New Orleans

Transfers July 10-14

District 1

Annunciation St. 1011; Annunciation St. 1013; Annunciation St. 1049; Poeyfarre St. 920: donation, no value stated, Lilian Magnusson Richardson and Ryne Baker Richardson to Lilian Magnusson Richardson, Richardson Living Trust and Ryne Baker Richardson.

Banks St. 4534-36: $160,000, Booker Enterprises LLC to Avant Garde LLC.

Baudin St. 3616; Dhemecourt St. 3615-3621: $730,000, Marshall & Marshall to Dbc Productions LLC.

Carondelet St. 334: $233,000, Western Union Building LLC to SLR Condos LLC.

Palmyra St. 2821-2823: $86,500, Burnett Property Development LLC to Kenneth E. Marlowe.

Palmyra St. 3620: $200,000, Cadiz Street Properties LLC to Adrienne E. Wallace.

S. Cortez St. 331: $431,000, RJS Holdings LLC to Guerry Michael Smith and Janet E. Barnwell Smith.

S. Murat St. 434-436: $235,000, Victor J. Lockhart to Rachel Elizabeth Schwenk.

Saratoga St. 1327-1329: $65,000, Kevin Spurlock to Loan & Mai Investment LLC.

St. Charles Ave. 1140: $1,300,000, Gtb Investment Properties LLC to FFI Properties LLC.

St. Charles Ave. 1205: $117,000, Erin Gough Farthing and Roy Ellsworth Farthing Jr. to Lisa Wendel Berger and Steven Michael Berger.

St. Joseph St. 801: $365,000, Port of Kirn LLC to Matthew Andrew Jerdonek and Sharon Jean Jerdonek.

District 2

Barracks St. 537: $1,770,000, Fern Schmitz Waiters and Kevin P. Watters to Barracks Street Nola LLC.

Barracks St. 727: $200,000, Angie Hebert Hanvy, Benjamin J. Broussard, Dana Russo Broussard and Jeremy C. Martin to Darla Nixon and Theodore Nixon Jr.

Bayou Road 2122; Bayou Road 2126: $24,000, Eduardo M. Aplicano, Estefany D. Aplicano and Zoila D. Aplicano to Ramona Aplicano Vasquez.

Bayou Road 2126: $60,000, Ramona Aplicano Vasquez to Shacklelands LLC.

Canal Blvd. 6558: $300,000, Anna Ruth Robinson Bryant, Barbara Ruth Robinson Itani and Carolyn Ruth Robinson Wilson to Cadco Development LLC.

Conti St. 2911: $394,000, Detmias Holdings LLC to Joshua E. Thomas.

Dumaine St. 2915: $420,000, Celso Eric Hernandez to Allan I. Shur and Suzanne Mannion Shur.

Dumaine St. 2936-2938: $245,500, Joel K. Willingham to Bennett B. Pourciau.

Esplanade Ave. 3634: donation, no value stated, Diane Benenate Harden to Kirk J. Harden.

Louis XIV St. 6839-41: $345,000, Hilary Hurst Landry and Mickey Patrick Landry to William Edgett & Cynthia A. Pacaccio LLC.

Marshall Foch St. 5701: $268,500, Brittany Rampick Settoon and William Alden Settoon III to Mary Colleen Bell.

Milne Blvd. 6565: $411,000, 1937 Properties LLC to 6565 Milne LLC.

N. Johnson St. 1224: $360,000, Erich W. Soraghan to Rachel L. Thomas and Zachary A. Thomas.

N. Rampart St. 1301: $305,000, Julia C. Magness Schleber to Arlene Wolfe Karcher.

Olga St. 828: $435,000, Charles William Babbitt and Dana Thorkelson Babbitt to Margit Michelle McGowan.

Toulouse St. 539: $438,200, James A. Cavanaugh and Mark D. Parsons to Louis R. Altazan.

Vicksburg St. 6501: $420,000, James J. Brothers Jr. to Amanda C. Aguillard Lamperez.

Vicksburg St. 6768: $325,000, Estate of Ida Jurisich to Jeanne Persac Casey and Michael P. Casey Jr.

