Transfers for Sept. 14-22


Avondale Homes 3. subdivision, lot 25, square K: $130,000, Miguel A. Ordonez and Carmen M. Ordonez to Mark J. Taylor and Brandi B. Fasulo.

Elaine Drive 125: Donation, Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to CSSM LLC.

Marie Drive 89: $70,000, Tiffany D. S. Sorrels to Jazette W. Conley.

South Avondale Homes 6. subdivision, lot 23, square 21: Donation, Alexis Reveron and Lissette R. Williams to Alex P. Reveron.


Apricot Lane 145: $52,500, Duane F. Delhomme and Sandra M. Delhomme to Bryan L. Guillot Jr. and Suzanne Y. W. Guillot.

Caminada 3. subdivision, lot 12A, square 2: $65,000, Bruce Scharwatch and Christie Scharwath to Richard J. Hebert and Lisa Hebert.

Carly Lane 4002: $85,000, Rough Life LLC to Amy C. Gjenero and Steven Gjenero.

Grand Beach 11 subdivision, lot 12, square 21: $68,000, Elisha P. Ballard to SHH Properties LLC.

Gulf Stream Park Addition subdivision, lot 95: $114,000, EFEKS LLC to Bruce L. Ordoyne and Deborah A. Ordoyne.

Hurricane Hole Marina condo, units RU 22 and RU 23: $450,000, Grand Isle Marina Acquisitions to Jean A. Oudenhoven.

Manila Village Court 49: $138,000, Queen Bess Bay LLC to Leeleebug Properties LLC.

Ocean Park subdivision, lot 20, square I: $30,000, Dell L. Wilson Jr. to Craig P. Callahan and Amanda Callahan.

Tropical Landing Addendum 2. subdivision, lot 3, square E: $40,000, Thomas M. Armstrong to Corey M. Coghian and Katherine Coghlan.

West Central Ave. 162: $50,000, Blaine A. Tamplain and Sharon W. Tamplain to Jay S. Rivers.


Bannerwood Drive 420: $129,000, Jennifer P. Rayon to Tuyen T. Le.

Bannerwood Drive 501: $175,000, Robins Nest LLC to Scott O’Reilly.

Bannerwood Drive 657: $83,000, 657 Bannerwood LLC to Ming H. He.

Beauregard Drive 5: $183,000, Melissa L. Roberts to Anna McNeil.

Beauregard Drive 9: Donation, Christopher J. Bourque to Amy H. Hebert and Shelia H. Pittman.

Claire Ave. 2105: $41,000, US Bank National Association to Delatte Property Management LLC.

Cottonwood Drive 245: $13,000, Loan & Mai Investment LLC to Richard J. Walker and John A. W. White.

E. Butterfly Circle 439: $55,000, Tasch LLC to New Orleans Recovery LLC.

Hero Drive 2721: Donation, Glennal Verbois to John K. Moore III and Kristen M. St. Pierre.

Lake Lynn Drive 3613: $162,000, Cesar G. Eyzaguirre to Milagro S. Eyzaguirre, Gilberto C. Eyzaguirre and Milagro E. Saldana.

Mary Ann Place 14: $144,900, Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Jasmine Hicks.

Newton St. 406: $290,000, Heather M. Grant to Andre Dubroc.

North Village Court 2340: $169,420, RTV Real Estate Holding LLC to Tanya D. Gabriel, Juan C. Gabriel and Tanya G. Davis.

Oak Dale Drive 240: $600,000, Mark C. Treadaway and Elizabeth C. Treadaway to Jacqulin C. Leonard and J. Wayne Leonard.

Romain St. 624: $46,000, Paul J. Long Sr., Emily J. L. Augustine, Mary T. L. Hildreth, Paula M. L. Dickerson, Nathaniel Long, Stanley Hamilton, Shannon Hamilton, Anthony Hamilton, Antoinette B. Hamilton and Alexander Hamilton to XK8 LLC.

Stafford St. 1901: $85,000, Sebrina Rodriguez to Lee P. Stevenson.

Stumpf Blvd. 2129: $53,882, Standard Mortgage Corp. to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development.

