howard L. Tucker Sr. to Howard L. Tucker Jr., $10.

Grand Beach 11 subdivision, lot 2, square 23: C. E. Hebert III, Brenda H. Ehrhardt, Patricia H. Poche and Charlene H. Vredevelt to Richard J. Haydel and Arlana H. Haydel, donation.

Island Beach subdivision, lot 6, square B: Howard L. Tucker Sr. to Howard L. Tucker Jr., $10.

Ocean Beach subdivision, lot 5, square B: Lisa M. Tivet to Peter D. Young, $34,147.59.

Santiny Division subdivision, lot 2B: Webb J. Cheramie Jr., Diana C. Cheramie and Webb J. Cheramie to Brian J. Danos and Janell P. Danos, $30,000.

Santiny Division, lot 2A: Webb J. Cheramie Jr., and Diana Cheramie to Tracy Delatte and Angela Delatte, $105,000.


23rd St. 602: Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Nelly Pena, $114,900.

Beauregard Drive 47: Jenine D. Roberts to Jeffrey E. Hamberger, donation.

Burmaster St. 520: Gerald D. Fink to And Also LLC, $92,500.

Cottonwood Drive 321: Kent Vaughn to Stephanie M. Vargas, $185,000.

Dulcich Drive 23: Osama Minias and Albert Minias to Diana Chavez and Prospero G. Mendez, $70,000.

Emerson St. 2165: Brandi M. Roberts and Mark A. Dugas II to Thu T. N. Lieu, Quoc T. Bui and Thu T. N. L. Bui, $129,000.

Firethorne Drive 320: Melody Traina and Jason P. Schieffler to Dennis G. Schieffler Jr., $190,000.

Green Oak Drive 1813: Trong H. X. Pham to Monica Pham, donation.

Harvard Ave. 1849: Emmit W. Weaver to Steven E. Reece and Arielle B. Reece, $177,000.

Hawkins St. 1039: Mervant G. Minias, Albert B. Minias, Madlein Minias and Osama B. Minias to Lidia Amaya and Hector Amaya, $50,000.

Lavoisier St. 515: Elizabeth G. Perque and Stuart J. Perque to Mary M. Tucker and Berry B. Tucker, $390,000.

Oakdale C. subdivision, lot 11A: David S. Renegar to BEF Construction LLC, $66,000.

Wright Ave. 527: G&R Rentals LLC to Glenn Guidry, donation.

Wright Ave. 665: Bonnie Porche to Daniel D. T. Rosario, $169,000.


Breckenridge Drive 2027: Liangxue Dong and Dong Liangxue to Jose R. Cordova, $89,900.

Brown Ave. 620: Dennis G. Schieffler Jr. to Melody Traina and Jason P. Schieffler, $91,000.

Commons at Lake Timberlane subdivision, lot 10, square F: Maria Degracia and Buonarotti Degracia to Olugbemiga Aiyegbusi, donation.

Destrehan Division, part lot 17, lot T-1A: AREC 24 LLC to AREC 28 LLC, $10.

East Bamboo Drive 3920: Kirian Cruz to Saul E. M. Morales, donation.

First Ave. 427: MCM & Assoc. Management LLC, Patricia Martin, Edward M. Melancon Jr. and Pauline Colomb to First Avenue LLC, $120,000.

Harvey Canal Land & Improvement Co. subdivision, lot 34A, square 1: MCM & Assoc. Management LLC to First Avenue LLC, $55,000.

Hugh Drive 1928: Thieu Q. Nguyen to Bich N. T. Tran, $55,000.

Lake Timberlane Estates subdivision, lot 312, square 11: Evelyn B. Gauslin and Robert P. Gauslin to Baron Construction Co., $25,000.

Lapalco Commercial Park 3. subdivision, lot 3, square F: Group 1. Realty Inc. to 1919 Enterprise LLC, $900,000.

Melissa Drive 3821: Depei Wu to Nakeitha Starks, $158,000.

South Birchfield Drive 2728: Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Oscar Turner, $91,250.

Stonebridge condo, unit 111: Roses Renovations LLC to Khisha M.S. Donald, $56,588.85.