District 3

Abundance St. 1731-33: $17,500, Pamela Rose Tramontana Hickey to Joseph Tramontana.

Allen St. 4732: $40,800, Joseph Anderson IV to 3F Properties of Louisiana LLC.

Allen St. 4732: $60,000, 3F Properties of Louisiana LLC to 4732 Allen Street LLC.

Andry St. 921: $56,871.93, Dianne Guyton, Perry Guyton and Nniki Guyton Wright to Louisiana Land Trust and Road Home Corporation.

Aubry St. 2516: $300,000, Property Reincarnated LLC to Mary Elizabeth Corazzini.

Bartholomew St. 815: $400,000, Horace Lee Walker to Jason Betts Curley and Ryan Curley Betts.

Bayou Road 2634: $184,000, Leslie Conover Wilson Bleich to Natalia Pereira Porto.

Brutus St. 2057: $100, Ara Rachael Dozier to Ant Promotions LLC.

Bruxelles St. 3437; Bruxelles St. 3439-41: $80,000, Darlene Ann Vogler Duncan to MLM Holdings LLC.

Buchanan St. 3904: $180,000, Project Homecoming Inc. to Devon Lebeouf.

Charlene Drive 4901: $125,000, Fallon Ruth Mack and Joseph C. Mack to Dixon Investments #1 LLC.

Charlton Drive 1632: $437,000, James T. McCulla to Jennifer Bartlett Kaminski and Thomas J. Kaminski.

Chef Menteur Highway 25632-36: $64,000, George Peri Kestler Jr. and Perry Caruso to Charles Delos Franklin Jr. and Lauren Englade Franklin.

Chrysler St. 4712: $95,000, Holly Cuthbertson to Mary Olympia Crump.

Dauphine St. 1422-1424: $1,125,000, J.&R. Rental Properties LLC, James Lenard Cahn Trust, Michele Cahn Wolfson Trust and Richard M. Cahn Trust to 1422 Dauphine St. LLC.

Desire Drive 4851: $60,000, Simuel Lee Miller III to Nap Express LLC.

Deslonde St. 2019: $107,750, Loucinda Broussard to Louisiana Land Trust and Road Home Corporation.

Dwyer Blvd. 15510-15516: $179,500, BB Son LLC to Kenya J. Larkins.

Dwyer Road 15520-15526: $179,500, BB Son LLC to Kenya J. Larkins.

Dwyer Blvd. 15530-15536: $179,500, BB Son LLC to Kenya J. Larkins.

Franklin Ave. 815-17: $375,000, David D. Schreffler and Margaret Dill Schreffler to Mark Hash.

Friar Tuck Drive 4783: $20,000, Linh M. Le and Tuan T. Vo to An Van Nguyen and Khoa Van Nguyen.

Gallier St. 932: $230,000, Doretha Jenkins Raymond to Adam Z. Crosson and Allison Bailey Crosson.

Gardena St. 1521: $380,000, Nmw LLC to Alicia Montgomery Audirsch and Jeffrey Audirsch.

Gordon St. 1326: $22,000, Beatrice Honore Legeais to 2619 Washington LLC.

Hauck Drive 4758: $18,000, Daniel E. McMullen Jr., Diane Richard McMullen and Dorothy McMullen to Taxman Financial Services LLC.

Independence St. 1115-17: $130,000, Nyles Richard to Darleen M. Jacobs Levy.

Jourdan Ave. 2431: $123,000, Keith Anthony Williams Sr. to Louisiana Land Trust and Road Home Corp.

Lafaye St. 5627: $226,000, Coast Builders LLC to Kina Bullock.

Lamanch St. 2524: $99,166.11, Joan Webster Demesme to Louisiana Land Trust and Road Home Corp.

Lesseps St. 1735: $117,000, Wille Enterprises LLC to Monica Anne Dopson Clark.

Liberty Terrace Drive 215: donation, no value stated, Latoya Lakita Dequair Thomas to Dolores Gordon Dequair.

Louis Prima Drive E. 5755: $156,000, Tresa Dion Evans to Bryant A. Duvernay.

Lourdes St. 13526: $120,000, Thanh Nhon Brian Hoang to Thanh N. Khuu.