Suburban Park subdivision, lot 16A, square 9: $10,000, Betty R. Williams, Clarence Williams and Betty W. Richards to Creative Release LLC.

Suburban Park subdivision, lot 30A, square 32: $43,560, US Bank National Association and Leader Mortgage Co. to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development.

Town Of McDonoghville subdivision, lot 1, square 105: $250,000, Strohmeyer Family LLC to First Step Youth & Family Services 2. LLC.

Wall Blvd. 513: Donation, Chau M. Nguyen, Tuan M. Nguyen, Quan M. Nguyen, Nuong T. Nguyen and Loan T. K. V. Nguyen to Chinh Nguyen.

Wright Ave. 515: $168,212, Bank of America NA to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development.


Bellanger St. 429: $60,000, Sylvia Doucet to Robert Sanchez.

Bradford Place 2108: Donation, Michael Furtado to Melissa A. F. Melancon.

Bradford Place 2108: $189,500, Melissa A. F. Melancon to Tuan M. Pham and Lan M. Pham.

Eastview Drive 3849: $75,600, Nationstar Mortgage LLC to HHMG Properties LLC.

Esther Ave. 1617: $35,000, James Tillman Jr., Karen Common, Lisa Y. Common, Gloria C. Carter, Joseph Jessie Jr., Joelle J. Skinner, John C. Skinner, Julian C. Skinner, Karen C. Knightshead, Thaddeus Common, Yahaira Davis, Phylicia Common, Lisa Y. C. McMillan and Phylicia S. Common to Raylon J. Watson.

Esther St. 1400: Donation, Ditech Financial LLC to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development.

Glenoak Drive 3713: $65,000, Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Brian Singleton.

Jacqueline Court subdivision, lot 6, square 1: $30,000, Lester P. Plaisance and Kathleen G. Plaisance to Red Oak Realty LLC.

Lake Des Allemands Drive 3501: Donation, Amanda Hernandez and Angela H. Oldenburg to Franklin Orraca.

Lake Timberlane Estates subdivision, lot 273, square 9: $48,000, Joan A. Fink, Louis G. Fink, Genevieve Lilgeberg and Robert L. Liljeberg to Schlanda Shephard and John Deshazier.

Marion Ave. 620: $191,000, Andre J. Dubroc to Donovan J. Blackley and Meghann B. Dejesus.

Portola Via 2036: $150,000, Glenn R. Thompson and Marilyn Thompson to Julie A. Baugh.

Price Drive 1020: $160,000, Glenn A. Ally to Heath W. L. Fontenot and Jhon A. F. Loaiza.

Sandoz St. 2405: $32,000, Elenor Harris, Janice Hughes and Jacquelyn Foley to Turgeon & Baum LLC.

Shannon Drive 3829: $200,000, Lien V. To to Keyana M. Rodney.

South Village Green St. 2317: $166,251, Standard Mortgage Corp. to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development.

Stall Drive 1816: $175,000, Monica L. Taravella to Robert J. Letulle III.

Touchwood Drive 3128: $153,000, Blaise Isidore Sr. and Barbara Williamson to Lynea L. Sanders.

West Friendship Drive 2520: $130,000, Jamin G. Robertson and Melissa A. Robertson to Eagle Investments Inc.

West Parc Green St. 3308: $205,000, Trent Williams Sr. and Angela Williams to Thien T. Nguyen and Thuy T. Nguyen.

Westmere St. 2241: $172,000, Guy S. Mitchell and Jan C. Mitchell to Louis I. Alimonda and Whitney W. Alimonda.

Windmere Court 3945: Donation, Thanh N. Phan and Trinh T. Pham to Phamily Phan LLC.

Woodland West Phase 4. subdivision, lot 455, square 31B: Donation, Scott A. St. Pierre to Sarah M. Beck.


Palmetto St. 1957: Donation, Norwood S. Phillips and Shanna T. Phillips to Rori A. Phillips and Norwood S. Phillips.

Village Of Lafitte subdivision, lot 5, square 10: $17,000, Madonna C. Hebert to Allan S. Silva.


Ames Homestead Farms subdivision, lot D1: $45,200, Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Ismael A. Cornejo.

