• Transfers for Dec. 20 to Dec. 22

    • ELVIE COURT 141: $104,500, Gregory R. Woods to Daniel J. Delaney.
    • GRETNA

      • 10TH ST. 956: $229,000, Dejesus Construction Co. Inc. to David Dao.
      • ADAMS ST. 1318-20: $130,000, Jamie P. Booth to Jerome G. McBride and Natalie C. Smith.
      • ALEXANDER COURT 1637: $15,000, Olden C. Toups Jr. to A&M Properties LLP.
      • CALDER ST. 1402: $92,150, Succession of Dorothy Simkin to Frank O. Maness III.
      • FRIEDRICHS ST. 1110: $120,000, Sandra T. Riley to Laura A. Valliant.
      • GARDEN PARK EXTENDED SUBDIVISION, LOT 1-A, SQUARE 29: $252,000, Optimer J. Roussel to Mark C. Morgan and Dawn D. Morgan.

      Lafayette St. 412-14: $192,000, Dennis Deboisblanc Jr. to Jacob Cox and Ashley W. Cox.

      • LAMAR AVE. 940: $156,000, Succession of Shiu-Yhu H. Osmundson to Yvonne Wortmann.
      • MORNINGSIDE DRIVE 860: $171,000, James D. Young II and succession of Mary A. S. Young to Jonta V. Gray and Consuella M. Gray.

      Mount Laural Drive 2718: $90,000, Frank S. Migliore Jr. to 2718 Mt Laurel LLC.

      • OAKWOOD DRIVE 605: donation, no value stated, Bertha P. Bene and Trudy B. Griffin to Wayne A. Bene and Kathleen B. Bene.

      Westbank Expressway 30-40: $8,000, MG Rail Properties LLC to GGG Holdings LLC and Marie D. Gattuso.


      • ACCACIA LANE 3820: $80,000, Federal National Mortgage Association to Demond Royal.
      • ASPEN DRIVE 3725: $215,000, Trang T. Nguyen to Tin T. Nguyen and Chieu T. Tran.
      • BRIGHTON PLACE 2301: $102,000, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Hin Ngai and Ping Liu Ngai.
      • KILLINGTON DRIVE 2209: $140,000, BCAT 2014-4TT to Alma Williams.

      Vineyard Lane 2120: $165,000, Miqueal D. Smith to Sheila A. Alfred.


      • ASCENSION COURT 2733: $336,500, JBL Propertes Ltd. to Brandon E. Truxillo.
      • AVENUE J 505: $240,000, Carmella S. Hebert, David M. Hebert, Wayne C. Hebert, Stephen J. Hebert and Diane H. Magee to Timothy Comardelle Jr..
      • GARDEN ROAD 516: $10 and other good and valuable considerations, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to John W. Green.
      • HILLCREST DRIVE 4001: $200,000, Diane M. S. Lauscha to Johnny Eugene and Lucienne A. Eugene.
      • ISABELLE DRIVE 2704: $66,900, Federal National Mortgage Association to Chance A. Caminita.
      • KENNETH ST. 1529: $25,000, Cameron Devan Developments LLC to Tyrone Matthew and Taaliba C. Matthew.

      Long Branch Drive 2721: $160,000, Brandon M. Wills and Monique Marie G. Wills to Cornelius A. Green and Latonya E. Glee Green.


      • EVERGOLD LANE 121: $123,500, Phillip J. Mitchell and Mandy T. Mitchell to Blake Dominick and Chelsie Dominick.
      • JEFFER DRIVE 312: $122,000, Mary R. W. Luce to Phillip Berns.


      • ASTER LANE 29: donation, no value stated, Ronald J. Williams Jr., Jolene W. Hartman and Brandy W. Hartman to Rhonda M. Williams.
      • OAK AVE. 604: donation, no value stated, Lori B. Macaluso to Lionel J. Wetzel.
      • SHELBY DRIVE 1036: $130,000, Maria A. Lomonaco to John M. Oleszkowicz.