Mandeville St. 1300; Urquhart St. 2263-65: $670,000, Flintatta LLC to Chelsea Knauf Nelson and Eric A. Nelson.

Marais St. 2820-22; St. Claude Ave. 2831: $650,000, Preservation Resource Alliance of New Orleans Inc. and Preservation Resource Center to 2831 St. Claude LLC.

Mayo Road 6847: $200,000, Julia Royanne Frank and Nathan Allen Wills to Jeremy M. Daniels Stock.

Mithra St. 3924: $165,000, Brenda Watts Brown, Darrell M. Watts Sr., Erromenta Watts Lecour, Geselle Marie Watts, Harold P. Watts Sr., Lillian Watts Smith and Nettie Watts Gauthier to Juliette Maria Neves.

N. Claiborne Ave. 3036: $12,500, city of New Orleans to Liz Ellis Holdings LLC.

N. Claiborne Ave. 5426: $7,500, Polly Ann Spears Bright to Christopher Haney.

N. Dorgenois St. 5001: $50,000, Carline Dilbert Brooks to Louisiana Land Trust and Road Home Corp.

N. Galvez St. 4913: $22,608.63, Theola Garrett Hulbert to Louisiana Land Trust and Road Home Corp.

N. Gayoso St. 1668: $275,000, William J. Bercik to Charles A. Owens and Lindsay A. Teraoka Owens.

N. Prieur St. 1545-1547: $285,000, Kerry Lee Mansell Graymer and Richard A. Graymer to Hannah Rose Groedel.

N. Prieur St. 5619: $59,140.15, Dana Keys to Louisiana Land Trust and Road Home Corp.

N. Rampart St. 3023-25: $385,000, Jd Mcvenice LLC to 3000 3032 St. Claude Ave LLC.

N. Rampart St. 5452: $150,000, Nancy Maeda Belmasrour and Rachid Belmasrour to Leah Orr Knapp and Spencer C. Knapp.

N. Rocheblave 936: $130,000, Providence Community Housing to Dolores Ann Wright and Gene Norbert Wright.

New Orleans St. 2316: $5,547, city of New Orleans to Equity Trust Company Custodian and Tyler J. Breaux.

Painters St. 4446: $320,000, Adelaide Farve Booker to Christopher M. Reed and Connolly Anne Ferrell Reed.

Parc Brittany Blvd. 17: $10,000, Covenant House New Orleans to Amy Scandaliato Gardache and Amy Scandaliato Pillow.

Paris Ave. 6331: $595,000, Larry Fortenberry to Keith Anthony Hill.

Piety Drive 5029: $29,000, Pizazz LLC to Willie N. Sinegal.

Poland Ave. 1212-14-16: $350,000, Carolyn A. Mangham to Emily P. Egan.

Press Drive 4628: $210,000, Kay Allen Harris and Raymond Harris to Kyrean C. Bowens.

Primrose Drive 7300: $151,000, Teresita Mercedes Guillaume to Ingrid Barnes St. James.

Rickert Drive 5520: $147,500, Ricky Tran and Tien Ngoc Tran to Octavia Fortune Woods.

Riviera Ave. 1532: $71,950, Brenda G. Gaudin to Louisiana Land Trust and Road Home Corp.

Sail St. 7825: donation, no value stated, Randy Sartin to Niya Miriyah Sartin.

St. Roch Ave. 6008; St. Roch Ave. 6014: $260,000, Dawn Alison Umberger Fourtunia and Gary Anthony Fourtunia Jr. to Jacqueline Jones McCrea.

Sierra Madre Drive 4834: $119,995, Joseph Matthew Truong and Matthew Joseph Truong to Brenda Powell Forstall.

St. Ferdinand St. 3516: $8,000, city of New Orleans to Equity Trust Co. custodian and Tyler J. Breaux Ira.

Sauvage St. 1619-21: $499,000, Mary Elizabeth Hegarty Fusco and William N. Fusco to Noah D. Rozman and Valerie Cropper Rozman.

Shelly St. 7830-32; Wales St. 6130-32: $172,000, Gayla R. May Henderson to Brandi Landry.