Arizona Drive 2628: $126,000, James J. Leblanc Jr. to Thomas Leblanc Jr. and Misty R. Leblanc.

Augustine Lane 3808: $200,000, Barbara Nelson and James R. Nelson to Kimberly Nelson and Brent C. Nelson.

Avenue G. 508: $174,500, Del Rey Real Estate LLC to Libna V. Ramirez and Moneer Issa.

Avenue G. 704: $170,000, Suzette Perrin, Charlene Zellmer and Lorraine A. Lacross to Molly T. Haley and Scott Haley.

Bent Tree Estates subdivision, lot 10, square B: Donation, Branch Banking & Trust Co. to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development.

Caddy Drive 2431: Donation, Secretary of Housing & Urban Development to Diana Culver.

Carrie Lane 2613: $149,900, Dawn Troxler and Floyd C. Lewis to Gavin Lyvers and Kasie Rodriguez.

Highland Meadows Drive 5716: $57,800, Standard Mortgage Corp. to Secretary of Housing & Urban Development.

King Drive 1201: $70,000, Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. to Malery Louis.

Kismet St. 2613: $185,000, Luis Dardon and Martha H. Dardon to James N. Robertson II and Emma T. Robertson.

Long Branch Drive 2613: $164,568, Tuan L. N. Robinson to John Sullivan and Lindsay P. Sullivan.

Marisha Court 2724: $150,000, Andrea Netter and Earl Netter Jr. to Elizabeth Dupuy and Glenn E. Dupuy.

Marrero Division, lot 35, ptl 34, square 5: Donation, Rachelle B. Kiletico to Seth Gautreaux.

North Oak Drive 5825: $116,000, Sherry Nobles and Johnny S. Nobles Jr. to Lajoia S. Dammons.

Oak St. 537: Donation, Robert J. Smith III to Keri Guidry and Tim M. Guidry Jr.

Pearl subdivision, lot 88, square 7: $47,000, Cheryl Collura, Anthony R. Collura, Myra Rogers, William D. Rogers, David Rogers, Dale Majorie, Daniel J. Majorie, Janel Ockman and Melvin P. Ockman Jr. to Khanh Nguyen.

Seagull Drive 2664: $186,900, DSLD Homes LLC to Blaise Isidore and Barbara W. Isidore.

St Ann St. 1112: $125,000, Jessica M. Matherne and Clyde S. Matherne Jr. to Bryan S. Bychurch.

St Ann St. 508: $70,000, Linda D. Palmisano to Philip Bradley Jr.

St Ann St. 932: $117,500, Erica M. Land and David M. Driscoll to Calob Pirece.

Taffy Drive 2432: $79,000, Juanita Vinet to David D. Dao.

Three Oaks Addition/Estelle Plantation subdivision, lot 1: $25,000, Peoples Community Subsidiary Inc. to Hacienda Holding Company LLC.

Village Of Marrero subdivision, lot 21: Donation, Household of Faith Deliverance Ministries to Ms Mocha Cafe LLC.


Bruce Ave. 407: $89,000, Bank of America NA to Nola Better Homes LLC.

Concorde Estates subdivision, lot 32, square 1: $244,000, Boles Construction LLC to Merlin H. Walker Jr. and Debra A. Walker.

Harvard Ave. 1825: $170,500, Ada L. Isbell, Billy J. Isbell, Wilma Isbell and Merrill Isbell to Shaun L. Turner-Chabarria.


Gardenia Lane 129: $20,000, Douglas A. Boudreaux to Courtney J. Irons.

Live Oak Plantation Estates Addition 2. subdivision, lot 1, square E: $72,000, Dineil R. Burrell to Reve Inc.


Avenue B. 959: $143,000, Brock M. Moliere to Blake C. Delaune.

Floral Acres Addition 2a subdivision, lot 47, square B: $162,000, Larry L. Holden Jr. and Tammy N. N. Holden to Theron J. Tatum.

Keller Ave. 620: Donation, Mary A. Charlet, Denise M. Toscano, Dayna L. Charlet and Jo L. Tompson to Jacqueline Bertucci.

Victory Drive 819: $66,500, Trezzle M. L. Alexander to Minh Q. Cung and Bich T. N. Cung.