Timber Oaks subdivision, lot 340: Dennis E. Bonvillian Jr. and Kathryn S. Bonvillian to Brandi Roberts, $175,000.

Timber Ridge subdivision, lot 40, square A: Mission Properties Foundation to Charmaine Turner, $8,000.

W. Sunny Meade Drive 2428: Albert Minias and Mervat G. Minias to Edward Ford and Annette Ford, $198,000.


Ames Blvd. 4224: Celina Crossland and Joel J. Crossland to Joshua Junot Jr. and Torrie Osborn, $159,900.

Belle Terre subdivision, lot 26, square B: Emily Lingoni, Amelie M. Lobue, Thomas A. Lingoni Jr. and T. A. Lingoni Jr. to Bronson Jones, $125,500.

Birchwood Court 1713: DSLD Homes LLC to Larrion Weatherspoon, $191,415.

Britannica Drive 2808: Maria F. Bergant and Donald R. Bergant to Joshua Lee, $135,000.

Carrie Lane 2421: Gregory M. Fewell and Karen Fewell to Devrick Charles, $159,000.

Chenier St. 2761: Kimberly Investments LLC to Kenneth L. Thomas Jr. and Donna K. Thomas, $182,000.

Cohen St. 1220: Sharron Neal to Joyce A. Myles, $50,000.

Crestwood Extension subdivision, lot 15, square B: Jerry J. Casso and Audrey Casso to John M. Cole, $219,900.

Curtis St. 1564: Stephen J. Danos Jr. to Darry J. Delaune, $169,000.

Duckhorn Drive 7432: DSLD Homes LLC to Ralph Martin and Josephine P. Martin, $248,330.

Foliage Drive 2546: Quang Truong and Lillian C. Truong to Brittany A. Mautino, $159,900.

Pinecrest Drive 1716: DSLD Home LLC to Lonnie Daw Jr., $204,495.

Reinhardt Tract, plot X: Marrero Land & Improvement Association Ltd to Jefferson Parish, $433,200.

Sayers Drive 6812: Smail Property Development Ltd LLC to Deborah J. Graham, $125,000.

Seagull Drive 2640: Travis D. Sholar and Brooke N. Sholar to Sam J. Landry Jr., $195,700.

Sieglinde Court 2812: Bonnie L. Collins, Alesia Lund and Bonnie C. Black to Dorothy S. Millet, David C. Millet and Dorothy S. Patureau, $130,000.

Somerset Place 1617: David J. Thomas to Amelia Thomas, donation.

Syracuse St. 2988: Golden Broom LLC to Cekell A. Barnes, $145,000.

Willowtree Road 5121: Janell C. Mills to Emilee A. Smith and Jeremy R. Bailey, $161,000.

Willowtree Road 5201: David C. Gonzales to Ernest M. Gonzales Jr., $140,000.

Wilson St. 532: Delores C. McGee to Clyde B. McGee, donation.


Emerson St. 2152: Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Cynthia C. Landry, $149,000.

Terry Parkway 757: Jeffrey E. Haupt to Brilin S. Williams and Kevin L. Deleu, $254,900.

Terrytown 6. subdivision, lot 19, square 103: Mallory Bergeron and Vincent Bergeron to Ashley E. Webb and Gabriel C. Webb, $199,000.

Terrytown 8. subdivision, lot 14, square 128: Miguel R. Salgado and Rosa E. Salgado to Westpoint Church Inc., $85,000.

Terrytown subdivision, lot 28, square 81: Scot M. Wright to Zachary Herrington and Samantha W. Herrington, $194,000.


Acadia 197: Silver A. Baide to Deauntra Miller, $150,000.

Linden Loop 9524: Sheryl King and Shrederick C. King Sr. to Judy Reese and Jeffery D. Reese III, $269,900.


Avenue A. 961: Jenelle Guzman to Yolanda Clement and Stanley Clement Jr., $115,000.

Buttercup Drive 395: Caliber Home Loans Inc. to Danny Alexander and Terriyaka Alexander, $52,000.

West Drive 1210: AJG Land LLC and Elberta Rousselle to Trang Pham Properties LLC, $82,000.

Westwego Heights subdivision, lot 11, square 6: Keith Bouvier to Debra Settles and Kenneth Bouvier, $21,500.