Tara Lane 6800: $47,500, Diplomat Property Manager LLC to Divine Property Solutions & Services LLC.

Tennessee St. 2343: $18,500, Community Improvement Agency and New Orleans Redevelopment Authority to Marcel Jack.

Trafalgar St. 3710: $280,000, Kristopher James Weaver and Leanne Cochran Weaver to Michael Styles.

Van Ave. 4306: $245,000, Horizon One Services LLC to Ashley E. Smith and Joel P. Smith.

Verbena St. 2523-25: $37,000, Joycelyn Enterprises LLC to HD Real Estates LLC.

Warrington Drive 501: $20,000, Erma Louise Moncrief Maryland to Christian Paul Sullivan.

Warrington Drive 5024: $27,000, Ralph Michael Cole and Robin Jones Cole to 3F Properties of Louisiana LLC.

Warrington Drive 5513: $255,000, R2H Investments LLC to Jeffrey Tyler Brooks.

Warrington Drive 6073: $26,920.33, Francis Joseph Feeley to Louisiana Land Trust and Road Home Corp.

District 4

S. Chippewa St. 1841: $50,000, River Garden Homes LLC to City Homes LLC.

Chippewa St. 2113-2115: $200,000, Adrian Etta Anderson White and Frank White Jr. to Adam B. Denman.

Eighth St. 1316-1318: $597,000, Francesca Caramagno Hepler to David Jonathan Howe Jr.

First St. 2435-37: $211,500, 2435 First LLC and Robert Owen Farris to Lindsey Thibodeaux.

Jackson Ave. 1625-27; Jackson Ave. 1627: $465,000, Mary Williams Cazalas to Marengo Investments LLC.

Jackson Ave. 3223: $6,100, city of New Orleans to Equity Trust Co. custodian and Tyler J. Breaux Ira.

Second St. 3208-3210: $125,000, Elliott Michael Workman to Sarah L. Obrien.

Seventh St. 819: $445,000, Christopher M. Reed and Connolly Anne Ferrell Reed to Sally T. Buras.

St. Andrew Drive 2223-25: $25,000, Cherlyn Gills, Cynthia Jackson, Deon Lawrence, Gloria Spears Moore and Tina Gills to GD Central City LLC.

St. Philip St. 2616-18: $87,000, Brittney Monique James Crayton, Dwayne J. Crenshaw, Rodney James and Trina Jackson Crenshaw to New Orleans Redevelopment Fund 2 LLC.

St. Thomas St. 2390: $670,000, Livewell Properties LLC to Tonia Suzanne Meshell Edmiston.

District 5

Atlantic Ave. 629-631: $250,000, Miriam Christine Dungan Carter Vos to Kevin A. Herridge and Wendy Portier Herridge.

Belleville St. 826-828: $113,000, Greenway Properties LLC to Clossie J. Chaisson Jr. and Pamela Gallien Chaisson.

Bermuda St. 431-33: $444,000, Jasper Homes LLC to Amisha Sharma White and Edward D. White.

Brighton Place 5869: $215,000, Brandy Elizabeth Thomas to Justin Smith and Tracey L. Smith.

Cypress Point Lane 25: $62,000, Hummel Construction LLC to Jane Alpha Hicks and Robert H. Hicks.

Dickens Drive 3141: $112,500, Wallace Enterprises LLC to Lisa Monique Theodore.

Eliza St. 421-23: donation, no value stated, Zachary J. Finucane to Jennifer N. Finucane.

Elmira Ave. 916-918: $18,000, Scan Tran Developers LLC to Jan Evert Dijkhuizen.

Lauradale Drive 2061: $49,000, Bank of New York Mellon and Cwabs Inc. Asset Backed Certificates Series 2001 Bc3 to Janice McKnight Stoney and Steven D. Stone.

Lennox Blvd. 4710: $245,000, Vikas A. Kapadia Mistry and Yamini A. Mistry Kapadia to Leslie Johnson and Leslie Pierce Johnson.

Mimosa Court 3601: $260,000, Freeman Homes LLC to Blandine D. Lamek Warner and Edward Curtis Warner.

Sabine Drive 3214: $230,000, Wilbert Williams Sr. to Joe Butts Jr.

Steeple Chase Lane 1535: $206,000, Kendall P. Roy to Jamie Hutson Ramirez.

District 6

Annunciation St. 3609: $569,000, Philip E. Begley to Erin E. Miller, Richard A. Miller and Teresa Courtney Steiner.

Baronne St. 4919-21: $890,000, Antonio C. Martin Del Campo and Nora Claudia Lustig Del Campo to Gregory Smith and Mara Alena Haseltine Smith.

Cadiz St. 2124: $452,500, Paul Dean and Sarah Story Dean to Katherine Gay.

Delachaise St. 3815: $165,000, Yolanda Villegas Perkins and Yolanda Villegas Taylor to Caroline Ann Cottingham.

Louisiana Ave. 3220: $211,000, Charles W. Hill Jr. and Nelle Moore Hill to Kate Phillips Lufkin Gilbert.

Loyola Ave. 4917-19: $395,000, 4917 19 Loyola Avenue LLC to 4917 19 Aloyol LLC.

Marengo St. 2121: $527,700, Thea M. Pagel to Marengo 2121 LLC.

Milan 504: $234,000, 508 Milan LLC to Donna Hoban Shivar and Walker Shivar.

Milan St. 3401: $32,500, Community Improvement Agency and New Orleans Redevelopment Authority to Terra Nova Homes.

Nashville Ave. 816: $133,000, Robyn Hardeman Schmitt and Victor L. Schmitt to Emily Kaye Courteau Morris.

Patton St. 6311: $415,000, Irving J. Prentice Jr. to Ocotillo Investments LLC.

Prytania St. 6037: $10, David Lawrence Toups and Lauren Davis Toups to Scott B. Stewart and Tara Rotonti Stewart.

State St. 1655: no value stated, Margot Banos Jones and Walker Jones Jr. to Amanda Baxter Berger and Ryan R. Berger.

Versailles Boulevard 71: $415,000, Benjamin Joseph Brown and Lesley Gattuso Brown to Frank Kea and Karen McComiskey Masone.

District 7

14th St. 340: $387,500, Raeann Marie Sarsfield to Michael D. Modica.

22nd St. 140: $450,000, Kevin N. Oflarity to Rami W. Badr.

Adams St. 2105: $400,000, Emery E. MacFarlane and Jason G. MacFarlane to David E. Mouton and Debra S. Mouton.

Bellaire Drive 5601: $890,000, Patricia Murphy Cave to Lauren Kimiye Eng and Matthew Eng.

Bellaire Drive 6063: $350,000, Marc Hugh Jaynes and Megan Taylor Jaynes to Carol Bowden Jaynes.

Dublin St. 2716: $329,000, Carol Ann Locke Lemmon to Lance M. Dickman and Melissa D. Buchanan Dickman.

Eagle St. 1901: $279,500, Rebecca Ann Schultz Lester to Meredith Anne McGrew.

Fern St. 1436-38; Jeannette St. 7900: $774,000, Elaine Gant Clements and John D. Clements to Carla Dugger McBain and Michael C. McBain.

Fleur De Lis Drive 7022: $146,000, Sandra Leigh Spedale to Coastal Development Group Inc. Of Greater New Orleans.

Green St. 8922: $310,000, ASCG Green 1 LLC and WJG Green 1 LLC to Raman Theo Sposato.

Lake Marina Ave. 318: $127,000, Elaine Jenkins Coari to Russell Wayne Hicks and Velvet N. Braswell.

Live Oak St. 3640: $180,000, Lucille Lloyd to Lisa G. Rosenfield Jaynes and Nancy E. Jaynes Rosenfield.

Marcia Ave. 5545: $1,058,500, Lauren M. Leblanc Haydel and Ryan P. Haydel to Henry R. Welch and Stacey S. Welch.

Pine St. 3204: $242,000, C&A Investments LLC to Keitherra Katise Graham.

Sycamore St. 8531: $275,000, Barbara McLean Straight and James H. Straight to Justine Marie Schoening Brown and Michael Alan Brown.